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Does He Really Want That? Ch. 02

by goamz86©

"Damnit! Your little cock is useless; I can't even feel it when I am this wet. I need his cock so I can feel it."

She was riding his cock slowly, but Steve was so turned on by the nastiness of her talk that he was about to cum already.

Melissa just kept going. "After I fuck him, I will let you have sloppy seconds." She teased. "Would you like that?"

Steve didn't hesitate. "Yes." He replied. She was talking about his deepest darkest fantasies. He didn't know she even knew about this stuff.

"Or better yet, how about if I let you lick my cunt clean of his juices, would that be good for you." She asked.

It was too much. He grunted a loud "Yes.", and came inside her. Even though he had already cum just minutes ago, it was an incredible orgasm. Melissa rocked back and forth, but continued to humiliate him.

"Already, you came already?" she scolded him. Your cock is useless. I need a real man., one that lasts longer than 2 minutes. I'm not even close to cumming. I cum better with your tongue than your silly little cock." The power was taking over her. She loved it. He was just laying there taking it and she was totally turned on.

"I guess I will just have to use your tongue again." She told him. Then she lifted off his cock and squeezed her pussy muscles to hold in his cum. It began to leak out anyway. As she moved to straddle his face, a few drops escaped and dripped on his face. She turned around so her back was to the head of the bed. She lowered her pussy to his face.

"Clean my cunt you cum sucking pussy." She demanded. She was a bit surprised at her vulgarity, but It was right out of one of his stories, and Steve instantly did as he was told.

Steve licked and sucked as his own cum drained from his wife's pussy and into his mouth. He licked it and swallowed it as his wife fucked his face with her cunt and humiliated him the whole time.

"Good hubby, lick me clean. Suck that cum from my pussy. You know you love it. You are just my little cunt licking wimp aren't you? You want to service my pussy and ass don't you?"

Just then Melissa move forward a bit. "Lick my ass. Stick your tongue in there." She ordered.

Steve complied.

"You are going to lick my pussy clean every time I fuck my lover, aren't you?" she asked.

Steve couldn't answer with his tongue probing her ass, but his cock began to jump just as Melissa told him this.

"You like that idea huh?" she asked. "You must, your little useless cock is getting hard again. You never got hard for me three times in one night before." Melissa reached down and began to massage her clit.

"Fuck my ass with your tongue." She shouted. "I'm going to cum." She fiddled her clit roughly as he explored her asshole with his tongue.

"Oh I'm going to love this. You are mine." She told him. The domination was intoxicating. "Fuck my ass. Yes, yes, I'm cumming." She moved back so his tongue now massaged her exploding pussy. She rode his face to complete exhaustion. Steve lay there with a stiff cock as she recovered on the bed next to him.

Then she rose up and looked down on him from her knees. "You really do like that huh?" she told him. "When I read your stories, I couldn't believe you really wanted that, but I guess you do. So, this is my proposal. I like being in charge, and apparently you like it too. So from now on, I am in charge. That includes fucking other men. You will do as I say, and I will give you regular orgasms. I can never go back to the way it was, I like it like this too much. So you have a decision. My way, or the highway. Which will it be?"

Steve lay there in silence. She read my stories? Now it all makes sense. His cock and balls ached. He had never been so satisfied in his whole life. How bad could this be? He could have regular orgasms, and live out his fantasies. He had to beg to get laid now, and had to sneak around to write and read about what he liked. Before he could answer, Melissa added the icing on the cake.

"If you agree, I will let you cum all over my tits right now." She told him as she pressed her double D mounds together and pinched her nipples.

"OK!" he excitedly answered. He had always wanted to do that, but Melissa had always refused.

She released him from his restraints and lay back on the bed. Steve knelt over her and began to stroke his cock as Melissa fondled her big fat tits.

"Come on, hubby; stroke your little pathetic cock. Cum on mommy's big beautiful tits. You know you love mommy's tits." She enticed him.

Even though he had already cum twice, Steve was already on the verge.

"Cum for mommy." Melissa teased. "Make that little cock blow."

Steve grunted and what was left in his balls sprayed all over her chest. Melissa didn't rub it in at all. She just let go of her tits and laid there. Steve collapsed on the bed next to her.

Melissa looked at him and said, "Clean up your mess.", as she pointed at her tits. Steve rose to his knees and licked her breasts clean.

Melissa grabbed the back of his head and guided him the whole time. "Good little hubby, lick mommy's big titties clean. When he was done, She laid his head on her soft mounds and patted his head like a puppy. "Go to sleep Sweetie."

Steve did just that. His dreams were pleasant and when he woke the next morning, everything had changed.

to be continued...

Written by: goamz86

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