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Lesbian Soccer Moms Ch. 03

by walterio©



In this chapter the two coaches get the team ready for the season and the opening game against Lincoln Central. Stephanie organizes the soccer moms and holds a kickoff meeting with Maria and then plans a follow-up meeting with the other mothers. The twins learn that Lauren has been seeing Anna so they decide to invite them over for a get together with their friend Trudy. Thanks again for the great feedback I hope you enjoy this chapter as well.


The first week of practice was grueling as Maria put her squad through intense workouts. Even the assistant coach Janet was concerned that Maria was pushing the girls to hard. A number of the girls had already dropped out but that did not concern Maria. She was determined to have a fit team and a team that could push it when the opponents were tired.

The school had been too cheap to video tape any of last season but Maria had located a couple of parents who had taped the games for their daughters. Maria was able to borrow the tapes and she reviewed them over and over before she returned them. She drew two conclusions from the past season. The first was that last year's team was in horrible condition and that they had nothing left toward the end of the game. The second thing she learned is that without Anna in the goal they wouldn't have won a single game. Anna was incredible as she made one uncanny save after the other. The games they won were on penalty kicks because Anna always shut out the other team. However the girls that made the penalty kicks for Ridgeway had graduated and Maria would need others to step up.

So far the Kesler twins, Gretchen and Erica were her offensive best players. Wendy was also a good forward as was Lauren, Janie and Janet. The defense would be adequate with Amanda, Christy, Susie and Liz at halfback and full back positions and of course with Anna as goalie. Maria knew that she didn't have much depth with Judy, Beth, Nancy and Holly.

The first game would be in three weeks against Lincoln South, the favorite to win the conference and a state title contender. To make matters worse was that the game was at Lincoln Central where they were almost impossible to beat. They also had a reputation for having the officials in their pocket. Maria would have to come up with a good game plan to even be competitive. But first things first and that was to get the team in shape.

Maria called a practice for Saturday morning in addition to the five week days. It was light practice and Maria walked the girls through drills and strategies. The girls left practice feeling very good as they knew they were getting fitter and their confidence was growing. After practice Maria and Janet went over a few things in the coach's office. Janet was seated and looking at some plays that Maria had drawn up and Maria was standing along side the desk explaining them to Janet.

Janet knew they were alone and she let her hand slide up Maria's leg from her calf to her thigh. Maria flinched at the surprise contact but then went back to explaining the plays. Janet continued to stroke Maria's leg and then worked her hand up to Maria's butt. Janet slipped her hand under Maria's shorts and into her panties. Maria sighed as Janet cupped and fondled Maria's ass cheek and teased her crack. Janet then slipped her finger into the crotch area in search for the opening to Maria's pussy. Maria groaned out loud as Janet's finger penetrated her vagina and sought out her engorged clit. Maria's clit was so large that it was always easy to find when she was aroused. Janet twirled the hard little pearl in her fingers as Maria moaned and grasped the desk to steady herself.

Just then a knock came at the door that startled both Maria and Janet. Maria went to answer the door as Janet licked her fingers clean of Maria's pussy juice. Maria unlocked and opened the door and saw the Kesler twins standing outside.

"What's up girls?" Maria asked.

"My mother wanted us to ask you over for dinner this evening and she has some things to discuss with you about the Soccer Mom's Club," Erica stated.

"Well tell your mom that I would be very pleased to come to dinner this evening," Maria replied and then asked, "What time should I be there?"

"Mom said around six would be good," Erica replied.

"Okay I will see you at six," Maria accepted.

The girls smiled and left and Maria watched them go down the stairs toward the exit before she closed the office door and locked it. Maria turned and walked back to the desk where Janet was sitting and smiled.

"Well that was close, I'm glad the door was locked," Maria sighed.

"Did they leave?" Janet asked.

"Yes I watched them go down the stairs," Maria replied.

"Good now where were we?" Janet teased.

Janet held Maria's hips and steered her so that her back was against the desk. Janet then unfastened Maria's shorts and pulled them down and off her legs. Next Janet hooked her fingers in the waistband of Maria's panty and slowly peeled them down her legs. Maria lifted one leg at a time ad smiled as Janet removed the panties. Janet then knelt in front of Maria and kissed her pubes lightly and tickled her vulva. Maria gasped and placed her hands on the desk behind her for support.

Maria leaked her sex juices as Janet tunneled her tongue up into her and sucked her juices. Janet stroked Maria's rounded buttocks and then ran a finger over her anus to titillate her nether hole. Janet her fingers back to Maria's pussy and found her hard clit. Janet moved her fingers inside Maria trying to find the spot inside her that always caused such a wonderful sensation. Janet plunged her tongue into Maria's velvet depths and sucked on her hard engorged clit. Maria moaned aloud and Janet smiled to herself.

The Kessler twins had not left the building but were at the foot of the stairs whispering to each other. Erica told her sister that she was sure the two coaches were getting it on before the twins interrupted them. Gretchen didn't believe that they would be that brazen to do it in the coach's office.

"I'm telling you that I heard Maria moan at least twice. I know they were doing something," Erica told her sister quietly.

"Well I didn't hear anything so let's go," Gretchen replied almost angry with her sister.

"Let's go back upstairs and listen outside the door. If we don't hear anything we'll leave," Erica offered.

Gretchen knew that her sister wouldn't be satisfied otherwise so she agreed, "All right but just for a few minutes then we go."

The twins quietly walked back up the stairs and positioned themselves right outside the door to the coach's office. They could hear murmurs, sighs and groans coming from inside the office.

"Oh you have a great tongue Janet," Maria gasped.

Janet continued to suck Maria's clitty and tongued the tender inner spot. It took only a few minutes until Maria began to thresh her hips and moan aloud. Janet intensified her actions and Maria's body went rigid as she cried out as she climaxed.

"Oh God Janet that's it, I'm cumming," Maria cried out softly but loud enough to be heard outside the office.

Erica teasingly punched Gretchen in I told you so manner. Gretchen nodded her agreement that Erica had been right. They continued to listen to the two coaches on the other side of the door.

Maria's pussy juices literally gushed into Janet's mouth. They were so copious that they ran down Janet's chin and onto Maria's squirming thighs. Maria's pussy spasmed and clamped down on Janet's fingers as her juices spurted out of her pussy. Janet continued to tongue the pussy as best she could until Maria let out a long moan and went limp. Janet removed her fingers and softly licked Maria's inner pussy lips as Maria braced herself against the desk.

"That was fantastic Janet as always, now let me do you," Maria said as she patted the assistant coach on the head.

The twins took that as their cue to leave. It was obvious that Janet had eaten Maria's pussy and that Maria was about to reciprocate. The two teenagers went quietly down the stairs and left the building. They couldn't wait to get home and tell their mother about Maria and Janet.

Maria had removed Janet's shorts and panties by the time the twins left the building and she now had her tongue lapping away at Janet's tasty pussy. Maria wrapped her lips around Janet's clit and sucked it hard. Janet cried out in ecstasy and thrust her hips toward Maria's face. Maria moved her hand up her assistant's leg and stroked the smooth skin with her fingertips until her hand met Janet's pussy. Maria slid her first finger and then added her middle finger into the slick folds of Janet's cunt. Maria wiggled her fingers around inside Janet as she sucked on her hard throbbing clit.

Janet cried out and tightened her pussy around Maria's hand squeezing her fingers. Maria continued working her fingers in and out of Janet's pussy and sucked her clit even harder than before flicking Janet's clit with her tongue and tickling the tiny tip of the erect nub while she sucked on it.

"Oh please, oh Maria please!" Janet cried.

Janet's hips humped Maria's hand as her fingers pumped in and out of the assistant coach's pussy. Janet's fragrant skin ground against Maria's face and her hips twisted and gyrated as she writhed against the desk under Maria's manipulations.

Janet's breathing became heavier and her chest was rising and falling dramatically. Still sucking hard and pushing her fingers in and out Maria smiled to herself knowing that Janet's climax was approaching fast. Janet's gyrations became more frantic, wilder, and animalistic as she panted and lost control of her body. Janet's hands grabbed fistfuls of Maria's black hair and she shrieked piercingly as her pussy began to spasm around Maria's fingers.

With her fingers inside, Maria ceased her pumping and wriggled them around inside the soft flesh as Janet came in Maria's mouth. Janet's clit seemed to grow larger as her hips pushed upwards and the juice flowed out and covered Maria's face. Maria inhaled the scent deeply and then she groaned against Janet as they both began to relax.

The two coaches composed themselves and put their panties and shorts back on. They decided to take a shower in the girl's locker room before they left for the day. They normally did not shower at the school but they knew everyone else had left and that they would be alone.

Anna and Lauren had remained on the practice field after practice was over. Lauren wanted to practice her shots on goal and Anna wanted to get some more work in as well. The girls were on the field for at least an hour before they called it a day. They went back to the locker room to shower and dress.

In the showers the two girls washed each other's bodies as they were sure they were the only ones left in the building. They had no idea that the coaches were still in their office. Anna loved to wash and handle the petite Lauren. Her fingers roamed all over the pretty girl and then found their way into her pussy and asshole. Lauren cooed as Anna fingered her with soapy fingers. Anna paid particular attention to Lauren's nether hole and cleaned it thoroughly. Anna then dropped to her knees and tongued Lauren's pussy.

"Anna we shouldn't, not here," Lauren said with a tremble.

"Nonsense we are all alone, so enjoy it," Anna replied.

Anna turned Lauren toward the shower wall and Lauren placed her hands on the wall and pushed her butt back toward Anna. Lauren felt Anna's tongue dance over her buttocks and dart between her ass cheeks. Lauren gasped at loud as Anna's tongue found her anus and probed at the tiny opening. Anna then began to lick Lauren from her pussy to her asshole and back again. Lauren threw her head back in pleasure as the talented tongue probed both her holes.

Janet and Maria entered the girl's locker room and they were surprised to hear the showers running. They thought that everyone had left. Maria decided to see who was still here as she needed to lock up the building. Just as she approached the showers she heard moans above the running water. Maria signaled for Janet to join her. The two coaches peeked around the entrance to the showers and they both had to stifle gasps of surprise.

The petite Lauren had her hands against the shower wall with her butt pushed back into Anna's face. The muscular Anna was shoving her tongue into Lauren's nether hole and she had her fingers buried in Lauren's pussy. Janet and Maria stared as Anna put both hands on Lauren's ass cheeks and spread them exposing her puckered hole. Anna then probed the tight aperture with her tongue.

Anna and Lauren did not know that they had an audience as Anna probed and licked the brown puckered hole that she had just washed so carefully. Lauren moaned her pleasure as Anna's tongue entered her rear door. Anna put her fingers back in Lauren's pussy as she continued to tongue the firm little ring. Lauren's anus relaxed and allowed Anna's tongue to penetrate even deeper.

"Anna I need to cum," Lauren screamed.

Anna turned the petite Lauren toward her placing the girl's back against the shower wall. Anna then plunged her tongue into Lauren's pussy and sought out her clit. Lauren groaned as Anna located the hard little pearl and sucked it into her mouth. Anna nibbled and sucked on the clit as she pushed her fingers back into Lauren's pussy. Lauren could take no more and she cried out as her body went into spasms and her juices gushed forward into Anna's mouth. Maria and Janet ducked back around the wall and listened to the two teenage lovers.

"Oh God Anna you are incredible," Lauren sighed.

"I'm glad you like it my sweet now I need your tongue on my steaming pussy," Anna said in a firm tone.

Lauren dropped to her knees and moved her mouth right onto Anna's pussy. Anna was charged so it wouldn't take her long to cum. Maria peeked around the corner and she witnessed Anna holding Lauren's head to her pussy as she encouraged the petite girl to lap her pussy.

Maria signaled Janet that she should leave and they heard Anna scream in climax as they made their way out of the locker room. In the shower Anna held tightly to Lauren's head as she came in her lover's mouth. Lauren lapped up every drop of Anna's juices before Anna pulled her to her feet and they kissed deeply. The two girls then finished their shower not knowing that they had been detected.

As Janet and Maria made their way to their cars Maria said, "Well that was certainly a surprise."

Janet smiled and replied, "You know I thought that Anna might be gay because of her physique and assertiveness but I would never have guessed Lauren to be gay."

"Well you just never know. Do you think anyone looking at us would guess that we are gay?" Maria asked.

"No I don't think they would. You have a point there but once we got them in bed," Janet replied and punched Maria teasingly.

"I have to tell you something Janet," Maria said seriously and then told Janet about the incident with Shirley, Lauren's mother.

"Holy shit, Mother and daughter both gay, I wonder if they know about each other," Janet gasped and then added with a laugh, "I wonder if they do each other."

"I don't think so in fact I am sure that they don't. Shirley told me it was her first time with a woman and I believe her. She just came out of the closet," Maria answered.

"From the closet to the dressing room, huh," Janet giggled.

"You're too much. Anyway we definitely need to cool in with our players. I wonder who else might be gay any guesses," Maria added.

"Not really but after seeing Lauren in action, my guess is that any of them could be gay," Janet replied.

"Hey any plans tonight since I having dinner with the Keslers?" Maria asked.

"No not really, I might call Carol and she what she is up to. If her husband isn't home she will probably come over," Janet responded.

"Well I might give you a call depending on how the evening goes at the Keslers. If not I'll call you tomorrow," Maria said as she got into her car.

Janet waved as she got into her car and the two coaches headed home. Maria drove home and as she did she thought about taking a long luxurious warm bath that afternoon. As Janet drove home she thought about going shopping that afternoon. Maybe she would check out the boutique where Shirley worked and maybe Carol would like to go shopping with her. It could make for an interesting afternoon.


Maria arrived at the Keslers right at six as planned. She wore one of the new backless dresses that she bought at the boutique and she went without a bra. Maria's tits were firm enough to wear dresses without a bra but the only downside was that her hard nipples always seemed to poke through the material. Stephanie greeted Maria at the door and welcomed her into her home.

"I thought that we would have some wine before dinner," Stephanie said as she led Maria into the family room and then added, "You of course know my daughters Erica and Gretchen."

Maria smiled and greeted the twins and they returned the greeting. Stephanie poured the wine and the four of then sat in the family room as they got better acquainted on a social basis. Maria was not surprised that the twins were served wine as it was common place in Europe and she had often had wine with her family. The conversation flowed very smoothly and they had consumed two bottles of wine before they finally ate dinner. Maria was glad when it was finally time to eat as she felt herself getting a little light-headed.

Dinner was excellent and Maria found herself to be very comfortable with the Kesler family. Stephanie had insisted that Maria call her Stephie from now on. After dinner Stephie and Maria returned to the family room and Stephie poured them a glass of port while the twins cleaned up in the kitchen. Stephie and Maria discussed the team and the upcoming season along with the ideas that Stephie had for the Soccer Mom's Club. Maria told Stephie how fortunate that she was to have the twins on the team this year and that they would probably do very well.

Maria had no idea that she and Janet had been discovered earlier that day by her daughters. The twins had come home gushing with the news that the two coaches were gay. Stephie wondered just how far she would be able to take it with Maria that evening. The twins came in the family room and told their mother that they were going up to their rooms. They said they were tired and they would listen to music until they fell asleep. They said goodnight to Maria and went to their rooms.

'They are very pretty girls in addition to being excellent players," Maria complimented the girl's mother.

"Thank you Maria, I am very pleased with them in every way," Stephie replied.

Stephie got up and got them both another glass of port and this time she sat down next to Maria on the sofa. Maria accepted the port even though she had already had more to drink than usual. Stephie brushed Maria's hair with the back of her hand and then spoke to her softly.

"You are very beautiful Maria, Stephie told her and then asked, "Do you find me attractive?"

"You are a very attractive woman Stephie and it is obvious where your daughters get their good looks from," Maria answered with a smile.

Stephie leaned in toward Maria and kissed her on the lips. Maria accepted the kiss but she didn't kiss Stephie back. Maria knew that she was very vulnerable at the moment. She had too much to drink and she was also feeling very horny. Stephie kissed her again and this time she pushed her tongue into Maria's mouth and stroked her breasts through the dress fabric. Maria gasped into Stephie's mouth when she felt the hands pass over her erect nipples poking through the dress. Stephie did not miss the hard nipples and she gently pinched them through Maria's dress. Stephie reached for the tie behind Maria's neck and pulled it loose. Then she lowered Maria's dress top to her lap baring the firm breasts.

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