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Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

by Erlikkhan©

This is the last of the series. I have tried to incorporate as many ideas as possible from all the wonderful comments by the readers but it was difficult to do and keep the flow. Hope you enjoy.


Screams were coming from the house. Karen O'Keefe immediately knew what they were. Her daughter was getting pounded by Carl's cock. After all, it was his car in the driveway. The son-of a-bitch had lied. He promised to stay away from her daughter as long as Karen fucked him whenever he demanded it. That was their deal and she had kept her end of the bargain.

Mrs. O'Keefe bounded up the stairs and threw open the door. Her jaw dropped. Katie was bent over the desk with her legs spread. Instead of Carl, a huge black boy she had never seen was plowing his cock into Katie's pussy from behind. Another was sitting on the desk forcing the length of his swollen meat into her daughter's mouth. Standing naked and waiting his turn was a third stud with a racehorse-sized cock.

"Katie, what do you think you're doing? I want these boys out of here RIGHT NOW."

No one made any effort to move. The one fucking Katie looked at Mrs. O'Keefe through the mirror and slammed his cock into her daughter's cunt harder and faster. Moments later his face tensed. He grunted. Katie began to shake when she felt the first jets of cum explode into her belly. She struggled to scream but only a muffled gargle escaped through her cock-stuffed mouth.

The boy fucking Katie pulled out. Cum dripped onto the floor and streamed down her thighs. Katie choked as the cock in her mouth disappeared down her throat. That's when Carl stepped up behind Karen and twisted her arm up Karen's back. His other hand crushed her breast with his fingers.

"Hello, Mrs. O'Keefe. Isn't Katie beautiful when she cums? Look, she can barely stand. I think she likes it."

Karen struggled to rip away from Carl's grip. He yanked up on her arm. He ripped open her blouse and crushed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger until she yelped with pain and tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I kept my promise, Mrs. O'Keefe. Despite how much she begged for my cock I told Katie that a deal was a deal. She seemed pretty desperate so I called up Willie, Owen and Boa to help her out. It seems to be working just fine."

Katie was finally allowed to breathe. Spit drooled from her lips. She coughed and gasped for air. Her mouth was slammed back down the length of the throbbing cock in front of her face. He fucked it between her lips several times before yanking her head up by the hair. More spit drooled from her lips.

Owen climbed off the desk and threw Katie onto the floor. Katie's face bounced off the side of the bed splitting her lip. Owen lifted her by the hips and slid his black monster between her ass cheeks. It quickly disappeared deep into her gooey cunt. His hands crushed her tits as he pounded her pussy. She screamed when another orgasm ripped through her body.

"Katie didn't really want to do it, not at first anyway. She was on the verge of disobeying me so I had to spank her... really hard. Do you know what, Mrs. O'Keefe? Katie can cry and cum at the same time. I think she likes being spanked."

His hand slid under Mrs. O'Keefe's skirt and slipped between her legs. Two fingers slid under her panties and disappeared into her steamy cunt. Karen could feel her body betray her as his fingers dug around inside her hot pussy. She gasped when he found her special spot. Despite all of her efforts to resist, Karen's shuddered with pleasure.

"So I was thinking, Mrs. O'Keefe, Boa here is waiting his turn with Katie but maybe you would like to help get him prepared. I mean, her pussy will be ready after Willie and Owen have stretched it, but look at that cock hanging between Boa's legs. Someone is going to have to get him hard."

Carl threw her into the room. Karen fell onto the floor at Boa's feet. She tried to get up and run but Carl looped a belt around her neck and choked her until she fell to her knees. Keeping the belt tight around her neck, he yanked on her hair until she was staring at the black monster hanging between Boa's legs.

"Open up, Mrs. O'Keefe. You'll probably never get another opportunity to suck a cock like this one."

Karen was confused and upset as she watched her daughter being abused and loving it. The thick cock dangling in her face looked nine inches long and it wasn't even hard. She had to do something to stop this from going further. Boa grabbed her head and guided her mouth towards his cock.

"Suck it, whore."

In an act of defiance she shook her head no. The slap to her face was unlike anything she had ever felt. Stars flashed through her head. She was stunned for several seconds and only vaguely aware of her mouth being pried open and a huge slab of meat being shoved between her lips.

Karen slowly came to her senses and realized that the huge cock was growing bigger inside her mouth. Her lips stretched around the thick shaft bulging with veins just below the huge mushroom shaped tip. She looked with amazement at the remaining length of hard black meat rising up from between his legs.

Across the room Owen flipped Katie onto her back and pushed her knees to her shoulders. He climbed on top and slammed his cock into her pussy driving it deep into her belly. Katie was out of control and screaming with pleasure. She felt his fingers tighten around her neck and came hard.

"Oh... oh... oh... oh... oh god... EEEEEEIIIIIIIIIII... UUUNNNNGGGHHH..."

Katie's screams turned to choked gasps as Owen's fingers continued to tighten around her neck. Just before she lost consciousness he let go and grabbed her nipples. Pain shot through her body when he twisted and pinched them as hard as he could. Katie threw her head back and screamed with an even more intense orgasm. Her pussy exploded gushing juices everywhere.

Mrs. O'Keefe could hardly breathe. Boa had a tight grip on her head and was trying to ram his cock down her throat as he fucked her mouth. Spit was drooling from her lips and chin as she gagged to keep up with him.

"Look at that Mrs. O'Keefe. Katie's pussy just made a mess all over the floor. She cums just like her mama."

Karen barely heard what he was saying. Boa had managed to drive his huge bulb into her throat and she was doing everything she could to keep from suffocating. Her mouth was stretched wide and her tongue was extended along the underside of his vein streaked cock. There was still over six inches left.

There was no way she could take the whole thing. Tears were streaming down the sides of her face as he pushed another inch into her throat. Just when she thought she was going to pass out he pulled his meat from her mouth. She coughed up a river of spit which drooled down the front of her blouse. Boa slapped the sides of her face with his monster cock.

Across the room Willie straddled Katie's head and fed his cock into her mouth while Owen continued to pound her pussy. She struggled to get air as he recklessly fucked her face. The cut on her lip split open. Blood mixed with spit drooled from her mouth.

Owen pulled his cock from Katie's dripping pussy and positioned it at the entrance to her asshole. He pushed until her tight nub opened and the head of his black snake disappeared into her body. Katie gasped as his huge cock slid deeper and deeper until it had completely disappeared into her dark passage.

"Look, Mrs. O'Keefe, Katie's getting fucked in the ass. I think she likes it that way. You know what they say... like mother like daughter."

Boa grabbed Karen's hair and yanked hard, cramming his cock back into her mouth until she was struggling for air once again. He pulled out and moved behind her. His giant cock parted the juicy folds of her cunt. The huge knob found her opening. She gasped when he pushed and split her cunt apart. The pressure was incredible as he went deeper and deeper. Nothing had ever filled her so completely.

Karen tried to holdback, tried to resist feeling the incredible pleasure surging through her body, but it was impossible. She screamed with an orgasm that exploded from her pussy. A second and third wave of explosions ripped through her body from the pressure of the huge cock pounding her cunt. When she thought she could no longer stand the pleasure Boa pulled out. Carl grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet.

"I think Katie is ready for Boa. Let's all get up on the bed."

Mrs. O'Keefe struggled so they tied her hands to the headboard and held her legs down. Boa lifted Katie like a feather and dropped her onto the bed on her hands and knees so that her pussy was directly above her mother's face. Owen pulled her mother's legs apart so that Katie was looking down at her mother's pussy. Katie looked back at Carl and started to protest.

"Carl, I... I don't think we should do this. Not like this with my mother."

Carl grabbed her jaw and squeezed, making her look up at him. He pinched her lip and pulled hard causing the cut to reopen and blood to trickle down her chin.

"I don't remember asking your opinion, slut. Just for that you are going to get another spanking while you lick your mother's cum from Boa's cock."

Boa grabbed her hair and rammed his cock into Katie's mouth. She choked and drooled onto her mother's cunt as he fucked her face hard and rough. Carl cracked a leather belt across her ass causing her body to jerk. He smacked her again and again using more force on each lash. Mrs. O'Keefe was screaming and swearing that she was going to kill them all. Willie shut her up by punching his fist through the wall near her face.

After several cracks of the belt tears were streaming down her face. Boa's huge cock was still stuffed in her mouth. Carl rubbed his thumb across her clit and shoved two fingers up her cunt. Katie stiffened. Carl pulled his fingers from her body and cracked her ass with the belt. Her legs began to shake. Pussy juice dripped from her cunt and landed on her mother's face. Another crack. More juice poured from her cunt.

"She's ready Boa. Come and get it."

Boa climbed behind Katie and guided his monster to the dripping gash of her cunt. Karen couldn't help but watch her daughter's glistening folds part and the huge knob find her opening. She knew exactly what her daughter was about to experience because she had experienced it only minutes earlier.

The big black knob of Boa's cock punched its way into Katie's steamy chamber stretching her pussy around the massive girth of his manhood. Karen watched the vein streaked shaft slowly disappear into her daughter's body. Katie moaned as he went deeper filling and stretching her young pussy. He bottomed out inside her cunt with several inches still left to go.

Karen stared at the black piston glistening with Katie's juices. Her daughter's pink pussy lips were stretched tightly around the dark meat as it pulled out of her steamy cunt until only the swollen knob remained wedged in her opening. She heard Katie squeal when he shoved it back into her body. Her legs began to shake. Her squeals turned to screams. Pussy juice dripped from her cunt onto Karen's face.

Owen slid forward on his knees and guided his cock into Mrs. O'Keefe's swollen pussy. He grabbed the back of Katie's neck and shoved her face down while leaning back so that her mouth pressed against her mother's pussy right where his cock was sliding in and out of Mrs. O'Keefe's hot cunt.

Despite her disgust Karen could feel her own level of excitement rise as she watched the huge black shaft moving in and out of her daughter's cunt. The taste of Katie's juices dripping onto her lips only added to the forbidden but erotic pleasure. She gasped when she felt her pussy penetrated by Owen's hard cock. She didn't want to feel this kind of pleasure but she couldn't help herself.

Suddenly Katie's lips and tongue were against her pussy and clit while she was getting fucked by Owen. She bucked up hard and screamed. Her hands struggled to pull free as her body jerked with pleasure. Cunt juice sprayed up into Katie's mouth. Owen drove his cock into her again and again sending her to even higher levels of excitement.

Owen pulled his cock from Mrs. O'Keefe and shoved it into Katie's mouth muffling her own continuous screams of pleasure. The taste of her mother's pussy filled her mouth like an aphrodisiac. Katie's head was spinning with so much pleasure that she was drifting off into another world. She could feel Boa's huge thick shaft pushing deeper and deeper into her body until it felt like it was in her womb.

Having regained some semblance of composure Karen looked up at the black monster destroying her daughter's pussy. It was slamming into her harder, faster and deeper. The veins of his cock stood out from the black meat in long uneven ridges. Karen saw the hard meat in her daughter swell even bigger and knew that Katie was about to be filled with his hot cum.

Boa grunted and thrust even deeper. He pulled out and thrust hard into Katie again and again pumping stream after stream of hot cream into her quivering cunt. Drops of cum and pussy juice fell from his cock. Mrs. O'Keefe's opened her mouth and tasted the forbidden fruits of their passion as it dripped onto her lips and tongue.

Boa thrust one last time driving his cock deep into Katie's body and holding it there. When he finally pulled out it was followed by a flood of cum and cunt juice that poured onto Mrs. O'Keefe's face and filled her mouth. Boa fed his cock between her lips. Cum and cunt juices from Katie's pussy continue to drip onto her chin and lips where they were wrapped around Boa's shaft.

Katie was barely conscious when Owen pulled his cock from her mouth and shoved it back into her mother's pussy. Several thrusts later he grunted. The huge load that had been stored in his balls sprayed like a geyser into Mrs. O'Keefe's juicy cunt. When he pulled out Owen pushed Katie's face down so that her mouth was clamped around her mother's cum-filled pussy. She proceeded to lick it out of her mother's quivering cunt.

Carl guided Katie's cum filled pussy down to her mother's mouth. Karen knew she wanted this and had for some time, but her fantasies of being with other women had never included her daughter. She was confused but helpless and lost in the passion of the moment. Her tongue snaked out and pushed into Katie's dripping cunt as she clamped her mouth around her daughter's swollen sex. At the same time she felt her daughter's soft lips moving against her pussy and sucking out Owen's cream from inside her.

"Mrs. O'Keefe, I'm pretty sure that our little agreement about Katie didn't include fucking her in the ass. As you can see I'm pretty horny and we both know Katie loves a good cock in the ass so I'm going to take care of my little problem while you continue to eat her pussy."

Carl climbed onto the bed, bent his knees, spread Katie's ass cheeks and guided the tip of his cock to Katie's tight sphincter which was already slimy with cum and cunt juice. He pressed until he felt her begin to open. The wedge shaped tip of his cock slowly pushed into the tight hole until the entire knob at the tip of his cock popped through the opening. The involuntary reflex of her asshole squeezed tightly around his shaft.

Katie felt the invasion of her forbidden passage and lifted her face from her mother's cum-filled honey pot. She looked back through her glazed eyes and was reassured because it was Carl. She gave him a weak smile as a drop of cum drooled from her lips. She closed her eyes and felt Carl's cock push deeper into her bowels. She moved her mouth back to her mother's pussy.

Once Carl had his entire cock buried deep into Katie's ass he fucked it slowly. Mrs. O'Keefe looked up at the familiar shaft sliding in and out of her daughter's tight orifice. Everything seemed so surreal. It was like she was drugged. As though it was the most normal thing she could do at the moment, Mrs. O'Keefe moved her tongue back to Katie's clit and flicked the tip back and forth across it.

Katie's moans were intense. The pressure from Carl's cock filling her ass and her mother's tongue on her clit finally sent her into orbit. Her mother clamped her lips around Katie's swollen pussy and was rewarded with a warm trickle of cunt juice. Seconds later Carl pulled his cock from Katie's tight ass, aimed it at Mrs. O'Keefe's face and grunted.

A powerful jet of hot cum splashed between Karen's eyes and down the length of her nose. Carl aimed his cock at Katie's asshole and pussy. Stream after stream of hot cream poured into her open orifice and dripped from her cunt. Karen could feel it drooling onto her lips and face.

Carl grabbed Katie by the hair and pulled her up until she was sitting on her mother's face. Mrs. O'Keefe felt her nose press against Katie's dripping asshole. Everything was so out of control. What happened next seemed like it was another person making her do it. Mrs. O'Keefe pressed her lips around her daughter's sphincter and pushed her tongue into the still open orifice.

Boa climbed onto the bed and stood over Mrs. O'Keefe. He fed his huge limp cock into Katie's eager mouth. Katie squirmed against her mother's probing tongue as she wrapped her lips around the massive hunk of meat. She could feel it grow hard inside her mouth to the point where it stretched her lips.

Boa's cock was fully erect. He was trying to cram it down Katie's throat. She choked and struggled for air but he didn't let up and kept forcing it deeper and deeper with his hands clamped around her head so she couldn't pull away. Tears were streaming down her eyes. Her body began to shake and her face turned blue. Just before she passed out he pulled his cock from her mouth. She coughed and gagged. Spit and drool poured from her lips. Before she could regain her composure he rammed his cock back down her throat.

Boa had worked over half the length of his monster into Katie's throat. Her head was spinning. She knew she was choking and felt herself fading into blackness. When he finally pulled out Katie slumped over and fell onto the bed in a daze pulling her asshole away from her mother's mouth and tongue.

Carl grabbed her by the hair and slapped her face until her eyes came into focus. Karen watched her daughter slowly revive. When Carl kissed Katie on the lips Karen struggled to get free but it was hopeless. Karen watched her daughter kiss him back and felt disgusted. How could she let him control her like that?

"I love you Carl. I'll do anything for you. What do you want me to do?"

"I know you will baby. I want you to kiss your mother on the lips and push your tongue into her mouth while Willie and Owen fuck her ass. Can you do that for me sweetheart?"

Katie nodded her head. She climbed off the bed and bent over at the waist until her lips pressed her against her mother's mouth. Her daughter's lips were so soft and gentle. Karen was confused. She loved kissing her even if she was her daughter. As they continued to kiss Karen was aware of something hard and warm pressing between their lips and realized it was Carl's cock.

She watched the familiar contours of Carl's cock slide between Katie's lips and push into her mouth. He fucked it in and out several times and pulled it out. Mrs. O'Keefe let it slide between her lips. Something had changed. She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth. She wanted to experience what her daughter was experiencing and share with her. She felt her tongue licking at his shaft as it glided in and out of her mouth. He pulled out and they both kissed and licked the knob and each other.

Boa slipped behind Katie and looked at her cunt which was hanging between her ass cheeks. He guided his monster to her dripping gash and slid it up her tight pussy. Katie moaned but did not lift her head from the task of sharing Carl's cock with her mother. She liked sharing him with her mother and fed Carl's cock between her mother's lips while smiling down at her with gleaming eyes.

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