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I Became a Gangbang Cock Whore

by fanatic282©

To say that a month ago I was, on the face of it, prim and proper would be an understatement. Tim and I (Jane), met in our first year at high school and were inseparable from that time on and I guess it was always assumed by ourselves and our families that we would get married. Tim was everything I could have ever wanted - the proverbial tall, dark and handsome athletic sort, not to mention incredibly wealthy, once he had established himself in the family law firm which his grandfather had founded.

We married when we were twenty and for the most part, have had an idyllic marriage. The only thing which has not been perfect has been the sex. Having never had another boyfriend, never mind sex partner, I just assumed that the sex I was getting was normal and couldn't figure out why people raved on about it so much. It was only when I was staying at a girlfriends one time and I found a porn magazine hidden under the bed, that I realised the reason I found sex disappointing was not down to me but to Tim. You see, having never seen another, I thought his dick was normal, so when I say that it is only four inches long and just an inch across at its thickest point you will understand why I had never had an orgasm in the first five years of our marriage! Tim just climbs on, pumps into me for a couple of minutes and then gets off - no foreplay or variety, so I have had to get my satisfaction in other ways.

Once I'd realised that I should be getting sexual satisfaction, I began to find out more about it from the internet. Inevitably, I came across hardcore porn sites and pictures of men with really big cocks, and having bought myself a dildo, I used to masturbate myself to orgasm when Tim was out. This way, I got my satisfaction on my own as I fantasised about having a muscular man with big cock sliding it into me. Despite this secret side of my nature, I never considered cheating on Tim despite several offers. I keep myself in good shape and at 5'8", 122 pounds, a 36C, 26, 36 figure and long blond hair, I get plenty of looks from the men, especially when I'm in my swimsuit. One of the ways I keep in shape is by dancing, and though I say it myself, I am good on the dance floor. I've always had a good sense of rhythm and can adapt to any kind of modern dance.

To celebrate 20 years married, Tim booked us three weeks in a villa complex in Cuba in one of those closed resorts where you don't get to see much of the rest of the island, because they claim it isn't safe for visitors. Yes, there's plenty to do in the resort itself and its nightclub is excellent. Tim and I stayed up into the early hours every morning enjoying the atmosphere and dancing ourselves into exhaustion.

Excursions were organised and we'd taken the opportunity to see as much of the island as possible. The staff at our complex were great in suggesting things to do and places to visit, and would often take us themselves rather than going on trips arranged by the travel company. This way they got generous tips to supplement their wages from the resort. One of the waiters, Joe, a gorgeous Hispanic guy had taken Tim and me all over in our first 10 days. It was obvious that he fancied me and he took every opportunity to 'help' me into the car, down steps, across the street, often holding my waist or touching my breasts in the process.

We were sitting round the pool one day when Joe came over,

"Hey Mr Tim. How would you fancy going fishing for marlin? It's a great all day trip out to the Cayo Triangulo island. Lots of fishing, food and drink. It's an early start but you get back about 6.30 just in time for dinner."

Tim looked at me, "What do you think Jane. Do you fancy a day away from the pool?"

When I was young I'd had terrible seasickness once and as a result had hated boats ever since.

"I don't want to go, but you can. I'm happy just to take it easy around here; maybe I'll take a wander down to the beach for a change."

"No. I won't go if you don't want to." Tim replied

Actually I fancied some time on my own, if you know what I mean; Tim had been his usual self in the sex department, and the chance to be alone in the bedroom was inviting.

"I insist. I know how you enjoy that sort of thing, so you go and have a great time with the men."

"Are you sure?" Tim asked

"Quite sure honey. It just isn't for me," I replied

Tim looked relieved. "What time do we meet Joe?"

"Oh I can't go Mr Tim, I've got to work tomorrow, but my friends will meet you at the harbour at 7am. Just look for the boat Bella Maria and you'll be alright. I will look after Miss Jane while you are away.

The next morning I kissed Tim goodbye and having had a long soak in the bath I spent an hour on the bed teasing myself with my fingers and fantasising about having a big cock in me. Eventually I went off to the pool. Joe was already there and I'm sure he gave me a knowing look, as if to say 'I know what you've been up to'. I coloured up just at the thought of it.

"Morning Miss Jane. I'll make sure you're OK today." He winked.

The day passed uneventfully and I had missed Tim, so when it got near to 6.30 I decided I'd walk down to the harbour to meet him off the boat. As I strolled down to the quay I got the usual whistles from the fishermen who were packing up for the day, but I ignored them and sat down to wait for him to return.

6.30 came and went and I was starting to get worried, when at 7.15 I heard Joe calling me.

"Miss Jane. I got your husband on." I noticed he was carrying a walkie-talkie which he handed to me.

"Where are you?" I shouted above the background hiss.

"Bloody boat has broken down and we're going to have to stay here overnight until someone can get to us in the morning. Listen, I got to go, but Joe says there's a fiesta on in Havana tonight so go with him and enjoy yourself and I'll see you tomorrow." and with that the line went dead.

"Don't you worry Miss Jane. I've promised that I'll look after you. Meet me at 8 and I'll take you to meet some of my friends" he smiled. "Oh, and it will be hot so wear something cool."

As agreed I met Joe at 8 wearing a thin cotton flowered dress over my thong and lace bra, together with a pair of white sling-back sandals with three inch heels. We chatted away on the journey and drove into masses of people in Havana. There were steel bands, fireworks and it seemed as if everyone in the city was on the streets.

"We'll go to see my friends now" Joe announced just as I was enjoying myself "They want to meet you."

We drove past what I would call the tourist areas and into a more Hispanic area.

"In here" Joe said, as he drove into the car park of a club, helping me out of the car and ushering me through a door at the side. It was dimly lit and as I walked through another door it shut behind me with a bang. Startled, I looked around and saw a man of about 30, dressed in a white linen shirt and flannels standing directly in front of me. He had an air of importance about him and was flanked on either side by 2 of the biggest bodyguards I have ever seen.

"Good evening Jane" He spoke with an accent. "I will get straight to the point. The boat your husband is on has not broken down at all. It has been deliberately disabled by my men, but he doesn't know that. Now, I would hate for something more to go wrong on his way back tomorrow and it doesn't need to so long as you do what I ask of you tonight"

I was stunned. I looked around and saw Joe who just smiled. "If this is some kind of joke it's not funny." I snapped.

The man in white continued. "Oh, it's no joke. I hear you're a bit of a dancer so tonight you will perform in my strip club or your husband may not return tomorrow. I have some very important clients coming and they don't want to see dark haired Cuban girls taking their clothes off. Instead, you will entertain them, and please don't try and object as you have no say in the matter!" Turning to his men he said "Take her to the room and prepare her."

My mind raced as I tried to make sense of what was happening, but I quickly understood that I was being blackmailed into performing to save Tim.

On the white man's command they each took me by the arm, leading me deeper into the building before pushing me into a bright dressing room with a large mirror the length of one wall. Joe followed me in.

"I'll have you fired." I glared at him.

"No you won't Miss Jane" he replied. "Take your clothes off now. You see Miss Jane, you have no choice but to do as you're told." and I realised he was right.

Trying to keep as much dignity as I could, I dropped my dress, removed my bra and stepped out of my thong. Joe pointed to my pubic hair, "Shave that clean now." and handed me an electric razor. Although I'd shaved my bikini line before, I'd never done more than that and I turned my back to him as I reluctantly removed every last hair. The feel of my cleanly shaven pussy sent a chill of sensuality through me as I stood up to face him.

"Now put these on and keep the shoes on" he said as he handed me the flimsiest, see through lace panties and bra. I should have felt afraid, but I was more cross than scared. As I caught sight of myself in the mirror, and despite the situation, I realised that the bra and panties with my shaven pussy clearly visible through them were very sexy.

The man in white came into the room and studied me. "Come with me now" he ordered, and I followed him down a corridor towards the music which was reverberating around the building. Finally we stopped and he turned to me, "OK Jane. You will now go out there and dance for my clients and if you are as good as I am told, everything will be alright for your husband." and with that music began with a deep throbbing latin beat. I was pushed out onto a wide stage and instinctively started to move to the music.

As I looked around I saw that the club was plush. It was well appointed and full with around 200 men, and despite my situation, I found the idea of them all looking at me move around in front of them exciting. For ten minutes I danced, what I hoped was seductively, until the song finished and quickly left the back of the stage to be met by the man in white.

"I don't think you understand Jane" he said "this is a strip club," and with that that he hooked a finger into the front of the bra and waistband of the sheer panties and ripped them off me. "Now get out there and use the pole!" he ordered, referring to the polished chrome pole in the middle of the stage, and with that the music started again. I stepped out and the audience cheered and I began to strut around boldly.

This time I just forgot I was naked on stage in front of 200 people and just let the pulsing of the music take over. I gyrated and moved my way along the stage in front of the men and stood astride the pole, stroking it as if it was a mans cock before slowly sliding my pussy up and down its length for a minute. I was surprised to see wet juices smeared on the pole as I moved back onto the dance area and a tingling in my clitoris where it had rubbed the polished steel. Moving into a kneeling position facing the audience, I dropped my head back onto the floor behind me and spread my legs so they could see my gaping, naked pussy as I ran a finger along its length. The music stopped and the lights went down, but I wanted more. The DJ understood and put on a record with a swelling strong beat and I resumed my dancing. This time I was doing it for me, not them!

For the next hour I performed, forgetting the circumstances of why I was there and enjoying the rapt attention of the audience as they watched me move. I simulated sex with the pole and gave them full, open leg views of my bald pussy as I made my way around the dance floor. Eventually, the music stopped, the lights went down and I left the stage.

The man in white greeted me, "That was much better" he said "In fact it was good, but you haven't finished yet."

"What more do I need to do?" I panted, still out of breath from my dancing. He held my wrist and pulled me back onto the stage as the lights went up again. The audience cheered as I stood there totally naked and sweating from my exertions as the white man stared speaking rapidly in Spanish. People from the audience were shouting back at him as he spoke until eventually he brought his hand down dramatically and he took me off the stage again.

"What the hell was that about?" I asked

"I was selling you to the highest bidder"

"You were what?" I was incredulous

"Come with me now."

He took my arm and led me to another room in this warren of a building. As we went in I looked around me; there was a large circular bed, at least ten feet across, in the middle and mirrors on every wall and the ceiling. Three of his men lifted me onto the bed and tied me, spread eagled across the middle. As I stared up at my reflection on the ceiling I couldn't help but notice how sexy I looked, lying there as Tim had never seen, nor imagined me.

I lay there for a minute before the door opened and a group of eight naked men entered the room. I may have been naïve about sex, up to a point, but I soon realised what I had been sold for. These eight men were going to have sex with me, tied to the bed, and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh god! This was one of my fantasies about to happen and my mind was in a whirl. I didn't want to be unfaithful, but I had spent the last fifteen years fantasising about having another mans cock in me and here were eight about to do just that!

I was lost in thought as I felt a tongue start to slowly trace its way along the lips of my cunt and onto my clitoris, and I involuntarily lifted my hips to receive it. At the same time, a large dark cock was pushed into my mouth and I suddenly realised that this was the first time I had ever performed oral sex or had it done to me. The sensations in my cunt were incredible and the feel of the cock in my mouth was amazing as it pumped in and out of my lips.

Looking around I saw that most of the men were stroking their cocks as they watched me on the bed. Then I felt the man who had been licking me move between my legs and slip his cock into my wet cunt. After Tim's tiny little dick I felt like I was being opened up down there and still the man in my mouth slid his cock in and out when suddenly, he pulled it out and sprayed jets of hot cum over my breasts. No sooner had he pulled out than another took his place. This one was thicker and circumcised and it felt so different as he slipped the big head between my lips and into my mouth. Soon he was fucking my mouth with deep, regular strokes and as he started to ejaculate he kept the head in so I had no choice but to swallow the spunk he was pumping into me.

The man who was fucking me increased his speed and with a moan, emptied his balls into my cunt. With my mouth and cunt free for a second I was able to look at the men waiting to fuck me and I realised that I was going to get stretched more than I ever thought possible! There wasn't one of them less than 8 inches long and I couldn't get over the difference in shapes and thickness.

Two more took their turn with me and I felt something I had only ever fantasised about - the rubbing of a thick cock on my clitoris and my orgasm began to build until I screamed out at the men to fuck me harder. The feeling washed over me for ages and the men pulled out their cocks in unison and wanked themselves off over me, one covering my face with his cum and the other spraying jet after jet on my stomach.

As the remainig two moved into position I realised why they had waited until last; the man who was about to enter my pussy was huge - at least 10 inches long and 3 inches thick and an enormous circumcised head which was even wider than the rest of its shaft. As I gasped at its massive size, my head was turned sideways and a fat 9 inch member was pushed past my lips and into my mouth. And then I felt it. It was like nothing I'd imagined in my wildest fantasies as it started to stretch my labia open. I moved my legs wider to help ease it in as the dark, well built man it belonged to looked down at me and began to push harder against my tight cunt muscles. Suddenly, I felt the shiny helmet click as it forced its way into my cunt and then he rammed the whole length hard up into my vagina. I twisted my head away from the cock in my mouth and screamed out,

"Oh God! Fuck me hard you bastard. Fuck your big cock in my cunt. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The man at my head pushed his cock back into my mouth until it was touching the back of my throat whilst the one in between my legs rammed his length into me so hard that his balls slapped against my arse. I swallowed every bit of cum that was pumped into my mouth and concentrated on the orgasm that was rising in me. Looking at the mirrored ceiling I saw his powerful backside driving his cock deeper with every stroke

"Come on. Yes you filthy bastard. Fuck my cunt! Fuck my cunt!" I shouted at him and then he came as I came, and I felt his hot spunk shoot against the top of my cervix as he ruthlessly drove his cock up me.

No sooner had my orgasm subsided and my stud climbed off when I realised the ropes holding my arms and legs apart were being loosened. I was pulled to the side as a mound of pillows was arranged in the middle of the bed and I was lifted face down onto them with my bottom raised in the air. I was tied back onto the bed,; I don't know why because I wasn't going anywhere, but the fact that I was captured in this position for their sexual pleasure heightened the sensations that were running through my head.

Up to now I hadn't any idea what was to happen until I felt a cock press against my anus and slowly started to ease its way into me. I was held there like a sex slave and moaned at the mixture of pleasure and pain of this new sensation. Sure, I had read about this sort of thing, but had never even dreamt about doing it myself .

By turning my head to the side I was able to watch each of the men as they fucked me in the arse and then it was the big mans turn. It wasn't going to fit, I was sure, but I knew he was going to push it up me anyway. As I lay there with the spunk of seven men running out of me I watched this ten inch monster getting closer until finally its thick, shiny head was pushing into my anus. The man pulled my arse cheeks wide apart as he forced the end past my tight ring and buried his monster deep inside me. I came as I watched my arse get fucked by his impossibly big cock and his thrusting got faster until he too pumped his balls into me.

As I lay there moaning and panting the men left the room leaving me in my prone position.

"Don't go." I called after them "I want more." I had become a cock hungry whore.

The door opened and Joe came into the room.

"I want more Joe." I pleaded "Please get them back to do it to me again."

Joe said nothing. He just started to take off his clothes until he was nude in front of me. As I said before, Joe was gorgeous and naked he had the most fantastic body, but what made me gasp was his cock. You see, it was even longer than the big mans. Joe's erect cock was unable to sustain its own weight and hung down between his knees. He was circumcised and I couldn't believe that anyone could have been bigger than the man who had fucked me, but Joe was gigantic.

He moved onto the bed behind me and rested the end of his cock between the lips of my cunt, slowly sliding it along my slit and spreading the spunk of all those who had been there before to lubricate me. Then he slowly eased it in. I came as it stretched me open again and for twenty minutes Joe fucked me; sometimes slowly, sometimes fast until he finally filled me with cum.

Joe never went soft and removing his cock from my cunt, he pushed it straight into my arse and came again shortly afterwards. He untied me and spent the next three hours fucking me in every position and every hole possible until, totally exhausted, I was taken back to our resort.

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