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My Tit Hungry Sons Ch. 3

by nataliamarie38dd©

(Hello Dear fellow members! Thank you once again for your constant encouragement and advices through mails. I take this opportunity to thank my fans and fellow members who have read the previous parts and even suggested some new plots. I have divided this story into parts and in each part I planned to probe the characters involved and their lust for each others' body parts. Hope you enjoy this part of the story. Have a juicy reading!! ) CHECK my profile FOR MY NEW PIC!!

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The entry of my busty Daughter made everyone hot and happy too. Because she is kind of perverted bisexual, much fond of titfucking and big tits. She herself thoroughly enjoys getting fucked between her great tits. She has tits of size 36dd, nipples half inch in length, slightly blood red in color, which she would like to rub on great cockheads. She loves to shove nipples into pissholes and assholes and loves getting her nipples squeezed in. She loves threesomes more than anything. She likes getting fucked between her tits and getting her ass licked at the same time. The lovely part of what she likes, and we like too is that she would like to watch cock to cock sex between her brothers.

"Hello Mommy and aunt Donna! And Paul and Dave! It seems You two mother fuckers are very much occupied with mom's and Aunt' tits. Well you know, I love to help you guys to make this scene nastier than you can think of!. I have just watched a great titfucking movie and I am ready to get thoroughly fucked between my tits! But before that I love to watch my kid brother Dave fucking aunt's big tits while Paul shoves his cock in the tit valley of my nasty mommy! Oh my Big boob mommy, It has long been since I saw you and Aunt together and you really are driving your sons tit crazy! "lustily, said my busty daughter Julie. She surely loves to help us in making my stud sons to lust more for our boobs. She in fact loves watching two big tit women getting titfucked than anything. She even licks and some times sucks Dave's and Pauls' assholes while they fuck Donna's and my big knockers

My elder son Paul who has been helping me lick my own tits by pushing my tits together and lifting them to my mouth, now after the entrance of his big boob sister felt very happy for he and all of us like her nasty and filthy language she uses, while we engage in different titfucking acts. Dave could not hold his urge to touch and feel her sister's big tits, so he almost rushed to his sister while his hard and erect cock swinging heavily and banging against his fleshy thighs. Julie liked the scene and invited his brother by cupping her big boobs between her hands and pulling them out in his direction. Donna is not new to this type of scenes as she is the one who trained all of us in these lustful games. She loves the nasty games and specially the game in which my two sons and my daughter Julie help one another in cumming hard together.

"Ooooo Julie, you entered the scene at the right time, Aunt Donna promised me that she would let me fuck her big tits today in a new way. And with you, together it is going to be a great titfucking night. You remember the last summer, we were all together!. And I can never forget the long tit fuck you gave to me and Paul. Didn't she Paul? Oh my sweet fuck! Your tits were lovely for my long cock perfectly fitted into your deep big boob valley, and I felt like fucking your big tits all the night, but could not, at that time as mom and aunt too rounded me and Paul for getting their tits fucked up. Please help me and aunt Donna today to your level best so that I could get best of her great tits. Will you Julie?" asked my younger son Dave

Donna went over to Julie and stripped off her remaining clothing: bra and panties while Julie is getting hot and horny by looking at aunt's big tits and her fleshy thighs and her huge ass, for squeezing and holding which even four hands are not sufficient. Aunt brought Julie's panties and bra to her nose and inhaled their strong fragrance deeply and it seemed she would immediately lick and suck Julie's ass hole and big tits. When they were both totally naked, Donna and Julie started rubbing their gorgeous naked bodies together, and Donna stretched her long hands and held Julie close to her and started kissing her and licking her tender and pink lips all along their length. She held Julie's under lip between her own lips and started pulling the flesh out and then started and sucking her under lip so that we could watch all that they were doing to each other. Julie is moaning out of lust as she is already hot watching us doing and talking some nasty things. Meanwhile my elder son Paul who was begging me to fuck his long and hard cock with my huge tits and nipples, is now rubbing his long cock up and down my ass valley and at the same time pushing my big tits together and asking me to lick my own nipples. He is fond of this game very much.

I love to feel his cock bulging out in my deep and tight ass valley. I love to squeeze cocks between my assscheeks and feel them grow inside till they become hard and rigid. I took great care to train my sons to pay sufficient attention in this game to not only my big boobs and my huge ass too. Though I do not hate getting fucked in my ass, I love cock outside it and my sons too love it, all the while prick head rubbing ass flesh and ass hole and shoving prick only to the extent of its knob. They love our gaping assholes and want to shove their pricks inside till the prickheads go in. Paul was almost on the verge of cumming hard as he is now pushing his cock harder and deeper into my ass valley and the pressure of his hands on my tits has increased. He is now almost lifting my huge left boob straight up to my mouth till its nipple is grazing my nose.

"Look at your tit now. You titfucking bitch! Have you ever looked at your tit from this close?watch your tit nipple enlarge as you become hotter. and hornier, You like my huge cock up in your deep valley of ass? Dont you?!! Sqeeze my cock... , Squeeze it harder with your fleshy ass cheeks. Oh god... , I wanna cum hard now. Now move your long tongue over that enlarged tit nipple now. Oh yes, Your know how to make me hot. Honey!. Now you lick and flick the nipple with your tongue. Yes!!, I love it. Do you feel my cock inside your deep ass valley twitching now?. Oh yah! Feel it grow now. Feel it baby... Make me cum fast now. Watch that big boob filthy Julie! She is now rubbing her lips over aunt's lips. I love it honey when you too joing them. All three of you sucking and licking each other is great sight for us. You should duel your tongue with thiers! What a sight it would be, three great big tit women licking and sucking one anothers' tongues at the same time. Finish me fast you big fucking whore!. make your big stud son cum faster. " said my very horny son Paul. I could very well guess that he wants to cum now. So I stretched my hands back to my ass and held my asscheeks tight and pushed them closer so that his cock is held in my ass valley a bit tighter. He now pushed his cock further into my ass valley it almost touched my pink ass hole. That is what I wanted. Prickhead is now grazing ring of my asshole and Ooooohh... it is like having a hot steel rod in my deep ass valley. I am to now make him cum hard in the narrow valley of my fleshy ass cheeks.

"Ooooo... You mother fucking Paul!! Now fuck my ass valley with your long and hard prick. Fuck your mommy's ass. Shove your big long cock deep into my ass valley and fuck it just like fuck my tit valley! Do you like better now?I am squeezing your big cock with my fleshy ass. I know baby... You would love it much better if your cock is now in my tit valley!! But my ass valley is not worse. You would like it if you feel like you are fucking your moms' sexy ass cheeks. You always wanted to shove your long and hard cock into my ass cleft and fuck it up and down. Now here is the chance. Fuck it baby. Fuck your big tit mommy's fucking ass valley. " I was making him almost cry with lust. I held my huge asscheeks together and pushed them against each other and Paul is now fucking my deep ass valley by moving his cock in and out of that valley. On each inward thrust into the valley, the prick head is almost touching my asshole and sometimes it is even entering my asshole upto its head and I am getting hotter and hornier too.

The precum woozing out of his prick is making my deep ass valley all wet and slippery so that he could enjoy this ass squeeze. He is now moving his waist to and fro faster and harder and all the while he did not leave my big fucking tits he was holding with his strong hands and he often pressed them so clse to each other, the two nipples almost touched. It is wonderful to watch the two nipples coming closer to each other, side by side and they looked like two small cocks ready to touch and duel with each other. I leaned forward and bent my head down so that I could atleast touch the two nipples at the same time with my tongue. Paul is now looking at my big tits form my back side and he too pushed his head to the front so that he could clearly see what I was doing to my tits and nipples.

"Yuo mother fucking Paul!! You now look at what I am going to do. You can not remain without cumming if you watch what I am going to do to my nipples Watch your mommy and her long nipples, and her big tits, you mother fucker!!. I am going to lick my nipples both at the same time and I am going to rub them against each other. I am going to shove my long tongue in between my pink rubbery nipples and I am going to fuck my small nipple valley with my tongue, while you fuck my deep and long ass valley! You try to move my tits up and down my long tongue while I move it against the nipples and between them. Help me you mother fucker, help your big tit mom in fucking her not so big nipples valley! Oh.. my fucking tits and nipples!!. They are begging me for a thorough lick and suck. CuM on you mother fucking Paul! CUM HARD WHILE YOU WATCH YOUR BIG BOOB MOM FUCKS HER NIPPLES WITH HER TONGUE!. " Paul now is very hot and on the verge of cumming hard inside my deep ass cleft. I too want to finish him fast so that I can enjoy his titfuck a bit later and presently I am in a mood to enjoy and join my daughter and my sister who are enjoing nasty toungue fuck of each others' mouths. Dave is watching their duelling tongues and stroking his hard and erct cock. It seems he too wants to cum soon as he has been watching us this nasty for a long time. He came close to their naked bodies and with one hand stroking his hard prick he stretched his other hand to hold aunt's big ass. He started moving his hand on the round and silky skin of her huge ass flesh, at the smae time jacking his cock off faster. It seems he needs a hole to put his cock and fuck it harder and faster so that he can cum as early as possible. He went behind Julie and he looked at her swinging ass cheeks and her huge fleshy ass. He is going to shove his rigid cock into her assgroove and I guess, he would like to fuck her deep ass valley just as his brother is fucking my assgroove. But his aunt Donna did not forget what she promised to him and she readily invited him to join her tongue war with my filthy daughter Julie.

Then Donna grinned at Dave with total lust, and said "I know what you want more than anything else. You want to feel my big titties and big nipples rubbing and jiggling all over your cock and your balls, don't you?! You've been staring at my tits ever since I came here to your mom and you, and I know how much you'd love to get your cock between my tits and fuck them 'til you cum! I've known for a long time how much you loved the tit-fuck of my big bazooka boobs! I'll bet you've fantasized about fucking my tits every night these days, haven't you?! Well 'cause I'm gonna give you the real thing! I wanna make every tit-fucking fantasy you've ever had about me CUM true! When we were at lunch yesterday, I could tell by how hard your beautiful cock was how much you wanted to fuck my knockers, and that really turned me on! So, come here baby, and let me love you and your beautiful boner with my big titties!. Julie is going to help us both in this nasty titfuck, As I promised you are going to fuck my big boobs and at the same time your ass is going to be loved by me and possibly your big tit sister "

And here my filthy titfucking son Paul is fucking my ass cleft as if there is no tomorrow. His cock has now become almost a foot long in my deep ass valley and I could feel its full length in my assgroove. On each thrust into my ass, he is pulling my tits up and I moved my tongue into the deep cleft of my tit tunnel and licked along its length, coating the outer edges of the titflesh with my hot saliva and tracing the tip of tongue to the join of nipples. When Paul pushed the tits close, the nipples too came very close and touched each other and I shoved my tongue now in the narrow gap between the nipples. Now my niiples are on either side of my tongue and I felt like my tongue has entered a smalley nipple valley. As Paul is moving his hands on my big tits up and down, ny tongue also moved between the nipples up and down. Ohh my nipples!!. They are driving me and my son crazy. The scene of my tongue moving between the nipples and coating them wet with my saliva is making Paul shiver with pure lust now, and I added some extra touch to this, by flicking both the nipples with the tip of my tongue and even pushing them closer with my tongue. I moved the tip of my tongue on the left nipple to push it to right and the right one to the left. At one ponit of time Paul just before cumming hard pressed my tits agianst each other so hard that the nipples moved up and against each other while my tongue rubbed both nipples at the same time.

OOOO ooo hhh... Mommy dear lick your long and erect nipples, Lick and suck them you big tit mother fucking whore!!. I am cumming hard... , fuck my cock with your fleshy ass. oh.. yah squeeze it baby. Ohh my god!!, SQUEEZE MY DICK, I lOVE IT BABY. I LOVE IT IN YOUR ASS GROOVE, I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCKED MY COCK WITH YOUR ASS. OH... , YESSSS... "my son is now cumming hard in my ass valley. I can feel his hot jism squrting straight against the inner walls of my flesh ass cheeks and it is so hot. Some of his hot cum even spilled into my pink asshole and it coated the ring of my gaping asshole. He held my boobs so tight with his hands while cumming, that they bloated up against my chin and I took it as an oppurtunity to lick my tit flesh as much as possible. Wherever my tongue could possibly go I strecthed it to that extent and my son is cumming now mpre and more and all his cum has now made my ass groove so slipery that his cock is now gliding easily in and out of my ass... Atleast one of my sons is now down for the time being and I felt like lickimg his cum out of my own ass... Heavens give me such a long tongue!!, So that I could move it to my own ass and suck all the hot jism of my own son's dick which is now deposited in my long and deep ass grovve.

(Rest in the next part. Dont' miss it as it is now about Donna' fucking of my son's cock with her great tits while Julie helps her out!! )

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Written by: nataliamarie38dd

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