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Wisps of The Earth

by _Lynn_©

The fires had devastated the hundred or so acres just outside the city limits. What once had been lush trees and vegetation, now was barren. She felt sick every time she saw the stark land. Black ashes and charred stumps were all that remained.

Sarah Morton's life was dull. Never very popular growing up, she still had no real friends. A bit on the plump side, her self esteem was extremely low from the years of being teased. All she saw today in the mirror was a fat, ugly, too shy girl that no person would ever love.

Now 26 years old, she had started fresh out of high school at the local glass factory. Over time she had worked her way up to the mail room, making the daily deliveries. Still too uncomfortable to begin a conversation, there were days she never spoke a word.

Management expected the daily mail to be picked up and delivered; by whom, they didn't really care. Rarely did anyone acknowledge her or thank her, all engrossed in their own world of business. Sarah came and went for eight months without anyone even asking her name. It was almost as if she were invisible.

At the end of the day, she returned to her little house on the edge of town. Her yard was full of every type of flower and shrub known to the area; even some new types that she was experimenting with. This was her passion, her enjoyment. It satisfied her in ways the majority of people would never come close to understanding.

The feel of the earth sifting through her fingers was highly erotic; cool dirt, pebbles, textures, all addictive against her skin. After the rains, the muddy soil pulsing with energy, offering itself to her, brought intense pleasure to her body.

On her knees in the middle of hundreds of blossoms, Sarah felt desired. The earth loved her; after all, look how it responded to her. Caring for the plants, nourishing them, she would talk about her day, fingers gently stroking their soft, smooth leaves, imagining how it would be some day soon. It was only a matter of finding the right place.

Driving past the dead, blackened trees one afternoon, an idea began to form. She longed to see the land green and alive once more, but the owners didn't seem to care what happened to it. Sarah believed this plan could bring a small part of it back to life. Just thinking of it made her body tingle with excitement.

Sitting at home that night, Sarah got down to making a list. One column was for the equipment she would need, such as rakes, shovels, hoes and so forth. On the other half she wrote down things like gloves, shears and even a reminder to bring extra water. Almost too keyed up to sleep, it was late before she finally turned off the lights.

Early Saturday morning, her car packed with all the gardening tools and other items on her list, Sarah drove across of town. Traffic was light, so finding the old access road was easy. Today even seeing the desolation around her didn't dampen her mood. Anticipating what the day might bring, her heart pounded.

Rounding a curve towards the back of the property, she pulled to the side and stopped. This felt right to her, this spot, back here in the corner, tucked out of sight. Anxious to begin, she worked herself out of the car, heading for the trunk. By the time half of the tools were unloaded, Sarah was already sweating.

Taking a minute to catch her breath, she spotted a hint of green. Pushing through the ground, reaching for fresh air, was a tiny pine tree. This was it, the sign she was waiting for. Sarah made her way over stumps and broken limbs, going around the bigger branches. Almost tripping several times, she finally made it to the little tree. Falling to her knees, she gently cupped the new growth.

Eyes closed, heart thudding out of control, she worshipped the earth. Moving slowly, her hands ran over her body, unbuttoning her blouse. As if in a trance, she stood, swaying to music heard only in her head. With each piece of clothing that was removed, Sarah became freer. At last naked, she went back down on her knees, fingers frantically clawing through the ashes. The acrid smell didn't seem to faze her, as she searched, dirt beginning to pile up at her side.

Words started to pour from her mouth, softly, as if she were talking to herself. Soon it became a chant, louder, eerie and ghostly. Not having found what she so wildly hunted, she lifted her knees, repositioning herself a few feet over, beginning again. Sweat covered her back, trickling down to the rolls and curves formed as she bent over this new spot.

As nothing seemed to be found in this hole, disappointment was clearly etched on her face. Moving in a circular pattern around the little sapling, the next thirty minutes were spent digging. At times she was silent, others talking to herself. To anyone observing her, it was if she thought there were actually people with her, the way she looked up and spoke, asking questions, answering them.

When the circle of holes went completely around the new growth, she stood. Knees and arms were black, from the combination of ashes, charred twigs and rich soil under it all. Calmly reaching down, she scooped up a handful, and starting with her legs, rubbed it into her skin, not stopping until every bit of her bulky body was covered.

Abruptly, the atmosphere seemed to change around her. A grey fog rose from the earth, surrounding Sarah, turning the air hazy and surreal. Where there had been sun over her, it was cloudy, chilly and damp. Swirling, the fog seemed to take on shapes, ghost-like, yet almost human in form. Her body crumpled, landing Sarah flat on her back, in the center of it all.

It took only seconds before the hands began running over her dirt covered body. Her soft whimpers told them it was what she wanted, craved, waited for, even prepared for. Fighting for position, each shape found a spot to worship, leaving nowhere untouched.

Fingers ran over her nipples, making them pucker and harden, begging for more. From her knees to her thighs, back and forth, hands lightly touched the sensitive skin. Sarah's back arched off the ground, needing to be closer. Without conscious thought, her own fingers followed the same path, from her tight nipples, to her stomach, quivering under the soft touches.

So many hands and fingers, tongues and lips, all to please Sarah; to show their love. Where one hand stopped another started, the eerie apparitions at times almost blending together, two forming one, before seperating once more. Tongues licked the dried dirt to get to her skin, savoring the texture, causing her body to writhe in pleasure.

The heat was becoming unbearable in her pussy. Spreading her legs wide, she opened herself to the shapes, inviting their touches, welcoming any and all to feel her wetness. Moaning, twisting side to side, Sarah gave herself up to the sensations coursing through her body. Never having felt this high on her own, her pussy was dripping wet. One of the ghost-like forms fit its mouth to her hard clit, instantly sucking and nibbling.

Sarah felt as if she was on fire, scorched from the stroking, grazing and petting that never stopped. The group of figures rotated positions, circling her body, continuing the chant. At times one would look to the sky, arms outstretched, as if speaking to the dark clouds directly above them, before rejoining the group.

Suddenly, all was still. The chanting stopped, not one figure moved, as the fog seemed to freeze in place. Seconds ticked by; the dampness hung in the air, yet nothing was clear from the haze anymore. Where the shapes and visions had been floating almost human-like before, there were now snippets of them, half formed, merging together.

At the same time it became incredibly black above Sarah, a slight rumbling could be heard in the distance. Seconds later, the sound became unbearably loud, as it roared nearer the group. That exact same time, every piece and part of the shapes fused together, becoming one large body. Then there was complete silence.

Sarah had never been more ready for anything in her life; this was what she had been waiting for. All the minutes leading up to this were just teasers, preparing her mind and body. She lifted one hand up, a dreamy smile on her face, her acceptance clear in her eyes, as this new apparition moved directly over her trembling thighs.

The loving was everything she imagined it would be. All the hands and tongues from the forms had left her wet, aroused and sensitive. Moans and whimpers broke through her lips, as her back arched off the ground. Twisting as the heat became almost unbearable, her own fingers pinched and teased her hard nipples. Sarah's other hand drew a path over her large body, from neck to stomach, back and forth, exploring further.

Lost in her own discovery, Sarah wasn't prepared for the howling climax that ripped through her body. Hips thrusting in the air, her whimpers turned to screams. Her creamy wetness flowed out of her pussy, trickling down her ass. Heaving from the intensity, heart beating out of control, she collapsed onto the nearest pile of freshly dug dirt.

Rolling to her side, Sarah hugged the precious earth under her chest. The rich scent, mixed with the smell from the ashes, clung to her skin. Totally satiated, her eyes fluttered shut, a content grin on her dirt-streaked face. Only one thought remained in Sarah's mind before sleep overtook her: she was no longer the plump, unloved school girl. She was now a woman, loved by her precious earth.

Written by: _Lynn_

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