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Dirty Dishes

by death_rose©

Brian woke up abruptly, wishing he could go back to sleep the minute he realised he was awake. Looking around through half-closed eyes, he sat up with a groan, as the sun was streaming through the thin material of his curtains.

"Well that's just perfect..." he muttered. He glanced at his clock, noticing it was well into the morning. Rubbing his eyes, he adjusted his boxers, and stretched. He waited for a few minutes, then wandered downstairs for breakfast.

He walked into the kitchen, slipping a little on the lino tiles in his sleepy state, brushing past his younger sister, Sasha. He snuck his usual peek at her as he did so, berating himself for doing so but being unable to help it. Over the past few weeks, he'd noticed that she'd been rather provocative in her clothes and behaviour, wearing practically nothing around the house, although he knew she didn't dress as such in public.

This morning was no exception, he noted with both satisfaction and horror. She was leaning in towards the fridge, one hand on her hip, the other rifling through various cartons and plastic bags. Her shorts were so tiny they could've put a pornstar to shame, and her crop top emphasised her already ample breasts even more. Her hair was slightly ruffled, and her perfect arse was shifted slightly to one side as she placed her weight on one leg.

"Hey, idiot, did you drink all the milk, or was it dad?" she asked him, not looking up.

"Don't look at me, I reckon dad probably used it for coffee or something." he replied, taking advantage of the situation.

He knew it wasn't right to think about his sister in such a way, but dammit, it wasn't his fault. She had turned eighteen far too fast, and it seemed like she'd matured overnight. With breasts that were JUST too small to be C-cups, a tight but curvacious arse, hips that completely suited her 5'6" frame and long, wavy brunette hair that she always managed to use to give her a smouldering look, it was very hard for Brian to NOT see his sister as sexy and appealing. Lately, he swore to himself, it was almost like she could read his thoughts, and she seemed to be teasing him much more than he could handle.

With a sigh, he pushed the cereal box he had been holding back into place, and instead grabbed a piece of fruit from a bowl on the countertop. He walked past Sasha again, sneaking in one last look just as she straightened up. "There goes my breakfast." he complained to her.

"You're the one who didn't wake up in time to stop dad from taking all the milk." she replied, a carton of orange juice in her hand. Out of the corner of his eye, Brian had an almost excellent view of Sasha's cleavage, since her top really didn't leave much to the imagination. It was taking all his willpower not to stare at them, and he was positive his eyes had flicked down for just a second. Luckily, Sasha had been looking over at the bread their dad had left out, shaking her head.

"He's so absent-minded." she murmered, walking over to it and putting it back. Brian shrugged. Their mom had died when they were quite young, and ever since then their dad had raised them single-handedly. While he'd dated a few times, he had never been able to find anyone to settle down with, and thus he worked extra-hours in order to ensure he could support the three of them.

"As if I could've woken up at the same time as him." Brian scoffed. "What do I look like, a rooster?"

"With that bed-head, yes." Sasha replied cheekily. She grinned at him as she walked out of the kitchen, heading for the lounge with a slightly exaggerated swinging of her hips. She laughed inwardly, knowing quite well the effect she'd been having on her brother recently. She wasn't quite sure why, but all of a sudden, she'd been seeing Brian in a new light. Quite frankly, she was positively certain she wanted him in bed with her as soon as she could have him. At first, Brian appeared to be rather average. At 5'9", he didn't tower over women like most 20 year-olds. He didn't have some outrageous colouring added to his dark brown hair, and he wasn't overly muscular, although he was quite fit. At least, that's as average as he was at a first glance. As for downstairs, Sasha wasn't sure yet, although she definitely had high hopes. She shook her head, lost in her own thoughts. Physically, he was attractive, but not outstanding. Personality-wise, he had the makings of a star. He was everything she could have asked for. Heck, he was everything most women could have asked for. It was just that no one really ever gave him a chance. The superficial bitches...Sasha added to herself.

She was sure that he'd been noticing her more and more lately, though. It had started a few weeks after her 18th birthday, when she'd first noticed her attraction to him. Ever since then, her birthday resolution was to seduce her older brother and basically make him her bitch. She'd been getting less subtle as of late, and had caught some of his looks when he thought she wasn't looking. The thought of him getting turned on by her, plus her extra thoughts about him running his hands all over her body...

"What are you shaking your head for?" Brian's voice startled her out of her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, nothing, I'm just thinking."

"Oh my God! Alert the media! It's a miracle!" he teased. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Very funny." she replied. She sat cross-legged, turning towards him just a bit so he could get a nice view. She saw him swallow hard, and laughed to herself. Luckily what he'd said beforehand acted as a cover to the smile that had slipped out. She stretched back, reaching behind her to grab the remote off the couch, and Brian almost fainted with delight as her breasts were practically on display for him.

She took her time with getting the remote, but didn't stall too long just in case he suspected something. She flicked through the channels absentmindedly, ignoring Brian's protests when she skipped a channel he wanted to watch. Finally she stopped at a cartoon marathon, something she knew they'd both agree on.

They ate in silence, broken only by occasional bouts of chuckles from one or both of them. Sasha finished eating first, getting up and making sure she walked right past Brian's face. She heard an audible sudden intake of breath, but it was so subtle that she could pretend she hadn't heard it. To Brian's relief, she took her time washing up in the kitchen, giving him time to calm down. Luckily, she'd never noticed the number of erections she'd managed to give him every now and then, and he wasn't about to let her catch him in the act now. He ate a little more slowly, planning to wash up after she'd left the kitchen, but rushed to the kitchen after he heard a loud thud and an 'oops...?' from Sasha.

He skidded to a halt at the kitchen door, finding Sasha on the floor, wincing, with water everywhere, a sponge in her hand. The tap was still running, and the sink had been plugged, as Sasha had intended to wash the past few days' worth of dishes.

"Let me guess..." he said with a grin, "you couldn't be bothered to put the sponge down, so you moved your plate with it still in your hand, then slipped on the water that had dripped from it?"

She blushed. "No..." she replied. She almost wished that they didn't know each other so well, except she had planned it perfectly. Brian had only just noticed that the water had, quite literally, gone everywhere. Her crop top and shorts were almost completely soaked through, since the sink was now overflowing. Through the light grey material of the top he could just see the outline of her nipples, and through the pink shorts, he noted that she was wearing absolutely jack all. He was getting very turned on by the sight of Sasha, dripping and as good as naked, and the hard-on he had hoped to avoid was starting to make itself known.

"Do you want some help?" he said, voice calm as he turned off the tap. It was taking a lot of self-control on Brian's part to not keep his eyes on Sasha's body.

"That'd be nice." she said as she took his hand. She accidentally-on-purpose slipped again, crashing into him and knocking him onto the floor. She landed on top of him, one leg between his legs and her head on his chest. She noticed a growing problem in his boxers as she did so, and smirked into his shoulder.

"Sorry!" she said cheerfully, raising her head to look at him. Brian wondered whether she'd caught the look on his face, and almost gasped as her knee grazed over his fast-rising penis. It was times like this he was almost glad that their dad worked long hours - if anything were to happen, the chances of him finding out were remote.

Sasha watched Brian carefully, waiting for a reaction to prompt her next move. Brian cleared his throat. "We should clean that up," he said, struggling to keep his voice steady. The minute he'd started talking, Sasha had shifted her leg against his groin again, pretending it was an accident as she started standing at the same time. The look of disappointment in Brian's eyes was very encouraging, and so she stood, looked around for the sponge, and bent over to pick it up. A short, high-pitched noise escaped from Brian, and Sasha stood up abruptly.

"What was that?" she said, feigning a puzzled expression.

"I...have no idea." Brian replied innocently. "Maybe an animal outside?"

Sasha raised an eyebrow. 'More like an animal inside...'

Brian swallowed hard, and decided to take a chance. He stood up and walked over to Sasha, who had turned around and was hunting for something to mop up the water. He hesitated just as he approached her, weighing up his options and their consequences. Sasha leaned over the countertop slightly, body stretched out as she reached up to open the cupboard, and he gave in. He loved his sister, and he loved his dad, but right now, all he wanted to do was show Sasha what the definition of sex really was. Or at least, he hoped so. He hesitated again. He knew neither of them was a virgin, but as far as experience went, he was pretty sure Sasha beat him in that area. Sasha stretched a little bit more, as she had felt Brian come up behind her. She wondered why he was staying quiet, but decided to act as if nothing was wrong.

"Jesus, where are the kitchen towels?" she muttered, both to herself and to Brian. She opened her mouth to ask him if he knew, but was cut off as Brian's hands started running lightly down her arms. She shivered, goosebumps appearing on her skin, as he started caressing her shoulders and back as well. She was still damp from before, and his hands were warm against her cool, wet skin.

Brian watched Sasha closely, although he was unable to see her face. He was pleased to see that she seemed to like what he was doing, but was unsure of just how far she would let him go, or how far she wanted to go, if her feelings were the same as his. He shook his head, and moved to show Sasha where the towels were, but stopped when a whine of protest came from her. She turned to face him, a look of disappointment clearly on her face, and he raised an eyebrow.

"What? You looked cold." he said innocently.

Sasha scoffed at him. "You liked that."

"So did you." he retorted without thinking.

"Exactly." she said, smiling. Brian watched as she stepped closer to him, so that their bodies were just touching. His half-erect penis, which had been leaving as he thought about what to do, flared back into life as her hip brushed past it. "And you liked that, too," she purred. Brian cleared his throat.


Sasha rolled her eyes, pressing up against him more. She was positive he'd grinded his hips into hers for a split second. His hands were back on her body, running along the curves of her sides and her back. She closed her eyes, sighing, leaning on him as he explored her body as much as he dared to. Which wasn't much, to her dismay. 'Well, I'll just have to change that,' she thought to herself. The feeling of Sasha pressed up against Brian was almost too much for him to take. Not only was he topless, but she may as well have been, for all the good the crop top did. When she looked up with him with a positively sultry expression on her face, he finally gave in. His hands left her back, one going to her waist, the other burying itself in her hair. He pulled her even closer and to her delight, kissed her. She wrapped a leg around his, her hands going to the back of his neck, as he deepened the kiss.

She giggled, and decided to tease him further. She pulled away from him, ignoring his indignant look, and started to walk away. "Oh no you don't. Not after everything you've been doing to me." Brian said, knowing for certain that she knew exactly what he was talking about. She turned back to look at him, obviously checking him out, and she went back over to him. Her hands slide down his back, across his sides and up his chest in one fluid motion, then wandered down to his thighs, her right hand skimming over his growing problem as she did so. In a second he had her pinned against the countertop. As he made out with her again, his hands started exploring her breasts, and he was rewarded by a small gasp. He pulled off her crop top with a little difficulty, as the material clung to her still-drying skin. Her perfect breasts were exposed to him, and he was quick to start nipping and sucking at them. Sasha's hands were in his hair, and she moaned slightly every now and then. He stopped what he was doing and hugged her to him, his warm torso against her cool chest exciting her further. She moved slowly against him, pausing to look up at him. Brian's eyes had closed, and as she moved against him again, his breath caught. She turned around, hips grinding into his, then moved her arse in small circles, pressing his erection into her.

"Oh my God..." he muttered. Foreplay was all very well and good, but this was much more than he could handle. He slid his arms around her, as if to hug her from behind, and then slid them down her stomach, into her shorts. She moaned, making his cock throb into her arse, as his left hand came up to play with her breasts again, and his right hand dipped down into her pussy. He slicked his finger up with her, as she was quite wet, and began teasing her clit with his index finger. She cried out as he did so, and he picked up the pace a little. She was practically humping his hand, and when he stopped, she protested. She turned around to face him again, then caught the look in his eyes. He slid her shorts down, and she stepped out of them. She was neatly trimmed, although only shaven enough to look decent in a modest bikini. Brian decided he actually rather liked it, and he held her close to him, loving the feeling of her naked body against him. Sasha reached over to him and stroked his penis through his boxers, eliciting a sudden intake of breath on his part. She pressed harder, loving his reaction, and gasped quite audibly when Brian returned the favour by stroking her clit again. She let go of his erection, hands flying up to his back again, as Brian slowly slid a finger into her. Liquid dripped out onto his finger as he pulled it out, then pushed it back in. He repeated this a few times, then added a second finger, then a third. Sasha squealed when the third one was added, grinding back into his hand in time with his motions. He picked up speed, teasing her clit with his thumb as he did so, and soon her body started shuddering. He withdrew his hand and knelt in front of her in a quick moment, replacing thumb with tongue in seconds. Sasha cried out soon afterwards, and her body rocked against his mouthe as she came. She slid onto the floor with him, breathing erratic, as he pulled off his boxers.

His body was arranged so that she couldn't see his erection, but she reached out and stroked it anyway, enjoying the feeling of his penis against her hand as it was also brushing against her leg. Brian was enjoying it just as much, and while he was all too happy for her to return the favour, oral sex wasn't nearly as appealing as the idea of fucking his sister. Sasha had other ideas, though, and she pushed him over so he was sitting on the floor, eyes taking in his 8" cock. It throbbed again as she leant over and ran her tongue down the side. Brian groaned as her mouth closed over it, and she expertly took over half of his erection in her mouth, which was much more than what he'd expected her to be able to handle. He shook his head at her, pulling her away from him, and she frowned at him.

"I was enjoying that..." she protested.

"You'll enjoy this much more." he winked at her.

Pulling her up, he then picked her up and carried her out to the lounge room, plonking her onto the soft-carpeted floor in a way only a brother could do. He grinned at her, pulling her legs up and out slightly, so that he had full access to her.

"So...are you sure you want to do this?" he asked her, lining himself up.

"Fuck, yes."

"That's all I need." Brian smirked. He guided his throbbing erection up and down her pussy slowly, making her writhe and moan.

"Stop teasing me, please..." she managed to say.

"Oh, but this is payback for all the teasing you've been doing." Brian replied, still with his cock just outside of her. When she opened her mouth to protest again, he slammed into her suddenly, making her practically scream his name. He stayed like that as she moved around, trying to get him to move as well, then withdrew his penis so that just the tip was inside her. He slammed into her again, and repeated this until she was begging him to fuck her properly. She was flushed, and she pulled his head to hers to give him a kiss.

Brian slid into her slowly, but stayed mostly inside her, finally giving her what she wanted. She moaned again, and he picked up the pace with every noise she made, until he was fucking his sister with reckless abandon. Her pussy grabbed at him as she came, crying out, but Brian was just getting started. She pulled at his hair as he continued to fuck her, thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could. "Ohhh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...God, fuck me harder!" she cried out. He complied, now moving as fast and as hard as possible. She came again and again, until the room was filled with her moans, the sound of skin hitting skin, and the wet noises made with every one of Brian's movements. Finally he started to approach an orgasm, and he gasped as she pushed him onto his back, straddling him, reading his mind. She guided his cock into herself, lowering her pussy onto it, then moved up and down, building speed as it was his turn to groan. "Mmmm." she moaned, feeling his hands go to her hips to support and guide her. Her breasts were bouncing beautifully, and he reached up to play with them. He shuddered slightly, and Sasha moved ever faster, adding circular movements to every second thrust that Brian did.

Brian was in heaven, and he thrust up into her as she moved down on him, getting deeper with each stroke. "Ohhh God, I'm gonna cum Sasha." he gasped. She moved up so that he was almost out of her, then slammed herself back down on him. That was it for Brian. He came suddenly, shooting his load right into his sister. "Mmm, yeah, cum in me." she moaned, fucking him with small, fast movements as she came too. The feeling of her shuddering and tightening on his cock made his orgasm last even longer, and he came for a good few minutes as she collapsed on top of him. Sasha pulled herself off him, semen and her own cum dripping out of her.

"We...should clean up." Brian said, trying to steady his breathing as Sasha lay next to him. He stroked her hair as she snuggled up to him, one leg resting over his waist. He could feel her warm pussy up against his hip, and his leg was getting wet from it.

"Dad won't be home until ten, remember? We have time..." she replied, falling asleep.

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