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Swing Club Sally

by Fourtsix©

The following story happened about six years ago when my wife Sally and I went to a swingers' club. Sally had already fucked a variety of men in other settings prior to visiting the club. We went because Sally thought she would enjoy seeing me having sex with other women at the club.

Sally had just finished her shower and was styling her hair. She feathered her short blonde hair so it framed her attractive face and sparkling blue eyes. As my wife stood naked in front of the mirror I thought about our upcoming night at the swing club.

Sally's 38C breasts and round ass would be caressed many times and her soft mouth with its full lips would probably open many more times to receive the tongues, and cocks, of strangers. Looking much younger than her 48 years, Sally has been described as a MILF by my friends and has fucked men nearly half her age. A voluptuous ex-cheerleader, Sally is a crowd-pleaser. Sure, Sally was hoping to watch me with another woman but that wasn't really what I was anticipating. The thought of seeing her once again fuck other men was already making my cock stiffen.

"They'll have condoms at the club, right?" she asked.

"Oh yeah condoms are everywhere."

"Good. I wouldn't want you getting another woman pregnant. Your sperm is just for me."

"Well, what about you? Would you let another man cum inside you without a condom?"

"I don't know. What would you think about it?"

"I might enjoy seeing you with another man's cum leaking out of your pussy."

"I don't know. Let's not try anything new tonight" replied Sally.

She turned back to mirror and started putting on her makeup.

"Would you wear the necklace tonight?" I asked.

The necklace was a simple silver chain with a crystal that dangled like a phallus between her ample breasts. She often wore the necklace with a low cut dress when we went out to dinner. Men in the restaurants just couldn't seem to take their eyes off the necklace and the two round globes that caressed it.

"Sure I'll wear it," Sally replied.

She pulled on a black net teddy with long sleeves and a front that plunged nearly to her navel, then secured the necklace around her neck. She pulled on a pair of black tights and a loose sweater.

"I'm ready to go. Could you fix me a drink?" she asked.

I walked to the kitchen and poured her some vodka on the rocks. Sally always drinks vodka on the way to her sexual encounters. She says it loosens her up and makes her horny.

When we got to the swing club the place was already hopping. We went to the lockers and Sally put her street clothes away. I kept on my trousers and shirt but she wore only her teddy and a wraparound semi-transparent skirt. There were already several couples dancing on the illuminated dance floor and most of the tables around the floor were occupied. We found a couple of stools at a vacant table and I went to the bar to pour Sally another vodka.

As I returned to the table with our drinks, I saw Sally was already talking to an attractive couple in their forties. They introduced themselves as Meg and Ron. Before long I was dancing with Meg and Sally was dancing with Ron.

Dancing at a swing club is a lot more fun than at a regular club. You can dance as dirty as you want, caressing your partner's ass and kissing her on the breasts. When the DJ played a slow song, I slid my hands around Meg's ass, pressing her against my crotch. Over her shoulder I could see my wife tongue kissing Ron while rubbing his cock with her hand.

After several more dances, Meg and I turned to talk to Sally and Ron. But they were no longer on the dance floor.

"If I know Ron, I know where they are," said Meg.

We left the dance floor and walked to one of the group rooms. Several couples were already going at it on the mattresses spread around the floor.

"I'd recognize that ass anywhere," said Meg pointing.

"I know those legs," I replied.

There was Ron's back, his ass moving rapidly as his cock plunged in and out of my wife. Her legs were spread apart and around his waist, her arms wrapped around his back. The skirt and teddy were rolled up in a ball at the foot of the mattress next to his clothes. We could hear them gasping as they fucked, so caught up in it that they didn't even notice us.

I turned to Meg and saw she was flushed. I pulled her to me and started to unzip her tight black leather skirt.

"Wait," she said, "I've not done this before and I just can't go through with it."

She walked away and down the hallway. Apparently the flush in her face had been from embarrassment. Feeling awkward, I slowly undressed. I laid down on one of the mattresses nearby and watched my wife get fucked by Ron, my cock stiff as a tree.

As I lay there I felt a hand touch my thigh and then slide over to grab my cock. The woman in the couple nearest me had rolled over and grabbed me. Her partner had pulled out of her and was crawling over to watch Ron and Sally.

By then Sally was up on her knees being fucked doggy style (her favorite position) by Ron. As the other man crawled nearer, she reached one hand over and pulled him closer. He knelt in front of Sally and shoved his cock in her mouth. Now my slut wife was pinned between two cocks with one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. She bounced back and forth between the two men, her large breasts swaying.

The woman who had grabbed me laid back and spread her legs. I put on a condom and soon I was pounding her pussy. This was exactly what Sally had wanted to watch. As I fucked her I looked over toward Sally to see if she was watching. By now a third man had joined them and he was lying underneath her kissing her breasts as they flopped beneath her. She was so into the action that she didn't even know I was in the room.

I rarely cum with a condom on so, after fucking the woman for a while, I pulled out and started licking her clit while fucking her pussy with my fingers. After she came and left the room I looked over toward Sally.

Ron was kneeling beside her pulling off a cum-filled condom and the man who had been kissing her breasts was putting on a condom and preparing to shove it into her wet pussy. As the second man entered her pussy the man kneeling in front of her started to groan. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep in her mouth. Sally gagged and pulled back. As his cock moved out of her mouth, a stream of semen shot onto her lips. She turned her head and the next stream shot onto her cheek. The man held his cock and jerked it as more cum shot into my wife's hair. Cum dripping from her face, Sally continued to push backward onto the cock behind her, moaning as nearly nine inches slammed into her.

I stepped out of the group room for a few minutes to use the bathroom. When I returned, Sally was sitting on the mattress wiping the cum off her face with a tissue. The man who had been fucking her doggy style had apparently cum and gone.

"Did you see me fucking that woman?" I asked.

"No, I didn't. I guess I was having too much fun myself."

"That's alright. I sure enjoyed watching you get it on with those three guys. Did Ron come back?"

"He ducked in just a moment ago to thank me for the screw and tell me he was taking his wife home. I guess she kind of freaked out. It didn't seem to bother him, he came real hard. He was a really nice guy...and a real hunk."

"Sally, you don't have any trouble attracting the hunks."

"Oh they're just happy if they have large tits to suck on and a wet hole to fill. What would you like me to do for you now?"

"I didn't cum with the woman. You looked so good on your hands and knees sucking that one guy. Why don't you do the same for me," I replied.

I sat on the mattress with my back to the wall, spreading my legs. Sally got on her hands and knees in front of me and began sucking my cock. I had gotten limp during my trip to the bathroom but stiffened quickly with her attention.

I look over to the other side of the group room and saw a black couple. The woman was her knees sucking the man, just like Sally was sucking me. They were both overweight and she was clearly getting tired of sucking her husband.

After a few minutes she said "I've got to go get a drink," and left the room.

Her husband lay on the mattress for a few moments, jerking on his cock and watching us. Then he got up and walked past us toward the door.

"Would you like to fuck my wife while she sucks me?" I asked him.

"Sure," he said and got on the mattress behind my wife.

She didn't say a word and continued to suck me, spreading her legs wide so he could enter her from behind. He was a large man and he had a large cock as well. He found a condom and slid it on. Then he slid his cock into my wife. It entered her well-used pussy quite easily. He grabbed her on either side of her ass and started pumping. He pumped so hard that my wife stopped blowing me and leaned foward on her elbows with her head on the mattress between my legs, her eyes closed. Each time he plunged into her, her head pressed hard against the mattress.

Sally raised her head from the mattress and turned back to him.

"Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

He continued to plunge his cock into her. From where I sat I could see part of his large cock each time he pulled back. Then he would shove that black cock back into my slut wife's white body. I could just imagine her blond pussy hairs getting tangled up in his kinky black crotch hairs and knew that soon he would shoot his cum into her body.

Sally raised her head again. "I'm your white whore. Now cum inside me. Give me your sperm and make me wet."

It must have been her comment that touched him off, because as she bucked back against him, he held onto her ass and kept his cock deep within her body. He moaned and jerked.

"I can feel you cumming," Sally said with her ass pressed hard against him. "Your cock is jerking so hard, fill me up." He continued to hold her against him, spilling his seed deep inside my whore wife.

Finally the large black man pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy. As he got up to leave, I could see the condom was covered with my wife's pussy juices and filled with his own semen. He didn't say anything but he had a big smile on his face. My white whore wife had been able to give him so much more satisfaction than his had.

Getting up on her hands and leaning forward, Sally grabbed my cock and started sucking again. After seeing all the cum that the large black man, without a condom, would have left in my wife I was ready to cum. My cock exploded. Sally sucked and swallowed, not letting a drop escape. Then, wiping her lips, she pulled away for a moment.

"He came so hard and so long. I'll bet his condom was really full."

"It was and, without that condom, he would have filled you up with his sperm."

"That's an intriguing thought," she replied. "I know we talked about a man cumming inside me without a condom. I always like it when you cum inside me. He sure felt good when he came inside me. I bet it would have felt even better without a condom."

"Well," I replied, "it really turned me on to see how much sperm he would have left in you if he hadn't worn a condom."

"Let's keep it in mind for the next time," said Sally.

"Then, you promiscuous little animal, I want to watch," I replied. "I really don't enjoy fucking other women nearly as much as I enjoy watching other men fuck you. I can't wait to see a stranger's cum leaking out of your pussy."

"Oh stop that," said Sally grinning mischievously.

But I didn't stop and she didn't stop either. But that's another story.

Written by: Fourtsix

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