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The Colonel Ch. 03

by Coxswain©

For an instant, I could think clearly: What the fuck have you let yourself in for, man?? Your mouth is in a big 'O', a man's cock is down your throat (the same cock that fucked you on the jogging trail), and you just caught the guy in your house using that cock to fuck your son!

It's true, damn, it's true.
I clenched my eyes shut in shame. Have to admit it: I want the sonofabitch to fuck me. Again. I closed my eyes and saw it all: Mounting me like a bitch, his cock-hungry slave, skewering me, roasting me on that big, hard spit. Oh, yeah, he fucked me before. And I want it again.

While my own son lay on his bed, his asshole dilated from the reaming I just interrupted, staring at us with astonished eyes, Private Dovis's mouth moved to claim mine, and when he kissed me, I pressed my mouth back against his, opening my lips, snaking out my tongue to the sword-fight. "Dad!" Paul hissed, "Jesus Christ, Dad!".

We pulled each other into a powerful embrace, our cocks pressed together. As I lost control, Dovis's hands slid down to cup my buttocks and pull me even closer. I had kissed this man once before, back in the jogging trail latrine, but here, now, with my naked son staring at us—I was going out of my mind, almost losing consciousness. Never had such a hot kiss, not even from my wife. Somehow Dovis poured molten lava all over me. I was a flaming torch, and he was in control. In charge.

Dovis, not I, finally broke the kiss, also breaking through my last objections. I sank to my knees, where the magnificent shaft bobbed in front of my face. "Dad!" Paul hissed, "what in hell..." But I wanted that thing more than anything in my life. I had to suck it! I had to gulp it down my throat! I was dying to suckle on that thing, that great master cock! I worshipped it. I bent forward, opened my mouth as wide as I could, and moaned as the glorious knob passed between my bowed jaws.

I swear to God it was like 120-proof vodka—I was instantly drunk. Dovis moaned low as I gulped my way down his shaft, finally gargling it past the back of my throat, determined to deep-throat that big scepter down to his cockhairs. Barely breathing, snorting through my nose, I made it: man-cock down my throat all the way to my belly. And I loved it.

After a lifetime of being straight, I was a real man!

Dovis started lurching his hips, and I pulled back, the better to let him fuck my face. Glorious. I licked and sucked, and Dovis, already pumped up from fucking Paul, soon grabbed my hair and jammed my face against his crotch. "Yeah," he yelped, and a rush of hot, tangy slime gushed down my throat and filled my mouth. I gulped and swallowed, but excess spurted from the sides of my mouth.

"Jesus Christ," Paul muttered, almost to himself, "jizz in your mouth, Dad!" Oh, fuck, I'm sucking the man's cock right in front of my own son! But I kept on sucking and swallowing. Couldn't help it. I loved it.

When Dovis finally pulled out and stepped back, leaving me a kneeling, panting servant, I wiped his jism from the sides of my mouth and my chin—and licked it off my fingers. Seeing Paul staring at me, I was suddenly ashamed.

And I knew it wasn't over.

Sure enough, ""Lay down beside Paul, Bitch, and spread your legs wide open." And there it was, the ultimate humiliation.

Not quite ashamed enough not to obey, I crawled onto the bed beside Paul, on my hands and knees, a Special Forces lieutenant-colonel, a 50-year-old man about to submit himself to a teenager! But that teenager had the most hypnotic cock I had ever seen.

"Dad," Paul hissed, his eyes wide in wonder, "you sucked his cock!"

I couldn't answer. What could I say?

"And he's fucked you before?"

Still sweating and breathing hard. I bowed my head. "His cock," I grunted, my voice hoarse and gravelly. "You know what it's like. I gotta have it."

Then it got worse. "Paul," Dovis commanded, "get between his legs and lick his asshole. Make it nice and wet for me."

Oh, shit! Somehow I thought that if Paul and I didn't touch each other, I would not be guilty of incest with my own son. But Paul did as Dovis told him, and chills ran up my back as my son's tongue slithered through my crack, the tip probing at my hole.

Another first! Never been rimmed before! God!! Paul licked and sucked, the warm, wet swipes were electric shocks from my asshole to my balls, and I soared into another world, a world of wanton, drunken lust, a foreign world, a strange, eerie world.

Again, I wanted more; I couldn't stop myself--I reached back to hold my buttocks open for him, and my son's tongue wriggled in deeper. When he stuck a finger against the hole, my eyes opened wide, and when my ass-ring spread open for him, I gnawed into the pillow in a roar of lust. Oh, my God, finger-fucked by my own son! I had no pain—already opened by the Royal Cock—so Paul's finger was a delicious, minor-invasion tease.

Then I heard The Voice: "Ok, let me fuck him." I looked back as Dovis shoved Paul aside. Grabbing my legs, he rolled me onto my back, then lifted my ankles up over my head. I was helpless. Available. I looked down to see the big cock coming toward me, and I saw the troll's giant battering ram attacking the city gate in "The Lord of the Rings."

But he didn't batter me. The big cockhead grazed my hole, teasing it, winding me tight inside. This is it! I groaned. "Do it, man, do it!" Dovis's eyes burned into me as he kept wiping his dick up and down my crack, wetting it with Paul's saliva. He knew me better than I knew myself, the bastard.

After a couple of minutes of cock nudges, he had me hot and panting, and his predator's eyes held me still as finally, wonderfully, tearing a long groan of grateful ecstasy from me, he pushed that big dong against my pucker, and—like before--my hole gave way suddenly, popping the head inside me. The honored guest had slipped under the red velvet rope at the Whiskey a Go-Go! He's in! It's in me! I'm fucked! The man is fucking me again!

A pain spread from my spreading asshole but nothing like the first time. In fact, the pain was a hot, fiery salsa to the growing ecstasy spreading from my hole. I rolled my head back, my eyes closed, my mouth open in drunken joy. I was helpless and loved it.

Dovis sank in further. How do you feel, you stupid motherfucker! You've turned yourself into a cock-slut right in front of your own son!

But the man is a fucker, a Master Fucker! I want him to ram that thing up my ass until I feel it in the back of my throat!

Not going slow like before, Dovis kept shoving until he finally sheathed himself to the balls in me. Then he stopped, holding himself against my groin, leaning down to bite at my nipples. The rolling tide of orgasm started in my balls. God, this is great! A big male rolling me up into a helpless ball, his giant cock gouging into me.

"You're a Green Beret colonel, Bitch," Dovis growled low. "What do you want, Bitch?"

"Do it!" I yelped. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" He pulled out, then thrust forward again, the thickness filling my canal, thrilling me again as it slid up to the hilt. That time he didn't stop but withdrew immediately, starting the wondrous pumping again.

"C'mere, Paul," Dovis ordered, "give him your cock to suck."

Oh, no, not that! But before I knew it, the familiar touch of manmeat bobbled at my lips, and I automatically opened wide to let it in. "Oh, Dad," Paul sighed, and he sank his cock into his father's mouth and down his throat.

From both ends at once! Dovis's cock slid in and out of my ass, and the very idea of my own son's throbbing member filling my mouth drove me crazy. I gripped the sheets in trembling fists. I am theirs. They're taking me! Yeah! Make me! Males! God, I love 'em!

I imagined myself floating up near the ceiling, looking down at us, a muscular young man mounted on a rolled-up, sweating gray-haired man. The young man's muscular back, wet and shiny with sweat, heaved and flexed, his hips and his tight, compact butt jabbing, skewering the trembling older body with his huge cock. An even younger man jabbed at the old mouth with his hard poker. I love this! I will never stop!

Dovis brought me back to earth when he gripped my balls. Agh! It hurt! But I was astonished. The pain melted into the roaring fire of my growing orgasm, and my eyes closed in pleasure. When I opened them again, Dovis smiled grimly. He knew, and I knew down to the bottom of those balls crushed in his fist, that I was his. Whenever and wherever he wanted me.

And Paul? No, I could never refuse him, either. Oh, no, just a fucking minute! I'm the goddamned colonel here, and I am twice the age of this fucking kid! And I'm the other kid's fucking FATHER! But my own cock throbbed hot and hard as an iron bar, pounding like my thundering heart.

Dovis sped up a bit, his balls slapping against my ass with every thrust. Dizzy, I writhed between the two men, completely in their control. Young Paul, a typical, hot teenager, couldn't hold back, and with a boiling gush, his jism surged down my throat. Good. Thick. Virile. I glowed with a strange pride and licked at his dick as he pulled it out.

"Fuck, you are tight, Bitch--" Dovis grunted—"...fuckin' tight hole!" I didn't know if that was a compliment or not, but it didn't matter.

"Fuck me," I gasped. "Big cock! Go deep! Go hard! Fuck me!" My son watched us intently, his dong hanging handsomely over his balls. His own father was becoming a fuck-slave. I couldn't care. Not then. All I wanted was to be fucked.

"Damn, you do enjoy this, don't you, Bitch?" Dovis pumped the full, huge, hole-stretching length into me again and again. "Never thought you would enjoy a cock in your ass, did you?"

Out of this world. Out-of-body experience. "Yeah," I gasped, "Oh yeah, that's it. Pump me!" I looked up, into those furnace-eyes. "Cum in me! Cum in me! DO IT!"

His eyes clenched shut. "Oh, yeah, take it, Bitch," and I felt him grow even fatter, painfully, wonderfully huge inside me. Boiling surges of sperm geysered deep, warming my belly, and he held tight against my ass, lunging short, jabbing thrusts. Filled up with his load, I felt wet, dripping slithers leaking out of my rectum, spurting back out beside his cock, marking me his bitch.

This his climax spread to me, and a motherfucker of an orgasm it was. It swept over me, raging through my muscles, and my head filled with the roar of a pipe organ at full, screaming crescendo. My cock sprayed huge jets of cum all over my chest, all the way up to my chin and neck—and Sonofabitch, I have not even touched myself!! I think I blacked out for a moment from such intense ecstasy, half-consciously floating in an ocean of hot, white slime. A giant cock skewered me completely, jutting through my asshole and sticking out of my mouth.

God, it lasted a long time! I don't know about Dovis, but I reveled in fiery ecstasy for what felt like five minutes. Never, NEVER had I gone through such an orgasm! Never! Not with any woman! Sweating like a longshoreman and panting like I'd run five miles, I fell back limp as a rag. His cock is still inside you! Owning you. Stretching your asshole. Pinning you to the bed.

I floated back to full consciousness as Dovis's lunges slowed, his orgasm winding down. His big organ kept me at a slow boil as I cooked through the afterglow of that mind-blower of an orgasm. When Dovis pulled back, his cock slid out of me with a wet, juicy, slurp, and cum gushed in coagulated globs down my still wide-open legs. As I slowly lowered them, he looked at me and then at Paul. "You want a try, stud? He's wide open for you, Paul. Fuck his ass."

Oh, wait! No, not that! Not my own son!! But too fucked-out to move, I could only watch Paul and Dovis change places. Then—Ohmigod!!— my son's cock slid up into my ass.

Dovis's gigantic ram had stretched me wide open, and Paul thrust into me much more easily and with no pain. He thrust faster than Dovis, but it didn't matter—no pain, I was broken in—and again the pleasure wave built, the bitch-joy of meat pumping inside. Once more, Paul, the young stud, hot and horny, who had recovered his hardon in record time, didn't take long to start adding his load to that already inside me. With loud groans he filled my canal, and I got that strange, weird pride as spurt after spurt of my son's sperm filled my ass.

And I'll be goddamned. I came again. My son's cock in me started another solar flare inside my balls, and a rush of pure, burning pleasure shot through me. I stiffened up in ecstasy, and my cock gushed out another load of cum, splattering it over my chest. And I still had not touched myself!

His cock still in me, Paul collapsed onto my chest. "Dad," he whispered, "oh, god, that was great." After a few panting, sweating minutes, Paul rose up, his cock slurping out of me like Dovis's. He dismounted me, I thought as my body gradually slowed down. He mounted me as his bitch, and he just dismounted. I smiled. My son was a stud.

When I finally caught my breath, I lowered my legs and stretched them out. Cum pooled between them in a smutty puddle under my asshole, sperm matted my chest hair in sticky globs, and I felt the sticky goo all over me. I didn't care. My ass was a little sore, but I didn't care about that, either. Two men had just fucked me. I was marked—branded—with their cum. And I wanted to do it again.

Thoroughly, totally fucked, I looked up at Dovis. You are a piece of shit! You are a fucking officer, and this lowly Private has just fucked you! I looked over at Paul. And there's that, too! You want to spread your legs and give your ass to him again, too! You fucking pervert!.

It was true.

Dovis was pulling on his shorts. The show was over. I bit my lip. The bastard was the master. Oh, God, is that true?? Is he really ... my master? I looked down. Yeah. I would be his whenever and however he wanted me. My body was his. I craved to serve him, to feel —oh, Jesus, yeah!—more of that hot sperm filling me up.

"I'll send you a message, Colonel," he said, "as soon as I want you again."

I scuttled around to face him, trying one last time to maintain my military bearing. Think about it: one tiny indiscretion, one little hint that you and he have a homosexual relationship, and your military career—to say nothing of your retirement—will turn into dried-up sperm. "You will treat me, Private," I snapped, "with military courtesy!"

Dovis stopped, his shorts only up to his knees, and he turned to face me, his dong swinging heavily between his legs. He bobbled it against my face. Hopeless. Against my will, I sucked it into my mouth and closed my eyes. I couldn't keep myself from sucking that big dong.

"Like I said, Bitch," Dovis growled. I'll send you a message." He yanked his cock back, pulled up his shorts, and walked out.

I sat back and looked up at Paul. "Now what?" I asked. "What are we going to do? What about your mother?"

"I like fucking you, Dad." Paul went for the simple answer.

The ball was in my court: I had to say it—"I like you fucking me, son."

We crawled sorely upstairs to our beds. He to his; I to mine. I wondered as I fell asleep what Pandora's Box I had opened.

The next morning as I stood before the bathroom mirror shaving, my son walked into the bathroom. He wore just towel around his hips, just like me. He closed the door behind him and dropped the towel. He had a hardon. I licked my lips. "Suck my cock, Dad," he said.

"Now just a minute, Paul," I growled. "I'm your father and I..." But his hardening dick, stretching out as I watched, made my mouth water. What the hell. I sank to my knees and took it into my mouth. I sucked away happily until Paul finally spurted his morning sperm down my throat. My boy's cum! Tastes good!

I stood up and tried to go back to shaving, but Paul pulled the towel from my hips. Gripping my hips in his arms, he pushed his cock between my cheeks, seeking my puckered asshole —Damn, he got his hardon back this fast??— and when he found it, he thrust hard, jamming past my muscle-ring into my guts, forcing a happy grunt from me. Yes, oh, yes!!

I gripped the sink as Paul plowed me, lunging until he let out the low moan that had become familiar. Also familiar by then was the wonderful sensation of boiling sperm shot into my guts. Paul stood a long time in me as he burned through his afterglow, and when he finally pulled back, his softening cock popped out, and I turned around. "Good morning, son," I said and kissed him on the mouth.

Paul stepped into the shower, and I turned back to the mirror to continue my shave. Paul's hot sperm ran out of my asshole. Lucky I don't have on my underwear yet. I decided not to wipe the streams off my legs. Imagine walking past Major Jandt with Paul's jsim coating my legs. Outside the uniform, I'm a soldier—inside it I'm marked with my son's ejaculation.

My cock twitched, starting to harden, and that made me stare at the face in the mirror. What's going happen now. I'm changed—God, am I changed!—but I've got to stay in control, keep all this under cover. I closed my eyes. What kind of a soldier am I be now? I didn't feel physically different. I still knew all about soldiering. I was still patriotic. I relaxed. Everything will be okay.

Then I got a whiff of the fresh sperm drooling down my legs.


Written by: Coxswain

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