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My First Black Cocks

by latexcd69©

I must admit that I've always been a bit of a size queen. It's hard not to be. Who wants to be fucked by a cock too small to do it for you. Too small to hit the right spots. Not me. Not most. Everyone says that black guys have bigger cocks. I've heard many say its true and a few say it's not. I had never been fucked by one so I thought why not give it a try.

I decided to wait until it was getting dark to go out. Back and forth through my mind, I debated on whether it was a good idea or not. It could be a thrill of a lifetime. I knew that most areas down 7th Avenue weren't great places to be but they were full of black men.

Around 9:30 my makeup was applied and I was dressed to impress. Lips were red and they shined. My black leather trench coat covered most my body but I've always loved the look. Decided leather should go with leather so I threw on my knee high boots. Underneath the coat, I wore black panties and a corset. As I'm sure you can tell by reading this, I'm a fan of the color black. My cock was growing hard from just seeing myself in the mirror so I figured it was a good time to head out. I looked most certainly fuckable.

My boots clicked against the sidewalk as I walked with nothing but a cigarette in hand. Eyes were drawn to me with every step I took, with every drag I took. That's the way I like it.

Surprisingly, There weren't many black men in sight until I passed Lucky's Store. Two large, strong, black men were on their porch staring at me. My eyes met there's as I inhaled my cigarette that dangled from my shining lips. I couldn't help but smile when I noticed them get up and walk my way.

"What's a fine ass girl like you doing out here so late?", one yelled out to me.

"I'm just passing through boys," I replied with a smile. Figured I shouldn't just give it up too easily.

I threw my cigarette on the ground after one last inhale and put it out with my boot. One watched with a grin as the other came up from behind me, looking me over.

"Mm girl, looks like you have a nice ass. I'd love to tear that shit up."

"Well I don't' know about that...I really have to get going," I said and waited for a response, which didn't take long. He pressed me up against a car that was parked on the side of the street. His hands rubbed my legs as he pressed against my back side. My cock was becoming really hard at this point, He quickly turned me around. As expected, he noticed the bulge in the coat.

"What do we have here? Hey Tyrone, this girl has a fucking cock."

Quickly I replied, "Yes, but I also know how to please one. I could give you both the time of your life. What do you say?" My hand slid across his pants over his crotch.

Tyrone looked back at him and finally spoke, "Shit, if this bitch can suck our dicks off, why not let her. She sexy for a chick with a cock, man."

I unbuttoned the coat completely and threw it aside revealing my corset and panties. Tyrone came over with his buddy and they both dropped their pants. My god were they huge. I figured I'd be greeted with big dicks but these were astounding. Tyrone didn't seem to mind the cock as he started squeezing it and stroking it.

My lips wrapped around the big black shaft. It was atleast 9 inches and I tried to get every inch in my hungry mouth. I gagged but it was to be expected. He loved it and I did too. My other hand spent time jerking off Tyrone as he fondled my prick.

"Ohh man this bitch knows hot to suck, Ty, stick it in her pretty mouth."

He did as instructed and shoved his cock towards my lips. Happily I sucked it. Switching from cock to cock so as not to give too much attention to one. They were loving it. My throat was taking all of their cocks. Their shafts were drenched in my saliva as I licked their hairless balls.

Obviously it had been awhile since Tyrone had gotten off, because he didn't last much longer as his cock erupted. Streams of hot cum flooded my face unexpectedly. Opening my mouth wider, I caught all I could. My face was drenched in his fluids. I felt like such a whore and it made me feel good.

Tyrone wiped the last few drops on my lips and walked off after stating, "That bitch knows what she doing. Feel free to come around anytime you want."

His friend, now alone with me, asked me to turn around so he could fill my ass with cum. Gladly, I turned and felt the pressure. I had never had a cock so large in my ass. It hurt but felt good at the same time. He fucked me hard and fast. Pulling my hair. Acting like an animal. The speed picked up as he grunted. I knew he was about to fill me up. Pressing my ass back against his huge black cock, he exploded inside my asshole.

He pulled out and put his pants back on. "Names Jay just so you know. If you want to come around again, me and some of my other homies can toss your ass around."

My coat lay on the ground with a couple drops of semen on it. Not the first time it had been treated to the man juice special. I put the coat on and made my way home. I felt really good. I had pleased those large cocks and gotten pounded. Now I was walking home with cum dripping out of my ass. Maybe next time I'll have to find more guys. Make it a real good time.

Written by: latexcd69

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