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Family Road Trip

by purple_angel©

I wasn't sure what to do. I was in turmoil. This was serious; for God's sake this was my Dad. Dad, who had sat me on his lap; bathed me; read me stories; tucked me up at night with a kiss. Yet now here we were in the middle of nowhere and about to get it on. What the hell were we doing? How the hell did we get to this? I felt his hands on my body; pulling at my shirt; pulling the buttons open; my bra strap falling from my shoulder; his warm hand on my breast. I closed my eyes and felt my nipple harden at his touch; oh God I wanted him so much but this was wrong -- wasn't it?


'Suzie! Suzie! Where the hell are you?' Dad shouted. 'Come on we have to go otherwise the traffic will build up.'

I grabbed my hastily packed bag and ran down the stairs. 'I'm here Dad. Keep your hair on -- well what little you have!' Dad looked at me and scowled.

'Yeah. Very funny Sweetpea. Just get in the car will you?'

I threw my bag in the back of the car and jumped into the passenger seat. 'At last!' Dad sighed and started up the motor.

The traffic was building and it took us longer to get out of Edinburgh than we had thought. The rush hour traffic was horrendous and navigating Haymarket at this time was not what Dad had wanted. The air was blue with his cursing -- mostly directed at me. I just ignored him and studied the map. Once we had manoeuvred along the Corstorphine Road, we headed out into the Scottish countryside.

This was not a trip I was looking forward to. It was July and I had just finished my second year at University. Laura and Michael had planned a back-packers tour around Europe and had asked me along. I could have been in Paris or Brussels right now, I thought as we bypassed Stirling on the motorway. I could be flirting with some French waiter and having some of his 'Je ne sais quoi!' But no I had agreed to go on this road trip with Dad. Well the bottom line was I felt sorry for him. Mum had left two years ago to shack up with her yoga teacher -- I know what a cliché, I still burn with embarrassment when I think about it! Last year he had mostly found himself at the bottom of a whisky bottle but this year he had woken up. He had joined an art class at the local school and had taken it into his mind that a family road trip into the great unknown of the Scottish highlands was what he -- and we -- needed.

'That sounds great Dad. I'll make sure I book those two weeks off work.' This was my sister Judy in November. 'Oh Daddy, I just can't do it. I have to fly to Bangladesh to check on the factories.' This was Judy in June -- just two weeks before we were supposed to have our family get-away. I could have strangled her! We had agreed that Dad needed cheering up and that we would go on this trip to keep him happy and now she was calling off. I cornered her later on that night.

'Thanks, Judy! That's just great! I said no to a trip around Europe for this because we were all going and now you call off?'

'Sweetie, I can't help it! This is like a big promotion for me. If I get this right I could be buying in New York or Milan!'

'Judy, get a grip! You work for a no mark discount retailer -- you are not going to New York!'

'Suzie you are just so jealous of me. I'm glad I can't go on this stupid road trip. I just couldn't bear to be around you and your negativity.' Then she flounced off and I haven't seen her since. Bitch is probably cracking the whip over some poor Bangladeshi kids as we speak.

So it was just me and Dad. I wasn't really looking forward to it because Dad had been so weird lately. I know he had taken the split from Mum really badly and it had taken him a while to get over it. I had tried to spend as much time with him as possible but he had become really clingy recently. He was always sending me texts and buzzing me on Yahoo. I had told him to try some of the personal chat sites to keep himself occupied but I'm not sure if he did -- to be honest I didn't want to know! Anyway, he would turn up at my flat, unannounced, with bottles of wine and flowers and I would laugh and sit talking to him for hours. So yeah here I was in his car on the road to nowhere.

'Suzie, isn't it just beautiful?' Dad was looking at the vista that was Glencoe. Beautiful is sometimes not the word to describe Glencoe; awesome, inspiring, amazing and scary are all words that come to mind, but I humoured him.

'Yes, Dad, it's beautiful.'

'I think we should stop here Suzie. There's a little hotel just passed the bridge. Your mum and I stayed there once. It's a nice hotel and we can go walking in the mountains tomorrow.'

I looked at him. I wasn't impressed. Already he was going down memory lane. Oh shit this was going to be harder than I thought!


The hotel was indeed 'nice'. A bit twee with its tartan carpets and swag curtains, but the views over the loch were breathtaking. That night we eat in the restaurant looking out over the still loch as the sun set and sent a myriad of fiery lights over the water. Dad was very attentive and bought champagne, claiming that this was the very wine him and Mum had drank in this very spot.

'Dad?' I asked as we sipped on our coffee at the end of the meal.

'Yes, Sweetpea?'

'Dad, you have to stop thinking about Mum all the time. Just enjoy the holiday.'

'I know I should, Sweetpea, but you remind me of her so much. It's like she is here.'

'Oh Daddy, I don't look like Mum!'

'Oh yes you do! Those brown eyes and that soft brown hair. You are her image.'

Dad looked at me then and I saw his longing. I saw the love he had for this woman that had left him. Or was that passion for me? The thought sent shock waves through me. His clear blue eyes sparkled as they looked into mine...

'Dad, stop it! Ok I might look a bit like her but you have to stop thinking about her! Look it's you and me here ok?'

'Oh Sweetpea, how can I forget that it's you here with me?' He leant forward then and stoked my hand. I could not believe the feeling that his soft touch excited in me. I reached up with my fingers and entwined them in his, bewildered I looked into his eyes. He looked at me with such longing that I withdrew my hand and finished my coffee. He was projecting, I thought. He was projecting the memory of Mum onto me.

'I'm off to bed Sweetpea, See you in the morning,' and he kissed me on the cheek before walking out of the restaurant. I nursed the dregs of my coffee as I pondered on what had just happened. Had he thought I was Mum or was he feeling something for me? I couldn't believe I was even having these thoughts, but his look; his touch; there had been something there; something sensual.

I made my way to the lift and as I rose up in the little box I knew I had to go to him and find out just what it was he was thinking. There was something in me that had to know what we were feeling. As the lift door opened with a 'ping' I jumped. This was crazy! What was I doing? But I knocked on his door anyway. The door opened and Dad stood there in his robe.

'Suzie? What is it?'

'I don't know Dad. Can I come in?'

'Of course you can Sweetpea. Come on sit down.'

I sat on the bed and he poured two shots of whisky.

'Here Sweetpea. Drink this,' he said handing me the glass of amber liquid.

'Daddy,' I began,'I had the strangest feeling tonight.'

'Yes Sweetpea? What kind of feeling?'

'I dunno Daddy but it was the strangest thing. You know when you touched my hand earlier -- it sent shivers through me' I looked at the floor unable to meet his eyes. I felt his hand on my cheek, brushing my hair aside,

'Oh Sweetpea, I feel that feeling everytime I look at you.'

'You don't think I'm mum do you?'

'Oh no, it's you I want.'

And suddenly... I wasn't sure what to do. I was in turmoil. This was serious; for God's sake this was my Dad. Dad, who had sat me on his lap; bathed me; read me stories; tucked me up at night with a kiss. Yet now here we were in the middle of nowhere and about to get it on. What the hell were we doing? How the hell did we get to this? I felt his hands on my body; pulling at my shirt; pulling the buttons open; my bra strap falling from my shoulder; his warm hand on my breast. I closed my eyes and felt my nipple harden at his touch; oh God I wanted him so much but this was wrong -- wasn't it?

'Daddy! Daddy! Stop!' I pushed him back and sat up straight on the bed. 'What are we doing?'

'We are doing exactly what we want to Sweetpea.'

'But Dad...we shouldn't!'

'Sweetpea,' Dad brushed my breast again, 'your nipple tells me you want me.' He pushed me back onto the bed and opened my blouse more and pulled up my bra until both my breasts we exposed. He cupped and stroked and kneaded my firm breasts until my nipples puckered.

'Oh Daddy,' I whispered, 'that feels so good.'

'I know, Sweetpea. Let daddy take care of you.' He put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed as he took off my blouse and then my bra. His hands moved to my skirt and undid the zip.

I caught his hand and held it tight. 'Daddy we shouldn't do this,' I whispered again.

'I'll stop if you want to Sweetpea. Only if you want to,' he whispered back and kissed the nape of my neck. His breath and kisses on my neck made me moan and arch -- he knew I wanted him; I knew I wanted him. His hand moved to my thigh, moving slowly up. God it was too much; I opened my legs wide instinctively -- I was ashamed at how quickly I opened my legs for him. His hand moved across my panties; stoking the lace trim. I was wet and getting wetter at the thought of my dad slipping his fingers in my slit. And they did; his fingers pulled my panties aside and they found my wet slit and slid up and down.

'Mmmm, Oh daddy,' I moaned,' Daddy you have no idea what that does to me!'

'Oh Sweetpea believe me I know -- I can feel how wet you are for me' Daddy's fingers continued to explore and finally I felt his fingers push inside me. Two fingers right inside me -- in and out -- slowly -- gently. I rode those fingers slowly, moving with him, feeling my wetness coat his fingers and spreading over my lips.

'That feel good Sweetpea? Tell daddy how good that feels. Show daddy how good that feels hon.'

'Oh Daddy it's so good. Oh god daddy I love your fingers in me.' I rode his fingers and my hand moved to his pants and I unzipped them. Oh God, I thought, my daddy is fingering me and I am about to get his cock out. My hand moved inside his pants and I felt his hard cock. My fingers gripped the shaft and pulled it out his pants. I began to stoke but couldn't believe what I was feeling. My fingers could barely get around the shaft -- my daddy was thick, very thick.

'Daddy you are so big!'

'I know Sweetpea. Does it scare you?'

'Yes daddy a bit.'

'Don't be scared -- as long as you are wet and ready it will be alright. In fact you'll love it. Anyway I'm sure you have had boyfriends this big -- haven't you Sweetpea?' His fingers plunged into me fast and hard.

'Oooh oooh Daddy!' I moaned, 'No, I've only had one boyfriend and he wasn't like this.'

'Well Sweetpea you will love daddy's cock. Tell me about this boyfriend -- what did you do with him?' His fingers continued to thrust in and out of me making my lips and clit swell.

'We used to pet and touch each other.' I gasped again.

'Is that all? Did he fuck you?' Fingers driving deeper. I bucked and moved.

'Yes daddy he did.' I gasped as his fingers pounded into me. Daddy laughed then and withdrew his fingers from me. Then I felt his weight on me. He got on top of me and he stroked my cheek and again brushed my hair from my face. I felt his lips on mine as he kissed me. Our tongues flicked. He bit my lower lip.

'Did this boyfriend make you feel good?' he whispered

'Yes he did.'

'Well I'll make you feel so much better Sweetpea, I'll make you feel like you have never felt.' As he whispered this in my ear I felt his cock between my legs. He slid his cock head along my pussy; rubbing my clit and spreading my swollen lips wide.

I closed my eyes again and tried to get to grips with what was happening. My dad was about to fuck me; about to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. I felt his tip push against my pussy hole; it pushed into me splitting me wide. His girth splayed me, stretched me. This cant be happening I thought, my daddy can't be about to fuck me!

'Ever felt like that before?' he asked.

'No daddy never,' I gasped. He pushed in more.

'Is that ok Sweetpea?'

'Ohhh ooooh,' I moaned, 'yes daddy yes its ok.'

My cunt screamed as my daddy thrust deep inside me, his thick cock spreading my pussy wide, my wetness coating his shaft so he could thrust and thrust. He grabbed my hands and pulled them above my head. He fucked me and fucked me as he held my hands tight, his cock thrusting deeper and deeper.

'You are so beautiful Sweetpea. So beautiful,' he moaned over and over and he thrust and pounded into me. I screamed and screamed as his cock penetrated me and fucked me like no one ever had.

'That's it Sweetpea , feel daddy oh feel daddy fuck you. Scream for daddy.'

'Yes daddy don't stop, don't stop!'

We fucked and fucked, faster and harder until I heard daddy moan and felt him tense and I knew he was going to cum,

'Not inside me daddy not inside!' I shouted, but he was already withdrawing and rubbing my clit. I came as he rubbed me and he came; his cum shot all over my pussy warm and dripping and I came again as his tip rubbed my clit and he rammed two fingers inside me; he fucked his fingers into my orgasm.

We fell together in each other arms, his cum dripping from me, my legs wrapped around him. He kissed my forehead, my cheeks and my lips.

'Oh Sweetpea, I have wanted to do that for so long , you have no idea how long -- I hope I didn't hurt you.'

'No daddy you didn't hurt me you just fucked the ass off me!'

We laughed and I felt his cock grow hard against my stomach as the rain spattered against the windows and we knew we wouldn't see much of the mountains tomorrow and we knew we would have to concoct some story for Judy about our family road trip.

Written by: purple_angel

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