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A Green Room

by Candide©

The phone went off in the quiet apartment like an air raid siren. It froze Rob for a moment, like it always did now, froze him like a rabbit under an eagle's merciless glare. He broke cover on the second ring and snatched it up, heart pounding. It might not be Nicole after all, and if it were, she wouldn't like it if the phone rang more than twice.


"Rob! I'm beginning to think you're avoiding me."

He cursed himself, knowing that she would hear the fear in his voice, but he couldn't keep it out.

"Nicole, of course I'm avoiding you. You're bad for me. We've talked about that. Leave me alone."

"Silly man. I need you tonight. Come on over. I'll see you in ten minutes. Bye."

He stood looking at the phone for a few seconds, then hung it up. That didn't give him a lot of time, and as bad as this sounded, making her wait would only make it worse.

She lived in the woods, in an old house west of town. His heart sank further when he pulled up and saw an old Nissan he didn't recognize. She had visitors. That could be bad.

She threw the door open as he stepped hesitantly up on the porch. His penis stirred, shifted involuntarily in his pants as he looked at her. Nicole was older than he; thirty, maybe. Tonight she wore only bikini panties and a bra in electric blue satin; her hips wide and her full breasts seemingly ready to burst out of their constraining harness. Her glossy black hair was tied back, and there was a sheen of perspiration on the bulging curves of her breasts.

It wasn't him, then. She was already at work. Disappointment and relief warred briefly in his heart, in his balls.

"Come on, Rob. We're in the Green Room." She turned and walked briskly off, slapping a crop against her thigh as she led the way.

The back bedroom, the Green Room, had exposed beams running the length of the ceiling, and the woman hung suspended from one. Straps ran from eyebolts to padded cuffs around her wrists and to a tight leather belt around her waist. The belt was good, Rob thought as he unbuttoned his shirt. It supported your weight. It was hard when all you had was your hands, when twenty minutes stretched into an hour, when your legs grew weak and trembled from what was happening to you. A board lay across the floor with leg cuffs bolted to it. They were adjustable; the woman's legs were forced wide apart. She was utterly helpless, utterly exposed. He dropped his pants to the floor. He knew well how that felt.

A black silk hood covered her head, only allowing a few wisps of blonde hair to escape. Her head turned at the noise of their entry and of his undressing.

"Who? Who's that?" She said unsteadily. Rob winced, and Nicole moved as quickly as a snake striking. The crop licked out, landing across her ass with a hiss and a sharp crack. The woman jerked forward as much as she could and uttered a strangled gasp. Another quick strike landed, and she writhed forward again, her breasts jiggling, the chain that weighed her nipple clamps down jingling wildly.

Rob knelt before her. Her skin, her small breasts, the curve of her belly and her hips had the softness of ripe, sweet fruit. She was a true blonde; the triangle of wild hair at her crotch was light, but made darker and matted with moisture at the bottom fringe. Moisture gleamed on the inside of her thighs where it had drooled down from her swollen pussy. He scooted closer, his nose tickled with her damp hair, inhaled the heady scent of sex deeply, and breathed out so that she would feel his hot breath on her hypersensitive vulva.

The woman arched her hips forward towards that hot breath, but he kept that few millimeters of distance as Nicole, done with gently licking the welts her crop left, crouched behind her.

His cock had swelled from the rank pheromones, from her heat, from the slick evidence of her excitement, from knowing what she was experiencing. He shivered a little as Nicole grasped his balls, and sighed silently as she sucked him into the warm velvet of her mouth. Anxious to pass along what he was feeling, he grabbed the woman's hot ass and pulled her forward to his hungry mouth.

She twitched and groaned as he tried to suck her entire vulva into his mouth, using his tongue to find the cleft, separate those puffy lips, and move up to swirl around the prize of her clit at the top.

Noisily he sucked and lapped at her swollen clit, slurped her juices greedily. His buttock muscles were tight as Nicole just as noisily sucked and slurped his straining cock. The woman was shaking in her bonds and groaning continuously by the time Nicole let his cock spring free of her hungry mouth with an audible pop.

He scrambled to his feet behind the woman, crouched so that his cock pressed tight up against the furrow of her vulva. Nicole stood in front of her, grasped him, and pressed his knob against her opening. He thrust upward, sliding smoothly into her heat. Both he and the woman gasped then, and he began to pump into her.

He went slowly at first, then faster, wildly as control slowly slipped away. Nicole's fingers were sometimes busy at her clit, sometimes his balls, urging him upward. She tensed; he could feel her clamp down on his penis, feel the echo of her orgasm, and he could feel his own flowing unstoppable from his core.

"Oh, God!" she shouted hoarsely, and he heard, felt the stinging crack of the crop across his ass. It broke the dam of his passion, shattered the last vestiges of control. He bucked and thrust upwards hard, lifting her feet from the floor. He shook helplessly, paralyzed by the force of his orgasm as she shook with her own, impaled on his spurting rod.

"Good boy!" Nicole told him as they unbuckled her and he lowered the woman gently to the mat. She lay there, legs too shaky to support her weight, his cum mixed with her juices trickling down her thighs in a sticky mess.

"I'll help her up. You were such a good boy, you deserve a special reward. Go take a nice relaxing hot bath, and when you're done, I'll bring you back to the Green Room and make a phone call or two for you."

He nodded eagerly and left the room, cursing himself for wanting it so badly.

Written by: Candide

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