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Doing Our Daughters!

by SpankerSam©

Samantha is my 19-year-old daughter. Erica is her best friend. They had been best friends since grade school. Being a single dad, it was just natural that Samantha would gravitate to a friend that had a single mom. Like attracts like.

We live in a mixed neighborhood. And it never seemed strange that Sam and Erica would become such close friends. They shared almost everything! It got to the point where they each had keys to the other's house. Even as kids, they would share each other's clothes. And most times, it was either Erica's mom or myself that had to be the judge of who looked best.

Madeline, Erica's mom and I had devised a way to keep both girls happy. We would always say that one looked best in one outfit while the other looked better in another one.

It was only natural that being so close, Madeline and I would occasionally go out to dinner or a movie together. We even became part time bed partners. But we tried to keep this from the girls when they were younger. Well we thought we had! But you try keeping anything from young inquisitive girls! Hah! Good luck!

Both girls attended the local college. And they would spend hours studying together. Both were A students so both Madeline and I kind of catered to their wants.

It was Madeline who told me that they had become lovers. She said that she had come home early one evening and heard them in Erica's room. She brushed it off to just girls experimenting. But the picture of these two lovely young women making love to each other set my mind on an erotic merry go round!

I kind of pumped Madeline for as much detail about what she had heard as I could! And she laughed, telling me that I was a dirty old man to want to know what our daughters had done together. But I could tell from her actions, that it was something that also excited her.

Madeline had been a very conservative lover when we first started. But as we grew more and more comfortable with fucking each other, I had brought out some of the slut in her. and at times, Madeline could be very much the slut! Especially after I had fed her a few strong drinks!

The day she informed me of our daughter's involvement, or should I say the night, we were over at my house in bed. I had just finished eating Madeline to one of her explosive gushing orgasms. She was lying on her back, her big tits heaving up and down as she tried to catch her breath.

"Damn Mike! I've never had any man eat my pussy and make me cum the way you do! Everything about you is so different from the other men I have gone to bed with!" Then she started to laugh.

I looked at her. Madeline was one hot looking white woman. Well, maybe not hot to most men, but she was hot to me. She had all the attributes that I love in a woman. She may not have had a face that stopped traffic, but she was pretty in a plain kind of way.

Madeline had big tits. They were the size of melons, and her nipples would grow to about two inches when I would suck them hard and pull on them. She had skin the color of a pale peach! For a white woman, she had full juicy lips. And she had the ass of a black woman. Full! Round! Soft!

Unlike many women I knew, Madeline didn't like to shave her pussy. She said that she enjoyed the feel of the soft down like hair that covered her juicy cunt. And I admit, I loved the way it felt on my fingers and tongue when I would stroke her or go down on her cunt.

She had short legs! But they were muscular and shapely! and with all the physical work that she did in her garden and such, she was very limber! She could fuck in almost any position without complaining about leg cramps.

I leaned over and began to stroke the soft hairs on her pussy. "What's so funny?" Madeline looked at me, while opening her thighs to my fingers. I found her clit and stroked it softly. Madeline moaned and pushed her hips up to meet my fingers.

"Mmmmmm! That feels so good! You are an excellent lover Mike! I have never had a man that can do the things to me that you do! Hell! I've never let a man do the things to me that you do!" we both laughed at that one.

"Mike? Did you know that Erica and Samantha are lovers?"

I looked at her. "No! I mean I have always known that they were close. Hell, they both sleep in that big queen sized bed whenever they sleep over here! But I never suspected that they had become lovers. How did you find out?"

Madeline's hand reached over and she stroked my hard dick. It was already hard from my eating her cunt, so she couldn't have known that what she said had it any harder.

"I came in early from my shopping trip. I was supposed to be out all afternoon. I had told the girls that I wanted to see a movie but I decided not to. When I walked in the house, it was quiet. Then I heard the noises coming from Erica's room. They had a porno movie in the DVD, so they hadn't heard me come in.

I know that I should have made a noise to let them know that I was home, but I didn't. What I had heard kept me glued to the spot outside the door. Erica was moaning and grunting. I could tell, from the way that the bed was moving, that she was being fucked.

I heard Samantha ask Erica if she liked the way Sam fucked her? Erica moaned and said that she loved feeling Sam fuck her cunt just as much as Sam loved feeling Erica fuck her ass.

I peeked around the doorframe, and Samantha had Erica on the bed on her hands and knees. She had a strapon and was fucking Erica from behind. I swear mike! For a moment when I looked, it looked exactly like we do when you're fucking me!

Samantha was reaching beneath Erica and pinching and pulling her tits hard. Just the way you do mine! And from the way she was moving so smoothly, I could tell that this was not something that they were doing for the first time."

I was getting more turned on, as Madeline talked. I found her clit and pinched it hard! Madeline loves when I torture her clit and nipples. One, of the many things that I had taught her to enjoy!

Madeline gasped! "Oh Mike!" I pinched even harder! "You know that you're gonna make me cum if you keep that up!" I went back to stroking Madeline's slit! She gave a sigh. "Damn! You do that so fuckin well! And that's what's so funny! Samantha did the very same things to Erica! And Erica reacted exactly as I do!"

This bit of news made me stop. I looked at Madeline. Her stroking my dick had pre-cum oozing from the tip. Madeline rubbed her thumb over the head then sucked her finger. I pulled her closer, and started pushing her head towards my shaft.

Madeline moaned, as her soft lips captured my hard dick. "You got turned on watching them, didn't you? Did seeing your daughter getting fucked by my daughter get your pussy all hot and wet? Did you play with your cunt while you watched and listened?"

Madeline didn't answer. She was making those loud slurping noises with her mouth that I love to hear. I held her by her head, and moved her up and down on my dick. I pushed slow and steady, until I felt her choke back a gag. Then I eased up and pulled her head from my dick. Pulling her up until she straddled me, I eased my dick up into her soaked cunt.

"Yes! It got me hot watching them! But when they started talking, it got me even hotter. Oh Mike! Your cock feels so fuckin good! They've seen us fucking! They peek through the window and watch us sometimes. They talk about us when they fuck each other!"

I stopped dead still. "What? What did you say?"

Madeline pushed down hard, burying my dick all the way up her cunt. She looked me in the eyes. "I said! They watch us! They peek through the bedroom window, and watch you fucking me! And they talk about it when they fuck each other!"

"What did they say? How long have they been watching us?"

Madeline laughed! "We thought we were being so damn careful back then when they were kids. But they knew! And the two stinkers used to sneak out the house and come around the backyard and watch us. They have known for years that we are sometime lovers. And that seems to add spice to them making love to each other!"

I rolled over, carrying Madeline with me. She lay beneath me, and smiled as I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Even moving as I did, my dick never left her cunt. I stood along side the bed, Madeline's white thighs pushed open and back. Her cunt was totally exposed and vulnerable to me this way.

"What did they say?" I pulled back until just the tip of my dick was nestled between her swollen pussy lips. Then I thrust hard. Madeline grunted! But her eyes never left mine.

"Erica told Samantha to fuck her just like you fuck me! She said to show her what it would feel like if you were really fucking her! Samantha pulled back, and slammed into Erica's cunt! Erica cried out, but shouted for more! Samantha kept fucking Erica that way. Suddenly Erica shouted out that she was there. Samantha pulled out and dropped to her knees. Mike! I watched as Samantha buried her face in my daughter's cunt the same way you do to me. And while Erica came, Samantha was going nuts on her cunt."

I was pumping Maddy's cunt like an out of control piston! And she was humping her cunt up at me with each stroke! "What were you doing?"

Madeline smiled at me. "I had my hand stuffed in my mouth to quiet my moans, while my fingers were stuffed in my cunt. I slipped out the door to the garage and fingered my cunt like a cheap whore on holiday! Then when I had calmed down, I hit the garage door button to let them know that I was back. When I got inside again, they were acting like nothing had happened. Erica was sitting at her computer, and Samantha was in the bathroom. I acted like I had just come in and didn't know anything about what they had done. Mike! Mike! I'm there! Now mike! Please? Fuck! Now you black bastard!"

I felt Madeline start to cum. Pulling out, I dropped to my knees and devoured her cunt and crème. When Madeline had stopped Cumming, and was lying there with her tits heaving, I climbed up on the bed and straddled her head.

"Did Samantha climb Erica and stuff that fake dick in her mouth like I do to you? Did she make Erica suck it and clean it the way I make you do? Tell me you nasty cunt!"

Madeline groaned. She sucked and slurped my hard dick while she looked up at me. Nodding her head, she mumbled, "Mmmhumm!" That was all it took! I felt my balls erupt, and I filled Madeline's mouth with my hot load! Madeline's eyes rolled up and she moaned. But like she always does, she swallowed and sucked until she had taken it all.

I rolled off her, and lay on my back. This time it was my chest that was heaving as I tried to catch my breath! "Damn!" The word came out with explosive force as I shouted it! "That was so fuckin hot! If you made it up to excite me, you damn sure did a good job!"

Madeline crawled up next to me and snuggled close. "No Mike! It's the truth! And there's more! They talked about both of us fucking them! Or to be more exact, the both of them in bed with the both of us! I heard them talking later that night! Erica was laughing! She said that it would be the wildest thing, if they could actually get the two of us to fuck them.

Samantha chimed in and said that she would love to use her strapon on me while you fucked Erica! Erica told her that she often fantasized about getting me in bed! The two of them having me between them! And all three of us getting fucked by you as the others watched! They would each suck a tit, while you ate my pussy! Oh Mike! It got me so hot listening to them. I had to stuff my pillow in my mouth as I fucked my pussy with a dildo! I don't think that they knew I could hear them!"

Madeline's words had me hard all over again. I lay between her thighs, and feasted on the mixture of our crème as she sighed and moaned. Then I pulled her up on to her hands and knees. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I massaged her soft white ass cheeks.

Pulling them apart, I bent my head and began to lick her crack. Madeline moaned, as the tip of my tongue found her pink puckered rosebud. I rimmed her and she kept pushing that soft ass back for more. When I had her asshole nice and wet, I slipped my dick in her soaked cunt to coat it with her juice for lube.

Madeline rested her head on the mattress, and reaching back pulled her cheeks apart. "Samantha loves to have Erica slam that fake cock up her ass! She loves to get fucked hard the way you fuck me! Think about fucking that young tender ass! Fuck me Mike! Make me scream! Tear my ass up like you love to do! Like you want to do to your daughter's ass! She said that she wants you to fuck her ass the same way she has seen you fuck mine!"

The tip of my dick was coated with out mixed crème. And with a roar, I slammed it deep in Madeline's ass. Madeline loves to get ass-fucked! Or rather, she loves for me to take her ass! She says that no man, not even Erica's dad, ever fucked her asshole the savage way I do! And that is how she loves it!

Madeline screamed into the mattress! But I didn't stop! I pulled back, only to slam my hard dick in again. "You want it slut! You love the way this black dick fucks your white ass! You want me to fuck the girls! Say it! I can tell that you want them too! Do you think that Erica will scream the way you do when I fuck her? Will she beg for it the way you do? Tell me cunt!"

Madeline was bucking her hips back at me with each thrust. "Yes! She wants it! I want to watch you fuck her! I want to eat her cunt while you're ramming your dick in her! I want to feel her hot tongue licking my cunt and ass while you fuck her! And I want to watch you fuck Samantha! Oh Mike! I want to hear your daughter beg for your cock! Make her beg for it like I do! Make all of us your hot horny sluts! I'm Cumming you bastard! Harder! Hurt my ass! Oh you black big dick motherfucker! You want to fuck your daughter! Say it! Tell me while I cum that you want to fuck her!"

For the second time, it felt like my balls were being emptied of every drop of cum I had in me. I could feel the sweat dropping down in my eyes. And I knew that she was right! I did want to fuck Samantha! I wanted to fuck my daughter the same way I fucked Madeline.

"Yes you nasty white slut! I want to fuck Sam! I want to watch her face as I ram this big dick up her cunt! I want to hear her scream as I rape her ass the way I rape yours. And I want Erica too! I want you all! All of you will become my harem! I will take turns fucking each of you! And all of you will fuck each other! Oh shit! I'm Cumming! Madeline! I'm Cumming you juicy whore!"

Madeline groaned! "Yes mike! I want that too!"

Written by: SpankerSam

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