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Creampie Surprise

by Tepin©

My girlfriend Laura and I were very open with each other, especially sexually. Of course we enjoyed 'normal' sex (whatever the hell that is) but we also weren't afraid to get a little kinky. When I told her I sometimes liked to be on the receiving end of anal sex, she quite happily fingered my ass with a well lubed finger to loosen me up and then fucked my ass with one of her dildos while she sucked on my cock. She even surprised me one night during a canoeing trip with a strap-on, the orgasm was incredible and I was so turned on that I stayed hard long enough to bring her to several orgasms afterwards. When she mentioned she enjoyed mild bondage, I made sure that every so often one of us ended up tied to the bedposts being teased and pleased by the other.

We'd made love pretty much everywhere in the house (and quite a few places outside it), as well as taking turns masturbating while the other drove - much to the delight of more than one passer-by. The one thing I hadn't quite got around to telling her was that I often fantasized about going down on her after I'd cum in her pussy. I'd almost done it several times but as soon as I came, the urge to lick & suck on her cum filled pussy faded away. I'd read many stories about cream-pies and always got hard as hell from it but just never really brought myself to try it. It's not that I don't like the thought or taste of my own cum. In fact, she'd often kiss me after I came in her mouth and a couple of times when I she couldn't quite hold it all in her mouth I licked off what dribbled out.

Everything changed when my computer went on the fritz last month. It was in the shop for a few days which wasn't too bad because she was working evenings so I used her computer for email and of course reading my favorite erotica. I was right in the middle of a really hot story about a guy who loved to go down on his wife or have her sit on his face after he came when the call of nature tore me away to go to the bathroom. As luck would have it, that was the same night that she left early because there wasn't any work at the office. I heard her come in and panicked thinking that she'd go to her computer to check email as was her habit.

I was quite relieved when I finished in the bathroom and came out to find her putting some groceries away in the kitchen. I quickly closed the internet window and went to give her a hand. We had a great supper and seeing as she was home earlier than usual, we took advantage of the extra time to go to the bedroom for some hot sex. We'd been making love for well over an hour, switching positions every so often - me on top, her on her side, me going down on her, doggie style, her going down on me & finally she guided me over onto my back and started riding me. She'd already had several small to medium orgasms but when she rides me, I know she's building up to a massive one and wants to go hard and fast 'til she cums which usually means I can't hold back any more & this time was no exception.

When she came, I could feel the hot gush of her fluids all over my crotch (she's a squirter) and the contractions of her pussy were amazing. No matter what image I could bring to mind, it wasn't enough to hold back and I erupted into her. As soon as I came, she surprised me by reaching for my hands and holding them above my head as she moved up my body. "I didn't say anything earlier, but I saw the story you'd been reading" she said, "You should have said something before, it's always been a fantasy of mine too!"

Her cum filled pussy got closer and closer to my face & she held back my cum until she was right over my mouth and her legs were on either side of me. As she lowered her pussy to my face, the first stream of cum escaped and slid into my mouth. Pinned the way I was, there wasn't any real choice but to finally experience what I'd only read and fantasized about. At first I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it but as I tasted the combination of our juices, my softening cock quickly re-hardened as I realized it was as good as I'd thought. Soon I was licking and sucking as hard as I could, trying to get every last drop out of her which brought her to several big orgasms. Each one coated my face with more of her sweet, hot juices. When she released my hands and moved back down beside me, we held each other close, happy to have shared yet another fantasy between us.

Imagine my surprise when I came home one night to find a story up on her computer screen about a woman being fisted for the first time...but that's another story!

Written by: Tepin

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