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Enjoying My Son's Whore Girlfriend

by aaron1944©

I was shocked when I heard that my eldest son had left his partner of 13 years and gone off with a younger woman. Not that I thought a lot of him-- he was a heavy drinker and I think he was into drugs. So I was a bit surprised when I got a phone call asking if I would like to go over and meet him and his new partner. Well, I am always one to let bygones be bygones. So, I said I would come over.

We met in a pub. I arrived early and found a table where I could watch the door. I was very surprised when I saw them come in. Greg did not surprise me. He looked much the same as when I had seen him last. It was the woman he was with, an attractive blond a lot younger than Greg. They saw me and came over.

I could not take my eyes off his new partner. She was blond, fairly slim, and very nicely shaped with full breasts pushing invitingly at a black sweater. Her long shapely legs disappeared into a short skirt.

This is Amy, I heard Greg say. She held out a hand and I took it. It was cool in my grasp. "Nice to meet you," I said, tearing my eyes away from her sweater. I bought them drinks and we chatted. I noticed that Greg had been drinking already and was part way to being drunk. Well, I thought to myself, what had changed?

Amy was interesting to talk to and I got on well with her. She was interested to know about my time in the music industry and listened intently to the stories I told her about my many experiences.

After a few drinks, I suggested that we go out for a meal. They both agreed, but Amy suggested that we go back to their place so that she could get changed. I said she looked all right as she was. She just smiled.

We got up to go and Amy grabbed my arm, and smiled up at me. "It's been nice to meet you at last. Greg has said so much about you." This surprised me for I did not think he was that keen on me.

Back at their flat, Amy made us all coffee and Greg slumped himself down in a chair. I sat on the sofa and Amy came and joined me. She wanted to know everything about my time in the music business-- who I had met and where I had been. She sat quite close to me and I could feel the warmth of her young body against mine.

From time to time she took hold of my hand. I looked across at Greg wondering what he thought of the way Amy was behaving, but he had fallen asleep. Amy noticed me looking at him. "Not unusual," she said. I asked her about his drinking and she confirmed that he was still a heavy drinker. "He is fun when he is sober but when he drinks, he just goes to sleep."

"Not much fun for you," I said.

She smiled. "He's OK, I like him a lot, but I wish he would drink less."

I notice that she kept pushing herself closer to me, not that I objected, but I wondered where things were going. Suddenly she took my hand and placed it on her leg. It felt nice. I stroked it tentatively. She looked up at me, smiling. Then she laid back on the sofa. My hand was still resting on her leg just below the hem of her short skirt. I was in a bit of a quandary. Was this an invitation? Should I make a move on her here in front of my son? I looked across at him sleeping soundly, has head lolling drunkenly to one side.

She took my hand and gently eased it up her leg under her skirt. The nylon-encased flesh was warm to the touch. I slid it a little higher and encountered naked flesh. My god, I thought to myself, she is wearing stockings, something I love.

I knew that I could be only inches away from the ultimate prize. I again looked across at Greg, but he was well away. I slowly inched my searching fingers higher and I heard her gasp as I touched her panties. I could feel they were already slightly damp. I eased aside the elastic and slid two fingers inside the thin material. She was warm and smooth. I parted her damp, warm pussy lips and slid one finger into the wetness of her hole. I felt her body tense at the side of me and she groaned quietly. Then she lay there letting me explore her most intimate parts, both of us getting our pleasure.

She leaned up, putting her arms around my neck, and leaning close, she whispered in my ear, "I need you, I want to feel you." I was a little shocked by the turn of events, but I was not going to let that spoil my fun. It was not often that such a young girl took such a keen interest in me.

" I'm going upstairs," she said in a whisper. "Give me a few minutes, then follow me." I looked across at Greg. "Don't worry about him. He won't wake up for ages." I gave her five minutes. Then, giving a last look at the sleeping Greg, I went quietly up the stairs.

Amy was waiting for me at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a white wrap tied at the waist. I could see that her erect nipples were making sharp impressions on the thin material and I realised that she was probably not wearing a lot under it.

"Are you sure he won't wake?" I asked a little nervously.

She shook her head. "Not a chance." Then she kissed me on the lips, a long lingering kiss, her tongue sliding into my mouth. Then she pulled away. She took hold of the tie of her wrap and held it out to me as an invitation I could not refuse. I pulled on it gently till it came undone. The wrap parted and I saw that she was indeed naked under it.

My eyes first took in the smooth mound of her pussy. Then as she eased the wrap wider apart, I was greeted with the awesome sight of her breasts, large and firm, with dark brown areas supporting her protruding nipples. The wrap fell to the floor and she stood there completely naked. Well, almost. I was pleased to see that she had left her stockings on for me. Then she was in my arms, pushing her young naked body against me.

I caressed her body, clutching at her firm buttocks. She pulled at my clothes and between us, we managed to get them off without letting go of one another. She pulled me into a bedroom and eased herself up onto the bed. She lay there breathing heavily, her long legs parted wide. The pink lips of her open vagina glistened wetly, an invitation I could no longer refuse. I got up onto the bed and positioned myself between her open legs. She reached down and grabbed my erection and eased it forward. The head of my tool eased its way easily between her wet lips. I thrust it hard into her willing body. She cried out and pulled me down on top of her with her breasts flattened against my chest.

We wrestled together, thrusting against each other, her firm young body accepting everything and crying out for more.

Our lovemaking seemed to last for ages. I took her close to the top several times, feeling her strong orgasms following one another in quick succession, until she pleaded with me to finish. At last I let it go. I attempted to withdraw but she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep into her. "I want to feel it inside me," she whispered urgently in my ear. Afterwards, we lay side by side, letting the cool air dry our bodies.

After she had come around, she rose and went to shower. She came back wrapped in a towel and told me that she had left the shower running for me. I went into the bathroom and stepped into the shower, letting the warm spray cleanse my body.

When I returned to the bedroom, she was already dressed, sitting in front of the dressing table applying her make up. I noticed her watching me in the mirror as I slipped back into my clothes.

When she had finished, she turned to me smiling. "Do I look all right?" she asked.

I nodded. "You look wonderful." She was wearing a pretty silk dress with bright red flowers on it. It suited her, though the top was straining a little containing her wonderful breasts, and I could again see the protrusions of her thrusting nipples.

She reached down and took hold of the hem of the dress and pulled it up, lifting it above her waist. I smiled when I saw that she was not wearing anything under it, her pretty pussy exposed, and her long legs encased in sheer hold up stockings. "You like?" she teased with a grin.

"I like!" I said, grinning back at her.

Back down stairs, she had just made me another coffee when Greg came around. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. "Are you two ready?" he asked sleepily. "You should have woken me."

"No problem," I answered. "Amy has entertained me." I winked at her and she smiled back.

He took his coffee from Amy. "I'll just slip up and take a shower, won't be long." He disappeared upstairs. He was gone long enough for me to discover that Amy was not wearing anything but the dress. Her firm young body felt wonderful just covered in the thin silk.

I was a little disappointed that Greg made her sit in the back as we drove to the restaurant, but she entertained me by caressing her breasts suggestively as I watched her through the rear view mirror. In the restaurant, Amy sat between us, and it was an interesting meal with Amy pushing her leg against mine. When Greg went to the toilet, I got a chance to slide my hand up her leg and play gently with her open pussy.

It was a very good meal and it cost me a packet, but it was worth every penny, with Amy sitting next to me, and knowing as I did that apart from the thin silk of her dress, she was naked. In my minds eye, I could imagine her sitting there in all her naked glory. I dropped them both off at their house. They did invite me in but I was not sure that I could manage a second performance, however much I would have liked too. They said they would keep in touch.

I was not at all surprised when later that week I got a call on my mobile from Amy. She inquired how I was and if I had enjoyed my visit. I smiled to myself. "Yes, it was very enjoyable," I said.

"When are you coming over again?" she inquired.

"I'm not sure, have you something in mind?" I asked.

I heard her laugh softly. "Well," she said, "I was looking forward to a little more of the same." I could not believe what I was hearing. This young 21-year-old was actually asking me to fuck her. Well, I could not disappoint her, could I?

I suggested that we meet in a hotel where I would book a room for us. My company used a good hotel in the town centre and I fixed to meet her there the following evening. Driving over, I was as excited as a kid going to his first party. I could still not imagine what a little cracker like Amy could see in an older guy like me, but then who was I to knock it?

I booked in, went up and checked out the room. It looked very comfortable, as usual, with a large king size bed and with the drinks cabinet well stocked. I had about an hour before I was meeting Amy, so I showered and had half an hour on the bed. I lay naked on a towel, gently stroking my cock, feeling it begin to stiffen in my hand. "You're in for some action tonight," I said to it. "Don't let me down."

I had arranged to meet Amy in the bar and she appeared right on time. She was carrying a small case. I looked at it inquiringly. She smiled. "I told Greg I was stopping over with one of the girls from work." She looked at me. "Not a problem, is it?"

I smiled back. "Not at all." So I was going to spend a whole night with her. Things just kept getting better. "Do you want a drink or would you like to go up and see the room?" I asked her.

She smiled a coy smile. "I think I would like to see the room, and maybe have a drink there." I took her bag and she followed me to the lift. As soon as the doors shut, her arms were around my neck and her lips on mine, her tongue squirming deep in my mouth, her taught young body pressed urgently against me.

She released me quickly as we arrived at the 10th floor. Shit, I thought to myself, she really was hot. She loved the room with its large windows overlooking the city, and marveled at the luxury of the bathroom. She tried the TV and inspected the drink cabinet. "What can I get you, sir?" she asked in a child like voice.

"Whiskey straight, over ice," I said, "and help yourself to whatever you want." She busied herself with the drinks while I took my jacket off and hung it in the wardrobe. Then, I settled myself down in an armchair. She brought the drinks over and handed me mine. She held up her glass. "Here's to a fun night!" She grinned coyly.

I nodded. "I'll drink to that".

She stood in front of me looking down at me. She was wearing a smart black dress with a white pattern. It had a scoop neckline that showed a deep cleavage, dark stockings, and black patent shoes that completed her outfit. "Like what you see?" she asked.

"You know I do," I replied, "but now that we have a little more time, I would like to see a little more."

She smiled. "I thought you would never ask." She placed her drink on the dressing table and turned back to me. "Do you want it slow and easy?" she inquired.

I nodded. " The slower the better, and maybe a little music," I said, indicating the radio buttons at the side of the bed. She walked over and selected a station playing sweet and low, set the volume, and came back, standing about a meter away, and began swaying her body to the music.

She ran her hands over her body, caressing her breasts and smoothing her hands down over her hips. She reached behind her neck and I heard the swish of a zip being lowered. She took hold of the top of the dress and eased it down her arms until it fell around her waist. She was wearing a black lace bra, her large breasts threatening at any moment to burst free from their confines. She eased the dress over her hips and it dropped to the floor around her feet, where she kicked it away.

She had a narrow black thong in the same lacy materiel as the bra. It left little to the imagination and she was for my pleasure wearing long dark lacy topped hold ups. She looked stunning. I felt a stirring in my pants as she stood there in front of me smiling.

She made a production of removing her bra, but soon those creamy mounds of perfection were bared, her large nipples already prominent. She caressed her nipples and played with them, giving me that sultry look. Then she turned around, giving me a rear view. She was just as beautiful from this point with the thin black strap of her thong disappearing between the smooth twin globes of her bottom.

She looked at me over her shoulder, smiling as she took hold of the waistband of the thong. Then she began easing it down over her hips and down her legs. She bent over as she did so, and this gave me an interesting view of the pink folds of her pussy, peeping cheekily out from between her thighs. She stepped out of the thong and tossed it away. Then she turned and faced me in all her naked beauty.

By this time I had a raging erection tenting out the front of my pants. I did not try to conceal my condition from her as she stood there, her fingers idly stroking her pussy.

"I have something I think you need to take care of," I said softly, looking down at the huge bulge in my pants. She smiled and walked slowly over and got down on her knees in front of me. I lay back in the chair as she unbuckled and unzipped my pants.

Then her hands were inside my boxers, her cool fingers encircling my dick. It was so hard she had some problem getting it free from my boxers, but at last it sprang out.

She worked her fingers up and down the full length. I groaned. She was good, and I had to hold back a gasp when for the first time I felt her wet lips fully encircle the head of my rampant tool. Then her lips slid down, taking me deep into her throat. I looked down at her long blond hair draped across my legs, her red lips sucking and working over the full length of my shaft.

She was good, very good. Her hands cradled and caressed my scrotum, squeezing them gently. I knew I could not hold back much longer, and she knew it as well. I came with a rush. She gulped it up hungrily with enjoyment, licking up every last drop.

Then she undressed me and by the time she was done, I was ready again. She lay on the bed. She was an open invitation. I accepted. It was great. We took it gently, exploring each other. She knew how to move. I knew where she needed it, and we sailed together on a magic carpet of lust.

After our lovemaking, we showered together and made wonderful wet love in the shower.

As we dried ourselves, I opened a bottle of cool white wine and we drank it together. We did not bother to dress. She walked around the apartment naked and I sat and enjoyed the sight of her nakedness. She stood against the large picture window overlooking the city. "I bet somebody down there is getting a wonderful eyeful," I called across to her.

She turned and laughed. "I don't care. I like to be seen like this. I want everyone to see me."

I suggested that we eat something. She thought it was a good idea. I picked up the phone and ordered room service. She picked a selection from the menu and I added mine. I was told it would be with us shortly. I picked up a toweling robe off the bed and slipped into it. She looked at me. "Where's mine?"

I shrugged with a wry smile on my face. "I booked this as a single room. They only supply one." She headed for her discarded clothes. "Don't spoil the fun," I said. "You said you liked people to see you naked. Well, here's your chance. Just spread yourself across the bed and see what a reaction you get."

She turned and smiled at me. "Is that what you really want?" I nodded slowly.

She got up on the bed and lay there, resting on one elbow, all her exciting charms displayed. "Will this do?" she asked.I nodded. "Perfect."

Just then there was a light knock on the door. I called for them to come in. The door opened and a young Asian lad walked in, pushing a trolley. I saw him look at the bed and saw his eyes widen. He looked at me, flustered. "I'm sorry, sir, but I thought I heard you call me in."

I nodded. "Yes, I did. Is there a problem?"

He looked again at Amy. "But madam, sir!" he said, looking again in her direction. Amy was now lying on the bed gently caressing one of her breasts. I could see the perspiration breaking out on the dark skin of his forehead. He was really embarrassed.

Amy too must have noticed his embarrassment. She slid off the bed and walked over to him. She positioned herself almost in front of him. "What have you got for us? I am really famished."

I began to feel sorry for him, as she stood there in all her nakedness, lifting the covers off the food. "You can serve it over there," she said to him, indicating a table next to the window. I did not know if he were in heaven or hell as she followed him to the table, seating herself down, and waiting for him to serve her food. He served the food quickly and seemed only too eager to get out of the room.

When the door closed on him, we both burst out laughing. "You are a right little tease," I said to her. She shrugged her pretty shoulders, biting hungrily into a chicken leg. "Well, that was what you wanted, wasn't it? I thought that it was great fun. I don't think by the state he was in that he had ever seen a naked woman before."

We chatted some more over our meal about her exhibitionist tendencies. She told me that she had always gotten a kick out of showing herself off wearing low cut dresses, short or split skirts, and going topless on holiday. It was interesting, I thought to myself, something I would work on. After the meal, it was back to bed and I was soon immersed between those glorious thighs.

Written by: aaron1944

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