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Innocence Lost Ch. 15

by ShaneFull©

Joan (38, white female) decides to fulfill her son's obsession of watching her fucked by a huge black cock. Josh (19, white male) found Marcus (22, black male) from one of the online adult classifieds for an interracial sexual encounter.


As soon as Drake left for work, Joan went to her son's room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Wake up sleepy head," she said as she shook him by the shoulder.

Josh opened his eyes and looked at his mother smiling at him. "What gives mom?"

"You tell me. I could tell that you are thinking of something since you came home from your trip. I don't want to ask you when your father's around. How is your trip with Sheryl?"

Josh stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, "The first three days were awesome, and we had a great time till I screw it all up."

"What did you do?"

"Well, I found this video tape in the room we were staying in."

"And this tape started it all?"

"I did, actually. The tape just gave me a stupid idea."

"What is this tape anyway?"

"It's a personal sex tape video that was taken in that room, previous guests I assume."

"You and Sheryl did have sex?"

"That was the first three days. We had sex day and night, it was awesome."

"So what's the big deal with finding this tape?"

"She doesn't know about the tape, I kept it from her."

Joan gave her son a questioning look.

Josh smiled. "There were white couples in the tape, the husband was taking the video while his wife was being fucked by a," he looked at her mother, "black man."

Joan rolled her eyes and shook her head. She got a feeling what her son did or suggested and Josh confirmed it as he continued on.

"The stupid thing is that I asked Sheryl about having another guy with us just for fun, and I specifically suggested a black man."

"You are right, that is stupid! What are you thinking?"

"I thought of you and Tammy for starters."

"Me, what do I have to do with your stupid idea?" She knew why but she just got to pretend.

"It's just the thought of you and Harry, Tammy and Robby got me crazy up here," he pointed at his head. "You know how I get so round up thinking of interracial sex. I guess I still want to see one up close and personal."

"So Sheryl didn't take it quite as you were expecting?"

"You could say that. She didn't say a thing but she changed. We had sex but it's quite cold on her part."

Joan snuggled closer to her son. "Give it time and she'll get over it. Who knows she might be thinking of it since she didn't really say anything argumentative?"

"You think so?" He asked as he laid his head on his mother's chest.

She tapped his face gently a few times. "I'm curious about this tape of yours, you still got it?"

Josh slid out of bed before Joan could say anything more and putting the tape in one of the few players set up in his room and then back beside Joan as it started to play on the TV screen.

Ten minutes of the movie, Josh is caressing Joan's legs beneath her dress. Fifteen minutes and they were practically half naked. Within thirty minutes Josh is on top of Joan between her legs.

Joan took hold of its cock and guides it to her cunt opening. Josh thrust his hips as he felt the tip of his cock head press against her slit and felt the warmth of her cunt engulf its head as it slid inside her. She gasped as she felt its entire shaft slid inside her wet cunt in one slow thrust, filling her up to its hilt. She held her breath as she felt it starts to slide out till it stopped half way and then starts to thrust back in once more.

Josh starts to fuck his mother, reminiscing the last time they had sex. It has been a while and he already forgot how it felt, the tightness and warmth of Joan's cunt. His rhythm starts to pick up as the excitement and pleasure builds up in his balls.

Joan felt the same and enjoying every inch of her son's hard cock. She raised her knees and spread her legs to give Josh more room to thrust. She let out a soft moan as Josh made love to her. She turned her head towards the TV. "You really want to watch a black cock fuck me?"

Josh looks down and turns to see what Joan is watching. "Oh yeah, I couldn't stop to imagine."

"OK." Joan said.

Josh couldn't believe what she just said. "What?"

Joan just smiled and wrapped her arms around her son's body and whispered to him. "For your going away present, before you go off to college. I'll fuck a black cock for you."

Josh got so excited that she started hump and fuck Joan fast and hard till he could not hold his load much longer. With one last thrust, he released his load deep inside his mother's cunt followed with a moan that almost filled the room.

Joan tried to catch up but was a little short as Josh stopped pumping. Her heart beat was pumping up and breathing fast as Josh pulled out of her after releasing his hot cum. She was a little disappointed but was glad to bring her son into orgasm. She slid out of the bed. "Have your breakfast and we'll talk." She said as she picks up her clothes and kissed Josh on the cheek and went to her room to freshen up.


Josh is just finishing up his breakfast when his mother shows up. "You're going out?"

"Just to the gym and maybe to the store," and Joan sat on the table in front of him. "Are you going to see Sheryl?"

"I'm thinking of it."

"I just suggest waiting. Just send her flowers or small notes. Let her cool off, it will be alright."

Josh looks at her mother. "So are you serious?"

"About what?"

"My going away present?"

"Oh that," Joan said teasing her son. "Yes, just for you," and winked at him.

"So, when are you going to call Harry?"

"I was thinking of it but then I don't want to give him more leverage. He does not know about us and I don't want him to use it against me."?

"So what are you plans?" Josh asked with a little disappointment.

"Well, I'm not going to plan anything. You will."

"I just thought that you find the guy and you set thing up."

"I don't know about that plan, mom."

"Well, I leave it all up to you. If you can't handle it then it's not going to happen." She stood up and went to the kitchen.

Josh followed, "But that's not fair."

Joan turns to face him, "What's not fair. I think it's a great opportunity for you."

"Like what?"

"You could surprise me with the black cock you want to see fuck your mother?"

Josh thought of it for a second and a grin starts to form on his lips. Joan saw the menacing grin and she giggled and turned to get something for her to drink from the fridge.

"Anything goes then?" Josh asked excitedly.

Joan turns to face her son once more and took a sip from a water bottle. "Well, I got some rules about this thing."

Josh crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I just want this to happen away from our area as much as possible. Don't worry I'll give you the place I think is far enough. This guy must not be able to trace us; it will just be a one-night stand of sort, and no video or picture taking."

Josh made his protest. "I want take a video so we could watch it."

"I had bad experiences with videos and pictures; I'm more at ease knowing it doesn't exist for anyone to view."

Josh thinks of what to response with. "What if you keep the tape till we watch it and you could get rid of it whenever you decide to."

Joan didn't answer at once and just stared at her son for a few seconds. "OK, but I don't want any complaints from you what I do with it."

Josh got exited just from the thought of it that his cock starts to twitch while Joan continues to fill him with much more detail of when and where. His father will be out of town for three days on a conference that will only give him four days to find a black man that will suit his obsession and give his mother a great time. She smiled as he watches Joan took her gym bag and walk out the front door. He still couldn't believe how young his mother looks, beautiful and so adoring. He couldn't take away the feeling of excitement building within him.

He went in his room after cleaning up and putting away the dishes, turns on the computer and logged into the internet to search for his options. He used the search engine for anything to do with postings and personal classified particularly something to do with sex. He found a few sites for adult classified and read quite a few postings of men seeking women, women seeking men, and swapping couples. He's quite surprised of all the postings he read, he never knew such things really exist. He decides to post a classified after having lots of idea what to post.


Subj: Seeking black male for an interracial experience!

I am seeking for a black male with a big cock to satisfy an interracial experience for my beautiful young white female partner, one-on-one and MMF threesome must be able to meet us on one of the dates and area indicated below. If interested provide your stats with photo is preferred.

He did the same posting on other sites such as sex finder and a site specializing on interracial. He decided to take a nap and will check for any response to his postings later on. He's just hoping to see a result since he doesn't have much time to pull this off.


Josh thought he is dreaming when he heard a phone ring. It rang a couple more times when he realized that his cell phone is indeed ringing. He wiped his eyes and took the phone from the bedside table and flipped it. "Hello?"

"Wake up sleepy head!"

He recognized the voice of his sister. "What's up little sis?"

"I just called mom and she said you where already home."

"Are you coming home?"

"Nah, not yet. I'm staying for a few more weeks till our cousin leaves for college just like you."

"I sure miss you sis."

"Yeah, I miss you too. I need to get home and get more stuff so I'll see you then."

"When will that be?"

"Don't know, maybe next week? I'll call you."

"OK, say 'Hi!' to cuz for me. Maybe you could bring her with you?"

"We're planning to. She wants to see you too."

"That's great! See you then."

"Love yah!"

"Love you too."


Josh checked for any responses that night. There were a few but nothing that caught his interest. The following day there were more responses and some where promising but not quite he's looking for. The third night, there were quite a lot of responses that are really promising.

The first one: "I'm available to fuck your white bitch and fill her with my 10 1/2" of black meat. Let me know!"

The second one: "I would like to fulfill your fantasy and will be able to meet you on your given date and location. I'm 22 years old, just under 13" in length and quite thick. Photo attached for your approval."

The third one: "I like to fuck white women and make them squirm with my 16" of shlong, check out my photo."

There were more interesting stats and photos but the 22 year old and 13" really seems to be a good choice and the photo is really something. The black young man is clean shaven and bald but quite handsome that goes with a well build body just like his and just the same height. He went to type in a reply.

"Your photo and stats were really impressive. Have you done such an arrangement before?"

He logged out of the site and checked the other sites before going to sleep.


"How are you doing with your planning?" Joan asked Josh as Drake left for work. "Your father will be gone tomorrow."

Josh fills his mother with what he's been doing. "I still have to check for his answer."

Joan was quite interested on what Josh has done. "Let's check it out."

They both went to Josh's room and on their way inside the room, Josh asked. "You want to see some of the photos?"

"Sure, let me see how well you picked the man for me." Joan said. and giggles.

Josh logged in the site and Joan read the classified he posted. "Young beautiful while female partner, nice!" She comments.

"Well, you are and I can't say we're mother and son?" Josh replies and smiled at his mother.

"OK lover boy, show me your messages." Joan leans over Josh's shoulders.

She read the replies as Josh scrolls down the screen. Joan laughs on some of the comments and sometimes just grossed out. She also looks at the photos and was quite shocked on some. "Oh my God, is that real?"

"You like to try it?"

"You really think that will be a good show?"

"I saw some hardcore pictures and it doesn't really look like a good show."

"I imagine it's just like a freak show." And they both laughed.

"I know what you mean. Check out the guy I picked."

Joan was impressed with what she read. She was just a little at awe with the picture when she saw the cock size but she was attracted the whole physique.

"I like him." Josh said.

"Well done my dear. I like him too, a lot!" and taps him on the shoulder. "Let's see his answer."

Josh clicked on the new messages and clicks the message he's looking for. "There are more new replies applying to get in your pants."

Joan playfully pushed Josh's head and ruffles his hair. "I think you already got a winner here." as she read the answer.

REPLY: I only had an experience once and my first time with a white couple. They actually picked me up in a club and I liked it. You've seen my picture how about showing me your girl? Just want to see if it's worth the trip.

Josh is about to say something when a message pops up on the middle of the screen. "BlakDjak13 invites you to chat -- CLICK HERE to go to LIVE CHAT"

Josh looks at his mother and saw her smile and nods. He clicks the window and they went to LIVE CHAT.

BlakDjak13: Glad to see you logged in.

Josh: Same here. Are we on?

BlakDjak13: Want to see how your girl looks. With all due respect, I just don't have sex with anyone; I still have my choice if you know what I mean.

Josh: I assure you that my girl's one to drool for.

BlakDjak13: Well, we have our own opinion of the matter. A beauty to you could be a disaster to me and vise versa.

Josh looks at Joan. "What do you think?"

"I really don't like the idea of my face showing up all over the internet."

Josh got an idea. "How about sending a picture with your eyes blocked out? I seen those picture before and it really does the work."

"You know how to do it?"

"Come on, mom. With this entire gadget Rick left and the stuff we learn at school, I know how!"

"Does it have to be nude?"

"Let me ask." And he starts to type.

Josh: Does it have to be nude?

BlakDjak13: You seen me nude, it would just be fair.

"OK" Joan said after reading the screen.

Josh: Check my profile in 30 min.

BlakDjak13: That's great. I'll be waiting.


Josh came back from his closet with the digital camera and a tripod in hand. "We're do you want to pose?"

"You meant 'US!' don't you?"

Josh looks at Joan. "Where do you want us to pose?"

"I think your bed is more appropriate don't you think?" She starts stripping and sat on the edge of the bed. She saw Josh did the same couldn't avoid to notice the semi erection forming in front of him.

Josh notice Joan giggling as he sets up the tripod and camera. "What's so funny?" He asked as he sat beside her.

"I just thought that you should have your cock hard for the profile." She took hold of his cock and starts jerking it. She then lowers her head and engulfs its cock head and bobs her head up and down till his cock is stiff and hard. "There now you're ready."

"Don't stop now."

"Save it till we meet your friend."

Josh went to the camera shaking his head and presses the button and sat back beside Joan leaning back supporting his upper body with his elbows. Joan partly leans on one side as she grab hold of Josh's cock by its base to hold it straight up and give the best smile she know how at the camera. ---'FLASH'---

Josh checks out the image and shows Joan. "That looks awesome!"

Joan smiles and couldn't disagree. It does look erotic and Josh's cock appears bigger than it looks. But most of all she really looks young. "OK do your thing and let's see how it looks."

Joan dresses up while she watches Josh add the black bar across their eyes and saves it. She was really satisfied and impressed with the process and image. It does hide her identity without compromising her body.

"So how's that?" Josh asked as he turns and was a little disappointed seeing his mother all dressed up. Joan gave him a smile and thumbs up.

A few minutes later, Josh got the image uploaded on his profile and then waited as he took a glance of the clock.

It seems like an eternity when the familiar invitation pops up on the screen and they were chatting once more.

BlakDjak13: WOW! Your girl is really beautiful. Nice touch with the black bar.

Josh: Sorry, just a precaution.

BlakDjak13: No worries. She is still beautiful, you can tell. Your tool's not bad too, how come?

Josh: Just want to see her moan and much bigger cock stretch her tiny pussy.

Joan smacks his son on the head, hard enough for Josh to feel a sting.

BlakDjak13: Can't wait to give it to her. We are on! My name is Marcus.

Josh and Marcus sets ups the date and place with inputs from Joan. It will be the day after tomorrow. Joan read that Marcus will be driving as well and they will meet for lunch that Marcus picks and to the hotel that Joan mentioned to Josh. Josh also informed Marcus about no alcohols and no smoking rules and Marcus agrees since he does not either.


Joan and Drake talked in their bedroom after dinner while she helped Drake pack up for his trip. They talked about Tammy being away for so long and then Josh dilemma with Sheryl. Joan found out that Amy will be going to the seminar with him.

Drake hired Amy to work for the company with Harry's approval. Drake didn't hesitate since he found out that she has a degree in accounting but was caught up with the fast life and the wrong people that brought her to her current situation. Giving her a break would be a good thing for her.

Joan understands what Drake's intention but knew that he will be fucking Amy as well. She couldn't blame him since Amy got this aura that attracts men and not to mention exotic beautiful face and sexy figure. She doesn't mind since she got her own thing going on anyway, just like the one she offered their son. Might as well have fun while she can and while her real age and body still looks young, she thought. It might not be long and her young looks will be gone and nothing will be left but just her and Drake.

Joan and Drake made love that night and she loves every minute of it which she always does, every time. Making love and fucking is quite different. For her, making love is more passionate than just plain one night stand fuck. She does cum fucking other guys but cumming while making love is more pleasurable in comparison. She's just happy that Drake's cock is just perfect in size, girth and length. She could not ask for anything more and could never replace his love for his cock. She gives Drake his fantasy of watching other men fuck her because she know how men, particularly Drake, want to see their women have pleasure or perhaps pain in some cases, which Josh probably inherited from his father. Perhaps the taboo got to do with it but she know what men wants and that's what she does when Drake watches and not to mention her son.

Drake left for an early flight and only found out that morning that he will be picking up Amy on the way to the airport. She felt a little jealous but she did not show any sign.

She cooks breakfast for Josh before changing to got to the gym. She left a note for Josh to do and the information he needed to make room reservations for tomorrow.

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