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Hand in the Nookie Jar Ch. 01

by blinkerskite©

My mother Ann has always been very prim and proper lady with grace and style. In her late forties, she and my dad had been divorced for three years, since I was fifteen. I always thought she was beautiful with her long brown hair, shapely figure, and kind disposition. I never would have dreamed that I would lust after her one day.

It had been a very hot summer when mom found her new boyfriend Andy. He was a decent looking guy but a little bit old for her in my opinion. He was 67 years old and moved with a slow steady pace. The important part was that he treated my mother like a queen, always taking her out and buying her nice gifts and showing her a lot of respect.

Well one day after classes let out early I came home and told mom that I would be hanging out with some friends for the night. Me and my buddies wanted to take in a club or two and I didn't like the idea of mom waiting up for me like she does when she knows I'm coming home. "Well have a good night Jake and try not to stay out too late." She said as she gave me a kiss goodbye and I was off.

A few hours later after waiting at a local bar for my friends who decided to leave me high and dry for their girlfriends I figured I would come home and give mom some company. What I saw when I got there still haunts my wettest dreams to this day.

As I entered the house I was about to call out "I'm home" but was stopped short by a noise that can only be described as a soulful moan. The weird part was it did not sound like my mother. I'm no fool I know she sleeps with Andy but what I did not know was who else was keeping her company.

As I crept into the house further, I realized the noise was coming from her bedroom. The door to her room was partially open and I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a woman moaning and what sounded like sloppy open mouthed kissing. As I peeked around the door I saw my mother with her head buried in my Aunt Carol's pussy. Carol was on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air and there was my mom right behind her like two dogs greeting each other just licking and slurping on her cunt.

Carol cried out "Oh shit're gonna make me come baby!" At this mom let out a sexy moan of own and redoubled her efforts even going as far a tonguing Carol's asshole. That did it. Carol began to come hard as mom glued her mouth to my aunt's wet and juicy quim and sucked for all she was worth.

After a few moments I realized two things. One my cock was harder than a Greek quadratic equation. And two Andy, who up till now I had not noticed sitting next to the bed, cock in hand, was looking right at me with a wicked grin on his face. He subtly moved his finger to his lips to tell me to keep quiet, and then moved over onto the bed. The ladies were feeling very good by this time and Andy was not about to give them a break. He turned my aunt over and spread her legs apart as she still lay spent from mom's ministrations and then sank his erect tool into her moist inner depths. Carol cried out in pleasure as she was penetrated and Andy says, "Hey sweetie, why don't you give your sister a treat?"

Mom knew just what he meant and crawled over her baby sisters face as Andy stroked steadily into her pussy and placed her dripping pussy over Carol's mouth. I'll never forget the sight of Carol's tongue eagerly reaching out to lap and dig into my mother's hot box. My cock seemed like it was about to rip through my pants so I decided to go with my feelings. As my dick sprang free and felt the rush of cool air from the AC I almost came. Andy was tearing Carol's twat up. The bed was shaking violently as, in spite of his advanced years his cock pistoned in and out relentlessly. Mom looked like she was about to come as well with Carol's tongue so completely buried in her cunt.

Andy then surprised me again. "Annie baby, let her lick your asshole." Mom then positioned her self so that her asshole was over Carol's lips and without missing a beat Carol began trying to pry her tongue into her sister's ass. It was all too much for me and hardly touching my dick, it began to spurt uncontrollably. I did all I could to keep myself quiet as I pulled my pants back on as this incestuous trio built to a crescendo which had Andy blast a huge load of cum into my Aunt's hot pussy. Then he got up from the bed and let my mom slide right into a 69 with her sister and suck his cum out of her pussy.

I tried to make my way silently back to the door but Andy quickly excused himself from the room as the ladies finished up and followed me down stairs.

"I saw when you first caught sight of your mom and aunt." He explained as he quietly pulled up a seat in the kitchen. "At first I thought you were going to say something but then I saw the bulge in your pants and knew you were okay with it."

I couldn't help but be curious. "How long has this been going on?" I asked still trying to keep my voice from carrying too far.

"Well as I understand it, your mom and aunt have had a sexual relationship for many years now. Its one of the reasons your dad left. He just felt too conflicted and guilty with the whole incest thing and eventually had to leave for what he felt was a bit more normalcy. Too much heavy Catholic upbringing." He laughed gently. "Anyhow, when I started seeing your mother she was very concerned about sharing this part of her life with me but after a few sexy weekends of fun and debauchery she knew I would be okay with it" He then looked at me seriously. "That leaves us with what to do about you. I know what you have just seen is both disturbing and titillating as shown by the puddle of cum I walked through on my way out here. But my question is how are you feeling?"

I thought about that for a minute and realized that other than being a little taken aback. I was quite aroused and a little unsure of what I wanted to happen. "I don't know what you expect me to say, but I admit that I am a little turned on by what I saw."

"I know kid. But listen this has to stay our secret that you saw us. It would make your mom so uncomfortable to know what you saw. She thinks very highly of how the world and especially you see her. Matter of fact if you keep this to yourself I might be able to let you get a show like the one you just had on a more regular basis. What do you think?"

Before I could answer I heard my mom call out. "Andy baby we're lonely in here! Come on back or we're going to come out after you!" With that he stood up, in all his naked glory. "Alright babe. Carol why don't you warm her up and I'll be in there in a minute. Somebody is begging to have her ass fucked tonight!" I heard the ladies giggle and then the moaning began again.

"Listen Jake, you better get out of here. I promise I'll let you know the next time we have a little fun like this and I'll make sure you get a front row seat." With that he went back to the bedroom and I heard him close the door behind him. I then left the house quietly and tried to connect with my friend Corey for a place to crash, but the only thing on my mind the whole night was Mom and Aunt Carol. I can't wait to see what Andy has in store...

Written by: blinkerskite

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