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My Boss's Sex Slave Ch. 02

by creamypeaches4u©

Ch. 2 (Sex outside the office)

As time went by, I enjoyed my job more and more. I always let Alan think he was in charge and that in itself was a turn on. During office hours I never allowed my fellow employees to become aware of our relationship.

One day as I was returning to my desk with some coffee, Alan approached my desk. I smiled and said, "Good morning."

He looked at me without smiling and said, "Tami, we need to go over some papers in my office. Could you meet me there in 30 minutes please?"

I said, "Yes Sir."

Once in his office he came to me and opened my shirt, being that the office was still open I had left my underwear on. He instantly became angry and shouted, "You stupid Bitch didn't I tell you to always remove your underwear when you enter my office?"

I was shocked by his attitude after all the office was still open. I knelt down and bowed my head and said, "I'm sorry master I will do better next time."

He was still angry and said, "Bitch when you enter this office you are not to be wearing any underwear is that understood?"

I nodded my head. Then I thought better of my answer and said, "but Alan, the office is open and I have to work with these people!"

He said, "You will come to work from now on without wearing any underwear. Is that understood?"

I finally just nodded my agreement.

He walked behind his desk and started to type on his computer. I wasn't sure if I was being dismissed or what. I finally asked, "Alan, what about the papers you said we needed to go over?"

He looked up and said, "Oh that, yes you can help me understand this. Come here."

I stood and walked over to his desk. I leaned toward the computer to see what he needed my help with. My right breast gently touched his shoulder. He reached up and opened my bra then pinched my nipple. I kept my eyes on the computer and acted like nothing was happening. I asked, "Master is there more you need my help with?"

He said."No Bitch I don't ever need you, and don't you ever forget it! As a matter of fact you can get out of here. I see the problem now."

I straightened up and buttoned my blouse and returned to my desk not saying a word.

That night as I was leaving Alan called to me, "Tami please step in here."

I stepped into his office and waited for him to speak. He looked up from his desk. He stared at me for a moment then said, "Tami you are never to assume that you know what I need or want ever. Is that understood?"

I lowered my head and said, "Yes, my master."

He smiled and said, "Tomorrow when you come to work if you have underwear on you will be punished. Is that understood?"

I looked up at him started and said, "Punished? How do you plan on punishing me?"

He smiled and said, "Do you really want to find out? I have experience punishing my slaves." When he saw my shocked expression, he said, "Come on you didn't think you were the first did you?"

I said, "Alan, I may agree to some of your demands but what makes you think I will let you punish me?"

He laughed and said, "Bitch you need this job. You aren't going anywhere and don't think of calling anyone because who is going to believe you. I have a very good reputation in this town and you. You are nothing!"

I lowered my head and said, "Yes sir."

I turned to leave and he stopped me. He said, "Tami, I called you in her tonight to make our situation clear. Now you are going to remove your clothes and lean across the conference table."

I did as I was told stripping slowly and seductively. When I was undressed, I leaned over the table with my ass in the air. He walked up behind me and ran his hand down my back slowly and gently. When he stopped, I wasn't sure, what to expect next. Suddenly he slapped my ass very hard. He put his other hand on my back to prevent my moving and slapped my ass again. He hit me several times and then I heard him unzip his zipper. I thought the beating was over and he was going to fuck me, but instead he began to jack off and continued to slap my ass. Finally he came on my back and said, "you can go now, Bitch. Remember no underwear tomorrow!"

I stood and dressed and quickly left the room. That night after I showered, I thought about the conversation in his office and his behavior afterwards. I decided he was only trying to be assertive and was certain he would never actually punish me. I went to bed and got some sleep for the next day at work.

The next day I didn't wear any underwear and prayed no one else noticed. My co-workers didn't say anything but I felt eyes on me all day long or was it just, my imagination. I didn't see Alan all day long. The next day I also went without my underwear and again no Alan. On the third day I wore underwear assuming he was out of town on business. Well of course I was mistaken. He was there and around lunchtime I ran into him in the hallway. He looked at me and said, "Bitch you don't learn, do you? Meet me in my office in an hour."

I said, "Alan, let me explain? I thought you were out of town."

He frowned at me and said, "That is no excuse."

Before the hour was up, I was in his office (without my underwear). I entered his office and knelt down and said, "Master I am here as you ordered."

He lifted my skirt to check to see if I had removed my underwear. He smiled and said, "I see you obeyed, but you still have to be punished for wearing it to the office. Now strip."

I removed my clothes and stood before him nervously. He took out a key and opened a filing cabinet behind his desk. He removed a box and came around to where I stood. He took my hand and led me to his conference table. He ordered me to lie down on my back and I did. He attached some metal clips to my nipples then had me turn onto my stomach and slide to the edge of the table so that my breasts hung over the edge. When my breasts were hanging over him and he tied my hands behind my back so that I couldn't move them. He then sat on the floor and tweaked the clips so they swung freely. The pain was excruciating but I knew not to let it show. He then hung some weights from the clips. I cried out and he told me to shut up and just enjoy the pain. After that I laid there and didn't make a sound. He stood and moved to other end of the table. He then opened my legs as far as he could. He pulled me toward the side of the table. He reached into the box and pulled out a dildo and stuck it in my pussy and strapped it to me so it wouldn't slide out. Then he turned the speed all the way up to high. He returned to my nipples and began to swing the weights. The pain was extreme but my orgasm was building.

At this time his phone rang. He walked over and answered the phone and typed some things into the computer. Finally he got off the phone and asked, "So slave, how are you doing? Have you cum yet?"

I moaned and he shouted at me to Shut Up!

He came to my face and began to swing the weights again as he put his cock near my mouth and ordered me to suck him. I began to suck his cock. I told him I could do better with my hands free and he told me to Shut Up!

He grabbed my head and fucked my face roughly. He came in my mouth and I swallowed all the cum he had to offer. When he was finished, he untied my hands and ordered me to leave. I stood and dressed quickly and left his office. Once back at my desk I was working but not really paying attention to what I was doing. My co-workers seemed to notice how quiet I was but no one said anything.

The next day I went to work without underwear not wanting to anger Alan again. I had to go to the warehouse to get some office supplies. I climbed up on a ladder and wasn't paying attention when one of the guys walked under the ladder. His name was Steve. He looked up my skirt and let out a whistle. I was shocked and tried to close my skirt. I stammered out an apology and he said, "Tami. Do you need me to get that box for you?"

I looked down at him and smiled and said, "No Steve that is okay I have it."

He reached up and took the box and set it on the floor and reached for my hand. He helped me down from the ladder and carried the box back to the office for me. I was shy and didn't try to make small talk with him. He was nice and tried to keep up a one-sided conversation with me on the way. He sat the box down and left.

I sat at my desk and got back to work. Alan called me and asked, "Did you like having Steve's look up your skirt with no underwear on?"

I was startled by his question, and denied it.

He laughed and said, "Don't lie to me. Slave. Is that clear?"

I softly said, "Yes master. I understand. No, I didn't like him looking up my skirt. I felt uneasy and vulnerable."

He laughed and said."We will see!"

I finished my work and was preparing to leave when Alan called me into his office. When I entered his office, he was behind his desk nude and working at his computer. I bowed before him as I entered and asked, "Master how can your slave serve you tonight?"

He never looked up but ordered me to strip and come to him.

I stepped out of my skirt and removed my blouse and stood there before him totally nude. I said, "Master your slave is ready to serve you."

He never looked up but ordered me to go to the warehouse and get him some printer paper. I was startled and said, "But Master I am naked!"

He looked up and shouted at me, "Slave, are you going to need to be punished again so soon. You are to never question me. Is that clear?"

I lowered my head and said, "Yes Master." I then took a deep breath to get my courage up and walked out into the dark warehouse praying that all the warehouse employees had already left. I found, where the paper was stored and climbed up the ladder to get it. As I was climbing down from the ladder, I backed into Steve. I was so humiliated. I held the box in front of me and prayed he would disappear. He didn't.

Steve smiled and looked at the ground and said, "Tami let me help you. I see you are Alan's new slave."

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and said, "Oh no Steve I like to go nude when I work it helps me concentrate."

Steve laughed and said."Well, let me help you with this paper its too heavy for a pretty woman to carry."

I lowered my head and he took the box from my hands. We walked back to Alan's office and Steve sat the box down outside the office door and left.

I lifted the box and opened Alan's office door. I took the box of paper to Alan and sat it by his printer.

Alan looked up as I entered and asked," What took you so long, slave? I have work to do."

I lied and said, "I had trouble finding the paper Master."

Alan snapped his fingers and I went to his desk. He ordered me to kneel by his desk and I did. I watched as he turned his monitor so I could see what he could see. There on the screen for all the world to see was me, walking through the warehouse bare ass naked. He clicked a few keys and then there I was walking back with Steve. I was embarrassed and lowered my head. He asked."Slave, you told me earlier you were embarrassed to have Steve see you without underwear but here you are, parading around in front of him totally nude. So which is it? Embarrassed or enjoyed?"

I kept my head down after yesterdays activities I wasn't sure what the punishment might be if I dared to answer him.

He stood and walked to the door. He called out and Steve appeared. I was mortified to have him see me like this. Steve walked into the office and came to me. He put out his hand to help me up. I keep my head bowed and did not dare move.

Steve said, "Tami, its okay he won't hurt you with me here. Please stand up."

I looked up and he was smiling at me. I let him help me to my feet. I looked at my Master and he looked at me and Steve. Steve led me to the sofa and told me it was okay to sit down and be comfortable. I silently obeyed staring at the floor. The two men started talking softly. I tried but couldn't make out what they were saying.

After a few moments Alan ordered me to come to them. I did as I was told and went to them. I kept my head down and said, "Master what is your desire?"

He looked at me and said, "Slave, tonight and for the weekend you are to go home with Steve. You are his for the weekend. You are to do anything he asks you to do and Monday he will report back to me about your behavior if you displease him in anyway you will be punished. Is that understood?"

I said, "Yes Master as you wish."

I knelt down before Steve and asked, "Master how can I please you?"

Steve looked down at me and said, "First Tami call me Steve. Second get dressed so we can leave. Okay?"

I nodded my head and began to get dressed. While I was dressing, they began to talk again. I tried as hard as I could to hear but to no avail.

When I was, dressed Steve took my hand and led me from the office. We stopped by my desk to get my purse and my tote bag then we left. Outside the air had turned colder. Steve put his arm around me protectively. He led me to his pickup truck and opened the passengers' door for me. He helped me into his truck and closed the door. When he opened his door, I asked, "Master, What are we to do about my car?"

He looked at me and said, "Remember Tami I am Steve. Your car will be safe here unless you want to follow me?"

I thought for a moment about my Master and was afraid he would not approve of me moving my car so I told Steve it was fine.

We drove for a bit and then Steve asked, "Tami are you hungry?"

I lowered my eyes and said, "Master if that pleases you."

He pulled off the road and said, "Tami, lets get something clear before we go into the restaurant. Okay? My name is Steve. I am not your master. We are going to go into this restaurant and have a nice dinner. Is that understood?"

I lowered my head and said, "yes Sir, uh Steve"

He pulled back onto the road and drove to a quiet little restaurant. He opened his door and then walked around to my door to do the same. He reached for my hand to help me out of the truck. He closed the door and then put his hand around my waist to guide me to the restaurant. In the restaurant we ate and talked. Steve is a very nice man and easy to talk to. When we finished dinner, we left the restaurant. Once in his truck, Steve turned me to face him. I looked down and waited for him to command me. He lifted my chin up and told me to look at him. I looked into the most beautiful brown eyes ever. He then said, 'You are off the hook you don't have to do anything to please me. You did that by having dinner with me. I wanted to get you away from Alan and I did. He should be gone now, so I will take you to get your car if you."

I lowered my head and said, 'But if I don't please you my Master will find out and I will be punished and I don't want that."

He said, "Honey he will never find out from me what we did or didn't do tonight or over the weekend. Is that clear?"

I nodded my head and began to cry. Steve put his arm around my shoulders and asked," Sweetheart, what am wrong I thought you would be happy not upset?"

He was so sweet and kind that I cried even harder. Then I said, "Steve, I don't want to go to my place. What if my master comes by my place to check up on me. He will know that I didn't stay with you. He may figure out that I didn't please you. Please! Steve, take me to your home. Let me please you. Be my master for weekend."

He kissed my forehead and said, "Okay! Sweetheart, we will do this your way."

We drove to his place in silence. He lived on a farm in the country. The moon was high by the time we arrived. His truck was met by several dogs. He called to them to stay down and came around to help me out of the truck. He had his arm around me as we walked to his house. Once inside, he showed me to his guest room and told me to wait right there. He returned after a few moments with one of his shirts and a towel. He said, "Sweetheart, here is one of my shirts for you to sleep in and a clean towel in case you want to wash up."

I took the things without saying a word. He left me alone and I sat on the bed. I finally stood and walked into the guests' bathroom. I looked into the mirror at myself and wondered how I ever got to this point in my life. I climbed into the shower and adjusted the water temperature. After my shower, wrapped in my towel, I strolled into the other room looking for Steve. I found him in the kitchen making tea. I sat at the kitchen counter and quietly watched him moving about his kitchen.

He turned to me and said, "I hope tea is okay? I always have a cup in the evening while I relax."

I smiled and said, "yes, it will be fine. I love your house. It's very cozy."

He looked embarrassed and said, "A few years ago I saw this house and couldn't resist it. It spoke to me. I'm sorry it seems like I'm running on a bit. How do you take your tea?"

"Just sugar, "I said.

We sat and drank our tea in companionable silence.

Just as we finished, he asked, "Sweetheart, would you like to watch a movie? I have a very good selection of comedies, and a few oldies?"

I said, "Steve, that will be nice."

I followed him into the livingroom and settled myself on the sofa while he chose a movie. He turned toward the sofa and began to head to the recliner when I stopped him and said, "Steve, will you sit with me? Please?"

He sat beside me on the sofa. It was getting late and I was getting tired so as the movie played I began to cuddle up with him and get comfortable. As I did so Steve put his arm around my shoulder. As he did so the towel, I was wearing slipped down a little. I didn't care and really enjoyed his arm around my shoulder. For the first time in a long time I felt safe and protected. My head rested on his shoulder as we watched the movie. Sometime during the movie I must have dozed off. I awoke with a blanket over me and my head laying in Steve's lap. I looked up into his face. He was staring at the tv but I don't think he was watching it. He looked down at me and smiled. His eyes were full of desire. I smiled and apologized for falling asleep.

He leaned toward me and kissed me on the forehead. Then he looked into my eyes and said, "maybe we should get some sleep?"

We stood and he turned off the tv and DVD player. He then reached for my hand. He walked me to the guest room and kissed me goodnight. He said, "Sweetheart, I will leave my door open and the hall light on in case you need anything. Okay?"

I nodded my head and said, "Good night Steve." I walked into the guest room. I turned down the bed and laid down after a few minutes. I laid there thinking did he mean something by his last statement or was I reading too much into it. I got up to go to the bathroom. When I was done, I was heading back to bed when I decided to visit Steve in his bedroom. His door was ajar so I just walked in. The hall light spilled across the bed and I could see he was sleeping on his back. I quietly closed the door so that the light wouldn't disturb him. I walked quietly to his bed and climbed beneath the covers. I curled up against him and laid my head on his shoulder. I gently rested my hand on his chest and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning safely encased in Steve's arms. We were facing each other and my hands were on his chest. I didn't move in fear of waking him. He someone knew I was awake and kissed me on the forehead. He said, "Good morning Sweetheart."

I smiled and said, "Good morning Steve." I didn't look up at him because I was afraid I might have angered him by coming to his bed.

He said, "Sweetheart, how did you sleep? Wasn't the guest bed comfortable?"

I looked up at him to check his reaction and said, "Oh no. Steve it wasn't anything like that. I wanted to be near you. I hope that was okay."

He said, "Sweetheart, anything you want is okay."

He leaned toward me to kiss me and I met him half way. His kiss was full of passion. I slipped my arms around his neck and pressed myself against him. He ran his hands down my back and pulled me closer to him. I felt his erection against my abdomen. I wanted him and it was obvious he wanted me too. His hand found my breast and I moaned with pleasure. Our kiss deepened and I caressed him. I pushed my abdomen against his hard cock. He rolled me unto my back and kissed down my neck. He stopped at my breasts and gave each a kiss. He then began to suck gently on my nipples. I was moaning and pressing his head tighter to my breasts. He slid his hand down my abdomen to my pussy. He gently touched me. When he found my pussy I lifted my ass off the bed to meet him. I so wanted him to make love to me. He stroked my clit and inserted his finger into my pussy.

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