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Family Fucking Down on the Farm

by JustinNickThyme©

Mama and me are kind'a horny. All the time! It sure do get lonely out here on the farm, even though we don't really farm anymore. Not since Daddy died a couple of years ago. I was just finishing high school and Daddy had the big one, dropped dead right there in bed...well, he was fucking Mama at the time, and she is a pretty active woman when she gets to fucking!

So, anyway, we sold off the animals and machines, and now we just rent out the land to some neighbors and live off'n Daddy's life insurance and all. But that don't meet our real female needs, our tingly pussies and swelled up titties that want to be sucked on. Mama's just as horny as me, 'cause she and Daddy used to go at it nearly every night, and she sure do miss that. I would lie in my bed real quiet, and listen to them fucking, while I played with my little virgin cunny...OOOHHH, that was so sexy.

"Fuck me with that big fat cock, farmer man," Mama would say. "Plant your farmer seed in my belly, you horny old fucking bastard. You want me to have more babies, don't you? Well those two boys and that little ass wiggling girl are enough for me. But you fuck me anyway with all that man cum; you fill up my fat old gash with your sticky stuff, cause I love it!!!...FFFUUCCCKK MMMEEE!"

And then I'd hear...SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, on Mama's fat ass. "Take that, you horny bitch," Daddy would say. "You just remember who the boss here is, whore. You're my woman and I'll fuck you anyway I want..." SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. "I'll teach you to obey a man, 'cause your just a farm-whore cunt, aren't you?"

"YYYEESSS, spank me, spank my fat ass. Oh, I love that. Make me your bitch, fucking me from behind; show me you're a real man, YYYEESSS, I'mmm cuuuumminiinng!"

They sure would get loud when they fucked! And Mama knew that I heard them. My brothers were both older and off with their own wives, fucking away and making babies. They both married big boobed farm girls, too, and treated them just like Daddy did Mama...fuck 'em and spank 'em and fill their pussies with man juice. And I wanted to have a big fat cock shoved up my tight little cunt, too! Mama would get real serious and just say that I'd just better stay a virgin till I got of age. If'n I got knocked up she and Daddy would have beat me bad, and probably cut that boy's nuts off! So, I dated a few boys in high school, and I let them squeeze my big fat titties, and even put their fingers up my cunny some, but that's all! So when Daddy died I was still a horny virgin in need of some real man to be fucking my pussy!

That real man arrived at our farm in the form of my daddy's younger brother, Bill. He came to stay for a few weeks after Daddy died to help Mama sell off the animals and all. Bill was a few years younger than Mama, and a real hunk! He had left the farm area and moved East where he made lots of money in a bank or something like that. He married a real beautiful woman there, all slim and blonde with nice boobies in a bikini. She didn't look like the fleshy farm girls like me and Mama. But she was a city bitch, and never wanted to visit us here.

So, Uncle Bill come by himself. Mama was already getting some horny with out Daddy's big cock rubbing up in her honeybox, and she decided I needed to have a real man the first time, not some scared boy rummaging around in my twat. She decided to get Uncle Bill to take care of both our female needs, 'cause it was just as good to keep things in the family and all.

One evening after Bill been with us just a day or so, Mama cook up a real nice dinner, and got Bill to drink some of Daddy's booze, and he was real happy and relaxed. She had me dress up some in a tight little cotton dress, and to just leave my big boobies free underneath, and no panties either, that way my plump little body really showed through. Mama dressed up some too, but she had on sexy black panties and stockings with a garter belt, but no panties either covering up her hairy puss.

After dinner, we all just kind of sat together on the sofa in the living room, with Mama and me sitting on either side of Uncle Bill. We sat up real close to him, and he could see down into the tops of our dresses, and smell our female scents, and maybe even our pussies getting wet!

"Now, Bill, you know that your brother Dan was a real fine man to me and Laurie here and the boys, too," Mama said. "But he was especially a real good husband in every way to me."

"Well, that's fine, Kate. I'm so sorry he had to pass on so young. I'm sure you must miss him a lot," Bill responded, getting a bit uncomfortable between these two busty babes rubbing up against his arms and legs.

"We sure do, Bill. He left us in fine shape here with the farm and all..but...well.. you understand that a woman has other needs, too. It does just get real lonely out here, and I'm just so used to having a man around. It's real nice of you to come visit us here and help us out in this difficult time, and well, maybe you could be a real help to me, and maybe even little Laurie here."

"Hey, Kate, just what are you getting at? If I didn't know better I'd think you were propositioning me. You're my sister-in-law, Kate!"

"So, isn't that nice," Mama cooed in his ear, running her hand all over his leg, while I just leaned my big titties into his other side. "We can just keep things in the family right now. I know you like looking at my soft boobies here, Bill. And I feel your eyes on my big tushy, too. Now, ain't that right? Wouldn't you just love to get your hands all over this luscious horny body? I know I can satisfy you as good as that high society skinny wify of yours. We just want to be your family whores, Bill, while you stay here; your own sex harem, see; and we know how to please a man, and be the submissive sluts that we should be. We're just here to be sucked and fucked and played with anyway you want."

"Ah, well, Kate, I, ahhh, err, yeah, well,..." Uncle Bill just stammered and got real nervous. And then Mama just leaned in and locked lips with him and shoved her tongue right there in his mouth, and he just moaned and groaned. I decided to get into this and reached down between his legs and found his very hard cock all ready to go! I unzipped his pants, whispering in his ear that I had never touched a man before and I really wanted to have his dick in my pudgy little hand. Uncle Bill just kinda sat there, being kissed and felt up by these two horny women, and he didn't have a chance to say no.

"Oh, Laurie, do you feel that big man in your hands? I think you'd really like that hunky dicky inside your little virgin pussy. Oh, Bill, Laurie is just at that ripe age of eighteen to feel a man inside her tight little fuck-hole. You are just the man to make a woman of her, and I know you're enough of a man to take on my soppy wet gash, too, ain't that right? Or maybe you'd rather ram your big rod up my tight asshole, would you?"

Uncle Bill just moaned and groaned and reached up to feel-up one soft titty on Mama and one fat firm titty on me. "Show your Uncle Bill what you got there, girl," Mama said to me. I stood up and acting as sexy as I could, I unzipped my dress in back and let it fall all off'n me to the front, revealing my big fleashy hooters and my soft furry pussy down below. Uncle Bill just stared at my body, as I ran my hands all up and down my bod, and even rubbed my cunny to show him how wet I was getting.

"You just take a look at that luscuious young virgin there, Bill. I know you'd like to be the first to shove a hard cock up that willing little cunt. I always thought it'd be so nice if Dan could have opened up his daughter to womanhood, but he just up and died on us, or rather on me! I mean on top of me with his dick getting limp after he fucked the be'jesus out of me that night! So, how's about you just stepping up and takin over for your brother. And of course, I need a bit of loving too, you know."

With that Mama stood up in front of Uncle Bill and she stripped, too, letting her dress fall off'n her shoulders showing off those 44DD hooters encased in that tight black bra and on down over her big hips wrapped in a lacy garter belt and black stockings on her hefty legs. As she undid her bra, and let those massive mammaries come a'falling right out, I had sat down again and was putting one of my firm fat tits into my uncles salivating mouth, and I put his hand between my legs where he began a rubbing my tingly clitty. Mama was a gyrating and a wigging her big ole boobs in his face too, and my uncle was a thinking that he was in some female flesh heaven, I would guess.

"It's time, little one, its time to get that pussy a'yours opened up to mankind. Come on, Bill, let's do this right and move on into my bedroom and that big king-sized love nest that Dan and I fucked on so much." She literally led my dazed uncle into the bedroom by his rock-hard dick, and removed the rest of his duds when there. I flopped my oversexed and underused body down on my back in the middle of that big bed just a'waiting for that big cock to rip my little quim right open...Gawd how I was horny! My pussy was just a swamp of female lubrication, and was a throbbing with a need to be fucked hard!

"Get that towel under your ass, girl, 'cause I don't want your pussy blood all over my bed when Uncle Bill rips up your cherry. You just get yourself right up there between her pudgy legs, Bill, and let me give you a hand with that huge hunk of man meat you got there."

Mama was so excited to help out in my deflowering. She told me that she had her cherry popped in a hay loft way back when she was young, and while she just loved to go a fucking with the boys in the barn before she got married, she wanted my first time to be a right nice affair. As Uncle Bill got on top of me, and was a sucking on my titties again, Mama started to rub his cock up and down my wet fuck gash, and she was a ohhing and ahhing and cooing about how big he was, and how much I was gonna like to get laid and become a real woman.

"She's all ready for you, Bill, you just take on over and start a fucking away," Mama nearly shouted as she put his horse cock into my little cunt. "You tell me when you get ready to pop that cherry of hers, sos to give my little girl some warning. Now it won't hurt too much, Laurie, and it will be soooo goooodd after!"

"OH, Kate, this little girl is soooo tight! Oh, I haven't felt a pussy like this in years. It's so good, baby, I'll be real gentle...OH, maybe NOT...I got to ram my man meat into you right now. I feel that delicate woman wall there, and I'ma gonna TAKKE YOOUUU..."

And so he did, he just shoved his cock into me and I most nearly DIED! "OOOOWWWEEEEEE," I screamed, "Your so big, Uncle Bill, YOU'RE 'BOUT TO SPLIT MY PUSSY APART!!"

I just lay there a trashing my head back and forth, as the pain gave way to a massive orgasm right away! I was now a woman, and I began to hump my pussy up to meet his thrusting manhood and I guess I just learned how much I like to fuck! It weren't more than a minute or two, I think, when he growled and groaned and yelled out, "I'M CUMMING!" and he unloaded a whole gusher of cum into my fertile belly. I was a hoping that cause my period was just over that I none of his seed would sprout a baby in my belly just yet. But, it sure did feel nice to have all that warm man juice flooding up my cunny.

Mama, while we was a fucking away, was a having her own good time with her hand shoved up her big ole lady hole, and talking away a blue streak about how good it was to have me filled up with a man between my legs, and how I would make a good wify whore for some fella, and now I could go and fuck a few to find the cock I wanted to have for my very own. She went through a couple of orgasms of her own, I think, but then Mama was always good for a whole bunch when she got sexed-up.

So's after a little while, when Uncle Bill sort of regained consciousness, and after I had gotten my newly used twat and his limp rod all cleaned up, we was just laying there on that big ole bed on either side of him, and we was rubbing our hands all over that nice bod of his and kissing him all over. Mama said for me to get on down there and suck up my uncle's cock till it got some more hardening. And whilst I was a licking and a sucking that beautiful man meat, Mama was a stuffing her massive mammaries into Bill's face, and a cooing and a moaning and being all sexy.

"Oh, you just suck on these big babies, Billy," Mama oozed, "I do like to have my nips nibbled on and licked and even have you take a bite! Suck on me, man, and feel my little girl's mouth a sucking up that big cock of yours. Get him up there real big, Laurie, 'cause I want that rod a stuck up my big fat ass real soon!"

Uncle Bill didn't say much, with all that soft titty flesh stuffed in his mouth, but did moan some as his boner got bigger in my mouth. He did taste real good! I do like to suck-up on a guy, and my older uncle's dicky was just a wonderful tool to suck on.

"He's all nice and hard and BIG, Mama," I reported. "I got his cock all slicked up with my spit like you said to."

So Mama just turned right around on her hands and knees, and stuck her flabby fat ass right in Uncle Bill's face. "I got a tight rosebud for you, Bill. You see that brown little eye a winking at you? Come fuck my ass, you hunky man you. You just shove that hard cock up me right now!"

And that's just what Uncle Bill did. He got up on his knees and took his slick and hard dick in his hand and started a pushing on my Mama's ass cushion! "This is so nice and tight, Kate. You're just like that tight virgin girl of yours was a few minutes ago! Oh, I love to fuck your big fat ass, all that woman flesh rubbing on my belly. You are my bitch now, aren't you, you old farmer wife whore!"

And with that Uncle Bill just hauled off and slapped Mama's ass real hard and made her jump right up. Slap, slap, slap, he just kept on whilst he was a ramming his cock in and out of Mama's shit hole. "Ooowwweee," Mama yelled. "YYEESSS, slap my big ole ass, Bill, show me you're a real man! I am your bitch; I am your farmer wife whore! Fuck me, fuck my ass, Ohhhh, FFFUUCCCKKK MMMEEEE!"

I was a getting all worked up on my own, watching them a fucking and a slapping and a yelling. Oh, this sex thing is real exciting! So I just stuck my fingers into my newly opened pussy and frigged my little clit to another whole orgasm right there next to those two old folk fucking away in front of me.

"Take my cum, you fucking slut widow, take that in your hot ass!" Uncle Bill just let loose and groaned and grunted and sent his jism up into Mama's insides. "YYEESS, make me cum, you horny bastard you!" Mama yelled as she was a rubbing here own clitty. "Fill up my asshole with all that sticky white sauce! I love to feel it all squishy in my bowels!"

Uncle Bill just flopped down on Mama's back and she collapsed underneath him on the bed. As he rolled off'en her, I saw all his cum juice oozing out of Mama's asshole, all sticky and warm and Mama just reached around her backside and rubbed all that man lotion all over her asshole and pussy. "I just love that cream pie on my skin," she told me. "You'll get lots of that, girl, from all those horny boys around town. We just have to get you some birth control pills 'cause we can't be having no babies around here just yet."

"Now just wait a minute, Kate," Uncle Bill said, "I just might like a little one of my own, you know. That bitch wife of mine is a fine trophy wife, but she's not into babies. I think I would like to have a child, and I'll pay for everything. You just raise the little tike out here on the farm, and I'll come visit now and again. You would mind getting all knocked up by your uncle, would you little Laurie. You kind of like my cock up your pussy today didn't you? Would you have my baby?"

And so, Uncle Bill stayed on another week or so, and he and I just fucked our brains out and he shot lots of his baby making seed into my willing womb and I got all good and pregnant before he left. He and Mama got in some good ole fucking, too, you know, so he went back to the big city with a pretty satisfied dick! And after the baby is born...maybe he'll want some more! But in the mean time, I've discovered all kinds of boys in the town who like to fuck a chubby preggy horny little whore like me!

Written by: JustinNickThyme

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