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Hubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son Ch. 04

by dirtyjoe69©

The three of us hurried up to the bedroom. My heart was beating fast in anticipation of taking my son's virginity. When we got there my husband and son both stripped off what little clothing they had. Both of their cocks were hard and throbbing, just begging for attention.

For a couple of seconds we all seemed to be frozen in our lust and just stood there looking at each other. My husband quickly fixed the situation and took control.

"Hun why don't you lie down and let Jeremy fuck that sweet pussy of yours?" He said, and in a lustful trance I got on the bed and spread my legs for our son.

"Come on Jeremy and stick that nice hard cock in mommy!" I cried to my son. He then got between my legs and gripped his cock aiming it at my wet hole. My orgasm ripped through my body as soon as he entered my hole. For a minute I was in disbelief, I couldn't believe that a simple suggestion from my husband had actually led to my boy actually penetrating my wet cunt with his hot prick.

My cunt gripped at his cock and soon he was fucking me fast. His eyes were wide with excitement. I pulled his head down to my tit as his cock continued to thrust deep into me. My husband let us have a few brief moments together before coming onto the bed right beside my head. He held out his cock and thrust it forward to my mouth. His hot prick felt wonderful in my mouth and it didn't take me long to find a good rhythm with Jeremy's fucking and my sucking. My son sucked harder on my nipple and I sucked harder on my husband's cock, I could feel another orgasm building up and I slid my mouth faster over Brad's cock. He started moaning when I began to shake from the incredible orgasm that tore through my body. Once again my pussy gushed my womanly juice, this time though it wasn't wasted on the kitchen floor but instead soaked the stomach of my wonderful boy he just kept thrusting his cock harder and harder.

I wanted to change things up a bit so I pulled my mouth off of Brad's cock then pushed my son away from my tit. The two of them seemed disappointed at first but I soon explained what I wanted to do.

"Jeremy get on your back, I want to ride that beautiful cock of yours!" I said. He followed my direction and soon I was riding my boy's hard prick. Up and down I drove on his youthful meat. It filled me in a completely different way. His cock was so deep in me as I drove my hips down on it, impaling myself. It was then that I felt the most amazing feeling as my husband made his way behind me and spread my ass. As I continued to fuck our son my husband started licking my tight asshole and he sent me into another orgasm.

"Fuck Brad yes! Tongue my hot ass! Yes this is so fucking hot, my son's cock in my pussy and my husband's tongue in my ass! YESSS I'MMM CUMMMING AGGGAIIIN!" I shouted.

After my orgasm my husband upped himself one more time and his hands gently pushed me forward on my son's cock. Then I felt his own cock at the opening of my slick ass. The feeling was indescribable as he pushed forward. I could feel my insides filing completely as he thrust inch after inch of his hard cock deep into my ass. When he finally got to the base he stopped for a minute and then started to slowly slide it back out. The sensation of having both of my holes filled by the two men that I loved the most was probably the greatest physical feeling I had ever experienced.

Soon my son and his father found a rhythm; they would both exit my holes at the same time leaving me feeling totally empty only to thrust back inside me at the same time to make me feel completely and utterly full. I didn't even move and let them do all the work. I just relished in the amazing feelings torching my ass and cunt.


Then I felt both of them thrust deep into my two holes and heard my son cry out, "Yes...cummmingg up your pussy Mmoooooommmmm!"

"Meeeee toooooooo!" My husband shouted. "SSSShhhhooooooottttttinnnnnng up your tight ass Babe!" I felt as my cunt was filled by my beautiful boy's hot seed and equal warmth washed deep in my ass as his father followed suit. My orgasm ripped through my body and my cum shot out of my pussy like a fire hose on full blast covering my sons legs and stomach.

The three of us collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum and lightly stroked one another. My first incest experience couldn't have been any hotter or any more fulfilling. My husband and I were hooked on our new found taboo. I wondered for a second what it might be like if we brought our daughter in on the act and made a mental note to talk to Brad about it later on.

Written by: dirtyjoe69

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