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Jasmine's Love

by SpankerSam©

"That's it Jas! Lick my pussy just like that. Drink all the sweet cum I give you! You wish it was your Daddy's dick you were licking and sucking don't you?"

Jasmine murmured "uh huh", in her muffled voice. She lifted her head up and looked at Krista. "I'd crawl on my knees to him, just like he used to make mom do. I would take him in my mouth and moan as he fucked my throat hard and rough."

Krista laughed and pushed Jasmine's mouth back to her pussy. Then she looked up and stared at me. "Oh yes baby! Daddy would make you such a good little slut. I saw the size of the bulge in his pants. I would even let him fuck me and use my pussy too. I would be your slut sister and Daddy would have two hot young cum-slaves to satisfy his hard dick. Oh yea, you slut! Shove that finger up my ass. Make all that crème ooze from my cunt into your hungry mouth. I bet you would love to eat my pussy while Daddy fucks your ass! I would even use my strapon, so both of us could fuck you at the same time. Me in your pussy, and Daddy in your ass! You'd like that wouldn't you Jasmine?"

I watched as Krista grabbed my daughter by her hair and shoved her face between her open thighs. "You want me to use that strapon to fuck you with don't you bitch? You want me to make you scream while I shove it deep in your cunt! I want you to beg for it. Beg me to fuck you like you did the other night. I want you to say it loud so your dad can hear you. Maybe he'll get hot enough to come in here and give you what you have always wanted. If you want it slut, beg for it."

Krista saw my hand move and her eyes went down to my waist. She watched as I fished my hard dick out from the sweat pants and began to stroke it. She smiled at me, as she lifted Jasmine's head from her cunt. I could see drops of Krista's cum falling from Jasmine's chin. "Do it cunt! Beg met to fuck you. Talk to me like you did when you were drunk last night."

Jasmine moaned. "Fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me?"

Krista jerked her hair and Jasmine moaned in pain. "Louder slut! I said I wanted you to let him hear you."

Jasmine gasped. "Krista! I can't do that. What would he think? Please don't make me do that?"

Krista smiled down at her. Then her smile turned into a sneer. "If you can't do what you're told, then get the fuck up! You can watch me fuck myself and you had better not even touch that pussy. You can go home with your dad tomorrow and you will never touch this pussy again. I'm sure that Sandra would love to take your place in this bed."

Jasmine sobbed. "Please Krista! Don't push me away. I love you."

Krista looked down at her. "Then do as your told. I told you the first time I fucked you. I own this pussy." I watched as Jasmine slid her hands up along Krista's soft thighs. My dick was so hard it was hurting. Would Jasmine give in? I hoped so.

Jasmine took a deep breath. "Fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me?"

"Louder! I want him to hear you begging me. I want him to know what a hot little slut his baby girl has turned into."

"FUCK ME DADDY! PLEASE FUCK ME!" The words came out loud and clear. "Shove your hard dick up my pussy. Stretch me open. Make me your little cum slut! I want to feel you fucking me. Making me scream as you shove it deep. Oh Daddy! I want you to fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Use me! Use me like you used to use mom! Make me your sex slave Daddy"

Krista looked at the door. She looked down at my throbbing dick and watched as I stroked it. "Well Daddy! Are you gonna come in and make your baby girl's wishes come true?"

Jasmine almost snapped her neck turning around to look at the door. I pushed it open and walked in. My hand still wrapped around my hard dick, stroking it slowly.

"With an invitation like that, how could I refuse? But Krista! If I fuck Jasmine, you know that I will fuck you too! And just like you said, I will expect you to become her slut sister. I will be Daddy to both of you and fuck you both. And like the threat you gave her. You either does as I say, or I will take her home with me. And you can think about all the delicious things that I will be making her do to satisfy me. And one of the things that she will have to do, is never give you her pussy again."

Krista smiled at me. Jasmine had turned around so that she was no longer between Krista's open thighs. I could see Krista's hairy pussy. The hair covered with the sheen of her juices. Krista looked at me and said, "This pussy is yours Daddy! You can do whatever you want to it."

I smiled as I walked into the room. Pushing the sweats to the floor, I stripped off the top also. I looked at Jasmine. Her eyes were glued to my throbbing dick.

"Come here you little slut! You wanted Daddy's hard dick. Crawl on your hands and knees like your mom did. Crawl to me and show me how much you want it."

I watched as Jasmine crept off the bed. On her hands and knees she crawled to me. Then kneeling before me she took my dick in her mouth. I shuddered as I felt her soft lips circle my hard dickhead. Then she used her tongue to lick around my swollen head. I groaned as she took more of my dick. Then I looked over at Krista. She lay in the bed with her fingers slowly stroking her wet hairy slit.

"That's it Krista! Stroke that hairy pussy. You wanted me to fuck Jasmine. You wanted me to fuck my own daughter. You wanted to watch. You knew she would be dressed the way she was. Didn't you? Did you tell her to dress that way? Did you set her up for me to see her that way? Finger that pussy slut! I'm gonna fuck both of you. And when I finish, you can each lick each other's cunts clean."

Krista fingered her pussy even faster and harder. "Yes Daddy! Ever since I heard her talking about being so hot for you I wanted to watch you fuck her. When Donald did what he did, I saw my opportunity to bring her to my bed. But I knew that I would find a way to get the two of you together. Look at her. Look at your daughter."

I did look down. Jasmine was licking and sucking my dick like no woman ever did. Not even her mom sucked me with such abandon. My hand was on her head rocking her back and forth. I looked over at Krista.

She had taken the dildo in her hand and was slowly working it in and out of her pussy. I pulled my dick from my daughter's mouth. "Get up on the bed and straddle Krista's head. I'm gonna fuck her while she eats your pussy."

I pulled Krista to the edge of the bed. Their bed was at just the right height. I put my dick at the lips of her pussy. "Beg for it bitch! Beg me just like you made Jasmine beg you. I want to hear you say it loud." I could feel her lips pulsing on the head of my dick.

Krista looked up into my eyes. Jasmine was poised at the side of the bed looking at us. I could see the longing in her eyes. She had wanted me to fuck her not Krista. I laughed. "Don't worry Jasmine. Daddy had plans for your pussy. I won't let your fantasy go unfulfilled." I turned back to Krista. "I don't hear anything slut. You made Jasmine beg. Now I want to hear you beg."

Krista smiled at me. "Please Daddy! I want you to fuck me. When I saw you stroking that hard fat dick all I cold think about was you shoving it up my hungry pussy. Jasmine's fingers and tongue are good. But nothing compares with having a real dick in you. I need you to fuck me Daddy. Please? Fuck your little slut! Make me yours Daddy. Show me I belong to you. Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me now! Please?"

I grabbed her by her legs and pulled her until her ass was on the edge of the bed. Then I shoved in hard. "Daddy! It's so big! It's going in so deep!" I pulled back and rammed it home again.

"Beg bitch! Tell me how much you want it and need it!"

Krista continued to beg for it. And I loved hearing it. I looked over at my daughter and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand and pulling on her tits with the other. She looked so damn hot! I pushed Krista's legs up higher. She cried out as I went in even deeper.

"Daddy! You're too big! It's in too deep! It hurts Daddy! It hurts!"

I looked down at her. Tears were coming from her eyes. I eased up some, but she continued to moan. "Jasmine! Climb on this slut facing me. Work your hips back and forth. I want her tongue to lick your pussy and that sweet asshole of yours. Do it!"

Jasmine climbed up on the bed and pushed her pussy down over Krista's mouth. Then she began to slowly work her hips back and forth. I leaned in and grabbed her cheeks, pulling them apart. Jasmine gasped.

"Oh Daddy! I can feel her tongue on my asshole. Oh fuck! She's pushing it in. her tongue is in my ass. Fuck her Daddy! Get her pussy all nice and wet. Don't cum in her. I want you to cum in me. Save it for me Daddy! You know that we both want this. I've been thinking about you fuckin me. And you've been thinking about fuckin me. Let's make it come true Daddy! Oh Daddy! I'm Cumming! Krista's tongue is making me cum. Oh shit! Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Please fuck your daughter!"

I felt Krista Cumming on my dick. Her body shook and she cried out. But Jasmine's pussy muffled the sound. I pulled Jasmine off her and pushed her roughly on her back. Without hesitation, I rammed my dick up my daughter's cunt.

Jasmine cried out as I filled her. "Daddy! Oh god Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck your nasty daughter! I've wanted this for so long. Do me Daddy! Use me! Oh! I'm Cumming! I can't help it! I'm Cumming!"

I pumped Jasmine's pussy with hard fast strokes. Krista swung her legs over Jasmine's head and lowered her hips. "Suck me bitch! Suck Daddy's juice from my pussy."

Krista was bent over and that ass was presented to me. So I used my finger and started working it in and out of her asshole. Krista moaned and began to hump her pussy harder.

"Oh fuck! Deeper Daddy! Harder! I can't wait to feel you filling my ass. I want you to fuck me so hard. I want to hear myself screaming from your ass fucking! Oh Jasmine! Lick it! Suck my pussy! Bite my clit! Do it you whore! Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm Cumming too Daddy!"

That took me over the edge and I felt my own cum boil up and shot from my dick. As I filled my daughter with my crème, I heard her muffled cry. And then she shuddered as another orgasm shook her. Krista felt her cum too. She lifted up and turned around.

I pulled my dick from Jasmine's pussy. It was covered with thick gobs of crème. As Krista pushed her pussy back down on Jasmine's mouth, she took my dick in between her lips and began to suck it. I felt a few weak spurts shoot out. Then I pulled out and pushed Krista's head between Jasmine's thighs.

"Clean that pussy Krista! Lick all my cum from Jasmine's hole. And when I cum in you, she will have to do the same. Oh fuck! I have wanted to fuck her for so long. Thank you baby! Thank you for making our fantasy come true! And now we both have you. It will only get better for all of us. I promise."

Written by: SpankerSam

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