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Bound to Beg

by Petstorm©

Your keys jingle as you fumble them out of your pocket in the dim light. Feeling for the right one, you slowly unlock the door and sigh. It's been a very long day. Nothing seemed to go right. It's good to be done.

Stepping through the doorway, your footsteps almost echo through the darkness. Memory leads you directly to the light switch. You blink a few times, adjusting to the bright light. You toss your keys aside and sit down to relax. You lay your head back and close your eyes.

Images of a woman you can't touch dance through your mind. You smile as her hand gently brushes your cheek. Her fingers gently trace your lips. Taking a deep breath, you let yourself get lost in the fantasy. A soft scent of jasmine tickles your senses. Her hand softly brushes down your chest, tracing a trail down to your middle.

She slowly unbuckles your pants and pushes them open. Reaching her small fingers down, she helps release your hardness from its material prison. Using her knee, she pushes your legs apart so she can kneel between your legs.

Wrapping her fingers around your hot flesh, she begins to feel up and down the length of you. She uses both hands, stroking as you moan. Her deep eyes meet yours, smiling playfully. A coy grin spreads across her lips.

You moan and shift yourself into a more comfortable position. She removes one hand, and wraps it under and around your leg. Laying her head on your thigh, she places her face next to your hardness. Her lips are so close you can feel the warmth of her breath caressing your skin, as her hand continues to stroke up and down, giving small rotations with her fingers as they move.

Holding you firmly, she nudges her face against your skin and leaves light kisses. Hot and throbbing, you feel yourself grow even harder. Her tongue cautiously presses against you as she lifts her head. Wetness trails up the full length of your hardness, to the very top. With the tip of her tongue, she traces a small circle around your full pulsing head. She grins into your gaze as the full softness of her tongue drags across the top of you.

Without warning, she plunges you through her lips. Twirling her tongue, pumping her hand slowly, she sucks your hot flesh. Hearing you groan, she takes you a little deeper into her mouth. Sucking, caressing, stroking you, she brings you almost to the edge of release.

Sighing in frustration, you open your eyes and buckle your pants. Feeling alone, you pull off your shoes and head for the bathroom. You crank the water on and begin tugging off your clothes. Stepping into the spray, you let your mind wander back to your fantasy.

Her wet lips glide up and down your skin as her tongue toys with your hardness. Her fingers squeeze and release as they run up and down. She pulled her other hand under and carefully cups you, almost pawing into the softness between your thighs.

Once more, you feel yourself rising. Her hand strokes you harder as her lips part and slowly slip off your skin. She pushes her tongue at the base of you and firmly glides it up the length, shifting her hand so that she has a clear path to the top. Her hot breath tickles your wet skin, mixing cold and warmth as she moves her mouth back down to start again. You hear her softly giggle as she strokes her tongue up again, then lingers at the head.

Her eyes meet yours seductively. Now using both hands, she uses her fingers to touch every inch of your hardness, as her tongue playfull licks and caresses your head. She traces circles around the top, her breath brushing across your moist skin. Her hands don't move, but you can feel her fingers pressing against you. Starting at the top, she squeezes one finger, then the next, all the way down.

You can feel the pressure building. Your breathing gets deep and shallow. You can feel your body trying to release. Her full mouth covers your head. Sliding her hands down as her lips take more of you into their depths, you feel her bottom hand slowly slip down and cup you once more.

Breath caressing, hands squeezing, fingers stroking, firm pumping, gentle twisting, lips sucking, her wet tongue licking.... You can feel her hands and mouth ravishing your hardness. You hear her sigh and moan into you. She hungrily brings you back to the edge of climax. Devouring you with her hot wet mouth, her hands move on your skin.

You moan as your body begins to pulse. Floating away on the wave of climax, you reach out and put your hand on the shower wall. The hot water washes over your body. Taking a deep breath, you reach for the soap to wash away the day's sweat and dirt. Still tingling, your heart aches in the loneliness. You close your eyes once more, and see her warmly smiling up at you.

She shyly rises and curls up on your lap, nuzzling her face into your neck. The feel of her warm breath washes over your skin. The gentle smell of jasmine mixes with the musky scent of your own body's offering. You lift her chin in your hand, meeting her lips with your own. Slowly, you take her in a possessive kiss. Your hand slips to the back of her head, pressing her deeper into your kiss.

Parting her lips with your tongue, you push deep. She gasps and shudders as your tongue traces her own. Your hand gently tangles into her long hair at the base of her head. Your other hand reaches around her waist and glides down her hips. Following the curves down. Your hand cups her and pushes her body harder against you.

Completely surrendering to you, you feel her body's heat mingling with yours. Your hands caress her body, feeling every line, every curve. Your fingers find their way under the material of her skirt. She softly whimpers as your hand strokes the inside of her thigh. You find the thin material you know is waiting, and push it aside.

Keeping her mouth intwined with yours, you firmly press your finger into her wetness. She gasps into your mouth. Her body shivers against you. You move your kisses down her to her neck. She moans and tangles her fingers into your hair, holding you close.

You inhale deeply, taking in the full scent of her. Once more, the gentle scent of jasmine fills your senses.

A cool draft drifts across your skin. You can feel a presence surrounding you. Your eyes fly open as you turn around. Near the door, you see a vague shadow slowly moving towards you. Standing frozen, you wait for the right time to pull open the shower. Shaking your head, you dismiss the lingering memory of soft jasmine.

Jasmine.... You inhale deeply. Stunned, your mind races. Your heart pounds in your chest. You can feel your body reaching out, wanting this woman who has been to untouchable. In the silence, you hear a timid voice calling your name.

You carefully reach out and open the shower. You whisper her name as your eyes take her in. She's beautiful, smiling shyly at you. Her eyes meet yours for a moment before they drop to the floor. A slight blush spreads across her cheeks.

You laugh and step out of the shower. Reaching for her hand, you pull her into your arms. You lift her face to yours and take her in a hard, hungry kiss. Pressing her hands against your chest, she giggles and forces herself out of your arms.

"You're all wet!" She laughs, still blushing. Biting her lower lip, she looks at you from the corner of her eye.

You laugh again and throw open the bathroom door. You quickly sweep her up into your arms. "And you will be too, my darling," you whisper into hear. Carrying her, kissing her every few steps, you make your way to your bed. After hugging her tightly to your body, you carefully put her feet back on the floor.

Your fingers reach out for her buttons, unfastening them as quickly as they'll move. She's still blushing, and her shy gaze glances up to meet your hungry eyes. She places her hands softly on your arms, running her fingers up and down your skin.

Pushing her blouse open and sliding it down her arms, your hands move for her skirt. Watching it drop to the floor, your eyes look her body up and down. She looks so beautiful in her lacey corset and thong.

You smile and pull her into your arms. Your hungry lips takes hers as your hands explore her body. You slip your fingers under the lace, feeling her soft skin against your hands. You struggle with the urge to just throw her down and pound into her.

As your kisses and caressing grow more intense, her hands begin to move on your body. She doesn't resist you as you press her onto the bed. Her arms reach out for you as you kneel on the bed beside her. Her eyes reflect your own need.

You lay down, feeling her along the length of your body. Pulling her into your arms, you start kissing her again. Your lips and tongue devour her mouth. Your hands wildly move over her body. You feel the need to feel, to memorize, every part of her, afraid she might vanish at any moment.

Taking in every inch of her, you carefully unlace her corset and open the front. Your fingers stroke over her skin... Feeling, cupping, squeezing, teasing... You caress her breasts. Putting her nipple between your fingers, you take hold of her entire breast as your lips take the other.

Her back arches as her breath catches. She moans and paws at you, pulling your harder into her. Her fingers play with your hair as one hand strokes up and down your back.

You gently tug on her nipple with your fingers before releasing it. Still toying with the other with your tongue, your hand glides down her skin, across her stomache and under the top of her thong. You can feel her body tremble as your fingers slowly crawl under the material, very slowly moving closer to the heart of her desire.

She arches her back again and parts her thighs. She moves her hand down and presses against yours, trying to push it farther down.

You lightly laugh and release her nipple from your lips. Lifting your head to looking into her eyes, you hold your hand exactly where it is despite the pressure of hers. "No," you whipser firmly. "Put your hands above your head, and keep them there."

You feel her breath catch. She hesitates for a moment. Your eyes meet hers squarely. She bites her lip, then shakily moves her hands above her head.

"Mmm, good girl." You quickly give her a soft kiss on her lips. She smiles as you bend your head back down to enjoy her nipples again. You suckle first one, teasing it with your tongue, then move over to do the same with the other one.

Your fingers under her panties stroke her skin, right above her middle. You can feel her squirming under you, wanting your fingers just a little lower. You smile as you tease her body. Your fingers are close enough to feel the heat of her desire.

"Please," she shudders. "Please, I need you." She sits up and reaches for your face, wanting to kiss you.

You pull away, sternly meeting her eyes. "You were told to keep your hands above your head, my pet," you calmly state. You sit up, and push her back down on the bed. Getting up, you move to a corner of the room and pull something out of a bag. Moving back to her, you sit at the top of the bed.

You take both her hands and wrap something around them. She gasps and you see a small shudder move down her body. Smiling, you anchor her hands to the bed. Going back to the bag, you bring out another item and sit on the bed beside her.

Running your finger across her cheek, tracing her jaw, then down her neck, you lean over her and place something over her eyes. Securing it in place, you gently kiss her cheek. "Be good, my pet, and don't try to get free. I need to get a few things. I'll be back in a little bit."

Leaving her protests behind, you get dressed and leave, locking the door behind you. Walking to your car, you think about the almost naked woman bound to your bed. Smiling, you head to the store. Quickly purchasing the things, you hurry back to your bedside.

"Have you been good, my pet?" You check her hands and blindfold to make sure they're still secure. "You've been trying to get up, havne't you?"

She turns her head away from you and bites her lip. You softly laugh, remove your clothes, then sit on the bed. "You don't want to behave today, so I guess I'll have to punish you. But first..." You take your bags with you and leave her wondering. Taking the items out of their packages, you thouroughly wash them all off.

Moving back to your bedside, you hear her breath catch as reach for her body. Your hands caress her skin for a few minutes, then you grab her hips and roll her over. She squeels and tries to get up on her knees. You push her firmly down flat on her belly.

Leaning close to her ear, you whisper, "Don't make me bind your legs too, little darling." You feel her body go stiff. Pulling your hand away, you smile when she doesn't move.

"Good girl," you say, raising your hand and smacking down on her bottom. She gasps and whimpers. You rub her redening skin, then raise your hand, and smack down near the first swat. As you continue spanking her, moving your hand so you don't hit the same spot twice, you talk to her.

"You've been naughty. You were supposed to keep your hands above your head." You swat your hand down. Then start to rub the red area. "You were told to be good while I was gone." Your hand comes down again. You slowly rub where you hit. "You were told not to try and get loose." You raise your hand and spank her a little harder. This time, you don't rub the sting away. "Are you ready to be a good girl now?" You whisper close to her ear.

She bites her lower lip and nods her head. "Yes," she whimpers.

You run your hand over her red flesh, caressing the sting away. Your fingers slip between her legs for a moment, feeling desire. "You're wet, my pet. Did you like that?" You see a blush cross her cheeks.

You help turn her back over and remove the blindfold. Looking into her eyes, you're nearly overwhelmed with the desire she reflects. Your eyes caress over her body, stopping between her thighs. Her skin glistens with her wetness. She gives you a shy smile and spreads her legs, giving you a full view of how swollen and ready she is for you.

You bend your head down and take her in a deep kiss. Your hands cup her breasts, squeezing and caressing them. You feel her arch her back into you. One hand slips down her body, delving in between her thighs. You rub your fingers against her wet, slippery skin. You run your fingers along the inside edge of her swollen lips, slightly touching the inside of her before pulling your hand up to rub her most sensitive skin.

Hearing her moan, you push your fingers deep into her depths. She cries out into your mouth. Her passionate kisses grow into a deep desperate need. As you stroke your tongue into her mouth, she takes it, demanding more. Her hips rock into your fingers, taking more from your hand.

You groan and pull your mouth free. Moving off the bed and keep your hands out of her sight, you pull out the items you'd bought at the store. Picking out the one you want, you put the others back. You move back towards the bed and watch as her eyes see what you're holding.

She flushes and looks away. Biting her lower lip, she tries not to look at you, but you can see her eyes flickering back to your hand. You grin and sit on the bed. Cupping her face in your hand, you make her meet your eyes.

You lean down, softly kissing her lips. You keep her face in your hand as your other hand slowly glides down her body. She cries against your mouth as you press the item against her skin. Using the unique design, you latch the item in place against her delicate skin, then turn it on. A gentle humm sounds as she gasps and squirms.

Your fingers slip deep into her wetness. She whimpers when you pull them out and move your hand up her stomache to her breats, draggins a small chain with them. Sitting up, you can see her chest rise and fall with each deep ragged breath. Her body wiggles around as the vibrations soar through her.

You see her body shudder as you trace the tip of a small clamp around her nipples. Her eyes are closed as she arches her back up to you. Bending your head down, you softly take her nipple into your mouth. Sucking and gently nibbling, you tease it with your tongue, leaving it hard and wet as you move your mouth away.

You pinch it between your fingers, then place the clamp onto it's hardness. A small cry follows her predictable gasp. You smile and reach up to stroke her hair back away from her face. "You like that, my pet. Don't you?" You whisper, caressing her hair.

You bend your head once more to give her other nipple the same treatment. She whimpers as the second clamp goes on. The vibrations travel through the chain, transfering the sensations through her entire body.

"Oh god, please. Please, I need you," she hoarsely whimpers. Her body wiggles and squirms on the bed. You watch in delight as she moves around.

"Be still my pet," you finally say. "If you want more, you have to stop moving." You nearly laugh at her almost horrified expression.

Breathing hard, she struggles to stop moving. Her body trembles as she moves her legs back and forth, trying to maintain some form of control. "I.... I can't," she finally shudders.

You retrieve something from your bag, then move to the end of the bed. "Yes, you can." You chuckle and reach for one of her legs. Wrapping her ankle, you anchor it to the corner of the bed.

She moans and arches up as you take her other ankle. "Please, I need you. Give it to me."

Wrapping it as well, you anchor it to the other corner of the bed, leaving her wide open for your pleasure. You eye her body as she squirms against her bonds.

You move over to the side of the bed and give her a quick kiss before replacing the blind fold over her eyes. She protests, but you ignore it. Bringing your bag of toys over to the bed, you pull them out and put them on the bedside table, making sure they're placed behind the lamp and out of side.

"What are you doing," she whimpered, still wiggling from the vibrations.

"First, I'm going to silence that pretty mouth of yours," You laugh as you lightly smack her between her legs. Seeing her jump, you use the distraction to push a ball into her mouth. Her head jerks to the side. She tries forcing it out, and you push it farther in and secure it around her head with the attached cords.

Her voice becomes a mumbled moan behind the gag. You stroke her cheek then lean to her ear. "Are you going to be a good girl now?"

Seeing her nod, you remove the blindfold. You can feel her body trembling. She's still squirming as the vibrations gently stimulate her. She watches your hand closely as you reach for yet another toy. She glances to the one in your hand, then sets her eyes on the table. You know that she's trying to see what else is there.

She watches your hand as it moves closer to her. You smile and slide the object across her skin. Moving it down between her thighs, you hear a small cry as you turn its vibrations on. Her eyes fly wide open as you push it deep into her body, filling her up. You tug on the attached string and hear her moan.

Grinning and watching her squirm and pull against her bonds, you retrieve another item from the table. Pushing it inside of her, you move it around in her wetness. Then, you watch her gasp as you pull it out move it lower. Finding the entrance you seek, you very slowly press the small object through.

She releases a horse moan as you push the object in a little farther, then pull it out. You continue to move it back and forth. Moving her hips and pulling against her restraints, she tosses her head back and forth. Her back arches up. You hear her cries growing louder as her body builds for release.

Not yet ready for her to cum, you push the toy deep inside her and leave it there. You lay down beside the length of her body. Stroking her face, you kiss her forhead. Her eyes are full of pure desperate need. She presses her face against your hand. Feeling your own need pressing against the outside of her thigh, you finally give in to your own urgings.

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