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Magic Awakening Ch. 04

by davesslave_9000©

Chapter Four: Shocking

The memory of giving birth to my children kept coming back to my mind as I made my way back to my apartment. I had left Charlotte and Pride at the bar staring at my backside rushing out the barroom door in my haste to leave.

"Just what the hell did I think I was going to be able to do about this?" I wondered silently.

I finally got to my apartment, slammed the door behind me, and headed to the phone. Picking it up I reached for my address book and flipped through the pages rapidly. Finding the number, I wanted I dialed the number a listened to the ring on the other end with impatience.

A man's voice answered on the other end.

Quickly I said the password and was transferred over to the main line. Another wait and another voice later I was talking to Damon Whitaker. Not that I care about most people much but I could not stand Whitaker. He gave off this aura of wickedness I knew was going to get someone in a lot of trouble one day, maybe him.

"This is Val, where is Prejudice?" I asked briskly.

"You know I can't tell you that, Val. He is adamant that you are not to know his whereabouts. And personally I don't foresee me intentionally doing anything that will give him reason to hand me my heart on a platter just for you," he said a bit self-righteously.

Apparently, I had not made myself clear enough to him.

"Whitaker," I said in my sweetest voice, "you wont have to worry about Prejudice if you don't tell me where he is. I will not just hand you your heart I will watch you eat it. Now I will say it one more time. Where! Is! Prejudice?" I shouted into the phone.

There was nothing but silence on the other end of the line for a while, but I was patient. I am sure he had heard rumors about me, what he didn't know or was not sure of was if they were true. Let me be very blunt, most of them were true.

After waiting for close to five minutes I was fed up.

"Just tell him I am on my way to the farm. I'll be there in about two hours and I want no surprises, period!" I screamed lashing out with my voice alone.

I hung up the phone and went to the closet to peer inside. Nothing states anger better more than being dressed for it. I ran my eyes through the clothes considering various possibilities.

I grabbed quite a few items, threw them on the bed, and walked over to my shoe rack beside the closet. I grabbed the thigh high 5-inch heeled boots and returned to the bed where my clothes lay.

I was going to have to select carefully, I wanted to scare the shit out of some people. I picked out the leather bra and laid it to the side then picked up the straps that lay on the corner of the bed. I had not worn the outfit yet since it didn't have anything to it but straps. Looking at the rest I decided on a short micro mini skirt that laced up the sides leaving my hips bare

Taking off to the bathroom, I grabbed some powder and started slithering into the get-up.

I looked at the picture I made in the full-length bathroom mirror. The outfit needed something more. I concentrated and my skin shown with power. I grinned to myself.

"Yes," I whispered, "that's just the thing."

I went outside a got in my car and took off heading south out of town. The farm was close enough to reach it within my time limit I had set for myself.

Time flew by along with the scenery. I saw the farm come in to view. The many fields made the big red barn and hugs white farmhouse stand out even from this distance.

I made my turn and squealed into the driveway at high speed. I wanted them to know I was there.

As I pulled up to the house, several people stumbled out of the way of the gravel that spurted from under my tires as I slammed on the breaks.

I opened the door with my Power booming before me and went up to the door. I didn't bother knocking and went in. There stood Whitaker in the hall looking for the entire world like I had already slit his scrawny little neck.

"Where is Prejudice?" I asked the Power making my voice into something almost erotic.

"He is on his way," Whitaker stuttered backing away.

My version of Power scared the be-Jesus out of anyone within 20 feet of me and I knew it. I don't use it often. Mostly due to the fact, I didn't want lust-hungry people following me around all the time. My Power was enough to make even other vampires lust after me and with enough exertion I could kill with it. You would die all right, happy and with a smile on your face.

Not even Prejudice was immune to it, but he thought I would not use it on him since I was still in love with him. This time he was wrong, oh so wrong.

I felt him coming long before he got there. His anger fled before him like a hurricane lashing at everyone around him. His face a mask of small smiles and loving eyes, but no fool was I to believe it. As he came closer, he reached out his hand as if to take mine in his own and hesitated.

"Val you don't use that kind of Power. What's going on here?" He questioned though his anger went up another level.

"We need to talk Prejudice. You have no idea what you have done. I just hope I got here before too much damage has been done. You will not be destroying just my friend but yourself as well," I said pleading with him with my eyes.

"Nice threats coming from the woman that has turned tail and run from me for more than 60 years. I told you then and I am telling you now you will not have anyone to love. If I can't have my love then you will not have it either," he angrily stated.

He stopped talking as he watched my face. His eyes lit up with Power and his anger fueled it with unbridled fury. Eyes meeting mine clashed with my lusting Power, but confusion fill his eyes at what he saw in mine. There was not anger at him there just a deep sorrow and behind that, a pity for what he didn't know.

I walked past him and into the study that lay beyond. I sat down on the couch near the window and across from the door. I waited patiently for him to follow on his own.

In he walked lashing the very foundations with his Power as he came and slammed the door enough to make a fine crack crawl up the middle of it.

"Val just what the hell are you taking about with all your damn gibberish. You have never even once tried to protect any of the others I have tortured in your memory. Why now?" he inquired as he paced the room with all that energy boiling past me and around the room with a static-like intensity.

I told him, "Its time you heard the entire story. Never mind that you don't want to hear it, but for your own sanity you need to know it now so, sit down, shut up, and make yourself comfortable for five god damned minutes before you finally feel why the others are terrified of me," I growled at him making him jump.

He sat.

"After I crawled out of that sickbed so many years ago, I didn't just leave you to your pain as you have always thought, I was on a mission.

I knew the others were going to kill our children. Moreover, you have thought them dead all this time because you would not listen to me. One of them is alive and well the other gave us a granddaughter to love. A granddaughter whom, I would have you know, I was going to tell the story to tonight. That is why she was on the phone with me the night you picked her up at her apartment. You are torturing your own granddaughter you imbecile.

He ran to the door hollering for Whittaker at the tops of his lungs.

"Where is Sable?" he screamed in Whittaker's face giving the man a spittle bath in the process.

"She is in the barn for the night, sir," he stated calmly with just a touch of nervousness behind his eyes.

"Has he touched her yet?" Prejudice asked quietly.

"Only, only once sir," Whittaker said stuttering just a bit.

Prejudice and I both stopped where we were, the horror in our faces sending Whitaker back a step. He looked to damn nervous now. He was hideing something, and I didn't like it. Nope, not one bit.

"What do you know?" I said

"No, no nothing," he stuttered.

Prejudice took one step forward.

Whittaker turned slightly looking at Prejudice worriedly, "You told me not to let them stop for anything. I was only following orders. I didn't know you would care about a half-breed."

"Excuse me?" Prejudice fairly screamed.

"Fangs, sir, she has fangs, receding fangs like Val's," Whittaker's voice trembling with real fear now.

"They came and asked me what should be done. I told them everything was taken care of. You said not to stop for any reason unless it came directly from you, sir," he stated slowly backing away, the fright starting to show for all to see.

I moved toward him slowly reaching out my hand, as he looked at it I could feel myself smiling, eyes glowing deep dark liquid brown with golden swirls just near the iris.

Shakily Whitaker laughed, "You don't scare me Val, I know Power don't work on other vampires."

Prejudice laughed almost chuckling, and said, "Whitaker you have no idea what you're saying. Every vampire is different just like humans, and you're not old enough in the blood to have met us all or seen everything to be seen. I know of only two vampires that can go against others of their kind. One of them is Pride and the other is going to break you like a small twig."

Prejudice backed out of my way, and out of reach of my touch.

My hand reached Whitaker and lay on his face lightly like a lover. I leaned in toward him as if to give a kiss and pushed at his mind. His face went slack as I turned on the whole enchilada. Soon I would know my granddaughter's fate.

Written by: davesslave_9000

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