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A Visit To The Doctor

by stevebaines©

True story.

I don't know if anyone else had or has sensations of jealousy mixed with being turned on, but this story is about just such a situation I found myself in when I was 22. My girlfriend at the time, Suzie, was just 19, tall, slim, stunning and had long straight natural blonde hair. She was an intelligent girl, a little naïve as I think I was too. But she was very sexy and had a face and smile that just bowled people over and I mean that too! Wherever we went people fell over themselves to help her. For example, when we went to a Bruce Springsteen Concert, one of the security staff just ignored our tickets and took us through to the VIP area! This type of thing always happened; she had that much of an effect.

Suzie always wore clothes that accentuated her height and her legs, usually wearing skirts that came almost to her mid thigh..and what a pair of thighs! She always wore heels or boots and she occasionally wore a pair of boots that I loved which came above her knees and folded back over. Given all of that though she was not at all tarty and in fact just had no idea of the effect her beauty had on people.

This particular story comes from an incident I experienced with her in about 1984 and I know it affected my whole sexual awareness, my fantasies and my entire attitude to sex.

Suzie had unusually experienced a little pain with her previous period and although she had finished her period and the pain had gone, her mum had booked her an appointment with their local doctor. Suzie had asked me to go with her as she was a little shy and put a lot of faith in my support. The morning of the appointment I arrived at her mums' house and her mum said that 'Suzie was just having a bath so that she was all clean for the doctor'. Well, I don't quite know what I had expected, but those words chilled me to the bone. I knew her doctor was a man and the sudden realisation that my sexy girlfriend was preparing her body for this doctor, this man, to perhaps examine, really hit me. Inside I was squirming and felt like I badly wanted to pee.

Suzie came downstairs dressed in a beige short skirt, a pale red, fitted tee shirt and a pair of brown suede boots, inside which she was wearing a pair of knee length beige socks which she had pulled up onto her knees and folded back down onto the tops of her boots. She looked breathtakingly gorgeous; I felt utterly panic stricken. Her mum added to my state by remarking to her 'all set for the doctor?'

I drove us round to the surgery and we went inside. As we stood at the counter waiting to acknowledge her arrival, I noticed all the men who were seated waiting staring at Suzie. It felt like they all knew she was going to be examined, like they were all in on it and the need to pee mixed with a weird sense of arousal and anticipation hit me again. I desperately wanted to go into the room with Suzie, but didn't know if the doctor would allow it. I didn't know whether it would be worse to be with her or to have to sit outside imagining what was happening. I was in total torment. Suzie had already said that we had to go along with whatever the doctor said and a part of me was angry at her for being so naively compliant with whatever would be the doctors' wishes and commands. It was weird. As we sat there, I felt so useless and emasculated. I really did not want my girlfriend to have to undress in front of any other man. She was mine. Her body was secret for me.

Her name was called. She got up and I followed, terrified that I might at any moment be refused access and separated from her to sit in the waiting room. As it turned out we were both allowed into the examination room without any fuss at all. It was a simple room with the doctors' desk at one end, two seats in front of it and a couch running along one wall covered with a white paper sheet, with a big lamp on a folding arm above it and attached to the wall. Suzie explained her symptoms and described the pain she had felt. She explained that her period had actually finished over a week before and that her periods were regular. I found it really difficult to listen to this intimate analysis of my girlfriends body workings with what amounted to a male stranger. The doctor then asked if she had ever had a smear test to which Suzie replied 'no'. I was starting to get more uncomfortable. I was in no doubt that I was experiencing a strange sense of arousal, but this was also mixed with the continued need to pee added to a feeling as though I was tied up and incapable of intervening in what my mind feared was going to happen.

The doctor then said 'Okay Suzie, I think we'll have a look at you and I think I will also give you a smear test whilst you are here, okay?'. I was stunned. Here was the doctor using her first name in a matter of fact way whilst he planned to have a good look at and poke around with my girlfriends' pussy. I heard Suzie reply 'Yes..okay'. The doctor got up from behind his desk and Suzie got to her feet. So did I. The doctor moved to the couch and gestured to it. 'If you want to jump up on here Suzie' he said. 'Do you want me to take all my clothes off or..........' asked Suzie. 'No. You can just slip your panties off and that should be fine' replied the doctor. About now I really needed to tie my cock into a knot.

As both the doctor and I looked on, Suzie reached under her skirt and slipped her panties down those gorgeous thighs. She was wearing a pale red cotton pair which, as she stepped out of them, she turned and handed to me to hold. I could feel the warmth of her body in them and the thought that here, now, was my girlfriend, standing in the same room as another man without any panties on, was almost too much to take in. At that moment I really fancied that I could actually smell the scent of her sweet pussy in the room, and then I realised that if I could, then so could the doctor.

Suzie sat sideways on the edge of the couch and, as the doctor moved to the bottom of it, she swung her legs up and onto the couch keeping her legs bent and together, but of course naked beneath that short skirt which had ridden up her thighs. In spite of what I knew was coming, I was concerned that the doctor could see up her skirt! There she lay in her boots and skirt but with no panties on. It all seemed so matter of fact. The doctor then asked her to lay back with her head on the pillow and he then took hold of the hem of her skirt on either side of her legs and proceeded to pull it up her legs. I watched, almost mesmerised as he pulled that skirt up her thighs and then revealed her pussy, bit by bit as he pushed her skirt up to her waist, leaving an expanse of her tummy exposed too. He was looking at her pubic mound as was I. Suzie had a lovely tidy pubic bush, as younger women do. You know what I mean, there was no need at her age to shave or wax around the area because it was so naturally smooth.

So there I am with my girlfriend on her back with her skirt around her waist allowing her pussy to be viewed by this 'stranger'.

As the doctor began to put on a pair of latex gloves, he said ' I will just give you a quick internal first. I want to check on your ovaries and also check for any cysts or unusual growths in your vagina'. 'Now, spread your legs for me please'. With that he nudged at the inside of one of Suzie's knees with the back of his hand and she responded by opening her legs and spreading them so that she had an ankle on either side of the couch. I can't tell you how sexual this situation was. But at the same time I had this inner horror that here was my girlfriend, legs open and pussy glistening and parted for this man to do with as he wished. I stood beside her head as the doctor took a position next to her waist. I watched, transfixed as he reached down and with his fingers, separated the lips of her pussy. He held each lip between thumb and finger and pulled her pussy open, almost playing with her as he examined and stretched her outer folds. Then he applied some KY jelly to the middle finger of his right hand whilst telling her 'this may feel a little cold for a moment'. Then he slid the finger up and down her opening and it made her lips wet and shiny. With his left hand on her tummy, he then pushed that finger up inside my beautiful Suzie. Watching him push it in and twist his hand as the finger roamed her pussy, almost made me wet my pants. He then inserted a second finger to continue the examination. Seeing the bulk of his hand pressed hard into her pubic hair and the sucking noise of her wet pussy as he stared at her most intimate place was ...well...really, really strange. His burrowing went on for what seemed like ten minutes. He probed and squeezed her tummy, pressing from inside her vagina against his other hand on her tummy. During this he occasionally asked her if there was any pain or discomfort. She was obviously in a little pain because she had taken hold of my hand and was gripping hard at times.

Eventually the doctor withdrew his fingers and I saw her gaping pussy closing as the fingers came out of her. She gave a little whimper of relief and looked at me with a half smile. I must have looked like I was witnessing the holocaust. Just as I was getting over this invasion, the doctor had been to a cabinet and returned with a long metal instrument and metal tray. I had never seen an instrument like it before, but it was obvious what it was for. It had a hinged section allowing two long wide blades to open obscenely as the doctor tested it, and I realised that in the next minute or so, this was going to be inserted up inside Suzie's pussy. The doctor closed it and held the blades tight in one hand. 'Just warming it up a bit' he remarked to Suzie who raised her head to his comment and saw what he was holding. She half turned her head to me and again gripped my hand as if to say...'oh god no.' The doctor picked up on her expression and asked 'have you never had a speculum inside you before?' Suzie replied that she hadn't and the doctor told her it was nothing to worry about, explaining that it would open her vagina to enable him to look up inside her and to then take a sample from her cervix.

The doctor coated the speculum with some KY jelly and resumed his position next to her waist. He then reached up to the light attached to the wall, switched it on and then manoeuvred it to an angle which left the spotlight directly on Suzie's pussy. He then asked her to bend her legs completely at the knees, to raise her legs back towards her shoulders and to let her legs lay as wide apart as possible. She looked obscene but beautifully sexy all at the same time. With her legs spread wide apart and pulled back, her pussy just opened up for the doctor. With his left hand he eased open the lips of her vagina even more and with his right, he positioned the silver speculum at the entrance to her pussy. The contrast of her soft blond pubic hair, the wet pink lips of her pussy against the hard metal of the speculum was a sight to behold. Then as he slid it up, deep inside her she gave little gasps. Then it was all the way in. The doctor said 'this may hurt a little as I stretch you open' and he began to manipulate the two levers at the neck of the instrument. This obviously stretched her pussy wide open as the doctor then bent his head down so close to her pussy that he could almost have licked her. I swear at this point you could definitely smell her pussy in the air of the room. He was staring up inside her, moving the light for maximum illumination of her insides. He then took a small thing, like a cross between a lolly stick and a cotton bud, which he inserted into her and rubbed against her cervix. That made Suzie jump and the doctor apologised. He then removed the stick and placed it in a bottle with a screw top which he labelled.

Then he came back to her and announced that he was just going to examine her bottom. I had to watch as he slid a finger around her tight little anus and gradually he worked the finger up inside her. This was really uncomfortable for her and she gave out little cries as he wiggled the finger around inside her. At last he pulled it out from her, at the same time remarking that all seemed well.

I was desperately wanting him to remove the metal instrument, still sticking out from Suzie's pussy and stretching her wide open. However, he had another good look up inside her and then said 'nothing to worry about, but I'd just like my colleague doctor Singh to have a quick look at a little lump just inside your vagina, is that alright?'. Suzie responded a muted 'ermm...Yes'. He left the room leaving the door to the waiting room slightly ajar and I had panicked visions of the door swinging open to a waiting room of staring people, all looking straight up my girlfriends stretched open legs and vagina.

The doctor returned followed directly by doctor Singh who was obviously Asian. Now I am not racist, but it seems it is one thing for a white male stranger to look at my girl's pussy, but an entirely different emotion to see an Asian man leaning between her spread legs and staring up her vagina whilst with his hand, manipulating the speculum to get an even better view. Doctor Singh then put on a glove and pushed two fingers through the opening of the speculum. He rubbed his fingers in and out of her pussy saying to his colleague 'ah yes...nothing to be concerned about, it looks like a very small swelling but nothing that requires treatment'. He had a last look up inside before addressing Suzie with the same news. Suzie thanked him. This was bizarre. Two strange males, both next to her naked and stretched pussy and she is offering thanks!

The speculum was then removed and I had this urge to lick it clean to avoid leaving her juices in that room for anyone else to see, but of course I couldn't do that. I helped her get down and gave her the panties to put back on. Then we sat again at the doctors' desk whilst he explained that his examination had not revealed anything of any concern and that her smear test results would be sent to her inside four weeks.

I was affected by this whole experience so much that I gradually introduced a version of it into our lovemaking, talking to her whilst I touched her clitoris about several men being in the room and looking at her pussy. Every time I did this, she would get so, so wet it was fantastic! Sadly we parted company a few years ago, but in spite of that, I still play that day out in my fantasies. Ever wish you could revisit a time or event? I do!

Written by: stevebaines

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