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House of Cards

by Georgia Girl©

As if in a dream state I see myself
Standing alone with arms outstretched
Reaching toward something which is not yet in view
I hear a voice and recognize the sound and I know
Closing my eyes as my arms embrace
What I could not see
I hold you in my arms
Feeling the length of you absorbing the essence of you
Acknowledging the scent of you
Skin against skin my senses overwhelmed
Unable to remain still I begin to move
First my hands
Skimming down from chest to fingertips
Back up again into your hair
Tracing the outline of your face
Memorizing by touch your lips
Moving back down as clothes melt away
Over hips so perfect to buttocks so divine
Leaning forward my lips begin to follow
The pathway my hands have created
Recognizing instantly a taste I know
Trying to keep my hips still
Yet they arch forward as if on their own
Longing to experience what awaits
Moving now from head to toe
Nothing still all captured held hostage by desire willingly
My hands your hands lips on lips on breasts
Aching with the pressure desire weighing heavy upon the soul
Like a snowflake falling we gently settle upon the ground
Body to body soul to soul your heat my moisture
Coming together in a dance older than time itself
Sliding with no effort from one tempo to the next
Building and building a house of cards
Deliberation and care each movement seemingly random
Yet not random at all
Each new card adding itself to the ones who have gone before
Reaching higher and higher until like our house of cards
We fall down further and further coming to rest
All mixed together with no comprehension
Of where I stop and you begin

Written by: Georgia Girl

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions