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My Mom: The legal slut

by WorldlyJames©


You might say that I was a mistake; my parents were just 16 when I was born. Angered by the situation they did not receive much help from their parents, my grandparents. Considering the situation my dad did the best he could for being just a kid: He took any work he could find (mainly yard work for neighbors till he turned 18) to make money and wed my mother when they both turned 18. But my mother had plans for college and to make something of herself. Well this was fine by my dad, or it was till college became a financial burden. So with many nights of fighting and arguing over money, dad left. Never the less my mother did get her degree and became a lawyer. As for my dad, who knows, all I have are vague memories of who he was.

Anyway, growing up it was always just me and mom. She never dated, never went out unless it was college and then later work related, it was just the two of us. She always made time for me, wither it was school activities, sports, boy scouts, whatever she was always there.

Now present day I am just turning 18 which makes mom 34, and for a woman in her 30's she looks hot or should I say that is what all my friends tell me. She is 5'10, about 135 pounds (guessing) a 36c (or at least that's what the bra says) and works out.

Now for me, not much to say, I'm the typical teen 6'5, about 180. Tall, slender, and toned because of all the sports I have participated in over the years.


I'm not sure which was louder, the sound of my cell phone hitting the book shelf or the vulgarity escaping my lips, but either way it was enough to catch my moms' attention. I could hear her foot falls as she hurried down the hall to check on me.

"James, are you ok? What's going on?" I heard her say as she knocked on my door.

Knowing she would not just go away a leave me in peace I stomped over to the door and let her in. Still ranting and raving to myself as she walked into the room she inquired again as to what was the matter.

"It's that damn slut Karen that I'm, no that I was dating, seems she has been fucking some older guy from across town!"

At that point mom glared at me with a look that could have melted steel, "Young man we do not use language like that in this house, regardless of the situation and especially not when talking about a woman or to a woman. You were raised better than that," She sternly scolded.

"Sorry mom, it's just... I can't believe I'm talking to you about this."

"You know you can talk to me about anything Hun, just don't use profanity to do it."

"Not this time mom, I just need to get out of here and clear my head. Can I borrow your car to go down to the gym?"

"Sure you can, but be careful, don't do anything stupid. And if you want to talk I'll be here when you get home."

Without another word I ran out the door and off I went. Obviously my temper was still up when I squealed the tires in the driveway. Well there's another lecture from mom when I get home.

Instead of going the gym I just drove around town for most of the evening, not wanting to go home, but not really having anywhere else to go either. At around 11:00 I decided to head back, I figured by now mom would be asleep and that I could sneak in without further inquiries or lectures.

Sure enough I was right, all the lights were out and mom was sound asleep, but as I got to my room I found a note on my door. I could clearly see it was from mom, it read




Well so much for avoiding a lecture and with that I decided to turn in; I'd deal with this in the morning.

When I got up the next morning and headed downstairs to the kitchen, mom was already up and dressed for work. As usually she was in heels, dark hose, and a dark colored skirt suit.

"Well sleepy head did you get your drive do you any good?" she inquired

"Not really mom, but it was a start. Sorry about the tire thing too, I just let my temper get the best of me."

"Young man, a temper is no excuse for anything. Just ask most of the people I represent in court."

"Mom I know that, just Karen really pissed me off. You know we've been together for awhile know. I thought we had something."

"So what exactly was the called about?"

"Karen called to tell me that we were over. She said she really liked me, but that I was just too rough for her and she needed someone older, someone that knew how to be gentle with a lady."

"JAMES?!?!?! Have you hit Karen?" Mom let out that exclamation with such volume I bet the neighbors heard her.

"No mom, I would never," I pleaded

"Then what did she mean by that?" mom asked a little calmer.

I was looking directly at my mother as I told here "Mom not this time, it's not a topic we should be discussing." I was really hoping she would just drop the subject, but mom makes a living arguing with people, so I figure this will just be the beginning.

Mom became flushed as well as a little slack jawed as I finished my statement. All she could muster to say was "Oh" and slowly headed back upstairs. Now knowing my mother litigates rape, murder, drug and god only knows what other types of court cases, this reaction really scared me. It was almost like I scared her. As I sat downstairs alone in the silence I started worrying that I had done something to upset her. I steadied myself for a few more minutes, and then I had to go check on her and to apologize.

When I got upstairs, I found moms bedroom door open and saw her sitting on the edge of her bed. With tears in her eyes she began speak:

"Honey, I'm sorry for running out like that, but the implications of what you told me. Son I thought I raised you better than that. No woman should be treated like that. Woman are tender creatures and should be loved not ravished."

"But mom, its not li..." I tried to say before she cut me off.

"It's not like what? That you like sex to be rough? That you like to abuse woman during moments of intimacy? Young man, where did you learn such behavior," she yelled.

"Mom, really it's not what you think. Karen is the one that started me down that path, I discovered I liked it. Now she seems to have changed here mind," I stammered.

"Really, should I call her and ask her for myself?" Mom demanded "Should I call and apologize for my son being such a pig? Should I tell her that I failed as a mother for not teaching him how a lady should be treated?"

"Mom please, don't..." Again I was cut off

"Don't mom me. This is a lesson you are going to learn the hard way, and if you do anything to ruin this lesson I WILL get with Karen and get rape charges filled on you. Now sit you ass down!"

Not knowing what was happening, nor what I had done so wrong, my levels of confusion were at an all time high, so I did as I was told and sat in a recliner mom had in one corner of her bedroom. Quietly I sat and waited for the other shoe to fall, and boy did it ever.

With tears still in her eyes mom stood up and took a few steps toward me before she stopped. She took off her suit jacket and threw it across the room and then slowly began unbuttoning here red silk blouse. Knowing that I have never seen my mother this upset before I just sat there dumbfounded.

With each button of her blouse I could see more of her lightly brown chest and the sheer black bra she was wearing. With the last button undone she begin to pull her blouse out from her skirt and casually tossed it aside. I started to say something but before I could even begin to articulate the first word she screamed at me, "Set there you little ass, this is what you want and this is what your going to get!"

Totally dazed by my mother's actions, all I could think to myself was that this must be wrong. I really need to leave, I should not be here. But at the same time I was completely paralyzed by what I was seeing. Mom turned away from me at this point, then reached around to the side of her skirts waistband and began to unzip it. No more than the zipper hit bottom she moved her hands a let her skirt fall to the ground. She then turned back to face me and kicked her skirt at me.

Now standing before me was my mom wearing nothing but a black shear bra, matching panties, a black garter with black hose and high heels. Through her bra I could see the dark circles of her nipples and her areoles straining against the sheer fabric.

"Mom what are you doing?" I stammered in disbelieve

"Young man I will not having you out there treating woman like whores! If that is what you want then get over here and treat me like one!

With that she began running her hands over here heaving breasts. Occasionally pinching her nipples and pulling on them through the fabric.

I really don't know how it happened, but I felt my cock begin to stir in my shorts as I continued to watch my own mother play with herself. She let her hands begin to drift towards her stomach, as she did my eyes moved further down. I immediately saw the dark wet spot on the front of her panties.

My mom was getting turning on by this?!??!? But how??!?!? I'm her son, but that thought was interrupted by the sight of her bending over to remove her panties. As she stood back up all I could concentrate on was the beauty of her clean shaven pussy. I was totally mesmerized by the sight of here bare cunt, it took her bra hitting me in the face to realized she was still stripping for me.

At this point I lost it; I could not believe my own mother was standing nearly completely nude before me. Standing there rubbing her beautiful tits and pulling on her nipples. She began to slowly ease herself down to her knees, all the time squeezing her own tits. Looking me directly in the eyes.

In a seductive tone of voice I've never heard my mother use she cooed, "Hun do you see anything you like? Is this how you think a woman should act?" Then gaining a more sultry and gravely tone she demanded, "I want you to fuck me! I want you to rape me! I want you to fulfill all your fantasies right now, using me as you slut!"

With that she fell forward onto her hands and began to crawl toward me on all fours. I watched transfixed as her tits swayed back and forth with each and every move she made toward me. Once she was within a few feet on the chair she turned and began to circle around behind me, my gaze was fixed on her swaying tits till I could not see her anymore.

As she emerged from around the other side she started heading back toward the bed. Just as she got lined up with me she stopped and moved her right hand around to her ass and began to pull her cheek open.

I could easily see her juices dripping steadily down the insides of her legs.

"Do you like that?" she purred.

Raising her hand up she slapped her ass with that I got up from my perch and moved toward. A low moan escaped her lips as my hand touched her warm flesh. I rubbed her ass for what seemed an eternity. Then without warning I slapped her ass just to watch it bounce. She yelped a little bit as my hand connected, which only enticed me to do it again.

"More," she growled "spank me like a slut!"

Harder I slapped, each time getting a slight jiggle from her flesh and a moan from her lips. She started begging me at this point

"Come on you bastard, show me what you got. Slap your mother's ass till I can't stand it no more. Hurt me!"

With that encouragement I began to spank my own mother like she was some worthless little rag doll needing to be discarded. With each blow she would shake her ass at me and beg me for more and more she got, I continued to bust her ass till it was a crimson red and my hand began to hurt.

She started to rise up to turn and face me asking me, "Is that all you got," as she twisted her waist I quickly slapped her exposed tit. She recoiled back to her position on all fours immediately.

"What bitch? Your ass can take it, but not your tits?"

She raised back up to face me again and answered my question "I can take whatever you want to do to me, I am your total slut." she purred "If you want to spank my tits, do it! Just please make it hurt."

She started to reposition herself before me, sitting on her knees, pulling her arms back to her side and leaning forward a little allowing her tits to hang free. I started with her right tit with the same ferocity as I had used on her ass.

"YES!!! Please more," she panted, "I am your slut take me how you want!"

Again I slapped her tits, aiming for her nipples and watching them bounce with each smack. She began pleading with me to be rougher and to talk dirty to her.

All I could say at this point was "Are you sure?"

"Yes," she hissed "treat me like a street whore."

"Alright then you cunt, just remember you asked for it." I hissed back to her as I began to pull and twist on her engorged nipples. Harder I pulled and squeezed, trying my best to teach her a lesson instead of her teaching me one.

"Fuck!" she screamed, "Fuck that's good!"

"You like that whore?" I demanded.

"Yes, please make me hurt. Make me your slut!"

Not wanting to completely wear out any one spot I dropped her tits and pushed her back onto all fours. I pulled my cock out from my shorts and laid it across her ass.

"Yes, fuck your mother!" she screamed, "Fuck me like a whore!"

Wanting to make her beg I started rubbing my dick over her ass and her wet pussy, but was very careful not to make any penetration.

"Please fuck me, take any hole you want, just let me have your cock."

"Why should I please you bitch? You're here for my pleasure!" I scolded

"Please James; let me have your dick. I'll do whatevvvvveerereer!" she screamed as I unceremoniously rammed my cock all the way into her cunt with one thrust. I set there not moving for a second to allow her tight cunt time to adjust to my cock.

Slowly I started sliding in and out of her.

"Fuck me!" she yelled, "Fuck me hard!"

It didn't take but just a few more strokes of my cock and she began to convulse under me, with each trust her pussy felt tighter. Then finally she began to scream like a woman possessed.






Again I gave her what she wanted, I rammed into her just as hard as I could, grabbing her garter straps for leverage. Here orgasm was so intense I thought her pussy was going to squeeze my cock in half.

But still she kept ramming herself back into me, begging me to treat her like the whore she was.

As my own moans began to get louder she started rocking here hips faster, I thought I was going to explode any second. Then suddenly she pulled away from me.

"What are you doing?" I demanded to know

"Giving you the full treatment," she said as she rolled onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows facing me.

"Now cum on my face!" she growled, "Cum all over me!"

Not wanting to disappoint her, I moved up to my knees and straddled her waist, just as I got into position she brought her hands up to my cock and starting stroking me.

"Cum on me, let me see and taste your load," she cooed

Faster and faster she stroked my cock till I could not hold back anymore.

"That's it, cum on mommy," she started to say until part of my load landed in her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed up. More and more of my loaded landed on her face and began dripping down her chin.

She started running her tongue around her lips in an attempt to capture as much of it as she could.

"Mmmm, you taste good," is all she would say

I watched as she slowly licked all the cum she could while the rest dripped down her chin and onto her bright red tits. Once she was satisfied she had milked my cock for all it was worth she let go and began rubbing what cum had landed on her tits in as if it were some body lotion.

"Now is that the kind of whore you like?" she asked

"Yes," is all I could say through my heavy breathing.

"Good, because I want you to fuck me like this on a regular basis. I want to be your total slut, anything you want you can have or do. Just don't ever embarrass me again with the girls you date. I want them to know I raised a good well mannered young man. If you need a whore, I will be here till you finally find that perfect girl and get married. Then if she doesn't come around to the more painful side of sex, you always know where I am."

"I love you mom," is all I could thank to say at this point

"I know you do Hun. That's why I have decided to forever be your very own private slut. All you have to do is command me and I am yours."

My head was ablaze with so many dirty and lustful thoughts I didn't know where to begin. This must be a dream I thought to myself as I looked down to see my mom still rubbing my cum all over her tits and moaning softly to herself, "It's good to be a slut."

Any feedback would be appreciated, that way I know if I am on the right track or if I need to just hang up my pen and paper.

Written by: WorldlyJames

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