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Kelly, My BBC Slut for a Night

by lawyerstlouis©

Jim paused for a moment, slightly withdrawing the 1/2" or so he'd pressed into Kelly and commented, "Damn, girly, you're as tight a pussy as I've ever fucked."

He then pushed again and Kelly yelped and moaned loudly as Jim's oversized cockhead pressed past the opening of her pussy.

Her breathing already started to quicken as she panted, "Oh, god, it so thick...I'm so...full...already..."

Jim chuckled and popped the head of his cock back out of her pussy and then quickly shoved it back in about two dozen times, each time eliciting a louder and louder moan from Kelly until finally she moaned, "Fuck me...oh, please...oh fuck...oh...nooo....I'm cumming already...ahhhhh..."

Her body tensed as Jim stayed still with just the tip of his fuckstick buried in my wife. As she relaxed a few moments later, Jim clenched his hips and thrust another three or four inches into Kelly's quivering pussy. Again, Jim expertly fucked just the first three or four inches of his cock in and out of Kelly until she had another massive orgasm and was left thrashing and clenching the sheets as she came all over his big black cock. After her second orgasm, Kelly's pussy was making squishy, sloppy sounds as Jim again pressed a little more of his cock deeper inside Kelly's pussy. With just seven inches inside her, Jim's cock was deeper inside her than I'd ever been and that was apparently where her cervix was.

She was panting and moaning, "'re cervix...oh fuck...oh no...oh, god...not so hard..."

Jim flashed his smile and replied, "Don't worry, sexy, it's just like a door...knock on it long enough and it'll open right up."

For ten more minutes, Jim pumped seven inches of his cock in and out of Kelly, banging the steel-hard head of his cock against her cervix and in the process bringing Kelly to her third and fourth orgasms in the first twenty minutes.

Finally, Kelly let out the loudest moan yet and I watched as Jim's cock sank completely into my wife so that his egg-sized balls were pressed against Kelly's ass. Kelly was nearly hyperventilating as Jim stayed still with at least three inches of his cock poking past Kelly's vise-like cervix. He grunted as he slowly humped a few inches back and forth, keeping the head of his cock buried inside Kelly's womb.

"Oh,'s so deep....oh god...I can feel it inside me....actually inside me, baby," she panted as she looked at me.

Jim then pulled out until his cock head was just outside Kelly's cunt and then drove it slowly back in until he was balls-deep. For a long time and two more orgasms for Kelly, he fucked Kelly slowly like that until he started picking up the pace. I looked at the clock for a moment and couldn't comprehend his stamina. He'd been fucking Kelly for nearly 45 minutes. As his pace quickened, Kelly was babbling on and on about how good his big black cock felt inside her and urging him to fuck her harder and faster. Sweat was pouring off of their bodies as Jim's heavy balls slapped hard against Kelly's ass. Kelly's tits were frenetically bouncing back and forth and she held onto her nipples, pinching and pulling them as their fucking reached higher and higher crescendos.

And then it happened, as Kelly was cumming for the umpteenth time, Jim let out a low, guttural growl and said, "Fuck yeah, baby, you ready for my cum in your married pussy? Are you? Huh? Yeah!!!"

Kelly went wild telling Jim every nasty thing she wanted him to do to her and urging him over and over to cum hard in her pussy. With one last great thrust, Jim slammed his cock deep inside Kelly and moaned as he held himself still for a moment as his cum boiled up the length of his cock and started to erupt.

For a split second, panic flashed in Kelly's eyes, but disappeared as she kept cumming on Jim's pole and was moaning, " god....I can feel him....I can feel him cumming god....he's up..."

As Kelly babbled on, Jim started pumping his cock in and out in short spastic thrusts as he no doubt kept cumming with each mini-thrust. For what seemed like an eternity the two of them kept cumming on and in each other, moaning and groaning incoherently as pleasure rippled through their bodies.

Jim finally came to a stop with his cock buried balls deep in Kelly and Kelly stopped writhing around underneath him and they lay there panting heavily. As they stayed there, frozen, I quickly set the camera down and pumped my fist up and down my cock no more than a dozen times before I started cumming. My knees almost buckled as my jizz exploded four feet across the bed, splashing onto the bed and across one of Kelly's arms. She didn't even flinch.

A few moments later as my senses returned to me, I watched Jim withdraw his still hard cock from Kelly's pink, swollen pussy. Only this time, it seemed different than when he'd put it in. There were white smears of thick liquid clinging to his black shaft. And as I stared at his cock resting just above Kelly's gaping pussy, it registered what was out of place as a thick drop of milky white cum oozed lazily out of the tip of his cock and dropped onto Kelly's well-fucked pussy. And there it was around the base of his cum-smeared cock, the flimsy and shredded remnants of the condom Kelly had put on him. He'd just sprayed his potent black baby-making cum all over Kelly's fertile young pussy. We were all staring intently in silent contemplation at the drop of cum that had just fallen onto Kelly's raw cunt when a river of Jim's cum came flowing out of Kelly. The baby slime oozed out and ran down between Kelly's asscheeks and onto the bed, pooling underneath her.

Jim looked at me and then Kelly and started to apologize just as I started to ask what the hell was happening.

But Kelly drowned us both out saying matter-of-factly, "Well, that was an oops none of us thought would happen. It's no ones fault."

She rolled out from underneath Jim and stood up, accelerating the speed with which Jim's seemingly never-ending load of cum slid out of Kelly's pussy and down her still-quivering legs.

With an evil grin, Kelly reached down and scooped some of Jim's cum from between her legs and licked it off her fingers while grabbing his cock with her other hand and saying, "Mmm...yummy. And since I've had one load, I may as well have a few more."

She pulled Jim to the edge of the bed and pushed him down so that he was sitting with his cock pointing straight up in the air. She looked me in the eye as she turned around with her back to Jim, spread her legs wide and reached between her legs to grab Jim's cock and guide it into her cum-slickened pussy.

As she slowly sank down on Jim's cock until his balls pressed against her clit, Kelly said, "Don't worry, honey, just enjoy the show."

And that's just what I did for the next two hours. I jerked off three more times as Jim fucked two more loads of cum into my wife's pussy and finally squeezed the last load of cum out onto Kelly's face and tits, adding to the cum I'd already deposited there. Jim got dressed after the last fuck and left around 2 AM. Kelly and I crawled into bed under the cum and sweat soaked sheets. She basically passed out from exhaustion, not bothering to clean up and instead going to sleep in my arms as the cum-covered, cum-filled slut I loved as my wife.

Three weeks later, despite Kelly being on the pill, we found out she was pregnant. Undoubtedly, the several loads of Jim's potent fuck juice being pumped right into Kelly's womb was the cause. After much discussion, and despite our pro-choice leanings, we decided to have the baby. Kelly and I never experienced any of the other issues we'd talked about because we were completely in love and honest with each other. At some point, we talked about another adventure in the future, but it was just hypothetical. Six months later with Kelly showing from being bred by a black man, she had a miscarriage. It was an experience we both will never forget...all of it.

Written by: lawyerstlouis

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