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A Different Type of Adjustment

by Roscoe0829©

At my last chiropractor appointment the staff informed me, that the doc was having a party for his loyal patients at 8:00 pm Friday night.

"What's the occasion?" I asked

"The doctor wants to show his appreciation for the people who he feels has stayed loyal to him and has continued to refer other patients," answered Holly, who is one of the assistants.

"Well, I have a study session for my Graduate class, but I'm sure Christine will come and I'll meet up afterward," I told her.

"We'll be here," Holly said.

When I got home I told my lovely wife about the party on Friday and she was visibly excited about it. When my wife has her adjustments she get very excited feeling Dr Burns rubbing up against her. We often use that when were having sex.

Friday arrived and we arranged for my mother to watch our son for the evening so we can enjoy the whole night. I left for my study group as Christine was getting ready and noticed that she was freshly shaved.

"Very nice!!" I stated while I felt her shaved pussy.

"Stop that or you'll never make your group," she said while giggling and pushing my hand away, "We'll have plenty of time later to continue this."

With that I gave her a long kiss goodbye and was on my way.

I had a hard time trying to concentrate while in session thinking of my sexy wife having fun at that party. Wouldn't you know it that we ran late, and I didn't get out until almost 9:30 pm.

I pulled into the parking lot of Dr Burns' office around 10:00 pm and saw a good number of cars remaining. As I walked up to the door I had to knock since it was locked for the party. One of the girls from the office staff recognized me and opened the door for me. I entered to the sound of heavy bass dance music playing and a kiss from Rebecca who let me in.

"Glad you could make it," she said.

"Thanks," I replied, "I'm glad to be here too. Have you seen Christine?"

"I think she's in the back somewhere with the Doc," she replied with a little mischievous grin.

"Thanks, I'll head back that way."

The office is not large so most of the drinks and food were set up in the front reception area. I grabbed a glass of Jameson and ginger ale on the rocks and started to head down the hall towards the back. As I progressed down the hall I said hello the people I knew and was introduced the ones I didn't.

I passed the first exam room and noticed several people engaged in some heavy kissing and realized that some of the girl's tops were off and they were working on the clothes of their counterparts. There was another trio, consisting of one guy and two girls, in the hall in all sorts of undress. One of the girls was on her knees giving the guy one hell of a blowjob, while the other girl was kissing him and having her large breasts felt up.

At the end of the hall there are two more exam rooms and you can see into the one on the right but not the one on the left. I edged my way past the trio, who didn't even notice me, and proceeded to the end of the hall. In the exam room on the right, I could see a naked women bent over the exam table getting fucked hard and fast by the guy behind her. By the expression of joy on her face, I could tell that she was really enjoying the pounding she was getting.

I was not taken back by any of this since my wife and I have been involved in similar parties before, just not with the Doc. It would seem that we made another set of similar minded friends and didn't even know it.

In approaching the end of the hall, I started to hear grunts and groans over the heavy bass beat of the music, emanating from the last exam room. When I got closer I could start to see inside the room and saw the white high-heeled sandals that looked like my wife's. I then saw her lower leg and realized it was my wife. When I could fully see inside the room there was my wife, naked except for her shoes, riding Dr Burns reverse cowgirl style on the exam table. She was also sucking the cock of a tall muscular guy who was standing in front of her.

Christine has had a large crush on the doc for quite some time. So, I was not surprised by what I saw. In fact I had a huge hard on straining against my pants when I saw what was happening. From the look on her face I could tell she was in extreme ecstasy. I leaned up against the doorjamb to continue watching my hot wife get her brains fucked out.

Dr Burns looked over and saw me there and just smiled and continued guiding her beautiful ass up and down on his cock. I raised my glass in his direction and said with a smile, "Enjoy, I can tell that Christine is."

I guess Christine heard me, or the sound of someone talking, because she looked over in my direction. She removed the cock from her mouth said while panting, "Hi honey,,,, I hope,,,, you're,, not,, maaaddd?"

"Not at all my love, just enjoy living out your fantasy."

With the cock removed from her mouth, Dr Burns had Christine stand up turn around and sit back down on his cock. When she did that I could se why she was so happy. The good doc's cock was approximately 9 inches long and very thick. As she sat down on his cock I could see her eyes roll into the back of her head and a very throaty moan escape her lips.

The man she was sucking nodded in my direction and said, "You have a very beautiful, hot wife there."

"I know my good man."

Dr Burns pulled my wife closer to him exposing her beautiful ass to both of us. The muscular guy used some lube that was sitting on a table in the corner to lube up his cock and my wife's ass. The doc stopped fucking her long enough for his friend to enter her. As her entered her ass, Christine threw her head back with her eyes closed and no noise escaping her opened mouth. Once he was fully inside her, he and the doc started to work out a rhythm to continue fucking her.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked over to see a naked Rebecca rubbing up against me. She ran her hand over my rock hard cock and said, "I can see that you're enjoying the show. Would you like me to take care of this for you?"

"Absolutely!" I answered.

With that Rebecca took the glass out of my hand, and after placing it on the corner table, came back over and helped me out of my clothes. I don't like to wear any underwear so she had instant access to my cock. She stayed on her knees and started to lick my shaft up and down with her expert tongue, and with all that was happening on the exam table was turning me on even more.

At one point Rebecca placed on condom on my cock, stood up, bent over in front of me and guided my cock into her very wet pussy. When I was fully inside her she looked back and said, "Fuck me hard with that cock of yours!!!"

I proceeded to fuck her with long hard strokes feeling her wonderful pussy engulf my cock. As I looked over at my wife I noticed that Christine's panting was getting faster and faster. I recognized that she was getting ready to cum. Dr Burns recognized this too, and then pulled her even closer to him. Then he placed his arms around her, and when Christine was just about to cum, moved his arms in such a way that I heard her back crack. With that she let out a very loud passionate scream announcing she was cumming. She must have cum for about 5 minutes while I continued pounding into Rebecca.

Watching my wife's mind-blowing orgasm was too much for me to take. I slammed into Rebecca burying my cock to the hilt and exploded inside of her. Following my orgasm, the doc's friend then blew his load inside Christine's ass. He then pulled out of her allowing Christine to sit up and ride Dr Burns like she was possessed. She just kept slamming herself down on his cock talking like the nasty slut she really is.

"You like my pussy don't you? I want you to cum in my pussy. I can feel you getting ready to explode in side me. Let me feel your wonder cock cum in side me."

"You are such a slut," the Dr said, "I knew you were a slut. I love seeing your huge tits bouncing while you're riding my cock. You ready to feel me cum, slut? Here it comes!"

Christine slammed herself down one last time on Dr Burns' cock as he proceeded to empty his balls into my wife's pussy. After he was finished Christine leaned over rubbing her large breast all over his chest and gave him a long lingering kiss. I finally pulled my now flaccid cock from Rebecca and kissed her, thanking her for helping me release my built up sexual energy.

"I was glad to help. You were wonderful. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again?"

"You never know, my dear," I answered.

Christine removed herself from Dr Burns' cock and regained her balance. She walked her sexy self over to where I was standing, gave me a huge and long, wonderful kiss.

"I love you honey," she purred into my ear.

"I love you too sweetheart."

"I am sooo happy that we allow each other to have fun," she said.

"I am too," I replied while running my hands over her sumptuous ass.

"Dr Burns is going to continue the party at his house, what do you think? Should we head over?"

"You know I have to get up early for another study session," I answered, "But you can go if you want to?"

She gave me that look I know all so well, and with a twinkle in the corner of her eye, kissed lightly on my lips and said, "Thank you honey. I think I will."

That is another story.

Written by: Roscoe0829

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