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Spanked Mom Ch. 2

by tracker99504©

"The first part? You mean there's more," Jane tried to sound pitiful but Alice knew that Jane was just as excited as anyone in that room.

"Yes there's the matter of embarrassing Rob in front of your dad and in front of me, his own mother!"

"Rob I'm sorry please don't let her spank me." She looked at him imploringly. Her eyes however were full of lust.

"Mom, spank her again that's the second time she set me up." Alice looked at her son and was satisfied that he too was getting into his role.

"Yes Alice, spank that wicked little daughter of mine." John said.

"Oh I will. But first I think she needs to be completely naked." Alice pulled Jane up by her hair. She made her stand facing her father and Rob. Alice undid Jane's top and let it fall. Her tits were small and perky. Alice pinched Jane's nipples just like her son had pinched hers. Jane however, did not flinch but closed her eyes in ecstasy. Alice pulled off her bikini bottoms.

"Why what have we here?" Alice exclaimed, "She's completely shaved." Alice reached down and stroked Jane's bald pussy. "Oh Rob its so smooth," Alice smiled lustily at her son, "and she's so wet. You're right John you do have a wicked little girl. Jane dear what's gotten you so horny? Is it the spanking you just received? Or is it your daddy watching you standing naked? Or maybe it's that my son sees you naked?" Alice drove her finger inside Jane's wet pussy. Suddenly Alice planted her lips on Jane's mouth and forced her tongue into her mouth. Jane came with a visible shudder, her mouth surrendering to Alice's invasion. They kissed passionately.

Alice broke the kiss. She shoved Jane back onto the chair. "You are a horny little slut." Alice exclaimed as she remove her own top and panties.

She slapped Jane's naked ass. "Ouch, yes please spank me."

"Tell me do you want to fuck my son?" Slap. Standing naked, Alice's tits swayed nicely as she delivered her blows.

"Ouch, yes"

"Yes what?" Slap

"Yes I want to fuck your son. Please can I fuck your son?"

"Tell your daddy you're a little slut and Rob that you want him to fuck you." Slap

"AHH, Daddy you are right I am a little slut." Slap "OUCH, Rob please fuck me" Jane looked at Rob and her eyes were burning with lust. Behind her he saw his mother rub Jane's swollen clit and smile at him with lust.

"Go to him you little whore climb in my sons lap and let him fuck you." Alice pushed Jane along slapping her ass as she moved towards Rob. When she reached him, Rob already had his shorts down and his pole was standing at attention. Jane climbed onto Rob lap and Alice guided his cock into Jane's bald pussy. As Rob's hips started to thrust upward, driving his cock deep into Jane, Alice resumed her spanking.

"Yes, fuck her hard son." She continued to deliver her blows until both Rob and Jane came together.

Alice turned towards John, "Come here you nasty daddy, let mommy suck your cock."

John was happy to oblige and shoved his hard member in Alice's mouth as she knelt before him. Alice sucked him hungrily. After a bit Alice felt her pussy being invaded by her son's hard cock. Jane stood beside him and slapped Alice's ass as her son fucked her.

"That's it mom suck his cock."

"Yeah Alice, you whore, suck my daddy's cock." Slap.

Both Rob and John were pumping furiously. Alice's body convulsed with wave upon wave of pleasure. She felt Jane crawl next to her, her tongue reaching hungrily for her daddy's cock. Both women began kissing each other their bodies interlocking with one another. Rob and John sprayed them with hot wads of cum as the ladies licked it off of each other.


Utterly exhausted but thoroughly satisfied, Rob and Alice stood in their kitchen later that night. They listened to the single message left on the answering machine as they lazily hugged. It was message from Glenda. "Alice what's up honey. I realized after I saw earlier today how long it's been since we've gone out and had some fun. Give me a call and lets get together soon ok? By the way, say hi to Rob for me. Luv ya."

"Rob I think I have an idea for our next adventure." Alice said with a lusty smile.

"Mom you really are the sexiest and hottest mom a guy could ever want." He kissed her on the lips.

Rob added, "And you're also a wicked and nasty slut!" He slapped her playfully on her sore ass.

Written by: tracker99504

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories