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Milky Tits Ch. 01

by amypussy©

"But when you keep squeezing my nipples, I get a tingle that shoots right down to my special place."

"I know, it feels funny Jenny...but if I don't squeeze 'em, I'm gonna have to suck 'em."

"But... they're so sensitive."

"Jenny, you're gonna have to practice for the second baby, anyway..."

Jenny is about 5 months pregnant, it is her second pregnancy, even though she is only 18. She is a hot, sexy looking girl, and a run away, from a fucked up family. As far as I see it, our situation is perfect. She was already a slut, when I met her, and she looks up to me like a father, I am able to take care of her, very well, and I am happy to keep her slutty, and pregnant.

Jenny really likes to act like a little girl, and it really turns me on, big time.

"Jenny, stay in bed and rest."

"But, I need some exercise."

"You'll get plenty of exercise, when I get into bed with you..."

Our first baby is only 18 months old. When the baby takes a nap, Jenny takes a nap too. I really like to keep Jenny's milk production up. I think this is very sexy. Her tits have gotten so big, and leaky, that she's embarrassed to leave the house. This is fine with me also. as far as I'm concerned, I'm happy when she's close by, so I can play with her big tits, and blow a load in her pretty pussy if I get horny. I usually work out of my office at home, and get hard ons through out the day, especially if I get a view of our baby sucking Jenny's huge, milky tits.

After she's done feeding the baby, I'll usually suck on them for a while, while I finger her pussy, then she climes on top of me and rides until I blow my load. Jenny always lays in bed after I come in her, to keep my cum from leaking out. I think this is a good for her, even though she is pregnant now, I don't want her to get out of the habit.

You may think this stuff is kinky, but it really works for us, both of us are really happy.

Jenny likes to keep my come inside her as long as she can. She says, she doesn't like to waste it. I never come anywhere else, but Jenny's pussy. It's become like a fetish. Neither of us wants any to leak out. I used to come all over girls, in the past, but since I have been living this life with Jenny, I wouldn't live any other way.

"Jenny...when your finished feeding the baby, come here and sit on my lap."

"But I've already got so much cum in me, you've come four times today... I'm so slippery down there I can barely stay on a seat."

"Well then, sit with your legs crossed, young lady."

"Are you gonna suck allot of milk out of my tits, Ken? they're getting so huge I can barely fit in my pregnancy clothes"

"I'm gonna suck 'em, Jenny to keep 'em real big and milky, the way I like 'em, now see how big and hard your big milky tits made my cock?"

"You really like all that milk leaking out?"

"Yes Baby, now sit on my cock, and work a big load of cum into your sweet pussy, and I'll milk your tits."

We go at it slowly, there is no rush. Jenny takes another load, as I work on her tits. Afterward, I remind her to go, and lay down, to keep my come inside her as long as possible.

Before Jenny became pregnant, I would spank her sometimes. This reinforced the father-daughter type element in our relationship. Now that she is pregnant again, I'll make her stay in bed, to confine her. but if she acts like a brat, I'll keep from milking her tits. Our baby only nurses so much, and I've gotten her milk production so high, that if I don't milk her, she becomes very uncomfortable, and begs me to milk her. Of course, I don't make her wait very long. How can I, when I love those big milky tits so much!

"Ken," she'll plead... "please suck some milk out, my breasts are so sore...I'll let you come inside me 50 time a day, I'll do anything you want Ken, Please... suck on 'em Ken please...I won't argue, I'll be your good girl, and ride your cock when ever you want."

"No more complaining about how big your titties are...?"

"No, Ken, I don't care if they get even bigger...I promise, just pleaaaase suck my breasts, Ken, please."

I told her that, as her pregnancy grows, her tits will get even bigger. She said, "Oh, I don't mind, and I wont complain, I promise."

She got on top of my cock and rode me until I sank a new load into her.

She is getting really big now, as the months go by, and as far as I'm concerned, every load I sink in her is practice for after she has the new baby. I told her I'm getting her pregnant, again as soon as I can, as long as the Doctor says its okay. If I have to wait a while, I will... but I'll have to find a new place to come, and Jenny will have to keep up on her milking anyway with two babies, and a hungry man to feed.

Written by: amypussy

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