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Who's Who of Family Sex

by bangopee©

"No Thanks," Govind replied with a smile knowing that his aunt's eyes were scanning his body.

"You have really grown up," Dhanalakshmi kept coming closer to him.

"That's the problem," Govind said with a tone of regret. "I hate being a grown up boy."

"Why?" Dhanalakshmi queried curiously.

"If I were a boy, you wouldn't be letting me to take the shower by myself," Govind winked at her.

"Let's stop teasing each other," Dhanalakshmi smiled meaningfully. "You want me to close the door now?"

Govind thought for a moment before saying, "Yes of course, if you don't mind."

Dhanalakshmi tossed the shampoo sachets behind her head, turned around and walked to the door to close it from inside. She stood leaning against the door for a while before walking up to Govind with the smile of a seductress.

"You want me to do everything?" She asked tilting her head. Govind nodded in agreement.

"Ok, I know you have been looking at my hips and buttocks since you came," Dhanalakshmi winked at her nephew. "I know you must be curious to have a look at my large breasts."

"Yes, you are right," Govind smiled with excitement. "I would love to have a look at them."

Dhanalakshmi didn't wait till he finished as she queried with another wink, "Nothing more?"

"Not at the moment," Govind replied although he knew that he was telling a lie.

"That's better," Dhanalakshmi giggled once before carefully unwrapping her pure cotton sari in slow motion. Govind's smile vanished gradually with his heart filling up with unprecedented thrill. His aunt went about pulling her sari without letting her body to pivot so that her young nephew could keep watching her body as she stripped. Her sari had fallen under her feet in a heap and she kicked the heap letting it fly at Govind's face. Her hands rested on her waists and she deliberately heaved hard to let her breasts bulge underneath her blouse.

"Your stomach used to be very flat," Govind murmured with a naughty smile.

"That was when you were in the school," Dhanalakshmi said laughingly. "You obviously don't know what twenty years of marriage could mean."

"As a matter of fact, I don't know," Govind said with a chuckle. "I am not married yet."

"Funny," Dhanalakshmi smiled again. "What is next in the menu?"

"Wait," Govind signaled to his aunt. "Let me try guessing your bra size."

"You don't need to," Dhanalakshmi began unhooking her blouse at once and pulled it off through her arms. She wore a lacey white bra which looked insufficient to contain her reasonably large melons. "It is 36 C."

"Wonderful," Govind said admiringly. "I can see those nipples are long as well."

"Not before," Dhanalakshmi blushed for the first time. "The moment your eyes fell on them, they have gone harder and longer."

"You obviously don't see what is happening to me," Govind said and looked down. Dhanalakshmi's eyes followed and rested on the huge bulge in the towel on his waist.

"I can see," Dhanalakshmi spoke without moving her eyes of his bulge. "The soldier is ready for the invasion."

Dhanalakshmi suddenly snapped off her bra hooks relieving her well shaped breasts from the captivity. Govind's throbbing dick grew strong enough to lift the towel a few inches in the air.

"I want to secure my daughter's married life," Dhanalakshmi spoke with her tongue in cheeks. "Let me see for myself how good you are in love making."

Her hands reached to his towel and pulled it off in a flash. She stared at his huge long meat which stood out in absolute erection.

"Do you know how to pull down the petticoat?" She queried flexing her body and letting her waist brush against him. "Try it."

Govind reached to the loose ends of the petticoat robe, held it for a moment before pulling them hard in opposite directions. Her petticoat smoothly slid through her silky thighs and shiny legs before finding the floor. Govind's eyes quickly landed on her dark panties. She took a step back and pushed her panties down exposing her pussy under a dense cover of her public hair.

"I have never been fucked in the toilet," Dhanalakshmi spoke bluntly. "Let's do it there."

Govind went around his aunt before halting right behind her. Dhanalakshmi rose an inch from the floor on her heels as the youngster hugged her from behind stroking her stomach and public hair gently. His hardened member was pressing against her firm round ass cheeks making her thrust her back against his thighs. His hands moved upwards to hold and squeeze her wonder globes with passion.

"Let's keep moving," Dhanalakshmi murmured. Govind began pushing her into walking towards the bathroom. The moment they got in, Dhanalakshmi turned around and took her young nephew in her tight hug. Govind for the first time in his life felt like flying amongst the clouds feeling her marvelous breasts mashing against his broad chest. His right leg went up and behind her body to pull her close towards his naked thighs. Dhanalakshmi jumped as his throbbing dick teased her thighs before making its way towards her bush.

"Kiss me," Dhanalakshmi ordered and rose to the level of his face. Govind readily obliged his aunt and planted his lips firmly against her mouth. They began brushing their lips gently before the experienced lady seized the initiative by pulling his lips inside her mouth. Govind closed his eyes as she was letting her tongue invade into his mouth to search all around. It was a terrific experience for Govind as he took the clue from his aunt and began chewing her lips gently. She moaned inside his mouth while her arms eagerly went through his armpits to grip the back of his head and pull it hard against her face. Govind wasn't willing to break the erotic kiss and once he did, his face slid down brushing her neck, bosoms, abdomen before settling on her public hair.

"You seem to know things," Dhanalakshmi muttered with an electrifying feeling. Govind wasn't sure if his aunt loved to have his face pressing against her womanhood as she meekly tried to push him off. His nostrils were filled with the aroma of her cunt sending wild sensations into his mind. It was her warmth and softness that caught Govind's imagination as his tongue couldn't stay any longer inside his mouth. His hands wrapped her legs firmly and he began licking her all over the public hair until he found her yielding lips.

"Govind, please," Dhanalakshmi kept pleading although Govind never knew what she meant. It was a bit thrilling to continue with her cunt while her hands repeatedly tried to push his head off her crotch. She was succumbing to his youthful exuberance unable to muster the strength to push him any further. Govind eventually gathered the courage and let his tongue slip through her pussy lips. Dhanalakshmi screamed feeling the tip of his tongue having a lash at her soft tissues and began arching her body. Govind never seemed like lifting his face and went on working his tongue at her clitoris.

"Govind...Govind," Dhanalakshmi kept panting his name in a weak voice while her nephew was deeply engrossed in eating her pussy. The erotic oral interlude didn't last very long as her love canal began flowing with her juices. Govind paused for a moment and quickly latched on to her lips to suck her oozing fluids. Dhanalakshmi sighed in excitement and kept chanting her nephew's name.

A sudden wave of excitement took over Govind and he turned her around to let her lean against the door. His right hand gripped both her hands with enormous strength and pushed them well above her head. His left hand grabbed his long shaft and he began thrusting his waist against her body. He began rubbing the tip of his dick against her public hair and soon he traced her pussy lips under the dense cover. His left hand worked quickly rubbing her pussy lips up and down in frenzy letting his aunt to jump in joy. His eyes watched her enormous breasts sway and swing as she jumped while his dick kept brushing against her cunt lips with amazing speed.

"You are driving me crazy," Dhanalakshmi screamed in pleasure and pulled him against her body to stop him from teasing her pussy any further. Govind's hands reached behind her and cupped her round ass cheeks. He buried his face in between her breasts and began squeezing her ass cheeks harder and harder. Dhanalakshmi found it extremely difficult to free herself from the lusty grip of her nephew.

"Sit on the closet," Dhanalakshmi hushed into his ears. Govind moved backwards without letting his aunt get off his hug. He slowly sat down on the closet and began spreading his legs wide enough to let his aunt sit on him. She carefully positioned herself to let her moist cunt brush against his erect manhood and took a deep breathe before placing her entire weight on it. Govind's hands gripped her ass cheeks very firmly and helped her to settle on his lap without much difficulty. Her legs were hanging out on his either side and with a gentle hump she was letting the tip of his dick to make its way inside her cunt. Govind felt the strange combination of the warmth and moist inside her pussy and as he began hoisting his dick deeper, she came down gripping his dick with her cunt lips. Her feet were touching the wet floor once his dick managed to get halfway inside her pussy.

"Of all the places, why should you choose the toilet?" Govind asked with a funny smile.

"Just for a change," Dhanalakshmi gave a gentle slap on his cheeks before she began moving up and down on his dick until the entire length of his shaft made its way inside her. Her breasts brushed against his face as she began riding his dick and Govind couldn't resist the temptation to go for them yet again. While he held his aunt in a tight leash by holding her waist, his mouth jumped from one breast to another suckling the nipples with relish. Dhanalakshmi began feeling the discomfort and she soon let her hands press against the wall behind Govind. She smiled rather immediately as though she had managed to find the right position to ride on her nephew's young dick. Govind watched his aunt jumping on his dick like mad and whatever little agony he had as she began soon vanished like magic. He felt his dick being gripped very tight inside her soggy pussy while the experienced lady went about humping on him meticulously. The nephew couldn't wait long as he started thrusting his waist against his jumping aunt. The noise of their thighs slapping against each other began echoing inside the bathroom.

Amazingly, Govind's dick looked like growing for ever as he kept thrusting his waist. Being a woman of some experience, Dhanalakshmi easily coped up with her nephew by parting her legs as wide as she could. After a few minutes of frantic fucking, Govind started feeling a gentle shiver gripping his dick while it went about rigging his aunt's pussy in frenzy. Dhanalakshmi was overwhelmed with the feel of his huge dick expediting inside her moist cunt and jumped on his young laps with pleasure waves hitting her all over. Govind soon found out that his aunt's juice was flowing again and he felt as though his dick was having a shower inside her cunt. Within seconds, Dhanalakshmi almost stopped jumping as she hugged him and merely motioned her waist up and down quick enough. Govind realized that he was about to explode. Dhanalakshmi screamed again in a very high pitch as her pussy clenched hard.

"Kill me you bastard," Dhanalakshmi yelled out. Govind wasn't feeling the bodyweight of his aunt anymore as they soon fell into a nice rhythm. His excitement forced him to go harder and he was thrusting against her with more intensity. He closed his eyes feeling how nicely her pussy was clenching his dick. He went about accelerating his thrusts further and quickened his rhythm. He felt the beginning of his explosion being ignited at the bottom of his shaft which swiftly transmitted through the stem of his hard dick. For a moment, he felt like the tip of his dick ballooning in her tight pussy before a lightning struck all over his body.

The ultimate moment arrived soon with Govind shooting loads of warm cum into his aunt's pussy. Dhanalakshmi quivered feeling the young dick exploding inside her moist cunt and splashing the thick fluids. She squirmed receiving successive loads inside her and groaned in absolute pleasure. They remained in a loose hug after their climax mourning in joy and fulfillment. Govind could feel her cunt was clenching his dick till it milked the final load of his young semen. He wasn't letting her to get off her laps as they hugged with closed eyes like wonderful lovers.

The bathroom looked like a paradise for Govind even after his aunt eventually left. He caressed his lucky dick which finally managed to intrude a pussy for the first time in his life. He smiled to realize that his long wait for his sexy aunt was over for all good. Perhaps, it was the best shower he ever had in his life.

Govind dressed up and arrived at the dining table where his aunt was waiting for him. Dhanalakshmi blushed like a new bride when their eyes met for the first time after their erotic adventure in the toilet. They smiled at each other with overwhelming mischief in their eyes.

"I love you," Govind whispered into her ears. She kissed him gently on his cheeks.

Govind had for all practical reasons, forgotten the purpose of his visit to his uncle's place. Dhanalakshmi wasn't interested to talk about his mother as she feared it would diminish the young man's new found excitement.

While the aunt and nephew were exchanging romantic glances, Usha was still waiting with her brother at the advocate's office without any idea about the future shocks.

Written by: bangopee

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