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Hot Vacation

by hornygranny©

We were on vacation with my daughter and her husband of three years. My wife and I both really liked Matt and Amber was very happy in her marriage. We had rented a condo for a week and found out we had a two-bedroom so we asked them if they wanted to join us. Our son was going to be at summer school and wouldn't be able to attend. Amber and Matt jumped at the chance. We settled in on Saturday evening and took a drive around the city and found a nice place for dinner. That was where things started to change.

My wife, Tammy, has always been very reserved sexually. Behind our closed bedroom door was the only place she ever got the least bit wild and that still left a lot to be desired for me, but since she was a good woman and there were lots of other things that were great about her I just lived with a less-than-exciting sex life with her. I spent a lot of time reading erotic stories online to supplement my active imagination and did a lot of masturbating to keep from going crazy in between the every-other-week times with Tammy. My favorite kind of story was wifeslut. It really turned me on to fantasize about my wife fucking and sucking others in front of me. I was certain it would never happen but I still spilled a ton of cum into Kleenex dreaming of seeing her mouth full of cock while I watched. Anyway, back to our vacation.

Matt was paying a lot of attention to Tammy. He held her chair for her when she sat and complimented her appearance and made a couple of mentions about her being sexy. Normally, Tammy would have laughed off that kind of talk. Any time I say those things, she just tells me I am crazy and pays very little attention, but tonight, she seemed to hang on every nice thing Matt said to her. Amber even seemed to egg him on by agreeing with him and even asking me if I agreed. I spent the entire dinner wondering if I was with the same woman I left home with. I know people let go on vacation, but I had never experienced this in over 25 years of marriage with Tammy. I was in a trance of sorts as I watched what progressed into a bit of flirting. I can't even tell you one thing that was talked about during dinner. It was like everything was going on in a different world. We left the restaurant and headed back to our rooms and we all turned in early, tired from a long flight.

The next morning we all trickled out of our bedrooms one at a time, into the living area. I was first then Matt. He and I talked about everything and nothing. Both of the gals love their sleep and it was getting up in the day. He and I decided to walk around the resort to find out what we might enjoy doing. During the walk he asked me how things were with me and Tammy. I was shocked, especially after what I thought was his forward talking to my wife the night before. I told him things were good and wondered why he was asking.

"No reason, just some things Amber has said made me wonder if her mom was OK."

I was confused. "What has Amber said?" I didn't think anything was wrong with my wife but then sometimes she wouldn't share things with me if they were female problems.

"Nothing really. She asked me once after talking to Tammy if I thought her mom was happy. I didn't know what to think about that. Weird, huh?"

The next thing I knew we were walking around the gigantic pool and scoping out good spots not far from the bar and planning our day and week. Nothing more was said about my wife or her being happy or his flirting with her the night before.

We went back to the room and the gals were up finally and we fixed some breakfast in the room and planned out our day. We spent some time at the pool and I did notice that Matt watched Tammy some in her bathing suit and complimented her on how she looked and she told him he was silly and that was the end of it. I began to relax and think it was all innocent.

We were enjoying our week and on Tuesday night the resort had a dance and we were having a great time dancing and drinking and I even liked watching as Matt danced with Tammy. The evening moved along and when the dance was over Amber said we should find a bar close that had dancing. We asked around and no one knew of one close and since we were all pretty well drunk I didn't want to drive to find one so we decided to walk a block to the liquor store and get some beer and play cards back in our room. I thought we were going to get thrown out of the liquor store we were so loud and acting like drunks. On the walk back to the room Tammy stumbled and Matt caught her and as he did his hand grabbed her full on one of her boobs. We all froze for just a second and then Tammy stood up and we all laughed so hard we couldn't go on for a minute. We finally got back to the room and Amber mentioned a couple of times about her husband feeling up her mom. They were all laughing about it but I was feeling a flood of emotions about what had happened. I thought of all the stories I had read and jerked off to of slutwives allowing their bodies to be used in front of their husbands. I wasn't sure I wanted my son-in-law doing it but I did have an erection as I thought of the picture of his hand firmly on her breast and holding her. On the other hand though, I was thinking about how if I had touched her breasts in public in an innocent way such as that she would have been pissed at me

and told me to stop it and not mention it again. I finally chalked it up to her drinking and nothing more.

We started playing cards and drinking with Matt playing bartender. He made sure we always had a drink in front of us and soon we were all very smashed. Tammy decided she wanted to get out of her dress into something more comfortable. Amber said that sounded like a good idea. I figured Tammy would come back with her flannel PJs but I was pleasantly surprised she came back in wearing her silk robe and apparently nothing under it. I also noticed she was still wearing her stockings, which had my cock very hard as I tried to remember if which panties she had worn that evening and hoping maybe she took them off too. Amber opted for a more conservative look wearing a terrycloth robe and when she saw Tammy she said, "All right, Mom. That is what I call a robe." She hugged her mom and I thought I saw her hand brush across Tammy's breast although I was probably dreaming and hoping more than anything. "Doesn't Mom look great, Matt?" I could have swore she winked at him when she asked.

"Oh yes, she looks great. It is easy to see where you get your good looks and body dear." He hugged my daughter and kissed her hard on the mouth and it was obvious they were tongueing each other right in front of us. Tammy put her arm around me and I kissed her also. I wanted so badly to rub her breasts or crotch but controlled myself in front of my daughter, although I did run my hand over her ass and I was thrilled to find her without panties. I was hard immediately. One of the hottest thing for me is to know my wife isn't wearing panties and I didn't care that she was that way in front of the kids.

We sat back down and started playing cards again. I felt some moving under the table but just figured Amber and Matt were getting frisky since my wife never would do anything like that in public. A couple of times I felt a stocking covered foot on my leg and I was surprised but happy to feel that. Maybe the drinks were loosening up my wife and we would have some hot sex later. As we played on there were many times I thought Tammy was very distracted and I was always having to remind her what was trump and what was led. She normally is a very good player so I figured that she was just really drunk. I felt her foot again rubbing my leg and I slipped my shoe off and started working my foot on hers only to find other legs across the table. Apparently there was some hot footsie play with my daughter and her husband. I bumped my foot into my daughter's and pulled back quickly, embarrassed to have interupted them. She just laughed at being caught and catching me trying to do the same thing.

"Oh Dad, don't be embarrassed. Everyone likes a little footsie now and then."

"Yeah Don, it's cool," Matt said as he patted me on the shoulder. "I don't blame you either. I would be doing the same if I were you."

Tammy punched him in the shoulder and gave him a stern look. "How can you say that right in front of me?"

He looked shocked and glanced to me and Amber before saying, "Hell, Tammy it is true. A man should want his wife especially when she is as sexy as you." He turned to me, "I didn't mean to offend anyone." He started to get up and leave but Tammy pulled his arm and had him sit back down.

"I am sorry, I just was embarrassed. I haven't heard anyone but Don say anything like that for years." He sat back down but she didn't take her hand off his arm. The cards were dealt and I noticed Matt's right hand was under the table a lot. I also noticed that when it was under the table, Tammy was very distracted. Another game was finished with the kids beating us old folks, something that would not happen if I was sober. Matt was gloating a bit, in a good natured way, then asked if we should play for some kind of stakes. Tammy quickly agreed and asked what he had in mind.

"I don't know, we could play for money or maybe losers do a truth or dare?"

I was the only one shocked by his comment but both of the gals were very ready and Tammy said, "Sure, why not? It isn't like you are going to beat us again anyway." There was lots of laughing and trash-talking about who was going to beat who. The cards were dealt and we one. I looked to Tammy.

"You want a truth or a dare for them?" She thought for a moment and finally asked some innane question and Amber answered whatever it was. I only know I was quite disappointed that it wasn't something sexual since there was a high tension in the air and I was sure there was a sexual motivation for Matt wanting to do the truth or dare. This went on for the next 30 minutes and there were questions answered about cheating on taxes and tests in school and I was getting bored with it all. We won the next hand and Tammy insisted I chose a question to be answered. I looked at my daughter and asked, "Was Matt your first?" I got a kick under the table from my wife.

"Damn you Don, that is none of your business." She looked at Amber and said, "Don't answer that." She looked back at me and said, "You should be ashamed of yourself."

"Mom, its ok." Amber looked at me and asked, "First what?"

Now I was the one on the spot. How much did I want to know? I looked at Matt and he gave me the well-old-man-just-how-much-you-want-to-know look. I gulped and said, "Um...well were you a virgin for him?"

She laughed and said, "Oh yes, Daddy, what kind of a girl did you think you raised?" I was nervous and tried to laugh it off. The only one who seemed bothered by it was me. Tammy laughed with her about knowing she had been a good girl growing up.

Matt said, "I don't know how good she was. She was a virgin but she was still pretty fun to be with." I felt a kick under the table and then the kids both laughed about it. We lost the next hand and Matt looked at Tammy and asked the same question I had asked his wife. She looked at him and didn't say anything for a minute.

"What do you think, smartypants?"

He took a long drink and said, "I think you were."

"Well, you are right but I had lots of offers before I met your father-in-law." I thought it odd that she was talking only to him as if Amber and I weren't even in the room.

"Have you had any since?" he asked, looking right at her.

"Win another hand and maybe I will tell you." She grabbed up the cards and started dealing. Matt was obviously excited by her answer and even mentioned to Amber they needed to win the next hand. The stakes had definately been raised. We won and I insisted on asking something not sexual. I wasn't wanting to kill the mood totally but I was so hard in my pants that it was uncomfortable and I hoped to cool off. I am not sure if I wanted to hear if my wife had cheated on me or not but I certainly got harder when she intimated there might be a hot story if she was asked. We won the next two hands and on the second question, Amber said she would rather take a dare than answer. I didn't even hear the question so I don't know what she was hiding but Tammy said, "OK, go out on the balcony and lean over the rail and let your robe fall open and stand there five minutes no matter who is looking."

I was shocked. I couldn't believe my wife was asking for this and I was further shocked when my daughter walked out onto the deck and turned her back to us and we saw the robe fall open. I couldn't believe I actually wanted to see what was under it. Matt was clapping and whistling and Tammy was laughing. I seemed to be the only one not enjoying. It seemed like an eternity but finally Tammy told her she could come back in. She closed her robe before turning around and rejoining us but her nipples were hard and showing through the robe. I was sure there was nothing under her robe. I got harder.

We finally lost the next hand and Amber and Matt argued over whether they should ask a question or make Tammy do what she had just been made to do. Finally Matt won out and asked Tammy, "Well, has there been any other men since you got married?"

Tammy took a long swig of her drink and slowly set it back down on the table and looked away from all of us and said, "No other man has ever fucked my pussy."

There was stunned silence. My wife NEVER uses that kind of language. Finally, Amber nevously laughed and Matt said, "OK! I think I know what you tried not to say." It was at that point that I realized how carefully she had chosen her words. I didn't think it was possible but my cock was even harder now. Was there something to how she answered. Had other men done things to her short of intercourse? Had there been women? Had she had her ass fucked? I couldn't concentrate anymore. I deliberately misplayed the next hand. I wanted to hear what Matt would ask and more importantly, what Tammy would answer.

As soon as the last card fell, Matt said, "Has a man ever fucked you other than your pussy?"

I expected a kick from my daughter but she seemed to be hanging on for the answer just like me and Matt. "Do I have to answer?" She didn't look at me but directly at Matt.

"No, you can take a dare if you want."

She grinned, "That might be worse, wouldn't it?" She thought for a moment and said, "OK, I will take your dare."

"Take off your robe!" He didn't even hesitate a second and he looked her directly in the eyes. There was no response from Amber or me and Tammy reached up and slid the robe off her shoulders, leaving her sitting there topless. The robe fell over the chair. I was stunned and excited all at once. My almost-frigid wife was letting her daughter and her husband see her tits and in front of me. I so needed to get my cock out of my pants but didn't want anyone hearing the zipper. The silence was deafening. Finally Tammy grabbed up the cards and said, "Your deal, Matt." He fumbled with the cards, obviously not wanting to take his eyes off her tits. He finally dealt the cards and we one that hand.

Tammy didn't hesitate for a second and ordered Matt, "Take off your pants."

I slow smile crossed his lips and he stood and unfastened them and let them fall to the floor. His bulge was very evident and also the size of his cock was as well. He stood for just a minute then Amber grabbed the cards and said, "Oh sit down and play cards. Here Dad, deal them." I had as much trouble dealing as Matt had on the previous hand and I noticed that there was something going on under the table. Matt scooted his chair up very close and I noticed Tammy's hand missing. I don't know if I was hoping or dreading but I was sure she was reaching for his cock. We lost that hand and Amber asked, "Mom, what was your hand doing under the table?"

Her mother looked over at her and boldly said, "I was touching his cock."

"I knew it," Amber was smiling and then Matt smiled a big grin and scooted his chair back a little and I could see my wife's hand on his cock that had worked its way out of his boxers. He was at least 8 inches long and bigger around than me and her hand looked so small on it. She was jerking him in front of us. I was loving it. He closed his eyes and humped at her hand a bit. She started jerking him a little faster then I nearly fainted as she slipped out of her chair onto the floor in front of him. He spread his legs and she leaned forward and I watched the woman, who I always had to beg to suck me, willingly put that big cockhead in her mouth. He moaned loudly and laid his head back as she sucked his cock. She slowly bobbed up and down on it, getting it wet and licking all around.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh and realized my daughter was touching me. She scooted her chair closer to me and whispered, "I want to get a better view." Her hand moved up my thigh until she rubbed my hard cock through my pants. Tammy was bobbing up and down harder and her tits were flopping. It was a beautiful site. I was so excited to see this and yet somehow I felt it was so wrong for them to do it in front of me. I was so excited I didn't even realize Amber had unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She was jerking me as her mother sucked on her husband's cock. I wanted to close my eyes and enjoy the feeling but I didn't want to miss any of the show my wife was putting on. She raised up and slipped his slick cock between her tits and fucked it with them. She squeezed them tightly around his hard shaft and I knew how good they felt for him. I looked over at my daughter and she too had taken off her robe and I was blessed to see her hot, young body and her hand working up and down my shaft.

Suddenly Matt grunted and shot huge spurts of cum all over Tammy's tits and face. She held his cock tightly with her tits and milked him as his cum dripped off her cheek and chin. Then she sucked the last of his cum from his cock which barely softened. Amber pushed the table away from me and got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe all the sensations I was feeling. The view of my wife's face with another man's cum dripping off it and my daughter sucking my cock. I lasted all of 30 seconds and I filled my daughter's mouth with sperm. She held it all and when I finished cumming she swallowed it all. In the meantime, Matt had led Tammy to the couch and was between her legs, licking her and she was obviously enjoying it. Tammy crawled over to the couch and got up next to her mom and started kissing her face and tits, licking the cum off them. She held her mother's face and kissed her on the lips and I could tell they were swapping the cum Amber had sucked up off her mother's body. Tammy pushed Amber's face to her chest and Amber sucked on her nipples and Tammy came all over Matt's face. I know when she cums hard there is a lot of juicing and I envyed the boy. He was moaning as she flooded his face.

"Oh mom, doesn't he eat pussy well?"

Tammy just nodded and finally said, "Almost as good as your father."

"Really, is Daddy good at eating cunt?" She looked at me, "Do you like eating pussy, Daddy?"

I walked over to her and pulled her legs apart and started kissing her young cunt. I licked and probed my tongue all around it. Finding her clit, I rubbed it with my tongue and softly sucked on it. She began to buck her hips and I noticed some position changing. I looked up and saw my wife pushing her pussy onto her daughter's face and my son-in-law behind her with his cock aimed at her pussy.

"Can I be the first man other than your husband to fuck you, Mom?"

She looked back over her shoulder and said, "I wouldn't want anyone else to have that priviledge."

With that said, he slid his cock deep into her. I was jerking myself as I tried to watch them and keep licking my girl to make her cum. I soon felt her legs jerking and trembling and felt her pussy juicing up and I could tell from her moans she was orgasming. I raised up and put my hard cock all the way into her hot cunt and fucked her furiously, banging her head away from her mother's cunt as it was being fucked by her husband.

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