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Naughty Thoughts


Slipping in between the sheets
  Where your warmness I desire to meet
Your hot hard nakedness
  Awaits my quaking wetness
I am closer to you
  Only desiring to make you quiver too
Deep inside my soul
  Loving you will make me whole
To feel your need
   and taste your body's seed
Hold me, touch me slow, kiss me there
   Make me shiver with your mouth everywhere
Liquid fire burns in my womanhood
  Damn no one said it would be this good
Deep and deeper
   Harder and Harder
Take me to that higher plain
   Where our love will burst into flames
Thrust into me like you are dying
   Faster and faster there is no more denying
I want you to take me and do whatever you want too.


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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions