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Aaron In The Cruising Park

by lionel_collins©

I had been perched on the back-rest of my favourite bench, at the top of the main trail leading to the central cruising area; it was the crossroads of my gay world, commanding a view of four of the five trails that led to Sodom and Gomorrah.

The moment I saw him coming from the parking area, I knew he was quite young; I'd cruised the park long enough that I was able to spot a cute guy from surprisingly great distances. The closer this baby got, the more my mouth watered. A hockey cap, worn backwards, indicated he was a Boston Bruins fan.

A surreptitious glance caused me to worry that he might be too young. Carefully watching the hand in his pocket, I caught his brief signal, a slight rubbing movement in the crotch area; there was no eye contact. None was necessary in the cruising park.

He had let his dark, blond hair grow into a point on the nape of his neck. I'm a real freak for that and was so turned on I thought I might be tempted to ignore the age question.

Slowly, he descended the trail, towards the river He seemed uncertain as to where he was going; possibly, he was a newbie. I had never seen him before. 'Maybe he's visiting Montreal from Boston,' I pondered.

I sighed in relief when he turned into one of the narrow trails that led to the main sex-hunting area.

A cute, young guy would cause a no-holds-barred frenzy amongst the chicken-hawks and my target would, undoubtedly, be snared, in a heart-beat. And, though I doubted anyone else was hunting, yet, it being so early, but I couldn't be sure. I quickly jumped on my bike and started after Prince Charming.

I had been hunting in the park for several years and was thoroughly familiar with the maze of trails. I used a short-cut that allowed me to head him off.

Stomach churning, I Impatiently waited at the intersection, keeping well out of sight so I could clock him more closely to try to determine whether he was old enough. As well, I'd get another opportunity to enjoy the pointed hair; how I loved that, I-don't-give-a-damn-attitude, hair style.

A sunk feeling overwhelmed me when I saw another guy approaching from the opposite direction. My worst fear was that my prince might encounter someone else, and it was materializing. The approacher, a middle-aged man, walked at a quick pace that usually indicated one who had already been satisfied and was leaving; fortunately, that was the case. Seeing him, though, had been a major jolt, considering I had been so certain I was the only hunter there.

Now, to avoid the possibility of any other unwanted encounters, I'd have to modify my mode of operation. I'd have to employ my boldest approach, the, Do-or-Die shocker, that would either work immediately, or fail ruinously.

Permitting my prey get a short way, down the trail, I slowly pedaled past , saying, loudly enough that he'd surely hear me, "Oh, Baby, would I ever love to suck your cock." It worked most of the time.

I kept going until I got to a very narrow and rock-filled trail which I'd used many times. It being especially difficult to manage, privacy was almost guaranteed. I proceeded slowly enough that he wouldn't lose sight of me, knowing that If he followed me along this positively horrid trail he'd become entangled in my web.

The wait seemed interminable. I could already taste his, fresh, young cock. "Where the fuck can he be?" I asked myself. "He should have been here, by now." Then, I worried that perhaps he hadn't understood what I'd said; many of the guys cruising here spoke French and couldn't understand a word of English. Unfortunately, it would've been impossible to deliver my message in two languages within so short a time.

"Damn," I said to myself, aloud, 'My chance would have been so much better had I spoken in French."

Pretending to be pissing, I finally heard him when he softly cursed a rock over which he'd stumbled. I turned slowly, my cock, still in my hand to, at last, adore him face to face.

"Hi," he said, his voice shaking, "Did you mean...ah, what I think you meant?" He asked, shyly.

"Trust me," I replied, enthusiastically, "I wanna suck you till you scream for mercy."

His T-shirt had already been removed and was tucked it into the waistband of his shorts; his slightly hairy chest was much better defined than I'd imagined. 'He really should wear a tighter T-shirt,' I thought.

Now, up close, I was certain he was too young. His baby face, with big blue eyes, was, arguably, lick provoking; how strong could I be in the face of such temptation? I just had to have his baby cock in my mouth.

"How old are you?" I reluctantly asked, dreading his answer.

"Eighteen," he answered, softly.

"You look younger; I'm scared to get involved with an under-aged guy." I said, hoping he'd assure me, somehow, that he was, indeed, old enough.

"You look young, yourself," the boy said, "How do I know you're old enough?"

"Hah," I laughed, "Nice of you to say so. I'm sure you're not serious, though, I'm twenty-five; I never get carded, anymore," I said, enviously.

His driving license, to my great relief, showed that he was, indeed, eighteen.

"I...uh, like, don't have any, what am I, uh, supposed to do, now?" He asked, nervously, while shifting from one foot to the other. ", I've, sorta, like, never had a blow-job."

"Never?" I asked, incredulously.

"Does that change things? He asked, seeming to be annoyed. Then, self-consciously toying with a small rock underfoot, he added, "Actually, I've never done, ah, what I mean is, I've never had any kind of sex with anybody. I just, sorta, haven't been lucky, I suppose."

"Well, Baby, this is your lucky day," I said, approaching him to make it a momentous occasion by ,ceremoniously, lowering his shorts, then, slowly, lowering his CKs; there was a loud intake of breath upon the realization that his private possessions were now exposed. Nervous perspiration glistened on his forehead.

The prince's uncut cock was about average; though not long, it was certainly large enough to provide enjoyable deep-throating. A mini-foreskin permitted the tip of his smooth, pinkish cock head to peek out. Almost translucent, the skin clearly showed the shape of a large knob. Baby's low-hanging, smooth balls were most suckable. On my knees, inhaling his sweet aroma, I was about to suck him into a world of untold joy when, abruptly, he backed away from me.

"What's wrong?" My stomach was, once again, being tied into knots.

"I can't do this, man, like, I don't feel it's right for me. I'm too uncomfortable."

"What changed your mind, all of a sudden?" I couldn't believe it; his cock had been practically in my mouth.

"Well, I don't, like, it wouldn't be fair...I wouldn't be able to do anything for you...I'm sorry I, uh...I guess I wasted your-"

"Aw, don't be silly," I interrupted. " I wasn't expecting you to do anything. Sucking your cock is all the reward I need...Honestly, Giving head to cute, young guys is what turns my crank. C'mon, Baby, get your monster into my mouth; I wanna suck ya till ya collapse in ecstasy." Calling his cock a monster, though it was a stretch, was greatly appreciated.

"You're sure, like, you won't try to, sorta, embarrass me, like, to make me do something in return, huh, you promise?"

I answered with a long, sloppy kiss on his large, pink pee-hole; the joyful moans began immediately. Looking up to see his expression, of complete abandonment of all his apprehensions, was priceless. His balls, in a silky, smooth sac, felt right at home in my mouth. I sucked them till he clearly indicated he wanted his cock licked, again.

"Let me treat you to something else," I suggested, after a while. I lead him to a large, low-lying tree limb that was ideally placed to serve my purpose. "step out of your shorts an' underwear and bend over the limb."

"Oh, man, hold on a sec, what's happening" He asked, deeply concerned. "I'm not getting fucked, if that's what your thinking," he said with finality.

"Don't get yourself all twisted up, Baby, you're gonna love this, like crazy," I assured him.

His legs spread naturally as he, tentatively, draped himself over the limb. He jumped when I dribbled my hot saliva onto the small of his back. Then, like a painter, I brushed with my tongue, continuously applying as much saliva as I could produce; and already, the doll was panting.

When I licked downward to the start of his valley, causing the saliva to ooze down the crack, his body stiffened. I squatted, slightly, and spread the cheeks of the gorgeous, bubble butt. His body quaked and his legs almost caved when my tongue began an exploratory tour of his crevice. He looked back to convince himself it was truly happening, that his butt was, indeed, being scoffed. "Holy fuck!" he sighed, obviously in a state of total disbelief.

I felt my precum drip when his sphincter muscle pulsed, as though was trying to snare my hot, pressing, tongue and pull it deeper into his rectum; indeed, he was delighting in the glorious sensations he was experiencing in that least expected area of his anatomy. He reached back and, groaning loudly, spread his buttocks wider, while pressing, forcefully, against my face.

"Oh my god, man. Push harder, please; ah, ah, oh,yeah, fuck, push it hard, man, I need it all the way in, he implored. "Oh,fuck, yeah, this is too fuckin' incredible."

Repeatedly, I sucked his balls, tongue-poked his butt hole and licked his crack from stem to stern to the symphony of his sexy moans and groans; Baby was having an episode that would probably change his life. "I can't take any more, man, I'm gonna' explode," he panted.

"Quick," I shouted, abruptly turning him around, "Get it in my mouth."

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, hitting my upper lip with a small, introductory spurt; then, grabbing the back of my head with both hands, he pulled me to him. As though, trying to stuff his nuts into me, as well, he face-fucked me, like a madman, until load after load of his warm juice filled my mouth; I swirled it for a long time before swallowing. Once Again, I took the glistening, treasure into my mouth to suck for any reluctant drops. Then, I licked him clean from his testicles to his pee hole.

"Wow! What a cool, fucking-incredible experience; I never would have believed anyone would do something like that," he exclaimed, excitedly, "I was in Paradise."

"You sure do make scrumptious cum-sauce, Baby, any chance I could have the recipe?"

"Are you jiving me?" he asked, laughing, "I mean, like, do you really think it tastes good? One time I licked some off my hand and ate it but I couldn't make up my mind whether I liked it, or the way; what's your name?" he asked, as he gingerly wiped his sensitive dick head with his T shirt.

Although names were seldom exchanged in the cruising park, I'd felt comfortable enough with him.

"Keith...Keith Mitchell; what's yours?"

"Aaron McKay...I only asked 'cause I would've felt weird, inviting you to my place without even knowing your name."

"Right now?"? I asked excitedly, my cock quickly hardening in anticipation.

"We could exchange numbers and arrange something later...that is, like, if you want to." Then, grinning lasciviously, he quickly added, "Like, maybe this afternoon, for example"

"My mouth's watering, already," I said, wide-eyed.

"My roommate is visiting her parents in Chicago; we'll have the apartment to ourselves. I think I'd do anything to visit Paradise, again." He said, sounding like he'd already become addicted to sex play with more than just his own hand.

"What do you mean by, 'do anything.'?" I asked, grinning; his answer would be irrelevant though, because I was ready to get together with this baby, anytime; I only wanted to hear him say it.

"I meant that I'm sure I'll be able to do what's expected; if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, Baby, trust me, I know exactly what you mean."

It was no surprise when, later that day, he called. The Boston Bruins were playing The Montreal Canadians at The Bell Center, that evening, and he invited me to go with him. Certainly, I accepted, knowing there'd be a very exciting post-game show at his place. But I, didn't let on to him that I didn't know a cross side pass from an elephant's ass, about hockey.

Written by: lionel_collins

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