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Wrestling with Mom

by thehumpman©

My beautiful mother licked and sucked my cock with a wild passionate abandon, she was one hell of a good cocksucker. She alternated from licking and sucking my shaft, to licking and sucking my balls. Then I took some body wash and squirted down between her cleavage, my mom took the hint, as I leaned against the wall of the shower she wrapped her tits around my cock. I tit fucked my mother for a few minutes. Then I pulled her up from the floor of the tub and turned her around. She put her hands up against the wall of the shower. I dumped part of the body wash on my cock and got my cock very soapy.

My mother turned and looked over her shoulder what was taking me so long to fuck her again. Then she saw what I was lining up to do, she saw I was getting ready to push my cock up into her ass.

"No, Chris even your father has not done that." She said.

"Well I'm not Dad." I said push my cock into her ass.

I got the head of it in, my mother did not resist either, she let out a loud painful grunt, then I gently pushed the rest of my cock into her tight asshole. Slowly I pushed it into her until it was all the way into the hilt, then I slowly pumped it in and out of her, I reached around her roughly squeezing her tits. Then I started to fuck her ass harder and harder as her ass became accustomed to the intrusion of my cock, at the same time both mother and son came harder than either of them ever had in their lives, together.

Before Dad got home we both promised each other that neither of this will ever mention this again. My mother went back to being the faithful, sexy loving wife and mother she was before this weekend. I myself have become obsessed with my mother's beautiful body and the hot nasty sex we had together. My poor mother thinks that I put this chapter out of my head in her return to normalcy, no mother, now I spend every minute of every day plotting to have you again. I want to ruin my mother for my father, so I can have my mother all to myself. Part of my plan is to continue having my friends over, young and muscular, flirting with her, dropping innuendoes. The other part is when I can have her again, is to plant my incestuous seed into her, making her pregnant. Dad will leave her for sure, he had a vasectomy a while back and will not want to raise his slut wife's bastard child.

Oh mother in due time we will lay again in your marital bed and I will once again fuck you over and over until you are mine.

Written by: thehumpman

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories