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My Neighbour's Slut Wife

by MrsCanyon©

This is a story written about my wife from an admirer. It is not a true story, although events such as this have occurred many, many times.


I'm writing this story as my new neighbours have asked me to explain what happened at a recent party I had.

I am just bought a new house, I'm 27 male and live alone. I moved next to a couple I'd say or in their mid to early 30's. Paul, the husband, seemed ok from when I first met him but as soon as I saw his wife, I knew I wanted to fuck her silly. She's about average height, pretty face with brown hair, nice long legs and ass. But I noticed all this after I noticed her huge 38DD tits, they were massive and almost hanging out of a little top she had on, she was very flirty from the start, which I thought was great and hubby didn't seem to mind.

About a week later I was having a little house warming party. I told my new neighbours about it and invited them to by. Tracy, the wife, seemed very eager and said she had a new dress just for the occasion.

The night rolled on and at about 10 pm they hadn't shown up, we were down to about 9 guys, all the women had left so us guys we were just busy drinking and having a laugh, whilst outside with a bag of rubbish Paul and Tracy came walking up my drive.

As soon as I saw her, she gave me a huge boner. She was wearing a pair of very high heels, or what we call stripper heels, As my eyes moved up she had on some very slutty looking fishnet stockings, which clearly ended before the start of her very short dress. It was a tight blue summer dress. As my eyes continued following up her body, I was not disappointed to find it very low cut with her massive tits almost hanging out, and topped off with some very slutty make up and heavy lipstick.

She smiled at me, as she knew well what I was looking at.

She said, "Take a picture it lasts longer. "

To which I replied, " I think I will do as soon as I get you drunk enough."

We then all laughed at that. Then still looking at her tits I said, " it was very kind but you guys didn't have to bring me a present." That made her laugh some more.

I then was more then happy to invite them in and warned her that she was the only woman left as all the others had left to which she smiled from ear to ear.

Once inside the guys all seemed very pleased with our new guests. All my mates were making it obvious they were staring at her tits and ass but she never seemed to mind. I left her talking to them as I spoke to her hubby and asked him to join me in the kitchen while my mates would keep Tracy company.

I gave Paul a drink and told him that I didn't want to offend him but I thought his wife was a huge cock tease with that body of hers and I had every intention of fucking the slut. I had an idea that maybe they were swingers which was confirmed when he laughed and said that's fine as long as he gets to watch.

He then told me that since I moved in, she's been wearing less and less around the house hoping I'd pop by. We laughed as I said had I known; I would have been around daily.

I explained that my mates would all want a go and we can be quite rough to which he said, "do what you want with her just don't get too rough."

When we went back into the room he explained that he would have to give her his permission before she could go any further. I told him that it would be better for him to just more fun to watch and enjoy the show.

Tracy was still in the middle of the guys chatting as I put on some music and invited her to dance. She walked over pushing out her big tits saying she'd love to, as we danced together the guys started to want a go and we had 3 or 4 of us guys dancing around her at the same time. Tracy hugged me close as my hands grabbed her ass. She looked over at her hubby but I turned her away saying, "do you like that baby?"

She moaned for me as I slowly pulled up her dress, showing all of her sexy thong clad ass to my mates. I quickly slapped it while leaving her dress around her hips. As she moved her hands down to try and lower it, I grabbed them and held them behind her back, slapped her ass hard. She just purred like a cat as I thought it was time to have some fun.

I whispered in her ear, "It's time to give me my present slut!"

She seemed shocked as she looked up at me; I told her that if she wanted to dress like a slut she was going to act like one too. My mates were now busy feeling her ass up as she moaned some more saying, "what do you want?"

I told her to turn around and rub her ass on my cock. No sooner had I said it she was thrusting her slutty ass on my rock hard cock.

I pulled her arms above her head and said, " Keep your arms up slut while I show my mates your tits!"

She did as told as I ran my hands up her body, cupping her heavy tits. I pulled down her top letting both her massive tits swing free causing her to moan out load as I pulled on her nipples and slapped her tits.

" That's it, shake you tits you dirty bitch ," shouted one mate to which everyone laughed as she shook her body letting her big tits swing from side to side. I then stood back and said get that thong off slut and give it to your hubby. Paul smiled as his wife made a show of bending down and taking them off, then passing them to her hubby.

As she walked back over to me I said, " Now loose the dress slut but leave on your heels and stockings!"

After her dress fell to the floor, I sat down and told her to come dance for me while my mates watched as this married slut shook her big tits in my face showing everyone else her ass and cunt. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck my cock. I laughed and told her to stand up.

Once she stood, I pulled her into the middle of the room to put her on display to everyone again. I said, "tell everyone what you said slut!"

She looked at her hubby and asked, "I really want to suck his cock! He's making me so wet baby, can I please suck his cock?"

Paul smiled and said, "Sure! And while you're at it, I think you should suck everyone's cock."

I stood up and told her to get on your knees bitch, crawl your ass over to me slut, and beg to suck my cock . I smiled as I watched this horny slut crawl over to me just as I said. In doing so, Tracy cupped her fat tits and looking up said, "please sir I want to please you! I want to suck your cock! I want to be you whore! You can do anything you like to me just please let me suck your cock sir, I'll even fuck all your mates, but I want to taste your cum I've wanted it all week!"

I laughed looking down at her, and I pulled out my cock saying, "Tonight bitch you belong to me, is that clear you horny married slag?"

" Oh yes sir, I'll do anything sir, your making me so wet sir, please let me taste your cock sir!"

With this I let my hard cock slap the sluts face as it fell from my pants. Then to tease her some more, I slapped her face with my cock several more times. I then shouted, "taste it bitch, Taste it"! Tracy opened wide and took me right down to my balls in one gulp. I moaned saying, "this whore sure knows how to suck cock."

At that moment I looked up to see one of my mate's with my video camera filming the bitch. I once again shouted at Tracy saying, "smile slut your on camera bitch!" I then pulled out my cock from the bitch's mouth and slapped her face with it hard numerous times. Side to side, up and down, over and over.

She smiled for the camera as I went on to fuck her mouth hard again. I told her what a dirty little slut she was, and that I was going to be the first guy to take all her holes tonight, and then all my mates were going too have their turn with her. She was getting me so horny sucking my cock that I grabbed her hair and slammed my cock in and out of the slut so hard and so fast, that she started gagging on my cock.

As I pushed her off my cock and onto the floor, I shouted, " Bitch if all you can do is gag then I hope that you're better with your cunt!"

She looked up at me almost crying, " I'm sorry sir, let me try again. I'll try not to gag again."

I then sat on her chest, and told her, " suck your tits slut while we all watch."

She eagerly took her nipples into her mouth started sucking and biting her hard and pointy nipples.

As I sat on her, she looked up saying, " Fuck my fats tits sir. I know you've wanted to since you saw them!"

She cupped them saying, "there yours tonight sir they belong to you, please fuck them, I love having big cocks between my tits."

I have fucked a lot of slut's in my time, but at that moment, I knew that this was one was the hottest slut. Tracy was a pro with lots of experience at being used.

I smile from ear to ear as I slapped my cock between her tits until she buried my cock when she wrapped those huge tits of hers around me. I slowly started to fuck her tits as she bent her head up to suck my cock head every time it popped out from her tits on the down stroke. All this was too much and I blasted the biggest load of cum right into her mouth. The slut started gagging form the blast, but I held her mouth and face in place by holding onto her hair. I told her to show the load of cum to the camera before swallowing it down and then clean the rest off my cock.

When she was finished, I just fell over, totally drained. One of my mates said to her, "get up bitch and come sit on my cock slut!"

I told him to wait his turn that I was going to fuck her first.

I pulled the slut up by her hair saying, "Now tart, you are going to kneel here while my mates fuck your tits and mouth! And you're going to swallow every last drop of cum!"

I pulled her hair hard saying, "and if you spill a drop I won't fuck you slut, clear?"

She moaned saying, "I promise I'll drink it all sir, I'll swallow every drop if you want me to!"

I sat back with her hubby and watched as 3 guys surrounded her. One put his cock between her big tits as she bounced them hard to together around his cock, the other two were taking turns very roughly fucking her mouth.

I asked Paul how long she'd been such a whore, and he went on to explained other such adventures that he has with his buddies too and Tracy working as a stripper at some club.

We both sat back and enjoyed watching my mates using her. They were getting rough now, slapping her tits and face, calling her a worthless cum bucket, but she seemed to love it even more. I took the camera up close as they were all getting close to cuming now.

I grabbed her by the hair telling her to open her fucking mouth and swallow every drop like a nasty little whore that she was. As she looked up, I slapped her face so she knew I was serious while she pleaded with me.

She knelt back as my mates came up to her one by one, each guy cuming hard. They shot their cum into her mouth, into her hair, and all over her huge tits. By the end, she had so much cum on her face that it started dripping down onto her tits. She then looked up at the camera opened her mouth wide to show the load that was in her mouth, and gave a big gulp. She had to swallow three times before it was all down. I told her to stay seated right there and went into the kitchen.

I quickly came back into the room, with numerous spoons. I gave each of my puzzled looking mates a spoon and said," scooped up your cum off the bitch and feed it to her!"

As they did just that, I got the camera up close into her face and filmed every spoonful of cum feed to the bitch.

My cock was now hard as I told her hubby to take the camera while I was now going to fuck the whore.

Tracy looked at my cock licking her lips saying, "please be gentle sir."

I laughed slapping my cock across her face then pushing her back onto the floor I knew that I was going to pile drive the slut for all I was worth and there was nothing that she could do about it.

I told her, "am going to fuck you rough slut, if you don't like it go home!"

She looked up saying, "please sir I want you to fuck me, I need your cock again, be as rough as you like just please fuck me."

I lay the horny tart down, pulled her hair up so she had to watch my big cock slowly line up with her married pussy. She screamed out as I drove every inch of my cock into her cunt in one thrust. I made her suck her own tits as I got rough, pinning her legs down to floor as my big cock pounded her tight cunt over, and over, and over again. The bitch was begging for more as her hubby filmed her act like a cock crazy whore. I fucked her harder and harder as her big tits bounced up and even hit her chin.

Paul then passed the camera to a mate of mine. Saying, " I can't take it anymore!"

Paul then pulled out his dick, aimed it at his wife's face, and blasted away. When he was finished making a mess of his wife's face, he stated that he loses it every time that he witness's her tits bouncing like that while getting pounded.

Tracy soon was also cuming all over my cock, time and time again. But she just kept on screaming for more. I told my mate to come shut the slut up and fuck her mouth.

The little whore just smiled as my mate shoved his dick in her mouth and said give me another throat job bitch, she gagged on his meat at first but soon had deep throated his cock down to the balls. I continued to hammer her cunt as my mate came in her mouth. To put me over the edge, she showed me the load of cum in her mouth. I just could not take it anymore and blasted the insides of her cunt with jet after jet of sperm. The amazing thing so that the insides of her pussy started to grip my cock and squeeze any cum that was still inside my dick. When I pulled out, there was a pop sound made by her cunt. I looked down at her hole and saw it closed up. Tracy's pussy didn't even spill a drop of cum. Paul said that it does that every time. Before finally swallowing it all, the bitch then again showed me the cum.

I turned her over and said to my mates, "lets spit roast this slut."

I told her to suck my cock clean, as someone else wasted no time getting behind her and fucking her pussy while slapping her ass hard several times. I slapped her swinging tits as she sucked my cock clean of her own cum.

"That's it bitch!" I ordered, "clean my cock before I fuck you up your tight ass." I felt her moan around my cock after I let her know what my next idea was of using her. I slapped her face a few times so that she would concentrate on sucking my cock as my mate fucked her pussy harder, and harder each passing minute. Pretty soon he wanted to cum so I told him to cum on the sluts face, I pulled out and pushed her onto the ground.

She opened her mouth wide as my mate wanked on her face, squirting hot white cum all over her face, and when he finished, she scooped it all into her mouth and smiled for the camera again.

Although she just got a fresh load of cum on her face, everyone could clearly see dried and drying cum in her hair and on her face. We haven't noticed until then that one of her eyes were glued shut with the dried cum.

I then ordered her to bend over, she did as I said, as I pulled her hands behind her back and held them their as I pushed my cock up her tight ass. I tried to push it in like I did with her cunt, but she screamed not to, begging me to stop but we all knew the dirty bitch wanted it. She cried it hurt too much.

I pulled her hair back, slapped her ass, and shouted, "Shut the fuck up you dirty slut! Your ass belongs to me tonight and I'm going to fuck it nice and hard."

I looked over at Paul and asked, "I thought she was a pro?"

Paul said, "That ass has been used almost as much as her cunt. Just give it to her good, she's lying!"

She again begged me not to but as soon as my balls were up to her wet pussy she was begging for it harder. I slapped her ass as I fucked it. She was now busy fingering her pussy at the same time and begging my mates to come fuck her mouth some more which they more happy to do.

To finish off I told one mate to lie down so that I can sit this little married slut on his cock with her ass, then she lent back and took another in the cunt, and while facing up, I got another to fuck her tits while I pulled her head back and shoved my cock deep down her throat so my balls rested on her nose, and two others made her jerk their cocks with her hands.

Her hubby happily filmed his wife taking on 6 guys at once. I fucked her mouth roughly as she could hardly breathe now, her tits were red and raw with the fucking and pinching and slapping that everyone was doing to them.

I pulled out and said get the bitch on the floor, she was tossed like a rag doll beneath us all as we stood around her.

Right slut, its time you had another cum bath bitch, sit back and cup your tits together, were going to cum all over you and you better not miss a drop.

She cupped her big tits and started licking them as 6 of us jerked off all around her face. Soon we were all cuming. Tracy's face got blasted first from all directions. Again she had so much cum on her face, that she started dripping spunk onto her tits to the point that her massive tits got covered too. The slut's married mouth was just over flowing with sperm as I stood over her jerking off last.

As I was doing this and looking down on her, covered in cum with her mouth also full of sperm, I thought how beautiful she really was. How lucky Paul was for being married to such a woman. Most of all, I was thinking how lucky I was for them moving in next door. Like the say in real estate, "its all about location, location, location." I had the best real estate in the entire city.

Anyway, I came hard all over her nipples, then finishing in her mouth. When I was finished, she swallowed the cum and just lay there for a couple of minutes.

I was thinking of her spooning the cum again, but Tracy had other plans. She just started rubbing the cum into her face saying, "it's the best moisturizer around."

When she was finished doing that, I did make her lick her big tits clean.

This part I did enjoy, she sweetly cupped her tits while looking at me, pushed out her tongue and licked up at least three loads that had coated each nipple. She cock tease swilled it in her mouth before swallowing it down.

I then sent my mates home as she showered, then her hubby and me spit roasted Tracy again before they went home.

I'm going to enjoy living next door to this slut and have already arranged with her hubby that she come to my next basketball game, which is in one week from today. She's going to be the prize in the tournament we having, which should make it very interesting.

Tracy is already planning her outfit.

To be continued...

Written by: MrsCanyon

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