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A Black Orgy

by Samuelx©

Friday night and nothing to do. The name is Eric Jones. I'm a young black man from Boston and I recently turned twenty. This takes place during my third year of college. A few years from now, I'm going to become a Boston City police officer, just like my father before me. Until then, I'm just a young man looking for adventure. The good thing about adventure is that it sometimes finds you when you are least looking for it.

I went walking around the city, and encountered some rather adventurous folks. There was this man named Stuart James who approached me with his wife, Maureen. Stuart was a tall, good-looking black man in his late forties. Muscular, chocolate-skinned and curly-haired, he was something to behold. A beautiful older black gentleman. The man could have been a male model in his earlier years if he wanted to. His wife Maureen was a tall, somewhat plump but still somehow sexy older black woman with dark brown skin and short hair bleached bone-white. Her face was rather plain but her curvy body and fine, round bottom more than made up for it. This gal had her very own special appeal.

The two of them approached me at a bar. Apparently, they were interested in me. We made conversation for a few hours, and I learned a lot about them. Stuart was a lawyer in the city, and he was also a former professional wrestler. I smiled. I knew I recognized him from somewhere. Maureen James was a police officer in the city, having recently risen to the rank of sergeant. Nice, a working-class couple. I was very much curious about them. I'd met swingers before, just not black swingers. Stuart told me that he was bisexual and very much interested in a sexy young black man like myself.

I stared at Stuart. Wow! A tall, good-looking, educated black man like himself admitted to being bisexual, and his wife was right there. Maureen smiled at me and told me that she knew her husband since college. They had some of the same Criminal Justice classes. They were friends before becoming lovers and Stuart used to confide in Maureen about his desires for good-looking men. Stuart was a closet case, but thankfully, Maureen was understanding. They became lovers one night, and started a relationship. Eventually, they got married ten years later. These days, they were active swingers.

I smiled. I'm a bisexual black man and life is not easy, trust me. Straight black men and straight black women hate bisexuals, especially bisexual males. The black community is very homophobic. For this reason, I don't go around telling people about myself. I mean, why do this when it would endanger my life? I was puzzled by Stuart and Maureen. Most black women would flip out if they found out their husband or boyfriend was bisexual. This Maureen must be some kind of dope female, man! Her man was bisexual and she was cool with it? Stuart was one lucky bastard!

I went back to the hotel room with them, and that's when the fun began. We went back to the bathroom and showered together. Then, we went to the bedroom, and the erotic festivities officially started. Stuart kissed me, and we made out while Maureen watched. I looked at our reflections in the mirror. Two black men kissing while a black woman watched, clearly loving it. Man, what kind of world was this? I was loving every minute of it. Stuart sucked my cock while Maureen licked my asshole and fingered it. I moaned in pleasure as I got serviced at both ends. It was very erotic. Maureen replaced her tongue with two of her fingers. It felt wickedly good to have two fingers in my asshole. Meanwhile, Stuart continued to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow.

I came, and he drank my seed. Maureen continued to masturbate while watching us. Stuart bent over and spread his butt cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against his butt hole, and pushed. His ass felt wonderfully tight around my cock. I held him by the hips and fucked him. While I fucked him, Maureen left the room. She came back moments later, wearing a strap on dildo. Dildos aren't usually my thing but this sexy, forty-something black woman looked hot with it!

While I fucked Stuart from behind, drilling my cock into his tight ass, Maureen came and pressed the strap on dildo against his mouth. Stuart sucked on the dildo while I fucked him. It was very fun to watch. Maureen winked at me and fingered her pussy as her husband sucked on her dildo. It was so damn hot! We switched positions. Stuart sucked on my cock while Maureen fucked him from behind with the strap on dildo. I watched, getting more and more turned on. Damn, this was a very hot night!

The action continued. Maureen was now on all fours, and Stuart came up behind her. He spread his wife's plump butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock against her tight asshole. Swiftly, he thrust into her. I watched as he fucked her. Damn, the two of them looked hot. Maureen was quite possibly the loudest woman I'd met. The woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead as her husband fucked her. Her sexy booty jiggled as he rammed into her. It was hot!

We tried a few other things. Maureen sucked my cock while Stuart came up behind me and slid his cock into my ass. I've bottomed before, though I'm usually a top. The feel of Stuart's hard cock in my ass was wonderful. We had plenty of lube, which was great. His wife was a pretty good cocksucker. Maureen sucked my dick and licked my balls like a pro. It wasn't long before I came. When I did, she drank my seed. I shouted in pleasure!

Next, Maureen wore the strap on dildo again. She smiled at me. I felt a sudden sexual impulse. Why not try the damn thing? Stuart greased up my ass with enough KY Jelly to serve a whole country, then Maureen pressed the dildo against my asshole, and pushed. She held me by the hips and began to fuck me with the strap on dildo. Her dildo was smaller than her husband's dick, but somewhat thicker. It felt different from a real dick but it was not unpleasant. Besides, Stuart sucked my cock while Maureen drilled the dildo into my ass, which was really cool. I came, sending my seed deep inside Stuart's mouth. He drank it all.

Man, I was just about spent but Stuart and Maureen James were still not sated. Maureen said she wanted to get fucked by a sexy black stud, and I volunteered, since Stuart felt more like watching at this point. Maureen got on all fours. I spread her sexy butt cheeks and greased up her hole, and then pressed my cock against her ass. Slowly, I slid my cock into her asshole. In spite of being fucked by Stuart earlier, her hungry asshole swallowed as much cock as I could give it. I held her by the hips, and began butt-fucking her like it was going out of style.

Maureen screamed as my hard cock went deep into her asshole. It felt so good to fuck a woman in the ass. This was only my second time. My first time fucking a girl in the ass was during freshman year, when I met this Irishwoman named Paula O'Shea. Miss O'Shea had a thing for well-hung black men that semester. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time so why not? Yeah, I missed it. So I fucked Maureen's tight asshole hard. It was almost as if I were making it pay for sodomizing me earlier with the dildo. I loved it. I came, and filled her ass with my cum. It was glorious.

Later, all three of us went into the showers. This wasn't the last time I had a sexual encounter with Stuart and Maureen. They would invite me into their Back Bay apartment and we would have steamy sex all night long. A handsome black man and a beautiful black woman, ready to satisfy my every sexual need, what more could any man want? I enjoyed these pleasures to the max. That's what life is all about. That's all, folks!

Written by: Samuelx

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