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A Photo Shoot with Her Mom

by the_hot_stuff©

I finger her as I eat her breast. I lift her onto the table and eat her clit as I finger her hole, making her cum again and again over a period of 30 minutes. I stand, my cock reloaded and start to fuck her again. As Jo leans over, Beck gets under her and Jo holds onto Becky. I get Janelle up behind me. As she rubs her breasts against my back, I tell her to open Beck's arse.

I grab my dick and after a quick rub inside Beck's pussy, I push it gently up Beck's arse. She gasps as I push it into her. I start slow, but soon am banging away. She loves it. I tell Jo to get off Beck, and have Janelle get underneath Beck. I pull my cock out of Beck's arse and push it into Janelle's cunt.

I start to ram it up into her pussy. As I thump my hips against Beck, and push my dick into Janelle, they both have their dangling tits bouncing to my thrusts. I have Jo video our action, just as Tammy comes out to join us.

'I think things are only going to get wilder for you, mister.' she says as she comes up and gives me a kiss...

Written by: the_hot_stuff

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Category: Mature Stories