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Blackmailing Ms. Reeves Ch. 02

by kianareeves©

(Ms. Reeves is forced to go out to dinner with the two students who are blackmailing her with some nude photos she took in college)

* * * * *

"Get her nipples hard Jill." Jill reached over and started fondling my nipples which became erect immediately. "Use your mouth too sweetie."

Jill leaned over and started sucking and biting my nipples. I started to feel myself get even more aroused.

I looked away as he attached first one and then another. The pain was unbearable. But I didn't want to give John the satisfaction of knowing how much pain he was causing me. I avoided looking at John so he wouldn't see the tears in my eyes.

Then the limo stopped and I pulled my dress closed as the door opened and we got out. We were in Beverly Hills at an exclusive restaurant famous for hosting a celebrity or two every night. I was relieved because I knew there would be no one there that I knew.

We were immediately seated at a booth in a dark corner in the back.

As we sat down, John told Jill she could remove my nipple clamps but she would have to soothe the pain for me. And that I would have to do the same for her. Jill looked at me with pleading eyes. I knew the pain she was feeling but I didn't know what to do.

"She seems a little confused. Why don't you show her what to do Jill." John said. He was obviously enjoying this.

Jill reached over and opened my dress. I looked around to see if anyone could see. The restaurant was so dark, I couldn't tell if anyone was watching us. She removed one nipple clamp and the numbness immediately turned into more pain. Then Jill leaned over and took a nipple into her mouth. She started swirling it with her tongue and the pain turned into utter pleasure. The vibrator and the butt plug started vibrating and I cried out in surprise. She expertly sucked my nipple and swirled it until the pain went away. Then she removed the other one and did the same. I could feel myself being pushed closer to the point of no return. I was about to have another mind-blowing orgasm right there in the restaurant. The horror of it started fading with each swirl of Jill's tongue and each vibration of the dildo and butt plug. I was beginning to lose myself in the sensations.

The waiter came up to our table just as I exploded in an orgasm. I was wriggling in my chair and Jill's mouth was attached to my nipple, the other breast exposed for all to see. I gripped the table and threw my head back and closed my eyes as I tried to stifle a scream. What came out was a deep moan from somewhere deep within my soul. It was incredible.

As I came back to earth, the waiter got over his shock enough to say that he'd give us a few more minutes before telling us the specials.

I immediately pushed Jill's head away and closed my dress as I tried to catch my breath. The vibrations stopped. John must have a remote control or something, I thought.

"No. Leave your dress open." I stared at John but didn't move.

He reached over and opened my dress even further than they were before. "I think Jill needs some relief don't you?"

I looked over at Jill and she was opening her dress, begging me with her eyes to take the clamps off. I slowly leaned over and stared at her tortured nipples. What am I doing? I thought. This is crazy!

I removed one nipple clamp and Jill cried out. She grabbed my head and smashed her nipple into my face. I managed to find her nipple and I sucked it as she started panting. She held my head to her face, almost suffocating me with her breast. Then she started easing up as the pain went away. Then I moved to the other one and removed the clamp from her nipple. She cried out and started panting again. If a stranger had seen us, you would have thought she was crying out in pleasure, not pain. I hoped the waiter would stay away.

to be continued...

Written by: kianareeves

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