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My Naughty Wife At A Porno Theater

by Sir Edward©

Note: Although I have written hundreds of sexual fantasies, this is a true story.

It had taken several years of convincing before my pretty wife Marie went to bed with another man. I got to watch, hidden, from the closet, and we both realized afterward that we loved the whole adventure. From being a very jealous man in my twenties, I became one of those men who love seeing the woman they care about in the midst of sexual bliss.

It was a month or two after that first adventure…and following several others with other men royally fucking Marie...that she and I went to a porno theater.

This was in the days when disease was not such a concern as now.

Marie looked like she sweetest, most innocent creature. A short brunette with a very pretty face, she had then and still has a beautiful body, with a magnificent figure. I told her what to wear that day, but not where we were going.

She was dressed very conservatively: knee length skirt, dark blouse, coat. But under it she had on a very sheer lacy black bra, lacy black panties, black garter belt and black stockings, and black high heels.

We drove to a nearby city. During the two hours trip I had her take off her panties and play with herself….and at one point ever pulled into a rest stop and licked her pussy. She was very wet and she quickly became aroused. She wanted to suck me, but I told her that would come later, and I stopped eating her out before she had a chance to come. I wanted her still on edge, sexually.

When we reached Portland, Maine, of all places, I had her put her panties back on. Then we walked to the State Theater. At the time it had been made into a double porno house, with gay on one side and straight sex films on the other. And each of the theaters was huge, holding 800 or more seats.

Once seated in a row near the back we just watched the film for quite awhile, except that my arm was around Marie and she snuggled. I knew enough to realize that Marie, like most women, did not become aroused from just movies of people fucking. But since this film had a nice story line…about a woman discovering her sensual side…she found it more arousing that other times we had gone to such theaters in Baltimore, New York, Albany and elsewhere.

When her hand went to my lap and she began to gently caress the bulge there, I knew she was beginning to fell good.

Since my eyes had become accustomed to dark, I could not see that there were perhaps 40 men in this huge theater. And several of them had come over to sit near us. One guy was in the same row, about two seats away from Marie. He caught my eye and I shook my head, so her eventually moved away. Two guys were seated in the row right in front of us , but not directly in front. Both were looking back from time to time.

I decided to give something to see, so I lifted Marie's skirt and put my hand on the bare flesh just above the top of her stocking. As I slowly moved my hand back and forth, she turned and looked at me. I smiled and kissed her. "It's o.k.," I said. "You know you like to be watched. I'll protect you."

Then one of my fingers snaked under the lacy black panties. I would have had Marie take them off, but I knew that there was something about having a man reach under her panties, or pull them aside, that was especially arousing for her. She was again wet, and my finger slipped into her pussy before I knew it. It moved it around and she moaned and pushed back against me. Then I pulled it out, to a sound of regret from her, but immediately used two fingers to touch her clit. I worked in gently, almost like I was using my tongue. Before long her eyes were closed, the movie forgotten, and she was moving her bottom around and clearly getting very turned on. Her left hand clasped my cock through my pants.

Even so, I was surprised we I heard her gasp and felt her body tremble. She bucked back and forth and I took that moment to catch her clit, slick with her own juices, between my thumb and forefinger and twisted. She came, not very quietly, saying "Yes, Yes,Yes," and then fell back. Her eyes stayed closed, her hand still holding my prick for all it was worth. I waited for long moments as her breathing began to return to normal. At last she opened her eyes and smiled.

"You were being watched," I said. Marie only smiled. Then she licked my hand, licking her own sweet juices off.

"I've got to go to the ladies room." she said, but added that she was afraid to walk there alone. So I escorted her to the door of the restroom, but said in no uncertain terms as she opened the door to go in: "Take that bra off and put it in your purse." Her eyes opened wide but I knew she would obey.

While I stood outside the door, a man walked up to me. "That was beautiful," he said. I recognized him as one of the two who had been in the row in front of us. "Do you think it would be o.k. if I sat next to her?" He asked. He was not one of the bums who hung out in the State Theater. Obviously, he was a businessman taking a couple of hours in the afternoon to enjoy some porno.

"Maybe," I told him. "I'm not sure. But come sit a couple of seats away. No, one seat away. And don't make any move unless I nod."

He agreed.

When Marie came back out her heavy breasts swung gently under her blouse. Within moments after we were seated again, I had opened that blouse and displayed her tits to the dozen or so men who now were seated around us. And Marie was becoming quite aware that this was going to be quite an adventure.

Chapter 2

The well dressed businessman had seated himself just one seat away. Marie looked at me questioningly when he moved down the aisle.

"What are you up to?" She said.

"Don't worry. He's enjoying the view." I knew that Marie loved to show herself. She had discovered that she was a real exhibitionist. Her, in a darkened theater, the light from the screen flickered, now bright, now dimmer. Her large, beautiful breasts hung there, and I could tell she was aroused because the nipples were hard and erect. I pinched one softly between my thumb and a finger, and kissed her, squeezing the nipple a bit harder. A soft moan escaped from her lips.

Three different men had moved into the row in front of us....two more in the row behind. When one put his hand on her legs I brushed it away. There would be time for that later. What I instinctively knew was that Marie wanted to be a wanton slut, but needed to go slowly...if you can call being in a porno theater with your tits exposed going slowly! I nodded at the businessman. Marie saw me do it.

"Ed!" She said.

"Now honey, he's o.k., really."

She was quiet as the man moved to sit next to her. Within a few moments his leg was pressed against her. She looked at me, smiled slightly, and to my surprise pushed her leg back against him. But that was not the end. She turned to look at him. I saw him smile and I guess she was too, for to my shock and great pleasure she leaned over and kissed him! Then her hands, both of them, went to his lap.

She rubbed what was clearly a nice size erection through his pants. He closed his eyes and seemed to sway.

"What's your name?" I heard him say.

Without hesitation, Marie answered. "Carole."

I almost laughed, but held myself. Marie was going to be a very naughty girl, but she liked the anonymous nature of her kinky escapades. She was going to be Carole, the name she used for her sexual adventures. That was when I knew she was ready for anything.

She did not ask his name. Instead, she said in a voice loud enough for the men nearby to hear: "Take it out. I want to see it."

He did not waste anytime. Instead, he quickly unzipped his fly and, with some trouble, pulled his undershorts aside. A fairly large cock with an unusually purple head was revealed. It was, to say the least, very hard.

Marie's hands went back on least one of them. The other cupped his balls and began playing with them.

She looked first at his prick as she stroked it, and then right in his eyes.

"You have a nice cock," she said.

He did not reply. He appeared to be enjoying her hands a great deal. Marie played with his balls, gently cupping them and then playing just under them with her fingers.

"You keep that up and you know what's gonna happen," he said to her.

"Yes," Marie replied, but did not stop. In fact, the hand that was stroking him began to move faster. His hips began to move, up and down, matching her strokes.

"Go ahead," she said. "Cum for me. I want to see you come."

The first shot came like something shot from a cannon. I saw the white fluid fly threw the air and land on her tits.

Before he could send another shot, her head went down on him and she sucked his hard, pulsating cock as he came and came.

Most times Marie would not swallow a stranger's cum, but this time I saw her throat contract and knew she was thrilling to the taste.

As he relaxed back in his seat, Marie continued her oral manipulation, much more slowly. Finally she moved her head away and looked up at him.

"Mmmmmm," I heard her say. "Nice cum. I liked that."

Then she turned to me.

"Is that what you wanted," she said.

"Oh yes. That was nice. But nice for both of us."

Her hand went to her breasts and her fingers moved the cum the stranger had shot there, spreading it around until both her tits glistened.

"Yes. That's true."

Then she put her hand against the side of my cheek.

"Lick my breasts,: she said. Of course I did just that, tasting the strange taste. After a few minutes she turned back to the stranger.

"Oh look, there's a little more right at the tip," she said, and bent her head to lick his clean. The stranger sighed, and when she lifted her head again his kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you." he said to her, and then looking at me continued. "I've got to go back to the office, but I can be back her in less than an hour."

"We may be here," I told him.

As he moved away Marie turned toward me and put her hands in my lap. "If I don't get fucked, and soon, I'm gonna go crazy."

As I unzipped my pants and watched her take my cock in her mouth, I thought about what she had just done, and immediately decided that there was going to be a lot more before we left the theater.

"You like being a slut, don't you," I said to her.

Marie took my cock out of her mouth. "For you, yes."

"No. That's not the complete truth. If you want to get fucked this afternoon you have to tell me. Do you want to be an absolute slut?"

"Yes, Yes."

"You want your pussy plowed by a hard cock that goes on and on and makes you cum over and over?"

"Yes. I want it."

"Then you're going to have it, my dear. But the first cock you fuck is not going to be mine." Marie said nothing. But when she put my cock back in her mouth she dropped one hand between her leg, pushed up her skirt and began rubbing herself thru the lacy black panties.

As the men in the row in front of us watched, I knew she was ready for an outrageous, naughty, nasty, slutty afternoon of sex."

(More to follow)

Written by: Sir Edward

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