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Mixing Business & Pleasure

by kenkx©

Anita blinked, yawned wide, and stretched her barely clad body lazily. She felt the hammock sway with her movements and became aware of her surroundings. "Vacations can disorient as well relax you," she mused. She lay quietly and luxuriated in the moment, trying to put her thoughts together.

The hammock, stretched between two eyebolts on the open deck of their beachfront cottage, hugged her closely. Anita relaxed and looked out at the blue water and sandy beach. "Perhaps a cooling dip would feel good after my nap," she thought. "There aren't many others on the beach right now, and Shekhar won't be back from his meeting for another couple of hours."

After a brief struggle, Anita freed herself from the clutches of her hammock, stood on the deck, and tugged the bottom of her brief bikini out of her crack. Her husband, Shekhar, bought her the yellow suit previous week and surprised her with it as he told her that she was going with him to a business conference. The meetings were to last two days, but he arranged to stay longer so that they would have another week of vacation together. Rearranging her suit reminded Anita of their conversation the prior week.


Anita was thrilled about the trip, but less enthusiastic about the new yellow bikini. "You know I don't wear two piece suits, Shekhar," she scolded. "It's not proper for a married woman to expose so much of her body in public."

"Don't be silly," Shekhar had retorted. "You still have a beautiful figure and I am proud of how attractive you look. It excites me when I see other men looking at you, did you know that?"

Anita felt herself blush. "No, I didn't realize that you actually enjoy seeing other men ogling me. I'm surprised at you. That's weird, you know."

"I've watched men staring at you many times. You don't even notice how they gaze at you. I'm sure they are wondering what you look like naked, and how it would be to get you in bed. It makes me want you all the more, to see people check you out. Even some women look more than once. I've seen them."

"Shekhar, quit talking like that! You are embarrassing me, and I think all of that is just your horny imagination anyway."

"No, Anita, I'm telling you the truth. Your beautiful face, lithe body, and flawless light skin draw attention all the time, whether you know it or not. You can't hide your beauty, so you might as well enjoy sharing it with the world."

Anita shook her head slowly. "It would be terribly immodest for me to wear these little scraps of cloth on a public beach. I would feel like a naughty exhibitionist and people would get the wrong impression. Don't you agree?"

"No, I don't agree, Anita. We'll be going to a very exclusive resort right on the beach. Many of the other women will probably go topless. I understand that part of our private beach is actually clothing optional. We won't be with anyone from home and we'll probably never see them again, so we can be adventurous for once."

Anita put her hand to her mouth. "Clothing optional? You mean people will be nude on the beach where we're going? What kind of a place are you taking me to?"

"Don't be such a prude, my love. We can go to the resort and do as we please. Others will do as they please. We've never been where so many different cultures intermingle. I think it will be fun to broaden our perspectives and see how others live when on vacation. You'll see. We'll have a great time, and your new suit will not create any scandal. I promise."

Anita shrugged in mild submission, mainly because the plans were already in place and the money spent. "I'll go, but I intend to behave myself and I expect you to do likewise," she replied.

"Okay. You won't have to do anything you don't want to do. I want this to be a memorable vacation, not days filled with arguments and unhappiness," Shekhar responded. "Now, I'd like for you to try on your new suit. I can't wait to see how sexy you'll look wearing it."

"You're just going to have to wait until we are at the resort, my husband. I'll decide then whether or not I'll wear your flimsy little gift."


They arrived at the resort at lunchtime. It took the resort's van about thirty minutes to drive from the airport to the resort's entrance. Anita gasped as she caught her first glimpse of the impressive buildings clustered around a wide circular drive. "It's beautiful," she gushed, forgetting her earlier concerns, while Shekhar pointed to the tropical gardens and a tall waterfall.

The couple checked in and learned that their cottage was ready and waiting. "I didn't know we would have our own cottage," she said to Shekhar.

"Well, I told you I wanted this to be a special vacation. I decided to pay extra and get a cottage right on the beach for us. It sounded very romantic," Shekhar added with a grin.

The bellboy, Joe, drove them to their cottage in a converted golf cart and acquainted them with the various controls. The king bed was perched on a pedestal with mirrors as the headboard and another mirror on the ceiling. Anita took a deep breath as she peeked into the tiled bathroom. A huge tub with jets sat in one corner, while a large shower without a curtain or doors filled the other corner.

Joe proudly showed them how to operate the tub jets and winked suggestively at Anita. The room had a small kitchenette, a stocked refrigerator, and a microwave. There is no television and the telephone only works for calls within the resort, the bellboy advised. That way, they would not be disturbed by outside calls or news. The only outside telephone was in the resort's main office, in case of an emergency.

"Everything is included in your daily room fee, so feel free to eat, drink, or use anything you wish. We offer water sports, the pools, the beaches, a library, golf, tennis, spa services, massages, and lots of other 'special' services. If you need anything at all, just call room service and I will make sure you are well cared for," Joe concluded with another wink. Shekhar tried to tip Joe, but Joe refused. "All is included, sir," he said as he backed away. We are well paid and we don't accept additional tips."

Shekhar turned and opened the drapes to view the deck and beach beyond. "Nice fellow, that Joe," he said as Anita began to unpack her suitcase. "Did you notice the way he kept glancing at you, Anita?"

"No, was he looking at me?" Anita replied innocently.

"He sure was. I could tell that he was imagining how you would look lying nude in that big tub. He was eyeing you up and down and you didn't even notice it," Shekhar chuckled.

"You and your oversexed imagination," Anita retorted. "He was just trying to be helpful. The rest is just your fantasy."

"Maybe so, but I enjoy fantasies where someone like Joe gets aroused and undresses you with his eyes. I'll bet he'd love to walk in some day and find you soaking in the tub. He might even join you."

"Me bathing with the bellboy? Not on your life!" Anita huffed. "But, I do feel like trying out our big tub with you. Let's wash off the trip dust. I'm sure that we can both fit in the tub together."

Shekhar went to Anita's side and began to unbutton her blouse. "Yes, I'm sure we will be able to fit. Stand still and let me undress you first while the tub fills. Then, you can undress me."

"Aren't you going to close the drapes?" Anita asked, pointing at the open sliding door.

"Why bother?" Shekhar replied with a grin. "Nobody knows us here, and I don't see anybody outside anyway."

"My, my, you are quite adventurous, aren't you?" Anita purred as her husband slipped her skirt down her slender legs. "I am standing here in my bra and panties with the drapes wide open, and you don't give a damn."

"We can be as adventurous as we want to for the next week or so, and I want to take full advantage of this wonderful resort," Shekhar agreed. "My love, I also want you to know that I am okay with anything you want to do . . . anything at all," he added with a sly grin.

"I told you, I intend to conduct myself properly," Anita replied stubbornly. In spite of her reply, she turned her husband's last comments over in her mind. "Do other men really look at me with lust in their minds?" she wondered. "Does my husband really get aroused when others leer at me? Does he dream of watching me with another man, or another woman? And, why are these thoughts flying around in my mind right now?" Anita shook her head and shivered, bringing herself back to the moment.

"That's fine," Shekhar agreed. "You're the boss, but just remember what I said. While we're here, you are free to indulge yourself and do whatever your heart desires. Now, turn around and let me unsnap your lacy bra for you."

Anita felt her straps slip from her shoulders as Shekhar unsnapped and pushed her bra away to drop onto the floor. The cool air and her exposure caused her brown nipples to harden. Before she could object, he slipped his thumbs into the band of her panties and slid them down and off her shapely hips. Her thin nylon panties fell to her ankles and she realized that she was standing naked, facing the open glass door to their deck. Nobody walked by or looked in, and she experienced a brief moment of disappointment before shaking her head again and turning to her husband.

"Now it's my turn," she told him as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his slacks. Anita hugged her husband's bare chest to her soft breasts and lifted her face to accept his kiss. They enjoyed a lingering kiss, tongues sparring with each other, and then Anita slid down his body to her knees and unzipped his slacks. "You like this don't you?" she teased.

Shekhar's pants fell to his feet, followed swiftly by his briefs. Anita stared at his semi-erect cock and smiled up at him. "Shall I give your buddy a little kiss before we get into the tub?" she asked. As he looked down, Anita put the tip of her tongue on the head and gave it a tentative lick. Next, she kissed the swollen head, leaving a tinge of bright red lipstick on him.

Shekhar looked up for a brief moment and watched a couple carrying towels and a blanket stroll by their cottage. They glanced at the cottage and he saw the man stumble momentarily as he saw Anita naked and on her knees, with her bare bottom exposed. Shekhar and the other man locked eyes and the man smiled as he turned his topless companion so that she could see what they were doing. Having others watch Anita suck him made Shekhar stiffen even more. The other woman waved, and they moved away clutching each other. "No need to tell Anita that people saw her bare ass while she sucked me off," Shekhar decided, as his wife's fingers toyed with his swollen balls.

Anita moved her lips along Shekhar's shaft, then slid it into her warm mouth. He looked down at the top of his wife's black hair and saw her lips slip along his stiff cock. Anita's tongue played with the head of his prick and he felt his balls tighten. "Enough for now," he gasped. "I don't want to let go just yet. We should try out the bathtub first."

Reluctantly, Anita pulled back and held just the head between her lips as her dark eyes stared lovingly up at her husband. She let him go with a final pop and leaned back on her hands. "Yes, I think the tub must be full by now. Let's go see."


The powerful jets felt wonderful as the water bubbles caressed her. She sat between Shekhar's legs and let her body lean back against his chest. Shekhar pressed her forward and she put her feet up on the sides of the tub. In their new position, one of the jets blew water and air bubbles up between her legs, playing in her pubic hair and tickling her clitoris. "Mmm, yes, this is so nice," Anita murmured as Shekhar slowly massaged her 34C breasts and gently pulled on her erect nipples.

The couple used the large bar and their hands to soap the other, arousing them even more, as they fondled and cleansed every nook of each other's body. Afterward, they took their time drying one another while standing nude in the spacious bathroom.

"Shall we see how we like the big bed?" Shekhar suggested, looking up at her as he finished toweling Anita's feet.

Anita giggled. "But, it's the middle of the afternoon. Who makes love this early in the day?" she countered.

"There's no law against it," Shekhar laughed. "I want to see how we look in all those mirrors. We can watch ourselves fuck and see how we look. But first, I'll use some of this free lotion to give you an all over massage."

Anita smiled sweetly. "Now that sound yummy. I love to feel your soft hands caressing me in all the right places. How do you want me?"

Taking his wife's hand, Shekhar led her to the bedroom. "I'll do your backside first," he suggested. "Lay over here in the middle, close your eyes and just relax."

"Oh, you need to close the drapes. They're still open and people can see us."

Shekhar smiled and gently pushed Anita onto the mattress. "Nobody is out there, and nobody knows us. I think it will be more exciting to give you a massage with the drapes open. You're covered in front anyway, so just relax and enjoy my touch."

"But people can see you, Shekhar. You are naked too, remember?"

Shekhar grinned as he saw himself in the mirrored headboard. "People at this resort have seen better equipped men than me, I'm sure. Don't worry about me."

Warming the lotion between his hands, Shekhar began massaging Anita's shoulders and back, gently pressing his fingers along her spine. "Oh, that does feel good," she cooed. "It feels naughty and nice at the same time."

Shekhar moved to straddle Anita's legs, letting his penis slide along her thighs as he continued to stroke and caress her back and arms. He looked up at the mirrored ceiling and smiled at the full-length view of his wife's nude body as he kneaded her buttocks with his fingers.

"I can feel your buddy on my leg," Anita chuckled. "Are you getting hard already?"

Shekhar just smiled and let his cock probe his wife's crack briefly. "Seeing you like this makes me stiff, that's for sure." He moved down the bed and began to massage Anita's thighs. Soon, his knees were between her legs and she allowed him to spread them wider, exposing the thick dark bush that covered her swollen labia. His fingers traced his wife's crack until it met the lower reaches of her pussy. Then, he let one finger sneak along her slit, feeling the wetness that preceded his probe.

"Ah, you're already wet with your sweet nectar," he whispered. "I must be giving a good massage."

Anita's response was merely to groan and move her legs farther apart for him.

Moments later, two fingers spread Anita's nether lips and slid inside her tight vaginal entrance. After wiggling inside for a bit, Shekhar pulled his slippery fingers out and used his index finger to make circles around his wife's exposed rear button.

Anita gasped as she felt her husband's finger touch the wrinkles of her anus. "Oh, God, that's unbelievable," she moaned as he continued to toy with her tight star.

"I know you like this," he whispered as he slipped his thumb into her wet cunt and his juicy index finger into her ass.

"Oh, yes, yes," Anita purred. "I can't stand it. Stop, no don't stop!" she moaned as he moved both digits in a rhythm inside her.

"It must feel like two men fucking you at the same time," Shekhar suggested to his hot wife. "My cock is in your ass and another man is in your pussy. Can you feel us fucking you, Anita?"

"Ohhhhh, I'm going to cum," Anita groaned and Shekhar felt his wife's juices flow out around his thumb and onto the sheet.

Taking it out of his wife's wet cunt, Shekhar raised it to his face and sucked her juices from his thumb. "I love the taste of your juice."

Shekhar slid off of the bed and stumbled to the bathroom to wash his hands. Anita lay sprawled in the center of the bed. Shekhar returned and quickly finished massaging her legs and feet.

"Now turn over and let me do your front side," he ordered.

Without thinking, Anita did as she was told. She rolled onto her back and covered her face with the edge of the sheet. "You make me feel so good, my husband," she mumbled.

Shekhar stood beside the bed, looking down lovingly at his nude wife. "She's forgotten all about the open drapes," he mused as he slowly stroked his stiffening cock.

"This time, I'll start with your feet and work my way up your beautiful body," Shekhar stated as he touched her foot.

He was sitting up between his wife's open legs and caressing her thighs when an older man carrying a towel and an umbrella walked by their deck. The man wore loose swim trunks, a straw hat, and sunglasses. As he got to their sliding door, the man glanced over and noticed Shekhar, kneeling naked on the bed with Anita stretched out below. Shekhar noticed movement out of the corner of his eye, but pretended he hadn't seen anything. Shekhar continued to massage Anita's thighs and now let his hand move over his wife's trimmed bush and tummy. Again, Shekhar decided not to warn his wife that a voyeur was watching.

Shekhar watched in the headboard mirror as his hands moved up over Anita's soft breasts. He could also see the man in the straw hat in the mirror without turning his head. As he watched in the mirror, the man bravely stepped up on the deck and sidled over to one side of the sliding door. The fellow slipped into one of the deck chairs and other people would probably assume that it was his cottage. Now, this older stranger could see every move that Shekhar made.

Moving his hands lightly, Shekhar covered Anita's curves and let his fingers slip into her juicy slit before returning to her nipples. The wetness between Anita's legs coated her dark nipples and they glistened in the outside sunlight. Shekhar touched his wet fingers to his tongue. His wife's aroma and the taste drove additional blood into his erect penis and he knew that he would soon sink it into his beautiful wife's slick love nest. The fact that another man was watching him only served to intensify his lust.

A glance into the mirror confirmed that the man was still watching. Shekhar could see him rubbing the front of his trunks, but the sunglasses hid the man's eyes. Bending down, Shekhar lightly kissed and licked Anita's trimmed bush and let his tongue probe her swollen labia. She was more than ready for love and he no longer cared if the voyeur watched. Raising up, Shekhar placed Anita's legs up onto his shoulders and scooted forward until the head of his steel-hard prick found her entrance.

Anita moaned low in her throat and moved the sheet away from her face just enough so that she could see herself in the ceiling mirror with her right eye. The sight of her bare breasts and her slender legs perched on her husband's shoulders made her quiver with anticipation. She began to feel her first orgasm as the head of Shekhar's cock slid into her vaginal orifice. It started as a tight feeling in her tummy, but soon she began to spasm and buck her hips upward to capture his male rod, meeting each of his strokes until she felt her husband's balls touch against her ass.

Shekhar gazed down on his wife's lovely body and watched her tits sway with the motion of their lovemaking. Quickly checking the reflective headboard, he noticed that their voyeur had pulled his cock out of the leg of his trunks and was stroking himself as he intently watched them. This strange man watching aroused deep desires within his loins, he realized, as he continued to probe Anita's cavity. Shekhar began to fantasize and mentally exchanged places with the stranger. Now, it was the stranger who was fucking his wife, and Shekhar was left to watch and jack himself off. As his fantasy played itself out in his mind, Shekhar felt that familiar surge and soon filled his wife with a powerful load of warm semen.

Collapsing onto his wife's heaving torso, Shekhar gasped for breath and felt some of the combined love liquid seep out around his shrinking cock and onto his balls. They lay together for several minutes, enjoying each other's warmth, before Shekhar finally turned his head to check on their audience. The stranger was gone, however, there was a streak of white cum on the outside of the glass door attesting to the fact that someone had watched him fuck his wife in the afternoon of their first day at the resort.

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