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My Wife And Our Neighbours Son

by millfordboy©

For some time after that first encounter Louise continued to sunbathe in the garden. She would vary her actions depending on how she felt. She was usually always topless and occasionally would remove her bikini bottom. She literally performed for Alex, rubbing herself and fingering her nipples and vagina. She always knew he was there and revelled in the knowledge that every move she made was being watched by the him and that in his room he would undoubtedly be jerking himself off and draining his sacks while lusting after her and wondering what might happen. I too would lust after her from the secrecy of the kitchen, always keeping to my promise not to touch myself and always getting the best sex ever at the end of each session. Sex was just so so good; my attractive wife's body there for me to take at any time.

* * * * * *

Then came the weekend Louise had planned when she was going to go for a full encounter with Alex. We were both very excited. She had everything carefully arranged so that as before I could see what was to happen but now she had bought a folding screen for the bedroom and positioned a soft chair behind it in one of the corners with a perfect view of our bed. This was to be my vantage point and with a couple of carefully draped items of clothing I would be able to see the room but remain out of sight.

On the chosen day she repeated her rule, "You sit there, keep absolutely still, don't make a sound and whatever you do you are not allowed to touch yourself. Promise?"

"I promise." I replied. I was certainly was not going to disagree.

She went to the back off the house and called over the garden wall to Alex. When he came to his door she explained that she needed 'help' with the loft hatch. Without hesitation he had jumped the wall and followed her into the house. He was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and she was wearing a light summer blouse and loose floral skirt.

There was no chair by the loft hatch this time and Louise led Alex straight into our bedroom. He was very quiet and she was smiling, as she stood face-to-face and very close to him.

"Relax." she said very softly, "just relax."

She took his right hand, placed it on her blouse over her left breast and squeezed it tight. When she took her hand away he carried on holding her tit and she put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep French kiss. He carried on holding her breast with his right hand and put his left arm around her.

"Does that feel nice Alex?"

"Yes, very nice." he replied, his voice a little shaky.

They embraced and kissed for a few minutes. He was just slightly taller than her and her head fell back as their lips met and their tongues explored each other's mouths.

Stopping and looking at him, her face close to his she said very calmly, "Take my blouse off."

She started to undo the buttons and he took over pulling the material out of the waistband of her skirt and pushing it over her shoulders. It dropped to the floor.

She turned her back to him and said, "Now my bra."

He fumbled with the clip of her petite A size cotton bra but it quickly came free and it fell to the floor with her blouse. She turned back to face him and he looked down at her breasts and reaching forward held them both in his hands. He had to stop momentarily as she pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it to one side. Immediately she undid his belt, dropped his zip and pulled down his jeans. As he stepped out the bulge of a huge hard on in his shorts was very evident and Louise squeezed it gently. He drew breath and swallowed. Then without a pause she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and squatted as she pulled them to the ground. He stepped out and she threw them aside to join his shirt.

His young virile erection leapt into the air hard and pulsing. He had a really good-looking penis and as she remained squatting Louise admired it for the very first time. It was straight and slender and his youthful virility meant it rested pointing up into the air and directly into Louise's eyes. It looked very elegant and although not circumcised his helmet was pushing through the folds of his foreskin and the eye was dribbling with precum. His balls were firm and hung proudly below his erection slightly cloaked in the haze of the pubic hair in his crotch.

Louise gently took his erection in her hand and slowly rubbed it up and down, the foreskin rippling back a little more from the helmet and droplets of precum falling to her fingers as his rich clear juices hung from his helmet.

Looking at him she smiled saying, "You have such a handsome penis. Its perfect."

Raising herself up and releasing his cock she moved her hands away from her body and said, "Now take off my skirt and we'll both be naked."

He released the zip at the side of the skirt and it slid over her hips. He stopped momentarily staring at her small cotton panties but Louise said, "Go on, don't stop, take my knickers off."

He pushed his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her slight hips to a point where they dropped to the floor themselves and she stepped out of them.

Both were now completely naked. Louise with an angelic cheeky smile stood nude in front of Alex and she looked so delicate, so vulnerable, so inviting, so sexy and most of all so ravishingly gorgeous. Alex's athletic body also looked perfect. With his virile but not too muscular torso above his slim legs and firm buttocks they looked good together.

Louise took his hands in hers asking, "Do you like what you see Alex?"

"Very much, you are very beautiful." he replied

Naughtily she asked, "You have a very handsome penis and I want to suck it. Would you like me to do that?"

""Yes, I would." replied Alex his voice faltering a little but totally entranced by what my wife was doing to him.

The room was very quiet and by now my prick, trapped in my trousers, was enormous and I could feel was very wet. I so wanted to pull it out and relieve myself but had promised not too.

Louise pulled Alex back to the bed and sitting down on the end opened her legs so he could stand between. She took his penis in one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Gently she pushed back the foreskin till his shinny purple helmet was fully exposed. She started to wank him very gently and then took him in her mouth. As he stood in front of her he winced and his breathing became erratic. She worked her magic on him for just a few seconds more, her head bobbing gently up and down and the wet shaft of his penis slipping in and out of her soft lips and running back and forth through her thin fingers. Then as if to support himself he put his hands on her shoulders moaned and discharged his balls into her mouth.

She tried to keep all his young sperm in her mouth but there was just too much and the thick ivory fluid ran from the corners of her mouth down to her chin where it gathered and then dropped onto her tits. When he had fully finished he was sweating slightly and breathing heavily.

Louise said, "That was nice, you taste good, and before you get hard again I want you to do something for me."

I was sitting very quietly in the corner of our bedroom not moving but the sight of my wife's lips around this young mans cock was very arousing and I did have to slowly rearrange myself, my prick was so engorged it was painful. There was a large damp patch on my jeans where lots of precum had oozed from me. My prick was desperate for relief.

Louise had just given Alex what we found out later to be the first blowjob of his life. In all the time she spent with Alex from then on she remained in awe at the amount of cum he would produce. It shot from his prick like an oil strike. So much more than me and in such strong jets, so thick and creamy, that she would in time remember him affectionately as her 'milk man'.

She shuffled back on the bed and lay on her back beckoning him to come and lay in her arms. He slid forward and lay on top of her his firm buttocks resting in her open legs. They French kissed and then she kissed his face and neck and he responded by doing the same.

"Now kiss my breasts." said Louise softly.

Alex slid down the bed and started to kiss her nipples.

"No Alex, kiss my breasts first and my nipples later. Be gentle at first."

Alex did what he was told and his head circled her breasts just lightly kissing the small soft mounds of flesh.

"Now my nipples Alex, lick them first, then kiss them. Then you can suck them and then you should bite them gently at first and in the end you must take the whole nipple in your mouth and suck hard."

He carried on as instructed and with her head laid back and rocking from side to side I could see Louise was really enjoying the attention Alex was giving her. She was in charge and now she could instruct him to do anything for her, anything at all.

After a while she started whimpering a little. He was beginning to suck hard on her swollen nipples which had become very long and erect, the dark pink skin tightly gathered as prominent hard projections from the wrinkled base of their aureole and while I knew she loved this and I could make her cum just by sucking her nipples like this she did not want to just yet. She held his head and pushed it to her belly button where taking the hint he turned his attention to her tummy.

After another short time she again held his head and pushed it down to her crotch instructing him in a soft voice, "Kiss me."

Louise opened her legs allowing him to bury his head in her pubic hair and as he kissed her there for the first time she gasped for air and moaned softly.

Although I suspect she didn't really want to pause the action she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him from her saying, "Stop, let me show you something."

Without raising herself from the bed she placed her hands on her pubic mound and separating the hair pulled her own outer lips wide apart. Alex looked in awe at her open vagina, which I could see was very wet, her juices glistening on her fingers as she opened her cunt to his view.

"Look Alex," she added, "these are the lips of my vagina, they are very sensitive. It is nice if you tease them open slowly, licking them, kissing them and sucking them. It is nice for me and you will have me completely exposed to you."

She held herself open and the deep red of her aroused vagina lips looked soft, sexy and inviting and reminded me of the first time I had opened her vagina some years before, a sight that never failed to look extremely erotic accompanied by the unmistakable sweet scented smell that was just pure sex.

She slipped her fingers along the length of her lips and pushing her finger into her cunt said, "This is the opening to my vagina, its very wet because you have aroused me but you shouldn't push your fingers in too soon, you should get me excited and wanting you to do it, teasing me by just entering the opening a little at a time with your tongue and then your fingers."

She removed her fingers and keeping her lips spread wide with one hand ran her fore finger over her clitoris.

"This, hidden at the top of my lips is my clitoris. It's the most sensitive part of my vagina and if you learn to kiss and suck on this well I and any girl you ever have will do anything for you, anything."

She paused and gently pushed his head into her crotch saying, "Go on, kiss me."

The next ten minutes was almost surreal for me and for Louise it was seventh heaven. Alex did exactly as he was told. He had learnt quickly and was kissing sucking and licking in all the right places. My wife had her legs wide apart and Alex was stretching her vagina lips open so much it almost looked painful. This young man was giving her oral sex whilst I watched with my rock hard prick trapped in my jeans straining for attention.

He squatted on the bed and I could see his young manhood coming to life again, growing from between his firm testicles that swung as he moved from side to side. It grew to beautiful proportions as it hung beneath him while his head was buried in my wife's crotch. Drops of his precum were gathering at the eye of his helmet and again stretching out in silvery threads that dropped to the bed as his head rotated and bobbed in Louise's cunt.

Louise's head started to toss from side to side and Alex sensing the time was right inserted first one and then two fingers completely into her cunt. Within a few seconds she gagged and exhaled a muffled scream as she reached a powerful orgasm. Her legs clamped around Alex's hand and her hips lifted of the bed but he did not stop what he was doing and carried on giving her cunt the intense attention I knew she loved.

Suddenly she grabbed him making him stop. She spread her legs wide and almost screamed an order to him, "Fuck me, fuck me now, c'mon Alex, now. I want you to fuck me."

Alex got up and supporting himself on the bed moved forwards. Because Louise was so wet he slipped his slender engorged uncircumcised penis straight in to my wife's womb as far as it would go until his firm balls compressed against her arse. She exhaled and muttered something undecipherable to herself.

Intuitively he started to thrust his cock in and out of her wet hole and carried on plunging. He had taken her; he was filling her cunt with his cock. My wife's vagina was stretched and filled by this young man, his cock rippling in and out, their bodies conjoined by his penetrating manhood. Louise screamed as she hit her second orgasm. At about the same time a muffled groan came from Alex and he too ejaculated.

He carried on plunging and pushing into her as the fruits of his balls flushed into her womb. There was so much that it appeared as white streaks smeared on his shaft and oozing from my Louise's flexing cunt lips as they tightly sucked on his young pulsing meat.

After a slight pause he pulled out and lay exhausted on the bed beside her. She kept her legs open and a flood of his cream discharged itself from her vagina, congealed itself as transparent marbled globules on her lips and tracing down her pubic hair over her perineum pooled on the bed below.

"Don't stop", she said slightly panting, "it is good if you very gently rub and stroke my vagina when you have finished and we relax together."

Laying bedside her and looking into her face he carried out his final task and rubbed her soaking wet vagina lips gently up and down as she writhed slowly. As he did the final drops of his cum dribbled from her cunt. She took his still hard very slippery penis in her hand and lowering her head sucked audibly on it until she had drained him of all his semen.

She then lay back on the bed again saying, "God Alex that was so good. Did you like it?"

"Yes I did, it was fantastic, it felt as if my balls were going to explode. It felt great. You felt great. You are very attractive"

And so it was over, for the first time at least. My wife had seduced and 'taken' her young man and they lay gently together in the afterglow of their sex.

"Now Alex, don't stay too long as John may be home soon. You should dress and go but don't worry I want to do this again very soon. Say nothing to John, or anybody."

Alex dressed quickly and made to leave the room. Louise stopped him and cheekily smiling gave him an instruction, "I want you to think about me if you see me in the garden and you must let me see you at your window. Is that a deal?"

Alex was not going to argue and could only just about reply, "It sounds great."

He pulled on his clothes and left the room. It was very quiet and as we heard him leave the house Louise called to me, "John."

"I'm here." I replied.

"Come and take me, right now."

I came out from behind the screen and quickly stripped off. I jumped onto the bed and Louise looked at my damp pubic hair and saying with a smile, "My God you're wet. You liked that as well didn't you?"

"I sure as hell fucking did my dear and now it's my turn. I'm going to lick, kiss, suck and nibble your face, your neck your nipples and your cunt. I'm going to suck Alex's cum from your vagina. Then I'm going to shag you harder than ever before and fuck your cunt till its sore. But that's not all, I'll take you from behind and every other way you can imagine and finally I'm going to cum all over you and I will rub my cum into your tits and you can lick my fingers clean. We are not leaving this bed till you can take no more"

"Oh my God," Louise said, opening up her arms to me and adding with an excited smile on her face, "I can see we'll have to do this again. C'mon then John fuck me now, fuck me hard"

I did and in the remaining weeks of that summer Louise continued to coach Alex in the art of lovemaking. Sometimes if we were in the garden together sunbathing and she could see him at his window she would wave to him very discreetly and rubbed her cunt pretending all the time not to catch my attention.

She would whisper very quietly to me, "He's having a wank for me right now."

Although I was often in my hiding place I wasn't there every time they were together but Louise would always tell me what they did and my rewards were sexual bliss at all times.

* * * * * *

At the end of the summer Alex returned to University and about four months later Louise was pregnant with our first child. We watched as her small breasts grew wonderfully full and her tummy slowly expanded. She was thrilled to have larger tits and I of course was equally happy.

One day at about that time she said, "You know its Kate's 19th birthday in two weeks?"

"Yes." I replied

"Well I've got an idea for a present for her."

I looked questioningly at her and she just smiled cheekily. I wondered just what she was planning.......but that's another tale.

* * * * * *

I do hope you enjoyed this story. Whilst the events are fictitious my wonderful wife was in every way just as I describe her and so were the neighbours actually and although Louise did comment on Alex's good looks the rest is fantasy. One of several I have written and I would love to hear any comments you may have.

The story is the copyright of January 2007

Written by: millfordboy

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