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Mom Gets Horny

by chhavi65©

This was the time when my father was posted out and we lived in the family quarters in Madras. It was just my grandmother, my mother and me. My father had made arrangements for an orderly Siddu to stay with us to get things for us and help in the house.

I was in school so I would be only home the whole day during the weekends. My granny was old and would be in her room most of the time. My mother did most of the cooking as we also had an old maid come over to sweep and help my mom cook. From the dining room one could clearly see the kitchen and I would sit at the table and see my mom cooking breakfast for me every morning.

As usual she would come in her nightie make something fast fast so that I don't get late to school. There was nothing unusual about the routine till I saw Siddu sitting one day cutting vegetables on the floor of the kitchen. He was continuously looking at my mom's ass and with one hand was adjusting his cock through his Bermuda shorts that he wears. Siddu was well built as he was a jawan in the army. I felt really angry that he was staring at her big behind so hard and I knew he wasnt having good thoughts. I just let it pass for that day.

But from the next day onwards I would see that Siddu would take the same place to sit and do his work when my mom was cooking. My mom's nightie was the transparent ones that one could see the outline of the panty and her ass cheeks bulging out from the sides. I also started getting a hard one seeing this, I had never noticed it before.

This routine would go on every morning. It had already been 8 months since my father left. Now a days my mom would sometimes forget to wear her bra and her panty and that would be a real treat. I could see her ass cheeks separated jiggling every time she moved. When she came up to me to serve me food I got a good shot of her fair tits. It was doing bad things to Siddu as I could see that he had a better and nearer view of the sexy scene.

Sometimes Siddu would get up on pertex of getting something and brush past my mom lightly touching her ass. Any one could make out the bulge in his shorts from a mile away. He would do this a lot and just while passing brush his hand lightly and her ass. My mom never seemed to mind it, but to me it was so erotic.

The only time Siddu was allowed in our room was when my mom would get her legs pressed by him. This was usually in the afternoon. Like regular times he came into the room and put oil on her feet. I was sleeping on the other bed in the corner of the room. He came near to check on me and I pretended to be asleep. My mom was sitting on her bed with her feet dangling down. Siddu started massaging her legs from feet upwards. He had reached her calves, when my mom lifted up her saree little bit more upto her knees. I could see the start of her thighs from her knees. Siddu had it right in front of him. It was apparent that she was getting aroused as his big hands came up to her knees. He slipped them inside her saree and was massaging her thighs.

I wished I could see what was going on inside. Just then my mom made Siddu standup and unzipped his shorts. She was in a hurry, she just wanked his cock out. She had his cock in her hand, she just kept looking at it as if it was something new and precious. With one big gulp she put his cock into her mouth and started blowing him. Siddu must be in seventh heaven to have his mistress suck his cock. He caught her head and pumped his cock in her mouth. He was so excited that he shot his load in no time, umming all into her face and mouth. My mom suddenly got up and went to the bathroom while siddu shoved his limp cock in his shorts and went out. My mom came back all cleaned up and slept on her bed.

I would shag off everyday thinking of that scene of my mom sucking that big black cock and Siddu spurting his seed in her mouth. I didn't have to wait long for the real action.

Written by: chhavi65

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