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A Story of Love Ch. 02

by rupert_ravenclaw©

Scarlett awoke the next morning to the sound of her door slamming shut. It was an old oak door and it had a tendency to make more noise than expected. Scarlett sat up in bed and tried to remember the night before. Everything was a bit hazy for about a second before all the memories rushed back.

Scarlett slumped back on the bed in disappointment. The night before had been wonderful, but the sound of that door slamming shut could only mean one thing. Jena had apparently just left. Scarlett stared at the ceiling with apathy as she thought about what had happened. A part of Scarlett had expected Jena to leave so she wasn't very surprised. Still it did hurt. Everything had been perfect. Scarlett was proud of how she had been able to bring Jena to a very real orgasm. The memory of Jena's pussy clamping down on her hand was still vivid for Scarlett.

There was no reason to get up anyway. Scarlett had the day off and no other plans what so ever. Scarlett tried to do some positive thinking and focus on the good things. She got one wonderful orgasm out of this after all. So what if Jena just left. This had been a very valuable experience. Despite trying to feel good about things, Scarlett couldn't help feel dejected. She could not stop thinking about how she wanted to see more of Jena. It took about a quarter of an hour before Scarlett decided to finally get up. She sat up in the bed and breathed a heavy sigh. She was just putting the robe on when she heard someone at the door. Scarlett froze for a second before she heard a reassuring voice.

"Hello! Brought us some breakfast. You awake?" Jena called from the hallway.

Scarlett quickly went out into of the bedroom and saw Jena standing in the hallway with a bag of groceries and a cute smile. She had obviously borrowed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Scarlett was at a loss on what to say.

"I let you sleep, thought you needed it. Didn't find much in your fridge so I thought I'd do some shopping." Jena explained.

"Your clothes... I mean my clothes."

"Sorry bout that. Didn't snoop or anything, found these around. Really didn't want to wear that eighties stuff down at the corner shop."

"I understand. Those clothes at nine in the morning might be a bit weird. I'm just glad you're still here. I thought you left." Scarlett said.

She did her best to convey perfectly neutral feelings, but failed miserably. Jena put the bag of groceries down and walked over to Scarlett. Jena gave Scarlett a reassuring hug and a brief kiss on the lips.

"I'm sorry I left just like that. I should have waited for you to wake up."

"No it's ok." Scarlett said in an overtly chipper tone.

Jena didn't push it. She walked back the shopping bag and walked into the kitchen. She called out to Scarlett from the kitchen.

"Go back to bed. I wanted to make you breakfast in bed. Wait in the bedroom and you'll get it"

Scarlett gladly accepted and ran back to her bed room. She did her best not to show anything, but inside she was thrilled. Jena had not left her. Instead she had made an incredibly sweet and romantic gesture. Scarlett propped herself up in the bed in a comfortable position as she waited. Scarlett really didn't want to get her hopes up, but she couldn't help thinking that this gesture meant something.

Jena entered the room carrying a tray overloaded with delicious items. It was Scarlett's biggest tray, yet it was completely full. There were all kinds of fruits, breads, cheeses, meat products and vegetables. There was also coffee, milk and orange juice. Jena got in bed next to Scarlett and placed the tray between them. She had a sheepish look on her face as she spoke.

"I kinda went overboard on the shopping huh? It's just I didn't know what you like so I kinda bought one of each. Your fridge was almost empty so that wasn't any help. I mean there were some bananas in there, but they had been there for ages so I didn't think that would be any good."

Jena was rambling and Scarlett stopped her.

"Relax. This is perfect. I now have breakfast for several days." Scarlett said.

Jena giggled at Scarlett's non-joke and they shared a look. They then dug in and started to feast on the various delicacies. They had a very nice and normal breakfast conversation. Scarlett had feared that things would feel weird the day after, but that wasn't the case at all. Jena was very easy going and Scarlett was very relieved that there was no awkwardness. The awful feeling Scarlett had when Jena was gone faded away and was soon forgotten.

They finished breakfast and went to the kitchen together. Jena helped Scarlett loading everything into the fridge. Scarlett wanted to brush her teeth so she went out into the bathroom and urged Jena to follow. Scarlett held up a variety of different toothbrushes for Jena to choose from.

"Wow. That's a lot of toothbrushes. I'll just take this red one."

"I'm a bit crazy about tooth brushing. I always make sure to have a new one available"

"How fortunate for me" Jena remarked.

Scarlett was a tad obsessive about her teeth. She had a radiant smile and she wanted to keep it that way. Sure, she could pay for bleaching and other procedures, but she wanted to keep things natural. She made sure to always brush her teeth after every meal, and to always have tooth brushing equipment available wherever she went.

The two young women both started to brush. They were looking at each other in the mirror that covered most of the wall in the bath room. Due to the tooth brushing, no words could be uttered. They didn't say anything special with their looks either. They just looked at each other and appreciated each other's presence. It was one of those strange moments in life that really couldn't be classified. Brushing teeth together really didn't mean anything, but somehow it felt like it had some kind of meaning to Scarlett. They finished up their brushing, but kept looking at each in the mirror.

"Soo.... you wanna do something today?" Scarlett casually asked.

At least she meant for it to sound casual. Scarlett had decided that she liked Jena's presence. As a consequence she had then quickly decided that she wanted to spend the day with Jena. She would never have asked the same thing to a guy, but she felt that it was OK to ask a girl. Still it had taken some mental preparation for Scarlett to ask the question. Jena was quick to answer to answer the question.

"Sure thing. What do you wanna do?"

Scarlett had not thought about that. All her thoughts had gone to actually ask the question.

"Uhhhh. I dunno. We could you know go to the park or the museum or go shopping or..."

Scarlett stopped talking. She had no more ideas on what to do and she was getting nervous because of the way Jena was looking at her in the mirror. Jena was blatantly checking her out. Jena's hungry eyes wandered up and down Scarlett's body. Scarlett looked down at her own body and realized why. Her robe was made out of silk and it was quite short. It only reached a little below Scarlett's ass. The robe wasn't properly tied, so Scarlett was very generous cleavage.

The two had just been having a real good time as two friends, but now the mood changed rapidly. All the sexier events from last night came rushing back to Scarlett. She realised that the reason Jena was around was that they had sex last night. Of course she had known that all along, but the vivid memories from last night rushing through her head made it very clear. Scarlett started to feel her pussy stir as she remembered what a wonderful time they had last night. Jena could somehow sense Scarlett's sudden hornyness and decided to make her move.

Jena put her hands around Scarlett's waist and leaned in for a kiss. Scarlett opened her mouth and welcomed Jena. They kissed passionately. A kiss that shortly after tooth brushing wasn't very personal, but it did have a patented fresh feeling. Jena's sneaky hands soon went to Scarlett's ass and Jena started to gently massage the ass cheeks. The robe was so short that Jena easily could get under it and avoid the fabric. Scarlett tugged at the hem of Jena's borrowed shirt. Jena broke away from the kiss and pulled the shirt over her head. The bra quickly followed and Jena was now standing topless before Scarlett, her tits proudly displayed. Jena moved forward and undid Scarlett's robe. She pushed it off Scarlett's shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Scarlett felt different now than yesterday. To have sex after a night on town while being slightly tipsy was one thing. That could be written off as experimenting. This was something vastly more serious in Scarlett's mind. That didn't mean it was wrong though. She felt more then ready to take the next step and make love to woman in the morning. It was a bit cold, being naked in the bathroom. Fortunately Scarlett had a good solution. She moved into the shower and offered Jena a view of her nude back in the process. Scarlett turned around and saw Jena stare at her with a horny grin on her face.

"What are you waiting for? I don't wanna shower alone." Scarlett said in a husky voice.

Once those words were out of Scarlett's mouth, Jena was quick to move. She pushed her jeans and panties down in one quick swoop. Scarlett walked into the cabin and was quickly joined by a now nude Jena. Scarlett turned on the water let the warm water splash down on their bodies. They quickly started to kiss again, but this time with full body contact. Jena held on to Scarlett's well formed buttocks while Scarlett preferred to let her hands explore all over Jena's slender body. The kiss was heated and could have lasted for ever, but Jena wanted to explore more of Scarlett's body.

"You're dirty Scarlett. Let me wash you clean"

Of course Scarlett wasn't dirty in the literal sense, but it was a convenient albeit obvious excuse for Jena to do some serious touching.

"Just make sure that you get me clean everywhere." Scarlett said seductively.

Scarlett realised how cheesy that line sounded, but Jena apparently didn't mind. And why would she when she had just been given clearance to touch Scarlett Johansson's naked body. The cabin was quite spacious and they stepped away from the water. Jena grabbed a bottle of shower lotion and started to lather it all over Scarlett's front. For some reason, Scarlett's full round breast got a lot of attention from Jena's hands. Jena was very thorough and gave Scarlett the best soaping she had ever been given. Scarlett purred in contentment under Jena's soft touch.

After a while Jena walked around Scarlett and started to apply lotion to the back. The buttocks got most of the attention of course. Jena made a few short and teasing moves over Scarlett's pussy, but didn't give it any serious attention. This would have been disappointing for Scarlett if it wasn't for the fact that Jena's hands felt wonderful wherever they were. Scarlett knew that her pussy would be given due attention later. Once Jena was content with touching Scarlett, she moved in for another kiss. The kiss resulted in foam all over Jena's nude front side.

"I better do you too, don't you think?" Scarlett said.

"Ohh, yes. I'm really looking forward to you doing me" Jena said.

Scarlett ignored the double entendre for the moment. They would get to more serious doing later on. Instead she grabbed the bottle and started to apply foam to Jena. Scarlett took a lot of time to let her hands explore Jena's curves. Jena was so slim, yet she had wonderful curves that Scarlett happily explored. Jena's skin was very pale by nature and the New York winter kept it pale. Scarlett didn't care much for sun tans anyway. Scarlett was amazed at how beautiful the brunette was and how wonderful it felt to touch her body. Jena had done some very light teasing of Scarlett's pussy earlier and Scarlett got back at her by doing the same to. Scarlett let her hands graze Jena's outer lips, but she didn't go any deeper.

"Mhhhhhhhmmmmmmm. Your touch is so wonderful." Jena moaned.

"Pretty good for a newbie huh?"

Scarlett loved how she was able to take control of the situation. Jena was vastly more experienced, yet Scarlett seemed to be remarkably successful in satisfying Jena. The rush Scarlett felt from pleasuring a woman felt ten times stronger then pleasuring a man. This was a form of art that she was just leaning. Scarlett had soon covered all of Jena's body in foam and the two of them moved back under the hot water. They started to passionately make out again. Neither of them had a care in the world as they passionately kissed made out. The water gradually washed them clean from the foam, but the kissing went on. They pressed their tits together. Scarlett loved the feeling of Jena's nipples pressing against her own. Jena's hands moved down to Scarlett's ass cheeks. Jena started to squeeze and massage Scarlett's glorious ass.

"You really like my ass huh?" Scarlett asked between kisses.

"You have a wonderful, soft and extremely sexy ass. How do you like hearing that from a girl?" Jena asked

"Hearing it from you is very, very hot."

Scarlett emphasized this by pressing their bodies harder together and by giving Jena another forceful and passionate kiss. Scarlett copied Jena by moving her hands down to Jena's ass. Scarlett did what had been done to her and started to explore Jena's firm ass with her hands.

"Your ass is damn sexy as well. You know what I like saying that. You have a soft and cuddly and very sexy ass. I love to touch it." Scarlett said.

Scarlett was giddy inside. It felt incredibly easy and natural to say thing like this to Jena. Here she was making out with another girl and complimenting her body. Scarlett felt how she wanted more. Jena had ignited a fire that wouldn't go away. Scarlett liked the shower, but she liked her own big soft bed even more. She reluctantly pulled away from Jena and got out of the shower.

"Come here. I think you are clean enough." Scarlett said to Jena.

Jena obediently followed Scarlett out of the shower. Scarlett brought out two fresh towels and the two started the process of drying. Scarlett shamelessly watched Jena as she dried off and Jena of course did the same back. As soon as Jena was done drying off Scarlett grabbed her hand and led her out of the bath room and through the living room. Scarlett was very eager to get to the bedroom.

"Where are we going?" Jena asked, but realised the answer the second the question was out of her mouth.

Scarlet threw herself on the bed and was quickly joined by Jena.

"You are hungry for more aren't you? You want me to fuck you again now don't you?" Jena asked.

Scarlett was at first a bit surprised by Jena's dirty talk, but she immediately realised that she liked it. A few well placed naughty words had always worked on Scarlett. Now she wanted to make sure that Jena knew how comfortable with this she was so she decided to answer in kind.

"Come here Jena. I want you to lick my pussy and give an orgasm that was as fucking good as the one yesterday." Scarlett growled, emboldened by her own hornyness.

"Wow. You dirty girl. You are really turning into a little lesbian aren't you" Jena said

"You bet I am" Scarlett answered.

"Good, then you are going to have to do something for me first" Jena said.

Scarlett had expected this and she knew what Jena wanted. There really was no point in turning back now. Scarlett had licked Jena's juices off from her own fingers yesterday and it had been more than Ok. In fact it had been amazing. Scarlett had felt very naughty doing it, but now she was going to take the final step to lesbianism.

"Come here and I'll show you that I'm just as good with my tongue as I am with my fingers." Scarlett said.

This is it Scarlett thought to herself; I'm going to lick pussy. The thought was very exciting. Jena seemed to have a very clear idea on how things were going to be done. She moved onto the bed and positioned herself on top of Scarlett in a 69 position. Scarlett was now mere inches from a pussy, a situation that was completely new to her.

"Are you ready for this?" Jena asked.

Scarlett answered by grabbing Jena's thighs and pulling her down. Scarlett took one swipe with her tongue along Jena's slit. A symphony of sensations hit her tongue and was processed by her already excited brain. Jena's pussy tasted like nothing else, but it was definitely of the good. That one first swipe was quickly followed by several more lashes up and down the slit.

"You're doing good Scarlett. Just keep that up and everything will be alright." Jena encouraged.

Scarlett started to get used to this and she gradually pushed her tongue deeper and deeper into Jena's wet folds. Scarlett tried to push her tongue as deep as possible and every time she did she got an excited moan in response from Jena. Hearing Jena's joy was great motivation and it drove Scarlett on to give her very best effort. It was an amazing high to be able to bring Jena so much pleasure. Scarlett had easily found Jena's clitoris with her hand yesterday and she certainly didn't have any problems finding it now. Scarlett knew very well how to be a tease and she showed it by only giving the clit occasional flicks with her tongue. She would do more about it later, but for now she wanted to really get Jena worked up.

Jena and Scarlett were in a 69 position, but so far Jena hadn't taken advantage of that. That was about to change however. Jena leaned in and casually dragged her tongue back and forth over Scarlett's pussy. Scarlett had her mouth occupied so she didn't speak, but she did thrust her hips up in response to Jena's licking. Jena had an evil grin on her face as she spoke.

"You have to get me off first. After that I will bring you off." Jena said.

Scarlett was already very determined to prove herself to Jena. This kind of teasing had the effect of making Scarlett's desire to prove her self even stronger. She didn't want Jena think that she in any way held back or was hesitant. She was into this 100 % and she intended to prove it by giving Jena one hell of an orgasm. Scarlett started to really massage Jena's ass cheeks with her hands. She also started to give much more attention to the clit. She let her tongue swirl around the pussy with very frequent visits to the clit. To Scarlett's great joy, this seemed to have the intended effect on Jena who started to moan louder and louder.

"Ahhhhhhhh. Very goooood. You're really getting the hang on this keeeeeeep going!"

Scarlett was so proud that she could do this. She increased the intensity of the licking even more and soon enough she had Jena writhing in pleasure on top of her. Scarlett had a steady grip on Jena's ass though and kept the pussy firmly in place. Scarlett paid more and more attention to the clit and eventually she ignored the rest of the pussy completely. Scarlett placed her lips around Jena's clit and let her tongue swirl around it. This constant stimulation really got to Jena and after a period of constant attention to the clit, the orgasm arrived. Jena let out an ear shattering scream as the orgasm hit her.


Scarlett was amazed that she could make Jena scream like that. Scarlett held on even tighter to Jena's ass during the orgasm in order to keep her in place. The juices flowing from Jena's pussy were quickly licked up by Scarlett. It was an amazing rush for Scarlett to eat Jena out during the orgasm. This licking caused even more pleasure for Jena and made the orgasm last even longer. Scarlett held on to Jena's ass in order to keep her in place for the duration of the orgasm.

"OOOOOOOOOHHH. Fuck yes. Damn you're good."

The orgasm eventually subsided and Jena calmed down on top of Scarlett. Jena rolled off Scarlett and rested on the bed. Scarlett sat up so that she could look down in Jena's eyes. Jena didn't say anything but she silently conveyed her gratefulness. Scarlett seductively licked her own lips clean from Jena's juices. This caused a huge smile to spread across Jena's lips. She reached up and pulled Scarlett down for a kiss. Scarlett willingly followed and plunged herself into the kiss. It was a fierce and intense kiss. Scarlett had expected Jena to be mellow and tired after the orgasm, but that was not the case at all. Jena seemed to have all the energy in the world as she Scarlett kissed. As soon as the kiss ended Scarlett had a question that she just had to ask?

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