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"Can I Lick Your Pussy?" She Asked

by Bazzza©

"Okay, where do you want me?" she asked while placing a newly washed vibrator onto the arm of the chair.

Without waiting for an answer, she slipped onto the couch in the same position as I was but a few minutes before. My eyes fell to Ruth's substantial breasts; they were large and round with huge nipples. As a nurse, I'd seen thousands of both male and female bodies, but they were never considered in a sexual context. This was hugely different, and for a few seconds I let my eyes wander over Ruth's curves. Below her breasts, her pale body tapered down to her waist and then flared outwards to her generous hips. Her thighs were large and round, not fat but firm, powerful and shapely looking. Her legs were closed and I couldn't yet see what lay between them, but I knew that time had now arrived. I took a deep breath and stepped closer to a patiently waiting Ruth, placing a pillow on the floor to protect my bonny knee's, I knelt before her.

I slowly eased her thighs apart and got my first glimpse of the first pussy I was ever to play with. My first observation was that it had been shaved smooth from the top of the lips down, only a tuft of dark wild curls remained above. A pair of full lips awaited me below, shiny no doubt from her arousal and high expectations of what was about to follow. The tip of her clitoris peaked out at me from between her partly parted lips. Ruth mistook my delay in going further as a sign of hesitation.

"Hey, you don't have to do this if you don't want to." she offered.

"Oh, but I do." I replied without hesitation.

I eased Ruth's thighs further apart and moved forward so that I reach her. The warmth radiating from her private parts hit me before my tongue made contact with her inner thigh. She sighed deeply as I ran my tongue upwards to those large welcoming lips. I allowed my tongue to explore the smoothness of her outer lips, at the same time allowing me to sample the taste. It was similar to my own and I felt no revulsion as my tongue slipped between her lips and into her large deep slit. I relished the absolute silkiness of her insides, and marvelled at the warm wet sensation. Ruth squirmed beneath me as I pushed my mouth between those lips and allowed my tongue to explore further. At this moment, any inhibitions I may have had disappeared. I can do this I told myself.

With my fingers, I eased her lips apart to get a look at her clitoris. It looked like a small male penis, and I began to suckle on it like I had done to so many before. Well not that many really. Ruth began to rotate her pussy against my face in appreciation, and before long my face was soaking in her juices. I eventually lowered my mouth so that my tongue could slip inside her opening. Thinking back to how I liked my pussy played with, I then began to suck her lips into my mouth and suckle on them in turn. Between moving from one to the other, my tongue would slip into her opening and caress her inner lips.

"Jeeeeeezus, you're a dirty bitch." Ruth murmured from above.

I responded by giving her clitoris a playful little bite, resulting in her buttocks lifting from the couch and her substantial thighs closing briefly around my ears. After awhile, I changed tact and slipped a finger inside her, and then another. With my mouth firmly over Ruth's clitoris, I began to slide my fingers in and out of her. Ruth immediately began to move her pussy in time with me; and little familiar groans of pleasure were soon greeting my ears.

By now I was enjoying myself. I liked the warm softness of Ruth's pussy and the smoothness of her inner thighs. Her pussy was warm, wet and inviting, and the act was excitingly different from the normal man on woman sex I was so accustomed to. I was content to kneel before her and provide her as much pleasure as I possible could, and her appreciation was certainly apparent and forth coming.

"Put the vibrator in." she suggested after awhile.

I obliged, and slipped the small bullet between her lips and pushed it in with my fingers. Using the small controller at the end of the cord, I then turned it on to about half speed. I could feel it working as soon as my tongue returned to her clitoris, the little vibrations sneaking up my tongue and into my mouth.

I could sense the tension building in Ruth, the little jerky movements becoming more urgent, her groans and moans of pleasure increasing as each second ticked away. The use of the vibrator allowed my hand to stray between my own thighs, and I found myself still aroused and wet. I gently played with myself but taking care not to detract from my more important task of pleasuring Ruth. My own pleasure however did not last for long. Ruth began moving erratically and I needed both hands on her thighs to hold her still enough for my mouth to continue working its erotic charm. My face was now absolutely sopping with Ruth's juices, her ever moving pussy was gyrating under against my mouth and nose. I eased the speed up on the vibrator a little as the batteries had done a fair amount of work this night.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's soooo fuuuuckin nice." she whispered. "Ohhhhhhhh this is gonna be reeeeeal goooood."

A few seconds later, Ruth let out a load groan as she lifted her buttocks high from the couch. It sort of caught me unexpectedly and my face slipped from between her pussy lips, Ruth's reached for my face and directed it straight back to where she wanted it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Ruth sighed as she rubbed my submissive face around her gyrating pussy for the next few seconds.

I held on to Ruth's thighs for grim death, for I didn't want to ruin her moment of fun, eventually she began to relax backwards onto the couch and away from my face. Her hand appeared down at her pussy and found the vibrator cord; she then eased the still buzzing contraption from her and dropped it onto my lap for me to turn off.

"Holyyyyyyyyy fuuuuuuck, that was sooooo gooood." she whispered as she began to return to earth.

For a bit of fun, I leaned forward and slipped my tongue to her exposed clitoris, and her face grimaced in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"No no nooo.' she squealed while trying to wriggle away from my playful tongue. "Don't be a bitch."

I sniggered and leaned back away from her swiftly closing thighs, for I didn't want to get my head jammed in there. Just to cause a bit more trouble, I picked up Ruth's robe and wiped her juices from my face. It was a waste of time really, for she leaned back on the couch with closed eyes and a very contented look on her face.

Mmmmmmm." she whispered after a few seconds. "You sure you haven't done this before?"


"Well, anytime you want to try it again, you just call on me. That was something else."

"I'll remember that." I replied while making myself comfortable on the floor.

I guess it was a few minutes later that the guilt and the embarrassment of what we did began to set in. We both made excuses and drifted back to our own respective bedrooms. For me, it was mixed emotions. I was excited about what had happened, how I guided another person to an orgasm in a way never before. My hand again strayed downwards and between my legs, and I slowly pleasured myself. But the guilt also floated through my head, what if someone found out, and what would they think? Even though the acts we performed on each other it were supposed to be taboo, it was also different and passionate, and felt lovely too. I enjoyed the act of giving as much as the receiving, the silky sensation of slipping my tongue between Ruth's pussy lips, the taste and warmth also enticingly good. I enjoyed her groans of pleasure and the gyrating of her pussy on my face. Should I feel guilty I asked myself? Only time will answer that question.

The next morning, Ruth and I tip toed nervously around each other. But Ruth being a stronger person than I; slipped her arm around my shoulders and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"That was good fun last night, and I'll never forget it." she stated. "There'll never be any regrets on my part."

I smiled back at her, "Me neither."

And after that, everything was okay.

What happened that night was never repeated. Not long after, Ruth got a new man in her life, and was totally in lust if not love. Many a night I would lie in my bed and listen to her little moans of pleasure, and I would smile in her happiness. My love life improved too, a new man here and there for me to love. About six months afterwards, Ruth suggested that she would like a little more privacy for her and her man, and wanted me to find a new place to live sometime in the near future, but there was no rush. Again, it was time for me to spread my wings, and I soon found my own place and got on with life.

All this happened ten years ago, and my life has certainly changed since. I'm now a wife to a wonderful man, and the mother to two beautiful young children. Like most men, my husband has some interest in my previous love life, but I've never told him about that night with Ruth. Maybe I will one day, who knows. The guilt has long since departed, and I will always remember that night for what it was. Just two inquisitive people experimenting in life and love. Would I ever do it again, some people might ask? I just might be tempted under the right circumstances. Only time will tell.

Written by: Bazzza

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