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The Glory of the Hole

by _JP_©

Edited by PeeJ


The red glow from the coin slot gave the small dirty room an eerie kind of glow. There was a familiar smell but I couldn't place it. Just outside the door were the usual sounds of business along with noises that didn't normally co-occur. Along with the sound of a cash register ringing up a sale were male and female voices in different states of sexual arousal.

My coin made a "ker-clunk" sound as it made its way to the coin box. The viewer came alive featuring a woman, much younger and prettier than me, sucking one of many cocks that formed a circle around her. Clad only in her ponytail, she feasted on penis after penis in the frenzied orgy.

As nervous as I was, my lust grew as I watched the young girl in the movie. To be ravished by so many attractive men was beyond anything I could imagine. Tom would tell me about gangbangs and how much he wanted to watch me do one. Of course, this was while his cock was slowly fucking me. At first I couldn't believe what he was saying, his wife, the woman who bore his children getting screwed by a bunch of men. He would often ask me to tell him about the sex I had before we were married--he was particularly fond of the story about how I lost my virginity.

I set up the small video camera on one of the two chairs in the room facing the small hole in the wall. After pushing the record button, I looked into the display to be sure it had a good view of whatever I did to whatever came through the hole. "Wow!" was all I could think of as most of my emotions flooded my brain at the same time. Fear, lust, embarrassment and even anger, anger at myself for letting Tom talk me into this.

My skirt would have to go. Even though I wasn't sure how far things would develop I wanted Tom to see me naked where I shouldn't be. My hands shook as I unbuttoned my skirt, letting it fall away far too easily, I thought, such an event should have a fanfare or...something. My panties were now the only thing between me and complete depravity.

I sat close to the hole and my eyes were drawn back to the movie. The girl now had a man fucking her while she was sucking another. There was a loud groan and her lover ejaculated into her pussy. The camera zoomed in as semen oozed from her hole. My hand slipped under my waistband and found my vulva, I was surprised at how wet I was. I pushed two of my fingers into my vagina and rubbed my clit with my thumb.

The sound of a door opening and closing distracted me from my sexual trance. Slowly I moved down so I could peek through the opening, my heart racing as I got closer to the hole. The sudden light from his movie startled me and I snapped back. After waiting long enough to be sure I hadn't been seen, I tried again. My patience was rewarded with the view of a man sitting in a chair masturbating. His hand was wrapped around his penis and was slowly moving the foreskin up and down. My clit throbbed at the sight and I was ready as I would ever be. It was now or never, I thought to myself, as I tried to build up the nerve to say something. My mouth was so dry, I wasn't even sure I could speak.

"Would you like me to do that for you," I said in an unusually high squeaky voice.

"Who's there?" the man retorted as he tried to hide his hard-on.

"Just a girl who wants to help." The man cautiously moved closer to the hole, one hand holding up his pants and the other still on his cock.

"Can I see you?"

"Okay." I said as I sat back in my chair and resumed playing with myself. The feeling grew more intense knowing someone was watching.

"How much is it going to cost me?"

"I'm not a hooker, there's no charge." I pulled the crotch of my panties aside to show him my pussy.

"Do you want me to help you with your problem or not?"

"Ss...sure I guess. Can I come over there?"

"No," I said in the sexiest voice I could manage. "Just put your cock through the hole and I'll beat you off."

I saw his penis at the rim of the hole so I reached in and gently pulled him through. It was hard as a rock and a drop of precum was threatening to fall off the tip. I rescued it from its fate with my finger. As I masturbated his cock I tasted the little droplet but there just wasn't enough. I squeezed and milked him in hopes of getting more. Luckily he didn't disappoint me, I was able to get several more drops from his little hole.

He was showing signs of approaching orgasm so I sped up my manipulations. I knew I wanted more of his cum but I wasn't ready to put my mouth on him just yet. His moan tipped me off that he was cumming so I opened my mouth. The first blast hit my chin so I quickly put my mouth around the head of his cock. The warm fluid filled my mouth to the point of spilling onto my thigh. I continued to extract all his cum until I was sure I had it all...then I swallowed.

The object of my debaucherous behavior disappeared back through the hole. I heard him pull up his zipper and say thank you in a low whisper. Now the movie was my only source of entertainment. She was still fucking one guy while giving oral sex to another, not much had changed and I was getting bored. The cum that had dripped on my leg caught my attention. I was suddenly excited again. Raising my butt off the chair I removed my panties being careful no to disturb the semen.

I gathered some on my finger and used it as a lubricant for my clit. It was a deliciously wrong thing to do but that just made it feel all the better, Tom would be proud. The thought of putting the rest of it on my tongue almost made me cum but I resisted. I wanted something else but I was scared to do it. All the "what-ifs" went though my head with loud warning bells. Still, I wanted it. I scooped up a large glob on two fingers and held it at the entrance of my cunt. With my other hand I opened it but kept thumbing my vulva. I touched my hole with my fingertips letting the edge of the slippery fluid contact the outer flesh of my vagina. My imminent orgasm overcame my fear and I shoved my fingers inside. I could feel the sliminess of his cum mixing with my own as my body stiffened and my pussy struggled to swallow my hand. My legs slammed shut to prevent any more movement of me hand.

My senses slowly recovered, the powerful climax had left me weak and satiated. I got the small towel from my purse and dried myself. It didn't surprise me that my genitals looked red and puffy.

I heard the door to the next room opening and then someone depositing money in the video machine. Being ever curious, I peeked into the room but was startled when I saw an eye looking back at me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I heard a soft voice say.

"Well you did," I returned. "You scared the shit out of me."

"Again, I'm sorry but I was told you were in here and I thought..."

"You thought what?" I asked.

"That you for me what you did for him?"

His pleasant voice lolled me into a feeling of safety. He didn't seem like the rude or dangerous sort.

"Maybe. Can I see what you look like?"

"Of course." he said and I heard him move away from the wall. Again I looked though the hole and was intrigued by the sight before me. He was young, eighteen or twenty I thought. A handsome boy dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Under other circumstances, I didn't believe he would give me a second look. The Excitement of this potential new conquest fuelled my lust.

"Take it out, let me see what you got." I said hoping to appeal to his male pride. He pulled down his pants and underwear in one move, letting them fall to his feet. His legs and ass were the kind you only see on young athletes and I felt the distinct tingle of desire in my groin. His manhood was impressive as well; semi-hard it was already bigger than the last guy's cock as well as my husband's. Its outstanding feature was the rather fat bulbous head that was tucked neatly into the foreskin causing it to bulge out at the rim.

"Bring it to me so I can have a better look" I almost laughed out loud when he stumbled over his pants but I managed to stifle it. He maneuvered his cock through the hole and into my waiting hand. I kissed the head as I pulled back the foreskin. His smell was intoxicating and there was no hesitation as I sucked him into my mouth. My tongue poked at the little slit as I pumped his shaft. I heard a moan from the other side and I stopped fucking him with my mouth. I wasn't going to allow this young buck to cum yet, I wanted to enjoy him as long as possible. Standing, I kept a good grip on his sex rubbing the head in my pubic hair. It occurred to me he could be a virgin, considering his good looks though I had my doubts. But the possibility turned me on to no end. I decided to make this special for him. I wanted to be his first.

Spreading my legs I massaged my clit with his penis. I wasn't sure if the sticky wetness lubricating the area was his or mine. I tilted my pelvis up and pulled him down to my vagina. In spite of the awkward angle, a slight forward pressure and the head was in. Suddenly, an orgasm was mounting, but this time I held back, I wasn't ready for that, not yet. After I calmed down, I worked in all that I could in this position. I fucked the young penis slowly and it came to me that I could get more of him in me if I turned around. Letting go of him only for a moment, I turned and placed him between my butt cheeks. Both hands pulled at my lobes as my pussy searched for his dick. When I had it at my opening, I sat back and he was all the way in with one thrust from him. My asshole was kissing the wall as I pushed back with all the strength I had left. My conscience took one more shot at me as I tried to remember when my last period was but the sensations of the beautiful phallus were clouding my mind. Grunting sounds were coming from behind me and I was ready. I felt the warmth of his ejaculation and it sent me into the convolutions of my own climax. I reached between my legs to feel his cock as he continued to drive into me. We slowed our movements and came to a stop. A stream of cum dripped down my leg and formed a small pool in my shoe. When he finally fell out I sat down in my chair to catch my breath.

I pulled up my panties and put my skirt on. I felt well fucked and had had enough. As I shut off the camera and gathered my things, I heard a timid voice from the other side.

"I would like to see you again...if possible."

"I don't know, what's your name?"


"Well Justin, be here next week at the same time and maybe I'll be here."

"I'll be here, I promise."

"Okay, but do me a favor please."


"Stay in the booth until I leave, okay?"

"Okay, but what's your name."

"Not this time, Justin, be patient." With those words I opened the door and left my exotic little world. I could feel Justin's cum leaking into the crotch of my panties as I quickly walked out of the all--too--well lit adult bookstore. As I was driving home, my thoughts returned to Justin and what I had done. Oozing cum like the young girl in the movie, my pussy had never felt so open.

I knew Tom would be waiting for me, eager to hear all the details, and to see the videotape I had recorded.

And I hoped he was ready for the good fucking I was going to give him, he'd better be.


End JP

Edited by PeeJ

Written by: _JP_

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