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The Ivory Club Ch. 03

by LordRamsay©

"Go on my child".

"Well Father, he made me display everything including my breasts. Oh Father, he made me unbutton my shirt so he could see my bra. I think he asked me to wear a bra that was too small so everything would look a lot bigger?"

"What would look bigger, my child?"

"My breasts Father, it would make my breast look bigger".

"And you said you agreed to wear these under garments. How did this make you feel, to be told what to wear?"

"Well, at first it felt odd, Father, but then..."

Jane stopped in mid sentence. She was reluctant to tell him they she enjoyed dressing like a common whore for Charles.

"But then what, my child? You need to be honest, I will know if you are holding anything back."

Jane said nothing, but after a few moments, whispered, "I suppose I liked the idea of being told what to wear. I liked the idea that a stranger was seeing me dressed like this. And I suppose I liked the idea that a stranger was seeing my breasts. And I especially liked the idea that they looked big to him."

"And did you mind that your husband was in the room whilst you were displaying yourself to another man?"

"No, I did not care. All I wanted to do was please this man. Peter's presence was immaterial to me."

"And after you displayed your breasts, what happened then?"

"He asked me to display my bottom".

"Jane, did he call it your "bottom""?

"No, he did not"

"What did he call it then?"

"My arse, he called it my arse. ", Jane replied in a whisper.

"Well then, I want you to call it your "arse" also. Using the terminology that Charles used will help you come to terms with this "terrible" episode. Do go on."

"Well, he asked me to display my arse and then he did something I can't say, I am so embarrassed."

"Jane you must".

"I can't. This is too much..."

Father Ambrose needed to be a lot firmer with Jane. His patience was now wearing thin, he needed to hear this story and Jane's shyness was not helping.

"Jane if you feel that you can't confess properly, you will not be absolved and you will not be forgiven. I do not want you to refuse me again. If you think you can't follow my orders then we should end this now."

Jane had heard that type of dominating voice before and she knew that she had to obey. Her feelings of arousal had returned and she noticed that her legs were now spread widely. Her skirt was high up on her legs and the flesh above her black stockings was clearly on display. Her pussy was damp and instinctively one hand went down there and she started to play with herself.

"Yes Father, I understand.

"He spanked my arse, Father. He very quickly spanked my arse in front of my husband and called me a naughty wife. Oh Father it was so humiliating, all in front of my husband. I stood there and took it as this man spanked my poor bottom, sorry I mean arse, and the worse thing was that I enjoyed the treatment I got. I enjoyed displaying my body to another man. I enjoyed being spanked"

Father Ambrose said nothing, this was truly a remarkable story and slut he had on his hand. He was going to enjoy this.

Jane then went on to describe how they left Peter and how she thought she was alone with Charles in the film studio. She still did not know that her husband actually stayed and was in the room next door, watching events unfold.

"So my child, you were now in the room alone with this man who was not your husband and you say he ordered you to strip to just your underwear?"

"Yes, Father, oh yes that is what he did".

Jane was now masturbating furiously, the thought of what had happened and that she was being forced, in a church, to confess her sins to an uncompromising black priest was the stuff of fantasies. She had inserted two fingers up her tight pussy and with the other hand, had unbuttoned her shirt, displaying her braless tits and was playing with one of them. She could not help it. She needed release and did not care that she was abusing herself in a church.

Without realising it, Jane also began to moan and pant, and this noise could just about be heard by Father Ambrose. He now suspected that Jane was getting turned on by the situation and that she could be playing with herself. He was eager to press home his advantage and not allow the momentum to change. He therefore continued with proceedings.

"Describe exactly what you were wearing, I need to know"

"I had on flesh coloured stockings and white garters which were connected to my frilly white garter belt. I still had on by very small black bra, g-string and high heels."

"Excellent my dear", It took all of Father Ambrose's considerable willpower not to groan at the thought of Jane dressed as such a wanton slut in front of this black man.

"And then what happened?"

"He started to take pictures of me and ordered me to pose in various positions. I also could tell that his butler was recording everything since they were cameras all over the room. Oh Father, I enjoyed being recorded. I enjoyed committing adultery and having it filmed for the pleasure of other man. Oh I am such a bad wife."

"Yes, you are a bad wife, but do go on". Father Ambrose was in a state of bliss hearing the erotic confession of this slut wife. At first she had seemed so reluctant to talk, but after his first words with her, she seemed to lose all her inhibitions and now seemed eager to tell him everything. She was some slut. He was also convinced that he could hear the sound of fingers being inserted in and out of a wet, tight pussy.

What a bitch she was.

"Well at first he started to take pictures of me just in my lingerie. He then ordered me to take my bra and my knickers off so that all my private parts were on display"

"And what did he call your private parts? He must have called them something?"

"He called them my tits and oh I can't say Father..."

"I warned you about this..."

"Oh F-Father, he called it my pussy, my married white pussy".

"Good. Good. In which case, I want you to use these names. The only way I can properly absolve you is if you tell me exactly how degrading Charles was. How much he humiliated you and how much you responded to it."

"Yes Father, I understand. Well at first he was just content to take pictures of my tits and pussy but then he wanted more.

"He soon had me thrusting my arse out to him and then, because he said I was a naughty girl, he started to spank my bottom, Father. He spanked it hard and all I wanted to do was thrust my bottom out to him so he could spank it harder. So he could punish me."

"And what names was he calling you at this time, Jane? Was it your name or was it anything else?

"He called me his slut, Father, he called me his bitch".

"Well you shall also have to use these names, my child".

"Yes, Father. He said that I was a naughty slut and that I deserved to be spanked."

"Do you think you deserved to be spanked?"

"Yes, Father I do. After being spanked, he forced me on to my knees and asked me to take his cock out. I obeyed. Oh Father, his cock was so big and black. It was at least 12 inches long and a few inches wide. I could not get my little hands around it Father, it was so big."

Father Ambrose could now clearly hear the sounds of panting and masturbating pussy. He closed his eyes and rubbed his own cock more furiously.

"Father, he then ordered me to suck it. He ordered me to take his big black cock down my throat, to be unfaithful to my husband. And rather than run out of room there and then, Father, I obeyed. For the first time in my life I sucked a man's cock and it did not even belong to my husband. And when I started so suck his big cock, I loved it. Oh Father, I loved to suck his big black cock. I loved how powerful it felt down my throat. All the time he was calling me a "slut" and a "bitch" and I loved that too, I loved to be dominated by big black dick., to be their slut, to be their bitch

"Soon I had all of his cock down my throat and he had grabbed my face and started to fuck me and all the time I was caressing his big balls. I loved serving this man so much that I came Father. I came because I was sucking another man's cock..."

Jane now had all five fingers up her pussy, both of her massive tits were on display, bouncing up and down as she furiously tried to bring herself off. Meanwhile, next door to her in the confessional booth, Father Ambrose was leaning back, eyes closed, hand wrapped round his dick, masturbating to the wonderful story Jane was telling.

"And then Father, he did something I did not expect at the time. He came down my throat and I swallowed everything. I had been truly unfaithful to my darling husband because I had swallowed another man's spunk. Oh Father, I need forgiveness for what I have done, I need to advice on how I can be a good wife?"

There were a few moments of silence as Father Ambrose recovered from hearing Jane's story. He had almost cum when she described how she swallowed Charles's spunk. He had held back because he sensed there was more. A man like Charles would not be content with merely fucking this bitch's mouth when there was so much more on offer.

"Yes, my child." Father Ambrose said in his most forgiving voice, "You indeed do need to be taught how to travel down the path of righteousness. You have done very well, so far, my child. You have accurately told me the story and you don't seem to be shy anymore, which is important. However, I do sense there may be more to tell? Am a right?"

"Oh yes, Father, you are right, there is more to tell."

"Good". Father Ambrose was pleased. She was being honest and he correctly sensed that she was getting turned by what she was revealing to the good Father. Soon he too would be pleasuring himself inside the body of this delectable slut, but in the meantime he was delighted just hearing about her escapades.

"Go on my child, what did Charles do to you after you had serviced him with his mouth?"

Jane was now very close to bringing herself off. Next door her displayed tits were heaving with desire. Her legs were spread as far as she could manage and she was fucking herself with her hand. Confessing her sins to a big black priest was an unexpected turn on. The filthy story told in the most holy of places was an inconsistency almost as pleasurable as allowing a brute of a black men to fuck her delicate white body. And at this present moment, she desperately craved big black cock.

She decided to continue her story, and to be as explicable and as honest as possible. The good Father did not seem to mind and she felt it was the best way to save herself, in the long run.

"Well, Father, he ordered me to kneel on the bed on all fours so that my arse was raised ready for him. He then stripped himself and spanked my bottom. He called me all sorts of names such as a "filthy slut" and a "whore" whilst he punished my poor bottom.

"All I could so was to make sure my bottom was fully raised and spread for him. To please him I knew I had to make sure everything was on display, my anus and my pussy and allow him to punish my poor bottom. It was, after all, what I deserved.

"Father, the humiliating thing was that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed submitting myself to the whims of this evil man. I enjoyed the way he could spank my bottom at his will. Call me all sorts of filthy things and all it would do was turn me on, when it should have in fact repulsed me."

"Yes my child, you do deserve to be punished." Father Ambrose could barely get the words out he was now so close to cumming. He desperately wanted to go next door and violently fuck the naughty bitch, but circumstances dictated he heard out her confession and then plan his next move.

"Before I decide on the level of your punishment for your wanton sins, I do need to know what Charles did next. You say you allowed him to spank your bottom. Now what else did you allow this man, this man who was not your husband do to your body?"

"Oh Father, it is so difficult to tell but I know I must. I know I must tell all if I want to be absolved. Well, Father, he then placed his big dick up against, oh it is so naughty, he placed his big black dick up against my arse. Ohhh Father..."

And with that both Jane and Father Ambrose came. Jane came just at the thought of being sodomised by Charles's big black cock and Father Ambrose, knowing that this beautiful fragile wife had allowed a massive black cock to enter her arse, could hold back no longer and copious amounts of spunk spurted out of his cock and on to his cassock.

Their orgasmic groans were loud enough for each other to hear and for each other to correctly deduce that the story was turning all parties on.

For a few moments there was calm as both Jane and Father Ambrose recovered from their intense orgasm. It was Father Ambrose who first decided to break the silence. His dick was still rock hard as he eagerly awaited to hear how Charles fucked her arse.

"My child, do go on. I need to hear every detail".

Jane recovered from her first orgasm and carried on with her wicked story, fingers still up her tight cunt. She now knew that Father Ambrose was taking pleasure from her confession. Rather than being concerned by this, she eagerly pressed on, wanting to share every detail.

"Well, Father, at first he just pushed half his dick up in my arse. Oh Father, it felt so big. And it hurt so much. I had never thought my bum could accommodate such a cock. It felt like it was going to tear me apart. I begged him to take it out. I begged him not to fuck my arse, but to fuck my pussy instead. But he just ignored me Father, he just spanked my bottom hard and told me I was his bitch and that I was to do whatever he told me to do.

"And Father, I agreed. I agreed that I was his bitch and I agreed that I would be unfaithful to my darling husband. And not just be unfaithful, Father, but to allow another man to fuck my bottom. No man had ever fucked me there Father, it is not right. It is not what God would want.

"But Father, I so enjoyed it. You see, after a while the pain subsided and what replaced it was a delicious feeling of submission. Of submitting to black men and their dicks. To fuck them wherever they wanted, however they wanted and whenever they wanted. And Father, it felt so wonderful. All thoughts of my husband had vanished and the only thought was how to pleasure this man.

"Soon he had all of his massive dick up my poor arse and he was fucking me without mercy. I was on all fours and in front of me was a big mirror so I could see everything. I could see how big and black he looked next to my small white body. I could see how his muscles tensed as he fucked me, how he would derive great pleasure from spanking my arse. I also could see my reaction. It was one of pure lust as I begged him to fuck me harder, to show me no kindness and to be as brutal as possible.

"And that is how he fucked me. Without regard for my feelings, he just thought how much pleasure he could take and how violent he could be in the process. I could see how my big tits shook with the violence of his assault. And I came again and again. I came so much I thought I would faint. He made me feel like a different woman, a way that my poor husband could never make me feel. Not only was it due to the size of his dick, but also the way he treated me, not like his lover but like his bitch. It was the way I always wanted to be treated.

"As he approached his climax, instead of taking his pleasure inside my bum, as I had expected, he withdrew his cock from my arse and he ordered me to suck it.

"I know you must find this all repulsive Father, but I understood what he wanted. Making me suck his dick after it had been up my arse was the ultimate act of submission. And I obeyed without hesitation. And to be honest Father, I loved it. I loved the fact that I was degrading myself to such a degree. I loved the fact that I was being forced to such off a dick that had been up my own arse. It was showing him that I was his slut and that I would do anything to please him.

"And with such thoughts in my mind and how he so obviously took so much pleasure in abusing me, I came and I came because he was abusing my young body and I loved it. And when he came I made sure, as his dutiful whore that I sucked every last drop of his precious spunk.

Jane finished and stopped talking. Father Ambrose, initially said nothing, he was genuinely taken aback with how much of a slut this lovely girl was. His big hand was still masturbating his even bigger cock, he had, to his regret, not managed to cum a second time. Still, she had told some story. He was about to speak when Jane said something to please him no end.

"Father, there is more".

"More, my child, Charles had not finished with you?" Father Ambrose enquired.

"Charles had finished with me. After I had finished drinking his spunk, he dismissed me for the evening and said he would be in touch."

"But Father there is still more, much more"

"You mean you have been unfaithful with another man?"

"Yes Father. I have been unfaithful more than once, with more than one man..."

Father Ambrose's dick once more became fully erect.

"You must tell me everything, my child. Spare me no detail. You need to be as explicit as you possibly can. I need to fully understand how you were abused, what part you played in tempting these man to so abuse and take advantage of your body and how you felt being unfaithful. Child I need to hear everything..."

Jane's suspicion that Father Ambrose was deriving great pleasure was reinforced by what he had just said. There could, in her mind, now be no doubt that her story was a big turn on for this Holy man. The thought that she was apparently corrupting one of God's servants was once more making her pussy dripping wet. The way he was now asking her to be explicit was, in one way, a form of abuse and exploitation by a man in a privileged position. Would Jane allow a man who is supposed to be incorruptible to so obviously take advantage of her in this way? The way her pussy dripped with desire, the answer was obvious. Of course she would.

"Oh yes, Father. I will tell you everything." And with that, she once more inserted five fingers up her soaking wet cunt, and used her other hand to play with her tits, happy in the knowledge that her story was satisfying the priest's unholy desires.

"Well, Father, after I left Charles's apartment, his butler Smith drove me home. Well that is before he had also fucked me. He drove me to a part of New York that I had never been to before. A very rough part, I think mostly blacks and tramps live there. Parking the car he got out and joined me in the back of the seat and ordered me to fuck him.

"Father, I had no choice. At first I wanted to run out and get away from this man. Smith was one of the most terrifying men I had ever met. He was huge and muscular and very ugly, he had a massive scar on his face and it was clear to me that he was a thug. A criminal. And here I was alone with him in the back of a car in a seedy part of town.

"However, even if I was brave enough to jump out and make a run for it, where would I go? I was lost and if I did break free, it was possible that I would run into people more dangerous than Smith. As such I had no choice. I was going to have to do what this brute told me. I was going to be forced to fuck him."

The good Father Ambrose was in his perverse idea of heaven. Here was delicate innocent Jane alone with a man who would probably not hesitate to brutally rape her if she did not obey him. He had met men like Smith before -- indeed at one time he had been a Smith. He was eager to hear how such a man would treat such a sweet little flower like Jane, and how she would react to such treatment. Being fucked by Charles was one thing, he was urbane and, despite his rough treatment of Jane, Father Ambrose doubted there would really have been much fear that she was under any real danger when in his company.

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