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A Spirited Affair

by Sandi K.©

"Tonight was going to be special," Shana thought miserably as she drove home from her waitressing job at PJ's Eatery in her beat-up 1985 Pinto, "but that idiot had to go and ruin it by not calling me this morning and on top of it all going to play poker with his scummy friends!!"

She then slammed on the brakes, laid on the horn and lifted up her right middle finger as some jerk in a Lexus nearly careened into her. Not like it would have damaged her junker any more than it already was, but still.

Back to the present though, as Shana thought about why she was so mad, the reason being that she and her boyfriend Bret (the aforementioned idiot) were going to make love (if you could call it that) for the first time, but when she had called him on her break he informed her that he had forgotten and was going to play poker with his pals, but that he would come over on his way to his friend's house to give her a "quickie" as he so charmingly called it. Incensed that her first time of sex in three years was going to be like this, she had screamed, "HELL NO!!", into the phone and hung up on him. She knew people were looking at her, but she didn't care. She wanted her next sexual experience to be special and she wanted to be loved and held, but she did not see that happening any time soon with Bret.

As Shana reached her apartment building, she pulled up to a public pay phone tried Bret's number again, this time instead of no one being there, she heard her co-worker Cindy's voice on the other end say "Hello?" She controlled her anger as she disguised her voice and said, "Hi, is Bret there?" as she heard Cindy giggle into the phone and yelled , "Hey Bret, hon, someone's on the phone for you, I think it's your mom like you said would be calling . "Ok, hold on, Cin!", he said as she came back to the phone and said, "Ok, Mrs. Johnson, Bret will be here in a minute, ok?" Then Bret got on the phone and said, "Hey Mom! How's it going? How'd you like my soon-to-be-fiancee Cindy?" ,when all of a sudden Shana got really pissed and returned to her normal voice and said, "Fine, but I am not your mother and think you should know that this is Cindy's co-worker Shana, the girl who you told she was your girlfriend, what's up with that?"

Bret then sucked his breath in and explained that he was joking about Cindy. "Bullshit!", Shana yelled and told him to go to hell as she slammed the phone down in fury and drove all the way home, crying shamelessly. When she got to her apartment, she was so sad, angry and confused, she dropped her things on the couch and headed straight for the shower, in which she took a hasty shower and then dried off, then headed straight for her bed, in which she started to cry herself to sleep when she felt a hand touch her face and a man's voice say, "It's all right, Shana, I am here" as his hand traveled to her neck where he proceeded to push her hair off it and gently kiss it.

"Bret, why aren't you with your fiancee Cindy?" Shana moaned and turned over onto her stomach. "Because I am not Bret," he said as she turned around to scream, but what she saw forbade it. The man standing in front in her was a spitting image of the late KISS drummer Eric Carr, who had been Shana's childhood crush, but Shana wondered how had the man known her name when he said "Allow me to intorduce myself, I am none other than the spirit of the late Eric Carr, my Shana."

She then reached over to the nightstand and reached for the phone to call the police when "Eric" said "I will show you that I am the real thing" and then proceeded to sing. Shana's eyes widened as she realized that he was telling the truth.

"Shana", he said, "I am here because I want to make love to you like you deserve to be loved, now if you'll lie on your back, I want to begin", as Shana did as she was asked and sound found herself being orally pleasured like never before as Eric licked her clit and her pussy gently and lovingly. She moaned and reached to touch him as he licked her pussy and massaged her tits. "Mmmmmmm", she moaned, "This feels soooo good" as she squirmed and moved under his touch.

After what seemed like forever, he then pushed his tongue even deeper into her clit and caused her to explode in ecstasy. When she woke up, Eric was holding her in his arms, undressed and ready for her as she lay down on her stomach and took him into her mouth. "This is a little strange" she thought as she licked, kissed and sucked him, "I've never made love with a spirit" but as strange as it was, she enjoyed what she was doing as she felt his pleasure building as he moaned, "It's been so long since I...." as his voice faded. She stopped her oral pleasuring of him for a minute as she asked him why it had been so long if he could come to Earth and make love to mortal women.

"Because", he told her, "I was waiting for you to grow up and be available so I could come and love you, and here I am and here you are."

She then moaned and held him even closer feeling the surprising warmth of his body as she began to kiss, lick and suck him yet again. "Mmmmmmmm," he began to moan and soon he was cumming. She prepared to feel physically ill at what she was doing as this occured, but all she felt was love, peace and contentment as she held him even tighter as they kissed for what seemed like hours.

She then lay on her back again as she spread her legs exposing her wet pussy as Eric moved on top of her and gently slid his enormous cock into her once inch at a time. She then responded by lifting her legs up onto his shoulders as he leaned towards her to give her another loving kiss which she eagerly returned.

He then began sliding in and out of her as he looked lovingly into her eyes. "Ohhhhhhh", she moaned softly and lovingly as he slid back in after he slid out of her. He too, began to moan in pleasure as he pushed in deeper and deeper each time.

Shana then reached up and played with his long curly black hair as he moved inside her wet pussy, while he lay on top of his love stroking her long reddish-brown hair as he made love to her until she exploded, when finally Shana yelled, "OH MY GOD ERIC!! I'M CUMMING!!! OHHHH!!!"

Eric then realized he was cumming too and wrapped his arms tightly arund her and let loose a wave of hot cum into her pussy. Finally, after what seemed like forever, they both fell back, tired and satisfied.

"Shana", he said, "I'm here for something other than to make love to you. I am your guardian angel and have come to take you with me. It's your time to go now" "How could you??", Shana screamed as she tried to fight him off as he wrapped his powerful arms around her.. "Because I love you and can't watch you suffer any more pain and want you to stay with me and be my lover forever", he said and then paused and asked "Will you?"

Shana didn't say no as she looked into the eyes of her beloved and said yes to his question. And then everything went black as Shana found herself floating outside her body in Eric's loving and waiting arms which she knew would lead her into heaven in more ways than one.

As for her death, no one, especially Shana really questioned it or even cared that it had happened, because after all she had no family and not many friends.

Finally she was home, she thought as she closed her eyss blissfully, reaching heaven with her beloved. They were together for all eternity and she was never sad, lonely or unloved again as Eric had fulfilled his promise. She was now loved by him like he had believed and now she believed she deserved to be loved.

Written by: Sandi K.

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