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Anal Little Sister Ch. 02

by yurdaddy53©

My lil' sister Samantha and her friend Brittany had been caught looking through my stuff in my bedroom and now I was in my element. I had my sister naked laying face down on my bed. Her gorgeous young friend Brittany naked and now drooling since i told her I was going to make her my new girlslut friend.

Now I was going to begin on my sister for her selfish bratty ways. Revenge the good old fashion way. Pain.

"Brittany undress me." I told my new slave girl.

She quickly rushed to my side and with trembling excited fingers began to undo my blouse. My sister whimpered something and I told Brittany to go and shut her up. With authority I watched as Brittany went to my sister and whacked at her bare ass several times as hard as she could and told her to keep her face in the pillows and if she heard one more sound she was going to pay.

Brittany then spanked Samantha several more swats before coming back to me.

"Did I do that right Ma'am?" she asked me with a girlish submissive tone that melted my heart.

"Yes sweetie, yes indeed." I said to her as I kissed her full lips and tweaked at her elongated hard nips. Brittany oohed as I kissed her and played with her tits.

I told her to finish undressing me and she did and I saw her eyes gawking at my body with loving excitement.

"Does my body please you my dear," I asked her teasingly.

"yes ma'am, you are so beautiful. I want to be with you so bad," She sighed with excitement.

"Later my love. Right now my fucking twat of a sister needs to be taught the evil of her deeds. I have given her to you and you will obey my directions without any questions."

"yes, ma'am."

"Good. Now tell her to lift that ass of hers up. Keep her face in the pillows and get on her knees ass high in the air." I told Brittany.

She barked my commands at Samantha who wasn't fast enough so Brittany jumped up on the bed and yanked Samantha's ass up and then beat her ass bright red. I laughed to myself as I went to my closet and pulled my favorite outfit to wear for the evening. I also selected clothes for Brittany as I had plans to go elsewhere later in the evening.

Brittany was waiting patiently for my next command now standing at the foot of the bed drooling to attack Samantha's red ass.

"Put this on" I said to Brittany as I tossed a leather harness on the bed in front of her. She picked up the harness and looked to me as she saw the big black rubber cock fastened onto the leather harness. She knew what it was and how to put it on.

My petite lil' pet looked enticing standing barefoot in my bedroom with that big 10 inch cock jutting out from her lightly freckled body. I came up behind her and reached around her and stroked her cock and as I told her I wanted her to ream my lil' sister hard with her big dick I kissed and nippled and bit her ear.

"Rape her, rape my bratty sister, do you want to fuck a girl with your big cock?" I said softly in her ear.

"Yes ma'am. I want to rape your lil' sister. Hard. Just like she wanted to do to me."

I was a bit taken back from hearing that but knowing my lil' sister nothing was that surprising.

Brittany climbed up on the bed and yanked Samantha's head up yanking on a handful of her hair. She turned Samantha to look at her cock. She was now at her side and told Smantha to suck the cock that was going to rape her bald pussy.

"I'm going to fuck you like your sister told me." Brit spat at Samantha. "Open that fuck hole and suck my cock bitch."

I was enjoying the talent my new slut had. I knew that later tonight the show we would see would be amazing and be richly received by the many who would be watching.

I dressed as I watched Samantha open her mouth to try and suck that dick. She wasn't doing it to my satisfaction and I told Brit to shove it down the slut's throat. Still holding onto Samantha's hair Brit shoved her cock hard into my lil' sis's fuck hole mouth.

She gagged and almost threw up as Brit forced it deeper into Samantha's gullet. She slowly began to suck it as tears welled up in her eyes. She was really crying now, not enjoying the rough face fucking she was getting. I was liking that she was crying and getting payback for all those years of being daddy's favorite.

"Enough." I said. "Get behind this pigslut whore and fuck that cunt like you on it."

Brittany pulled her cock from Samantha's stretched out mouth and slapped her face telling her to stop whining and crying. Brit moved behind Sam and yanked her hips up and menacingly shoved that dick right into my lil' sister's pussy.

Samantha let out a yell and Brittany quickly muffled her screams as she shoved Sam's face into the pillows and plowed her 10"s deeper into that stretched pussy. Brittany went wild pounding deeper and harder into my sister. My sister's sobs still heard through the pounding she was taking.

"Don't like it when the tables are turned do you." Brit spat at Sam. "Look at your pussy stretched so wide with my big black cock fucking your cunthole like you said you wanted to do to me."

Brittany pounded hard into Samantha. Samantha was growing use to the fucking. I guess she had never been fucked good like this before at least not by another girl.

I told Brit to pull out and flip Sam over and shove it deep up her twat again. I told her to fuck her until she ... Brit came.

I had told Brit not to come until I said he could and once she had permission she really went wild on Samantha's cunt. Pounding even harder and faster, Brittany had both Samantha's tits in her hands pulling, tweaking and pinching viciously at the red burning tit flesh.

Samantha also looked like she was going to come. Grunting and moaning and now she had both her hands on top of Brit's helping her abuse her own tits.

"Make her spank her twat as you fuck her" I told Brit.

She ordered my sister to swat down hard on her pussy as Brit leaned up and watched my sister's hand swat at her own pussy. This set Brit off and I watched my new lil' slave whore begin to shake uncontrollably as she kept pounding all 10"s into Samantha's burning cunt.

Both girls were coming now shaking and now kissing and biting at each other. I too felt my own juices and caught myself with my fingers on my clit but stopped as I watched the two young ones cum together and fall into a sweaty heap in each others arms.

I went over to the bed and pulled Brittany off my sister and told her to take off the harness. When she did I handed her her outfit and told her to put it on. I saw her hesitate but quickly was putting on a black sleeveless dress with a three inch collar. The dress was not as tight as I had hoped but it would do. The back was open to the top of her ass and the hem fell longer than i like but short enough, especailly with no panties.

I did her hair in a ponytali and yanked my sister from the bed and told her to put on a coat I tossed to her. Luckily the shoes weren't to big for Brittany a pair of 4" fuck me pumps. Samantha I left barefoot.

I looked the two over and liked what I saw as I knew the others would too. We were headed to more pain and traing for my lil' sister.

Written by: yurdaddy53

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