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Training A Teen Slut

by ceemo©

His ministrations were causing this love slut to moan continuously. Marcus was certain that the moaning was creating immense pleasure for his buddy Jackson, causing pleasing vibrations as her lips they traveled along Jackson cock.

Man, she had a tight ass. He had worked her asshole yesterday with his fingers, but there was no doubt that the muscle tone had returned. He repeated the movements he had performed yesterday. He rotated his finger while plunging in and out of her asshole in time with his slowly driving cock.

The heavy lubrication made it easier this time for his thick, knuckled finger to quickly penetrate to its full length. He removed his finger temporarily, scooped another gob of lube, pushed it through her loosening anal ring and restarted the probing cycle using two of his massive fingers.

Her moaning got louder and was almost continuous now. Marcus was not sure if what he was doing to her asshole was the cause of her increased pleasure or what Jackson was doing to her or just something deep in her psyche trying to get out. Someone had increased the music volume significantly to mask the increasing noise from the darkened corner.

Now he had two large fingers pistoning freely in and out of her asshole with no resistance. He removed both fingers at the top of the next stroke and saw that her sphincter had relaxed and her hole stayed well dilated. Maintaining his slow, deep pussy fucking, he repeated the lubing process one more time, using three of his large-knuckled fingers. He soon had her anal ring fully dilated. His strategy had worked and he prepared for the final push to reach his goal.

Meanwhile, on the front end Jackson was feeling his balls begin to tighten and he knew he was close to releasing what he was sure would be a ton of pent-up spunk down this white slut's throat. As Marcus told him, this bitch is full of surprises. It appeared she couldn't seem to get enough stimulation; she'd been frigging her own clit frantically for a while now even though he had seen her shake and shudder from wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her moaning had transformed into a high pitched, continuous scream.

Jackson's balls tightened further, ready to dump their load and he grabbed her head tightly with his large hands to control the pleasure. He clamped down tight, let out a scream himself and shot one, two, three, four violent spurts of cum, much of it going directly down her throat, some coating her mouth and leaking out around his fat cock. A small string even managed to shoot up her nose, dribble out her left nostril and hang suspended above her upper lip.

Cindy felt Jackson cum in her mouth more times than she could count and beamed inwardly with pride knowing she had satisfied her new lover. As Jackson slipped his sated, shrinking cock from her mouth, she gasped for breath and tried to figure out why her body was experiencing this continuous craving for sexual gratification. No sooner had an orgasm left her pleasured beyond belief, than the craving for more sexual release returned even stronger.

Marcus slipped his cock from Cindy's sopping pussy when he saw Jackson was finished and Cindy gasped to refill her lungs with much needed oxygen. Without warning, he then drove his steel-hard spike into her virgin ass, slapping his cum loaded balls against her swollen outer pussy lips and burying his dick the full nine-inches deep in her back hole. Her scream was barely covered by the music. Marcus grabbed her hair holding it like a horse's reins and pounded her ass with abandon. The pleasure was all he had imagined and more. His punishing this white slut was driving Marcus wild. Even with the lubrication he thought he might be hurting her, tearing her asshole apart, but he didn't relent. The screaming bitch was getting what she deserved.

"You're my fuck ass slut now, bitch," he screams. "You're my black cock fuck ass slut."

"Yes, yes, yes," she screeched at the top of her lungs with her eyes screwed shut.

The pain was there but so was the pleasure. Her sexual craving had not diminished and she still could not understand why. Something was making her body seek pleasure from this relentless, painful, ass pounding that continued to rip her body apart. Thoughts of this strange need for more and more fulfillment were quickly put aside as a small series of orgasms ripples through her. Her thoughts now shifted back to pleasing her man who had done so much for her. Cindy started pushing back to meet every violent thrust from her lover, squeezing and milking his steel hard member with what little muscle control she had left around her asshole.

Suddenly her eyes snapped wide open when she felt two large calloused hands grab her breasts and start squeezing them painfully. Her eyes crossed as she tried to focus on what was the thickest, blackest cock she could ever imagine, poised inches from her screaming mouth.

Jackson was no longer sitting in front of her. He had been replaced by Tiny, the bouncer, who was mauling her breasts, digging his sharp, thick, filthy nails into her.

"Come on Bitch," he screamed at her to be heard above the music and her own wailing cries. "I've been waiting two days for this and you'd better make my wait worth it," he yelled breathlessly. With that he moved his hands to the back of her head and forced her lips down on his cock.

His cock was thick, thicker than Marcus's, but not as long. If she could just handle the girth, she thought, she could give him his blow-job and get rid of him. Her mouth was stretched painfully and she was in fear of hearing the sound and feeling the pain of her jaw cracking, when her lips finally slip over his grossly large mushroom-shaped head. Her jaw started to cramp as Tiny applied more pressure to the back of her head.

The pain in her jaw was immense, as her lips bottomed out against his foul smelling pubic hair. Tiny pulled her hair up, reversing direction and dragging her swollen lips back along his thick cock. Without her realizing it her tongue had begun its magic, wrapping around and around his cock, licking the rough skinned head, picking-up and moving the fluid leaking from the monster slit back to her throat to be swallowed. Her saliva was running out of her mouth and down her chin but it had done its lubricating job, allowing her lips to slide more easily over his throbbing pole.

"Umph, umph," Tiny snorted as he worked Cindy's mouth along his cock at a numbing speed.

Even under this severe distress and jaw numbing pain, she was still aroused! How could this be, her inner voice screamed to her as her body gave in to another crashing orgasm.

From behind Marcus was enjoying this immensely. The hot, tight asshole on the white slut was giving his dick the workout of a lifetime. Watching Tiny's fat, coal-black cock slip in and out of her fully stretched, red-coated lips and hearing her stifled moans and screams was driving him irrevocably to his release. With one final, bone jarring thrust that almost knocked Cindy off Tiny's fat cock, Marcus exploded, spewing shot after shot of his boiling hot seed deep in to her rectum.

Cindy felt the hot semen splash and splash against the tortured walls of her ravaged ass for the first time. She knew her lover had finished and the satisfaction she realized from pleasing him rose in her chest.

Marcus withdrew his cum-covered dick and noticed only a few traces of blood. Not much damage, he concluded, but a whole fucking lot of pleasure. Or was it 'a whole lot of fucking pleasure'?

Pops, the elderly bartender was standing in front of the coffee table holding out a wet and a dry bar towel. Marcus took the wet towel first and wiped his dick, balls and thighs. After using the dry towel, he slipped on his pants and headed to the bar with Pops for a well needed cold beer.

Cindy was still kneeling with her ass hanging out in space over the end of the booth seat and leaning over Tiny, trying to survive while he stuffed his doubly thick prick down her throat over and over again. Suddenly, to her total amazement, Tiny released her head and withdrew his fat cock from her mouth. The relief she felt, as she gasped for breath was almost orgasmic.

The relief didn't last long, however. Tiny easily picked her up and slid under her. He held her straddling him with his legs hanging off the end of the bench and his angry, black dick at the entrance to her tight teen pussy. Tiny pulled her flat against his chest in a massive bear-hug, trapping her, and started slowly advancing his cock.

"Noooooo!" She screamed. As he pushed his enormous black cock head against her swollen outer lips.

Tiny knew that she'd be able to take his cock, the vagina is amazing that way. But he also knew that he had to proceed slowly to keep from doing serious damage to the young slut. Doing real damage to her would piss off Marcus and Bo and Tiny didn't want to be on Bo's shit list, people that got on that list sometimes disappeared.

Cindy realized that for some reason Tiny was moving slowly. Despite this small break, Cindy sensed she was fighting a losing battle, as his cock-head continued it's slow progress into her much smaller honey-hole She was trying to relax and let her vagina do its thing when she heard the coffee table legs scrape the tile floor as it was kicked aside.

Cindy screamed as a cock, slammed into her recently ravaged, raw, slightly-bleeding nether hole. When the scream triggered by this new abuse faded she heard Tony say, "I told you I'd see you again, Bitch!"

The sudden attack to her ass drove Cindy's already stretched pussy further down Tiny's thick shaft. Tiny now started a slow driving fuck of her grotesquely stretched pussy. Tony didn't hesitate to take advantage of his position and began pounding his cock into her no longer virgin asshole with vigor.

After a while both hard cocks started working at the same pace and the feelings they were creating within her beaten body satisfied the strange craving for sexual pleasure she still couldn't explain. They must be able to feel each other, she thought. She could certainly feel them rubbing against the thin membrane separating her two violated cavities. They were now in synch, one thrusting in while the other pulled back, pounding relentlessly. Her body betrayed her again and she was rewarded with another orgasm.

Cindy was in a total daze, unable to comprehend all that was happening to her. It was as if her being had split into two parts, each reacting differently to the onslaught. She was willingly humping, squeezing and milking the two black cocks working the double penetration while experiencing separately, the pain in her breasts, pussy, asshole and legs from the onslaught

She felt as if she were floating above, watching this innocent, young, white, teen being violated and abused in the most violent horrible way imaginable. Her brain was numb with trying to understand and resolve the conflict, created by the pain and the pleasure surging along her nerve pathways and entering her brain.

She experienced another orgasm. Why did it go on and on, she asked herself? "What was driving my body to derive pleasure from this abuse," she cried inside her head.

"Don't stop! Fuck me harder, harder," she screamed aloud and gave into the carnal needs of her body.

And they did! They fucked her harder and harder, exploding stream after stream of black cock cum into her violated openings. And when they stopped she was given only a short break before she was dragged to her feet and sandwiched between the fresh bodies of two others who repeated the double penetration.

Breaking through the drug and lust induced shroud she recognized the one in front of her. She saw the tattoo snake wrapped around his bicep and disappearing under his sleeve.

There was no hint of humor in his smile. He was frightening to look at. His face with the evil leering grin also had a jagged scar slashing from one ear, down the cheek and across one lip. But mostly the fear she sensed came from his cold, empty, dead eyes.

He was hurting her. He grabbed her hair and pulled, his foul breath saturated her nostrils, and he twisted and pulled her tortured nipples. He bit down hard on her lip until she tasted blood.

"You are a whore and a white slut, bitch," he yelled in her ear. "You won't laugh at me now," he screamed. "What would your rich, white cunt mommy think about her little angel now?" All of this verbal abuse was followed-up with the scariest, most chilling high pitched laugh,

Marcus's face appeared floating around the edges of her consciousness now. Bobbing and weaving, like a referee in a boxing match.

"Hey man, take it easy on her. Don't hurt her bro'. Don't damage her, man she's my slut. Treat her nice," Marcus seemed to be saying.

She knew this could not be real, that she could never hear above the music and her own screaming. Protecting her? Maybe, but also reaching in to twist her nipple, pinch and squeeze her clit and smile as she screamed.

Her emotions sent one set of signals but her reason, what little she had left, said something else. What was happening to her was bad she reasoned, as yet another orgasm wracked her body with pleasure.

Watching from the bar, Marcus was relaxing and finishing his beer.

"What do you think? You ready to deal?" Marcus said to Bo, sitting beside him.

"Let her go a bit longer," came the reply.

Marcus turned and saw Cindy now in his fantasy position at the pool table. It was not his cock driving into her. It was the other pool player, Tyrone. She was bent low over the pool table, wearing only her stockings and heels, her arms extended fully holding on to the edge of the table, her legs spread wide and her tits bouncing violently as a black cock pounded into her now sloppy, streached pussy from behind. The scene sent a jolt through Marcus's loins. She is one hot slut, he thought and I'm going to miss her.

"Time to collect your tip, Pops" Marcus turned and said to the man behind the bar. "You're up when he finishes. When you're done take her back to the booth, put some clothes on her and let her have this," he said, handing Pops another of the machine-rolled joints.

Pops left the bar and approached the pool table with a chair in one hand and a glass of ice water in the other just as her latest abuser grunted loudly, threw one last violent thrust at the bitch and shot his load.

"All yours, Pops," he said, giving Cindy a loud smack on her abused ass with the butt end his pool cue as he walked away.

Cindy barely whimpered with this final insult and collapsed her chest on the table edge with her head down in an attempt to relieve the pressure on her sore arms and shaking legs.

"You ok, Miss," said a soothing voice as a thin arm reached across her shoulder to help support her. She looked up and saw the old bartender smiling down at her.

"I brought you something," Pops said. He helped her sit in the chair and handed her the glass of ice water. She sat, took the ice cold drink and finished it in three big gulps. "This too," he said, showing her the joint he pulled from his shirt pocket. Cindy's eyes widen and she reached for the joint with her shaking hand but he pulled it back.

"I know you must be real tired and sore, Miss, but Marcus and Jackson said you'd be giving me my tip. So, I'll need my tip before you can have this," he said, holding the joint out of her reach.

The old man unzipped his pants and pulled out a half-hard, long, thin, black cock.

"You've got the most beautiful mouth and luscious full lips of anyone they've brought in here," he said while slowly jacking his cock.

"Sure, Pops," Cindy said, smiling as she looked at the joint high above her head and leaned in to take this sweet old man's cock in her mouth.

Cindy made quick work of the old bartender, taking him down her throat and swallowing his surprisingly copious cum-shot.

"Thanks, Miss," he said with a big grin on his flushed face. He helped her stand, handed her the joint and lit it for her. "Let me help you get dressed and relax, ok?"

Pops waited until Cindy took several deep hits and started to relax before leading her back to the darkened booth in the corner. While she continued to absorb the relaxing chemicals from the solidly packed joint, he managed to stuff her into her skirt, blouse and high heels.

"Thanks again, Miss," he said, buttoning the last button on her blouse, making sure the buttons and holes were aligned properly.

Cindy exhaled, and looked up at the old man in front of her. What a nice old guy, she thought. I wonder what he's thanking me for.

The party was over, at least for a while, and the room had nearly emptied out. The music continued to play, but with no sounds to mask it was set at a low volume. The doors were still closed.

Not only did Cindy's hands stop shaking when the soothing, relaxing effects of the marijuana spread throughout her ravaged body, but much of the remembered pain disappeared, replaced by universal soreness and near total exhaustion. She took two more deep hits as the bad memories receded further into the background and the residual pain diminishes even more. She still could feel a heightened sexual desire deep in the pit of her stomach. It was like something tightly coiled, waiting to break out. Two more hits and a thick haze descended over her consciousness. She finished the roach and was totally relaxed, leaning against the high, cushioned back of the booth.

Through the new haze caused by the building feelings of euphoria she saw Marcus, her lover, talking with the large, neatly dressed, black man with the shaved head and earring she vaguely remembered having seen earlier. The shorter, creepy, scar-faced one with the snake tattoo was beside them. All three occasionally looked at her as they talked. The tall black man pulled out a money clip from his pocket, peeled off many bills and handed them to Marcus. Marcus slipped the money into his pocket and they started moving toward her.

"I'm busy the rest of the night, Babe, Marcus said. "Bo will take you home."

"But Marcus, I want to stay with you," Cindy pleaded.

Marcus squatted down and moved his face in close to hers. She saw his cold, steely-eyed look. He stared into her eyes and said nothing, but she knew to obey and lowered her head, silently conceding to his instructions.

The scar-faced one grabbed her under her arm, his fingers wrapped so tightly around her bicep that it would leave a bruise. She was pulled up and held from toppling over. Immediately on standing she felt liquid running from her sore ass and pussy and traveling down her inner thighs to drip onto the floor.

Marcus noticed this as she passed.

"Hey Bo, you probably should clean-up the bitch a little before you turn her out," he said.

Bo looked back, smiled as he continued to walk away and raised his middle finger in the universal salute.

"She's my slut now, Bro'," he shouted over his shoulder, "not yours."

Written by: ceemo

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